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Nintendo 3DS: Justin Bieber Teams Up With Nintendo To Advertise Nintendo 3DS In All I Want For Christmas Is You Video

It appears as though Nintendo has teamed up with everyone’s favourite teen sensation Justin Bieber to advertise the Nintendo 3DS. There’s an abundance of product placement abound in Justin Bieber’s new video ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ as the embedded video clearly shows at the 1:55 mark. Money well spent from Nintendo?

540 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Justin Bieber Teams Up With Nintendo To Advertise Nintendo 3DS In All I Want For Christmas Is You Video”

    1. lol, Why couldn’t deadmau5 or Skrillex announce it, they had to pick that ignorant cunt of Justin who thinks that the North Pole is a continent. Bleh, at least it will get stupid girls to get 3DS and give more money to Nintendo. But please Nintendo don’t ever make a mistake that big again… that HUGE again…

    2. C’MON PEOPLE! It’s called MASS MARKETING and CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT. If you knew a lot of young customers looked up to Bieber and Mariah, then putting your product in a video with them = mucho dollars. Nintendo already has your money. They aren’t trying to convince you through this video to buy a 3DS. As much as I don’t like Bieber, putting a 3DS in his hands may potentially mean more products sold for Nintendo this holiday season. That’s it!

      1. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

        IF I had enough money like Justin Beiber, I’d buy 3DS’s w/ MK7 for all my friends and set em up with Wi-Fi JUST so I can have someone to play with 24/7 :D

        1. To anyone and everyone even considering scrolling down throught this comment section here, let me save you the time and energy by summing every single comment up for you:
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          1. i am a nintend fan!well is just the video pissed me off and i didnt controller a litlle my nerves.and wait a min the freaking monkey isnt me but u know who.(we dont say names).


    1. Think about it. It was smart as fuck. Little horny girl will now ask they’r parents to buy the “Justin Beiber Devise”

      1. Yeah, we gays don’t like this product called singer, UGH! WHY NINTENDO! WHY!? You want HARDCORE gamers back but you do the most stupid thing that hardcore game don’t like. Most of hardcore gamers are serious, yes some are stupid fanatics, but most people see Justin Bieber as something stupid and hardcore gamers, specially those who think that blood and masculine things are the best are gonna hate this. While I just like quality things, but Justin Bieber is not quality, so yeah, I know this works but it’s stupid.


    1. I didn’t dislike the kid when he was getting his fame (I didn’t like him either), I hate the fact that he thinks he’s the shit now! I wanna see someone get as much fame as him and just be humble

      1. Thank you, yeah, all the girls want him, but only the stupid ones. I mean, this guy is famous because of his looks, not because he is talented, all his songs are about how he wants a girl, and all those girls think the song is just for one of them, themselves. It’s so fucking stupid. At the end he just sings about how much he wants to bang them. And I love how he is all pussy and delicate with his hair and face, voice and music, but then he acts and dresses like a black ghetto person. WTF is wrong with this kid!? He always sings about the same damn thing.

    1. unfortunatly sickrs job is to bring frsh nintendo news and delete trolls.sorry it hurts me too.just pention for the next new.


    How could you sink SO LOW Nintendo?!


    good-bye 3DS, good-bye DS, good-bye Wii, good-bye GameCube.

    goddamn sellouts, sinking so low as to team up with the worst thing to happen to music of all time, didn’t they have a legal battle early this year over the mario bros theme being in his gay ass movie.


    1. OK so Nintendo made bad marketing decision and you want to abandon all of their products? Wow. Just admit scum you just want to troll.

  5. It must be a strategy to appeal to a certain audience. Although I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, I’m not one of those five-year-olds who will criticize and mock everything he does. I would congratulate Nintendo for getting someone as successful as Bieber to help them advertise.

    Haters gonna hate, you can say whatever you like about my opinion, but I’m not gonna care

    1. Exactly, this is a great idea, they have product placement in a music video of one of the most well known singer in the world. It’s not like Justin is actually SPONSORING the 3DS…

      1. yup. I also think everybody should stop hating on JB. I don’t like him, but hating is a sign of having lost your balls and trying to hide that. In fact, it’s actually pretty awesome JB is willing to advertise Nintendo’s products. No hate deserved.

  6. Seriously Nintendo, what the fuck is wrong with you? Justin Bieber is the worst thing ever to happen to music industry and you team up with her to promote your products? So disappointed.

    1. He may be, but he is also popular and you can’t deny that. I don’t like him or think he’s good, but the fact he’s popular is true, so obviously nintendo will use that.
      And anyone who decides not to buy a 3DS simply because of this is pathetic, end of.

  7. No… that is so wrong… why would you do that, Nintendo? Just why?? Justin Beaver ruins everything and he’s surely gonna ruin Nintendo as well… that’s like using Hitler to promote your goods! Who would even think about doing such a thing!? It’s just not right! It should be forbidden!

  8. Ewwwww……This Is Bad!!!!! Any else Could Be Better!!!!!!…..I think With Britney or Gaga could selling more!!!…just say

  9. Ok yes that’s super lame………. However…… it is extremely smart…. I mean you know how many little girls will see OMG JUSTIN BIEBER IS GETTING A 3DS I WANT ONE NOW TOO!!!

    I’m sure that was their purpose

  10. that viseo was a litlle fail.NINTENDO U MUSTNT JOIN WITH THAT JUSTIN BASTARD.@x–x maybe he is a secret sony fanboy.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(what a lough)

    1. You’ve gotta be kidding. Dude, have you SEEN JB’s fans? We do NOT need THOSE kinds of gamers. I’m all for equality, but these squealing girls that go gaga for JB make Twilight fans look good! D:

      Oh, the horror!

  11. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    okay, so as stupid a move this is from Nintendo, this is far from the worst thing they’ve done recently (supporting SOPA immediately springs to mind). This advert, as painful as it is, in the long run isn’t gonna change anyone’s perception of Nintendo and really doesn’t matter.
    Although that doesn’t change the fact they’re being sell-outs and Justin Bieber is a terrible tool.

      1. hd standart?totaly fail.its just playing a ps3 but with a 3g nothing else.i ll keep giving money to nintendo even they do mistakes but sony do the most and they steal.

        1. Sony Steal Sony Steal Sony Steal, why are you such a fanboy?
          What’s the point of your stupidity?
          Don’t you know Nintendo steal some ideas too? Or do i have to remind their iPad with buttons?

  12. Am I the only person here who thinks it’s quite a nice step from Nintendo? Not that I like Justin Bieber, well some of his songs are a bit catchy, but economicly speaking they’ve done a really good job with this.
    Say it like this: Nintendo wants money via selling games and consoles. Justin Bieber’s got loads of fans who buy anyting that is remoteley related to him. If he says he wants a 3DS, all those fans are going to want one too, and that means the 3DS’s sales will skyrocket. Especially when he advertises for the pink one with Nintendogs + Cats.
    So from an economic point of view it is a really good idea.

    1. I agree. I’m a Marketing major and this is big news for Nintendo. See my comment at the top of the page. It explains my perspective in more detail. :)

  13. So this is really why they made the ambassador program. This was the thing they felt sorry for. Don’t be dumb people the 3ds is giving us hardcore games and we can get more people appreciate Good games. And um bieber doesn’t look the same… Imagine its a mariah carey jenny craig ad.

  14. I thought they were anti Bieber when they denied him permission to use the song in his movie. lost so much respect for them after this

  15. THAT JUSTIN BASTARD DESTROYED NINTENDO!nintendo must not give their money to that piece of shit and they MUST kick his ass for what has he done!damed nintendo dont make stupit ADS!sickr delete all the trollers!and some trolls ur right that advertisment pisses us off!

  16. Bieber was in that video. All I noticed was Mariah. :-)

    Though was funny hearing Mariah’s voice along with something that sounded autotuned.

  17. Whoa! Justin Bieber is actually useful?!? I hate Justin Bieber (I seriously thought a chick was singing the first time I heard him sing). But I do think this was a really great idea by Nintendo since so many people (girls) like him and it would really help Nintendo’s sales. I still hate him, though.

    1. GYES seriusly now i have the information about this looser kid!he is an acualy looser in siniging in playing and in advs nintendo mustnt let that secret agent sony fanboy to destroy the company and take his money.!

      1. Yes he may fail at singing but this will get at least a few million more 3DSs sold. I forgot to mention Spongebob has 2 million more likes in Facebook than Justin Bieber (found out how to spell his last name from this article). Spongebob has about 38 million- Justin has about 36 million.

        1. Now peteriuss, calm down. noname has changed his ways (sort of) and his comment, in my opinion, “PISSES” no one off.

  18. gyes good news:if nintendo read our comments about this shitit might be a chance they wont pay that justin looser.!WE DONT CARE IF ITS CHRISTMAS OR NIT.NINTENDO U MUSTNT PAY FOR THAT ADV.JUST REPORT THAT KIDS TO THE POLICE FOR COPYRIGHTS ETC!

  19. Nintendo… Next time use something more manly. Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic….
    //Disappointed Nintendo fan AND proud (but yet disappointed) Brony

  20. Nintendo is tempting the wrath of the Beeb by refusing to allow a 15-second clip of the Mario theme to be used in the upcoming biopic Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

    First things first: yes, a movie about teenage singing sensation Justin Bieber has been made and it’s coming out in February, in 3D no less, directed by a guy whose previous credits include Step Up 2, Step Up 3D and something called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. And while the surging ranks of the Beeb Army will no doubt fall upon one another like vicious, half-starved wolverines in their zeal to be at the front of the line, there’s at least one group of people that apparently wants nothing to do with it: Nintendo.

    “aw C’mon Nintendo! Y won’t u let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the @Justinbieber movie,” director Jon M. Chu wrote on Twitter. “talk about free advertising passed up. Oops”

    What’s the deal? It’s not as though Nintendo has a thing about licensing its music for use in movies; as MTV Multiplayer pointed out, it allowed the use of music from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in last year’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. No, this is something different, something more personal. Clearly, Nintendo hates the Beeb.

    Okay, maybe that’s overstating the situation a bit, but I think it’s fair to say that Chu is too, when he suggests that Nintendo is somehow going to lose out for not supporting this film. I rather suspect that Nintendo will continue to do just fine, with or without the Beeb’s pouty puss on its team.

    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never hits theaters on February 11. Don’t miss it!

    Comments [496]

        1. No, we hate you, because you can’t shut the fuck up and spread your stupidity to everyone else, use your fucking brain, asshole.

  21. Some of you guys are harsh. I personally dislike Bieber too, but this used his power for good. That’s millions of Bieber fans wanting to buy what he touched. :P

    1. patrick are u the patrick from sponge bob(anoying,ungly).listen up that gye is a singer who wanted to sing mario theme for 15 sec to his fail movie.nintendo didnt allow that!

  22. that justin bastard wants to use nintendos copyright musics and thems like my favourite zelda theme.godamed.nintendo u must stop this before sony sucks will lough at u verry much!:(

            1. …. I don’t think I’ve found a single post in all 350+ comments section that peteriuss here hasn’t made or responded to. Peter, do you have nothing else to do in your spare time??

        1. No, he’s a faggot because he cries about it, if you really didn’t care about JB, you wouldn’t cry about it, and less if you are in a Nintendo Page.

  23. OMG I’m laughing so hard right now. This is just too good and way too easy I’m not even going to bother saying anything else.

  24. dont worry sometimes nintendo solves the problem.and to solve this problem we must send(i am serius) an email to njintendo of american (washinghton)this is our only hope to tell nintendo that they must delete that video and not give money to that freak.

        1. No, u are the one who say stupid shit about Nintendo, just because Justin Bieber show his face with a 3DS, wow, your butthurt must be really high.

    1. i dont know that gye but i keep looking for more information.the only think that i know for that sony fanboy is that he is a baaaaad director or singer or something.

  25. You FUCKING MORONS can say nooooooooooooo all you want but this will sell at least abother few million more units and you hate the entire company for one ad? Fuck off want to be fans.


    1. THATS RIGHT!I HAVE AN IDEA!why that justin bastard joins with sony to make their OWN adv!?hahahahaha(diabolic lough)he should and must be at sonys side not nintendos

      1. Why don’t you rage and cry somewhere else, fag.
        That girls sells more than Sony, that means it will lunch the 3DS to a new level.

  26. Justin Bieber is NOT a true musician/artist…. he’s nothing buy a hyped up ‘pretty-boy’ celebrity that will eventually get hooked on drugs while his junior-high girl fan base continues to support him and his ‘music’. I saw the look on his face when he saw that slutty whore… all he wanted for Christmas was to f^%k her, plain and simple.


            1. but u are the noob here because u dont have end a single intense game like ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME!.or a link to the past.

            1. Lol I can’t help but laughing every single time peteriuss tries to defend himself. I’m on Nintendo’s side all the way here, but seriously, it’s like every single time he tries he just digs himself deeper. It’s gotten to the point where not only do his comments make hardly any sense at all, but you can barely read them either due to very poor use of English. Please stop, peteriuss.

              1. It’s because he have a bad case of butthurt, all he should is shut up and pretend any of this have ever happened.

                1. sprigaxx ur wrong.i show to people that nintendo did a mistake and then trolls are geting in my way.and something more.I AM A TRUE NINTENDO FAN.i have SNES,N64,GAMECUBE,WII,GAMEBOY POCKET,ADVANCE AND 3DS!(i didnt buy a ds)

                  1. No, you are not even close to be one, butthurt little whiny bitch, and your grammar is horrible, that explains you are mad and why you are crying.

  27. if i get that justin on my hands i will make him pay.i ll put a botlle that will support aids inside.not bad idea:)

      1. i am not a nintendo troll(i am not trolling nintendo or trolling anything else) so noname and other trolls must be baned.

              1. corpse u he cant bane me because i am not trolling aroud so be quite a litlle i know that ur angry with that but calm down.noname must be baned.u just dont get it.

    1. lol!dont owrry i said.this was a time if he ask nintendo to do a sing.a game or a movie satoru iwata will kick his pussy!

  28. Generic Internet User

    Oh no, Nintendo has used a celebrity for advertising!

    his hasn’t happened at all, right Robin Williams?

  29. anyone making fun of Nintendo for doing something with Justin Bieber is sooooo stupid. and Trust me I CANT STAND Justin Bieber but look at it this way… Ludacris did a song with Justin Bieber and Ludacris is a G! Ludacris didnt do it because he thoughgt Justin Bieber was a cool dude or he liked him he did it because he KNEW it was gonna make money… Justin Biebers song baby featuring Ludacris…. yeah Ludacris made a HUGE chunk of cash for doing that. Hell I Hate Justin Bieber but if i had a chance to be featured in his song i’d do it in 1 second because i’d make ALLLLOOOOOOOT of money for it. Do you guys realize how many younger girls are gonna beg thier parents to get them a 3ds for x-mas simply because they saw a Justin Bieber video with a 3ds in it?? I mean Justin Bieber is a raging flamer but just about anything that has anything to do with him makes some serious money…. so smart move Nintendo.

  30. This was actually smart of Nintendo. I don’t actually like Justin Bieber but nice business moves. Nintendo didn’t sell their soul, they want to advertise so they can make money, especially for christmas time. Even though it only showed the blue and red 3DS, but since this is targeting people who like Justin Bieber (girls), I think they should had shown the pink 3ds. Don’t hate Nintendo for having Justin Bieber advertise, they want to make money (may because of the issue of the troubled sales from the launch…) :P