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Up Close And Personal Images Of The Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro

Online gaming publication Kotaku has posted numerous images of the controversial Circle Pad Pro for the Nintendo 3DS. The Circle Pad Pro is already available to purchase in Japan, and will be available to purchase in the United States in February. Europe will be getting the Circle Pad Pro on January 27th to coincide with the release of Resident Evil: Revelations.

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88 thoughts on “Up Close And Personal Images Of The Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro”

      1. wont fit in my pocket also why nintendo didnt think that from the begining?if they think that they could make a second analog for 3ds.

    1. Me too, the 3ds is so thin it feels weird in my hands. The added bulk is welcomed :). Thats why the “da wiiU tablet iz tu bige” complaint is stupid to me, it looks perfect and since the people who have ACTUALLY tried the damn thing out said it felt great, i think its fine. Hell, its perfection.

    1. I agree, those shots make it look far more impressive.
      Still don’t want it, I will play Hunter without it even if it is harder!

  1. I don’t see why people ‘hate’ this, heck I think it add’s much needed bulk.

    Then again, I have MAN HANDS!

    [Hay I can say that I turn 20 today :B ]

      1. im 20 but I have small boy hands so the 3ds is the perfect size for me. Though I think ill get the pad anyway. That second circle pad could come in handy.

  2. Looking good. I like the fact it adds more bulk to the system. I kinda don’t like the feeling of the 3DS. The buttons on the 3DS feel so small and cramped. This looks like its gonna have the feel of the phat DS which I perfer over the 3DS.

  3. It looks very comfortable and hideous at the same time. It’s nice to have this option if I don’t want to buy the Vita but want dual analog. May have to take it off when traveling though.

  4. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

    I never understood why people were going on ragemode because of it being so “big” and making the 3DS not fitting in the pocket anymore.
    I mean, with that thing the 3DS should be about as big as the DSi XL is, so what’s the matter ?
    I for myself really liked the circle pad from the beginning and I still do. Never found it ugly or anything. I think it’s a nice way to solve the missing-2nd-pad-problem.

  5. Maybe this is how they introduce millions op people to the wii u tablet? I always thought ds/wii was an elaborate r&d scheme by Nintendo

  6. Say what you want but this in fact feels very comfortable, (I actually try it just one day ago) and improves not only with a second slide pad, also with two more buttons…

    Anyway, is an accesory, and is “optional” it isnt a mandatory for playing any game (just an option), and I think is a good one…

    this is clearly oriented to use it when you are in home, and leave it when you take your console out…

    Dont make your own judgements before try it once…

    And just se how well is the control with this and without in games like Monster Hunter Tri 3G

    you can play it well with this accesory , but also with out (using the touch screen) 1000 times better than the control in the version of MH for the PSP…

  7. This is definitely one of those post-launch devices I could see having a certain success, given that it fills a need. Though the RAM Expansion “Pak” for the N64 could have been seen as something introduced too late in the lifespan to ever be useful in future games, because games like Majora’s Mask and Perfect Dark required it to operate fully it sold well.

    If enough developers support dual-analog on the 3DS it is certainly something I see being built into a future model, but for now we have this $20 (1500 yen) treatment.

    The only issues lie with what I’ve read on NWR about the device adding no real grip improvement and its shoulder buttons not operating with unsupported games. Because of this, it can’t be on all the time, and I would rather not keep attaching and detaching it from my 3DS. I did enough of that with my iPhone where I had to slip my case off whenever I wanted to use my speakers.

  8. I can see why Nintendo has never really made a big deal over this thing. If it helps to play certain games I guess that’s good, but wow it looks terrible wrapped around the beautiful 3DS.

  9. Really don’t know how to feel about this contraption still…it’s just one of those things you have to try out for yourself.

  10. I’m sure we all know that eventually there’ll be a whole new remodel with the analog stick included. Personally, I generally play mine at home, so it doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t fit in my pocket. It looks like it’ll make the system more comfortable to hold. I’m hoping it’ll be easy to detach though, because I wanna charge it on the cradle, not plug it in. Though I’ll be buying it, I’m not getting Resident Evil, I’m not a fan…. But I’ll get prepared for whatever future games use it.

  11. Too bad this doesn’t come in Red or blue. I can see people walking around with the Zelda 3DS and this Monstrous addition

  12. I hope Nyko makes a version compatible with their aftermarket battery pack. I can’t go back to the stock battery life and feel.

  13. Too bad this won’t work with my MugenPower battery. I refuse to go back to the stock battery life (or lack thereof).

  14. Oh, it’s round-ish at the bottom. That seems easier to hold…=w= Probably won’t bring it around with me out of the house, though. I’ll play with it at home…

  15. »»───(knee)───►

    I use to hate the idea of Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro…..till I took an arrow to the knee. »»───(#knee)───►

  16. Looks great for all of you more hard-core gamers, but pointless for the soft coregamers like myself who play games like Nintendogs, Zelda, games from the old, original DS like harvest moon and Zoo Tycoon lol. I wonder how the AR card games will do? Those target games are fun but they sometimes make me a bit dizzy from spinning around to see the targets lol

  17. peteriuss and nick hater

    Will it be easy to reach the abxy buttons while playing the likes of Mario kart I wonder? I have small thumbs lol. Anyways it sure looks cool.

  18. well i dont like putting games like ds’s in my pocket so i just by game case’s the analog estention should fit in a case.

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