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Here’s Famitsu Readers Most Wanted Video Games Of 2012

Respected Japanese gaming publication Famitsu published its readers most wanted games during the end of December. As you can see from the list below Dragon Quest X for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS is the most wanted game of 2012 thus far with Dragon’s Dogma for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 trailing just slightly behind.

01. Dragon Quest X
02. Dragon’s Dogma
03. Photo Kano
04. Monster Hunter 4
05. Persona 4: The Golden
06. Animal Crossing
07. New Love Plus
08. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
09. Asura’s Wrath
10. Resident Evil: Revelations
11. One Piece: Pirate Musou
12. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
13. The Last Remnant
14. God Eater 2
15. Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayoneka Arena
16. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: MK II
17. Tales of Innocence R
18. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
19. The Last Guardian
20. 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation

52 thoughts on “Here’s Famitsu Readers Most Wanted Video Games Of 2012”

      1. but theres already a nintendo news mario kart community, this would just split everyone up, just stick with the one we already have

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

      u may fuck call of duty. but Skyrim? i will not allow you to do that. Skyrim is truly a masterpiece in gaming and one of the best games this generation. unlike cod which comes out every year and just has new guns and a few modes.

      1. I hate monster hunter but even monster hunter is better than elder scrolls. Actually any jrpg is better than elder scrolls. So go somewhere else with your fus ro dah and arrow to the knee bull$@%*

        1. Skyrim is amazing. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it bad. I hat Majora’s Mask, but that doesn’t make it shit. Sure, id rather play Dragon quest than Skyrim, but Skyrim is still AMAZING. Much beter than Monster Hunter IMHO.



          He’s trolling, his stupidity and the fact that he only know Skyrim with the stupid arrow jokes tells everything.

          If it wasn’t for this: “Actually any jrpg is better than elder scrolls” you could have done a better job.

        3. I must say, that’s some great argumentation you’ve made here. It’s okay to have a different taste concerning games but don’t go around saying “this is shit” with such groundless statements. Look at the facts, TES V is a great game with a huge environment for you to explore to your liking and there is so many things you can do… Just read the reviews, will you?

      2. hes pissed at skyrim cos of the skyward sword vs skyrim deathmatch, its got both sides hating each other, it sucks

  1. Since when is DQX coming out for 3DS?! Did I miss an announcement?! I thought it was Wii and Wii U. Not 3DS.

    1. Rumor id it might have street pass connectivity, where u can DL a character to ur DS and meet other characters and have them appear in the main game. However it would be so awsom if a full version of the game appeared on 3DS, as the graphic for the game as far as I can tell aren’t spectacular. Just cell shaded it seems…

    1. Idk if it’s in any particular order or just a list of games, but yes I concur, I’m waiting for KH3D(as my first pick) and Animal Crossing as my second. Then again, I’ve never been a Dragon Quest fan, and Monster Hunter I could take it or leave it…. ugh oh, I hope I don’t get comment raped because I have differinng tastes then others.

    1. i don’t think majoras mask was confirmed but i certainly wouldn’t want it: and as for wii u =… i think it atleast needs a confirmed name to be wanted

      1. wiiu is a litlle stupit name dont ya think?And they must think for a good name just like revoloution changed into wii

        1. Wii U sounds similer to me.

          Revolution sounded better for the new console.

          They may rename it next E3 like with the Wii.

    2. Zelda Wii U has not been confirmed for a launch title (likely won’t since they are starting it now), and also MM remake was not confirmed yet either. So since neither is confirmed, it can’t be most wanted in 2012, since likely neither title will arrive in 2012.

  2. i just want:
    tales of the abyss 3d(america always get’s these games last)
    resident evil: revelations
    animal crossing
    and kid icarus uprising… other games yes but these are the top of my list.

  3. *spoilers*

    This is completely unrelated but I really need some help. My bother and i have been playing through skyward sword and he has just got the first part of the song of hero from the water dragon, however when he goes to eldin province he does not get the cut-scene about the eruption and the bokogoblins taking every thing you have and therefore cannot get the fire dragons song and cannot complete the game. We have tried the skyward sword save file update thing on the wii shop channel but it doesn’t work. is there anything we can do or anyone we can talk to to help?

  4. real peteriuss whats the situation about trolling this page?
    ilove lacta ask me if u can see the trolling situation?

  5. Dragon Quest X is coming to Wii U and Wii, not the 3DS.

    Wow Dragon’s Dogma is second? This is why the Japanese market is hard to predict.

  6. Wahooo!!! P4 The Golden! I may be a Nintendo junkie but I love those games ^.^ (its the only reason I’m getting a Vita)

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  8. Mostly looking forward to Metal Gear, it looks amazing. If it was being made for the Wii U, it would go great with WiiMotion+.

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