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Mario Fans Make The True Successor To Super Mario 64

A bunch of dedicated Super Mario fans have created what appears to be the true successor to the critically acclaimed Super Mario 64. The game is called Super Mario Star Road. Super Mario Star Road is a complete Super Mario 64 modification which the indie developer has completed after more than a year of work. Here’s a few details:

  • Over 120 stars
  • More than 30 nicely designed areas
  • Nearly 50 catchy tunes
  • Many new objects for Mario to interact with
  • Well-polished gameplay
  • Lots of goomba stomping
  • Mario-style humour

Download the game here

151 thoughts on “Mario Fans Make The True Successor To Super Mario 64”

              1. So, everyone is a troll to you? By they way you get pissed every time someone says you don’t agree with makes you a perfect target for trolls.


        It’s not impossible, and Nintendo would probably say something about it, i think they would make an adaptation of the game, for the 3DS or the Wii U, and ask those developers to join Nintendo.
        If Nintendo do something like that, it would be awesome for both, the gamers and the company.

          1. Why wont anyone see he’s just replying to himself with A different name? He is succesfully trolling you into thinking hes a bad troll. The picture is locked onto the person

  1. This is amazing! I wonder if Miyamoto, sees this what his response would be. I can’t believe that was fan made. Nintendo needs to hire that dude, like yesterday.

        1. Then I’ll specify further for you, Sup: two verbs (in the imperative form) and a coordinating conjunction (all nouns are words, but not all words are nouns).


      1. Not unless they’re making money off of it or it’s gained a significant amount of attention. Why would Nintendo bother with it if it’s not costing them anything?

  2. How is this a “true successor?” Its more like a re-hash of an old game. But then again…so was Majora’s Mask.

      1. Ugh…that’s my point. Even though Majora’s mask was a cheaply made game (most of the same resources as OOT) it is considered by a lot of people to be their favorite Zelda. I’m guessing you didn’t read/understand the “then again” part of my post…

        But, IMHO Majora’s mask is the WORST Zelda ever. But that’s just my opinion, not certifiable TRUTH.

        1. Yeah, I noticed I’d posted a faulty comment just after I did. Sorry.

          Dude, what. In terms of interactions and character-development, MM takes you a whole lot longer than any other Zelda-game.
          It simply gives you more as you play it.

          1. MM not only forces you to play as the least cool version of Link, but it has the least amount of dungeons out of ANY Zelda. It also has the LAMEST main villain, and the least change in appearance (graphics/art stlye) from it’s previous title.

            You do get to be a Goron however…which is pretty bad ass!

            1. This are the reason why i love the game:

              1) The Music
              2) The story
              3) The creepiness
              4) The new mask setting
              5) It’s an expansion pack, that means more levels to enjoy, yay.

                  1. …false…

                    If it required the previous game to play, then it would be an expansion pack.

                    If you carried over your character from OOT, then it would be an expansion pack.

                    Not only “technically” is it NOT an expansion pack…it LITERALLY is not one.

                1. MM Was cheap from the tech point,
                  but it only expanded on NPC Character backstory, which (to a sentimental point) was good
                  4 dungeons, but it makes up for side quests.
                  young link yes, but then feirce diety (But only in dungeons :( ) + Zora, Goron, and Deku

                  Some say it was dark, other say it was biutiful…
                  I say the same thing to every game….its a bloody game, great…. get over it fan boys

              1. Correct…except they added a completely different travel system. MM added a time limit mechanic (specifically to increase playtime of the already very short title) and some transformations. Both are cheaply made rehashes of previous titles.

            2. I never cared which Link I played as. Quite frankly, all I care about is whether or not I play as Link. They’re all the same.
              The fact that MM has the least dungeons is one of the reasons I find it superior, because you get to do more than just running around in some ancient cavern or temple and have you solve puzzles, it let’s you see the emotions and routines of almost every person in the land.
              The villain is the more destructive one in any Zelda game, he does not want to rule, he wants to destroy, he has no agenda other than destruction. About the graphics; so what? As long as the game itself, not the graphics, looks different, that’s all that matters IMO.
              And ofc you get to experience being other races, which kinda takes me back to your first point, as in you play as several other Link’s and not just the same all the way.

              1. As I said, playing as a Goron was badass…but you say that it looks different…actually most of the NPCs in the game are exact copies of the NPCs from OOT. They created literally only a few new NPCs for the game.

                Your dislike of Dungeon cralwing and puzzle solving means you dislike Zelda in general, and if you remember, Ganon destroyed the Golden Land and created the Dark World…so in actuality HE is the most destructive.

                1. No, it does not. I own and have played every single Zelda. I have cirka 27 different copies in all. But back to the issue, Majora’s Mask (and WW) has 4 main dungeons, and a bunch of small ones, the other games has many main dungeons and a few small ones. This setup makes the game “bigger”, because you don’t just run from one dungeon to another, you do a whole lot of other stuff in between, like sidequest. Especially sidequests, in MM. Getting to a new dungeon in MM is more satisfying as there are many things to do in between. He destroyed the Golden Land, yes. But he made a new one, as you said. Majora would destroy everything, and probably himself along with it.

                  1. Come to think about it, WW has 5, not 4 but basically still the same. Not counting Forsaken Fortress and Ganons Tower (and Inside the Moon regarding MM, obviously)

                    1. (Dammit) And regarding the reused NPC’s. Doh.
                      When I said it looks different I think not of the graphics and art style, I think of the whole.

    1. Only in the graphical engine and items/characters. Despite that palate swap, though, it was a very original game.

      1. Hmm, I’m not sure you understand what a “palate swap” is. Most of the copied characters in MM were not the same characters from OOT with different colors.

        And no, it was not a “very original game”…the combat, character model, NPCs, Sound effects, and several other things were the same.

        You state that “only the graphical engine” was the same…but that’s a lot to be the same forr a new game…considering that determines the entire make-up of the game.

      1. Yeah. It’s not about graphics or gimmicks, it’s about gameplay! That’s why I like boasting how Wii(#2)U will have better graphics than teh XBOX360 & PS3. And remind ppl. 3DSi haz OMG3D!

        3D!!! 8O

        1. @ZIGGY its the next generation of nintendos console.first of all nintendo do games with gameplay not only graphics like sony do a always.secondly ignore the graphics just play when it launched.

          1. peteriuss your such a fucking hypocrite. you always say that the wii u will have “teh besst graphics evar, beta den PS3 and 360”. but when the ps4.720 comes out your gonna be like “its not about the graphics its about deh gameplay”.

            “not only graphics like sony do a always.” you close-minded shit head. have you even seen sony exclusives? at least they don’t rehash the same shit over and over again with a few gimmicky differences. and yes games do take advantage of the ps3 graphical-power, does that make it more “graphics den gempley” ?

    1. If you can find an emulator that runs with Macs (which im sure they already do),
      then yeah, there is a Mac Version.

    1. Or perhaps you didn’t like it because it was too linear, and WAY too easy. I preferred the open world exploration of Sunshine and Mario 64. Anyway, I’d like to see Nintendo make the true successor to Mario 64, not all these unofficial ones.

  3. Looks quite decent (apart from the unnecessary Pookie and Yoshi Coin sprites). May give it a try, as long as that God awful guitar track isn’t in the game. It’s excruciating.

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    1. If i were Nintendo, i would remade this game for a console, and give the guys a job on Nintendo, lots of great idea sould be made if they work together.

        1. man u do not have imagenation to create a video game exept go and learn some of the great creativities lessons for example music…

  5. You know, after all the years after Super Mario 64 came out I would’ve though that the sequel (or succesor) would have a little bit more better graphics. But then again this is fan-made.

    1. …this is not a “true successor” or even a sequel. It should be held on par with an anime’s fanfiction. Its made by a fan for fun.

      It’s just a creation made by a fan for fun. And to the guy who stated that Sunshine isn’t the sucsessor or sequel to 64 because it was on Gamecube…look up the words “Successor” and “Sequel” and you will see how horribly wrong you are…

  6. this looks like fun and i’m sure the ‘indie’ developer is very proud. My only criticism would be where is the creativity?

    No need to steal ideas, levels, bad guy designs etc from Nintendo, why not think outside the box and develop this into a new and original game, then he could at least release the game on a proper console, instead of stealing from Nintendo and rehashing something that at the end of the day is definitely sub standard to the untouchable Mario 64.

    The only reason he made this is out of pure love for Mario games, but if you love it then why rip it off and ultimately take away from the franchise? Rant over

    1. You’re absolutely right. But think about it. Its a lot easier to make a game out of someone elses work than it is to make a game from scratch. He/she took the easy way just like they did with Majora’s Mask.

    2. Think about this, those dudes made a great job but they used the Mario 64 elements to do so, so what?
      I think this is a good idea, and a great opportunity to hire more intelligent and creative people on Nintendo, just like Valve who always seems to hire great modders to make great games such as Team Fortress 2.
      Besides making a new and original game is not easy, and using Nintendo’s models could be just the start to make a great franchise, give it a chance.

      1. You don’t understand. This is not a game with “mario elements”…its a game made from the code of Mario 64. They don’t own the rights to said code, and are stealing and alterring someone elses intellectual property. Its like if I took a rembrant painting, scanned it, changed some colors and re-arranged some of the image, added a flying donkey, and tried to pass it off as part of the same line of art….but made by me. This is a crime against Nintendo, the artists who worked on M64, voice actors, programmers, composers, etc.

        Also…where did you learn english? This is my second language and you don’t see me messing up every other word…

        1. If in the credits they post ALL the people involve in the game, would that be alright?
          As for the other question, i’m not from USA, i’m from South America, and i don’t know English too well yet because i’m 14 years old.

          1. No. You can’t STEAL something, then give credit to the actual creators and have it be okay. That’s still illegal. I’ll use the example of the voice actor again. (Charles Martinet) that man makes a living off of voice acting. Do you think its okay for someone to essentially “steal” his voice and use it without his permission?!

            On a side note…did you guys know he voiced one of the Dragons in Skyrim?! Did you know he was an extra in ER and NYPD blue!?

            Lol…mario dragon…

    3. It’s quite easy to criticize someone’s else job. If you think so then start a new original project yourself…
      That’s not an easy task does it?

      I think it’s not fair to criticize if you don’t actually really DO something. In fact this game it’s just another great fan made game that doesn’t hurts anyone. If they were selling this game you’ll have all the reason to say so, but they’ve just done a great work as Mario fans for Mario fans.

      All those Super Mario World fan made levels are quite cleaver too and they’re there just for making even more fan made publicity and merchandising for free to Nintendo and Mario.

      I can’t see any evil behavior behind this great job.

  7. How is this a “true” successor or even a sequel? Its just a fan-made game…it CAN’T be a “true” anything because it isn’t legit.

          1. Correct. If it isn’t legit, it isn’t a True successor or sequel. A fan can’t make a game in a series and it be an actual game in the franchise.

            You don’t see any of the fan-made games in the Zelda timeline do you?

              1. No…What is “stupid” is that you JUST STATED THE GAME IS A FAN. Also, for some “stupid” reason you also think these hackers and pirates “should get a job with Nintendo”…..because you are an IDIOT. And finally, what is “Stupid” is that you don’t understand that because this game isn’t legitimate, it can’t be considered ANYTHING besides a hack made from stolen code. Thanks for playing.

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  11. if nintendo sees this im pretty sure that the bunch of dedicated mario fans will get an AMAZING job. because seriously i would hire them.

  12. zant's faithful servant

    Wow so downloading asap. and i dont get why these people are ranting about how indie group should have made something original. it’s obvious that this game was made as a tribute to super mario 64. You all should be thanking these people for having the guts to do this. We all know that if they had fucked this up they would be taking flak from everybody. this game proves that they know what they’re doing and deserves to be included in the super mario canon. sadly this is not possible. but this game is definitely worthy. i’ll be keeping my eye on this group to see if they Make any original games.

  13. I love how sickr is pro-anti-pirate, yet here he is posting illegal rom links on his site. SMSR is a rom hack of SM64, the zip file contains a patched version of SM64. By playing this game you are pirating.

      1. Pokémon FireRed Liker


        Pokémon Liquid Crystal.
        It’s a hack, but you have to use LIPS to patch it to Pokémon FireRed. So it’s not pirating, it’s patching and downloading and hacking. You can NOT get it anywhere else, so boom da boom. It is not pirating, Anonymous.

        SMSR is the exact same thing except it is not Pokémon.

        1. So what you’re saying is if I make a hack of Skyward Sword to translate it into the language of my choice, and put it up on the internet prepatched so people can download it without buying the full game and play it, it’s not illegal?

          That’s some sweet logic you’ve got there.

      2. But it is an unlicensed Mario game, using assets from a game that in currently on sale in the Virtual Console, so that trumps the fact it’s not a straight pirating of the original game.

        Still going to play it out of curiosity, but it had to be said.

    1. For great as is Super Mario Sunshine or Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64 has unique gameplay… and a nostalgic touch. Maybe the squared graphics… or something o.O

    1. Because this dumbass doesn’t even know it’s a romhack and thinks its a completely original game built from the ground up.

      Why else do you think they’re linking to an illegal rom image of SM64.

      1. Yes…you are absolutely right. That’s why he called it a “true successor.” He may be a little slow on the uptake, but he gets everyone elses news out pretty quick so I still appreciate him.

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  15. If you like fan games check out super demo world the legend continues. Its the best fan game I have ever seen

  16. This looks terrible, and is definitely not the true successor to Mario n64. Sorry but this is terribly dissapointing

    1. its a Modifactaion of an ILEGAL rom and contains Copyrighted information it is ILEGAL because it is a rom of SM64 just hacked

    2. You’re an idiot if you think this is an indie game. It is a hack of a rom. It is based off of stolen data. They didn’t “make” this game, they used someone else’s work and re-arranged it, added music, and (poorly) made some sprites and models.

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  19. After looking at all these comments, I had a few good laughs. I am a rom hacker myself (New Super Mario Bros. DS) and it isn’t illegal to download or hack a video game if you already possess the original game and do not attempt to make any profit of it. Projects such as this are for the benefit of the fans of the original who would like an “extension” of sorts and the pre-existing material such as game engine, character etc., are obviously not intended to be passed off as one’s own. Hacks can only become illegal if the original copyrights to the company have been deleted from the game logos and such material that identifies the in-game product as belonging to the original owner.

    As for people who are attacking the graphics, what do you expect from Nintendo 64 hardware?

    1. ^True, that’s all. And. if you want to download the game don’t be scared to do it (of course you must have the original), because nintendo itself gives you the link to download it. And, this is a hack made by one single person, it’s username is Skelux

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