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Pachter Says Nintendo Needs To Stop Living In The Past And Wii U Has Weak Third Party Support

Industry Gamers has gathered a bunch of analysts and has asked them what Nintendo must resolve to do this year. Pachter says that firstly Nintendo need to “simply stop living in the past in 2012” and secondly they need to get third-party software developers on-board with Wii U, something Pachter doesn’t think they are currently achieving. Here’s Pachters full rant for your reading pleasure:

Nintendo has to simply stop living in the past in 2012. They had a great deal of success since 1985 by making proprietary hardware and supporting it with proprietary software. They attracted third party support based upon the large installed base they generated for their hardware. They appear to me to be confident that “if they build it, third parties will support it”, but I don’t think that is the case for Wii U. By trying to be “different” with the tablet controller, they have complicated game design for developers, who can’t figure out if the Wii U will ultimately support only one or multiple controllers. Nintendo made the device sufficiently different that they are all but assured of limited third party launch support, which ultimately will lead to modest hardware sales.

They should stop relying upon the strategy that got them here, as it appears to no longer be working. I think their resolution should be to look outside of Nintendo for leadership in the areas of digital downloads, a user-friendly online interface and multiplayer gaming.

231 thoughts on “Pachter Says Nintendo Needs To Stop Living In The Past And Wii U Has Weak Third Party Support”

          1. get of your biased opinions and realize that he is actually right on this one. Nintendo cannot live off of their first party titles forever. developing their own content for an online system would help bring large multi-platform titles our way. it also helps with those who enjoy multiplayer gaming. and it doesn’t include only first person shooters. if nintendo had a good online system, games like Mario kart and smash bros would profit from it.

            1. Ahem let me make this clear without sounding like a total fanboy douche. A lot of games that have online support only use one controller anyways and have almost no way to play local player, I’m looking at you Dead Rising 2, AC: Brotherhood and Left 4 Dead. People also usually buy Nintendo hardware because of their first-party games and as much as they need to have that third-party support, their first party is so good that people would buy a Wii U as soon as Zelda or Mario hit the street. EX: Super Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword (Enhanced sales for Wii at the end of it’s life, even I was surprised 0_0)

            2. Patcher pretty much saying “Nintendo, stop being Nintendo, be microsoft and or sony..”

              What circus he’s running?

            3. i love nintendo, butttttt, they do need to think a lil bout outside the nntendo box, of course stay tru to its roots, but unique. u get me?? they cant rely on the fct tht they were the best before cuz of the strategy, they gotta change. well, to be the best, cuz i buy evrything nintendo

            4. Yes, but saying the U has weak third party support? Please. Maybe Pachter needs to stop living in the past (By “the past” I mean the Wii) :P

      1. he never had any credibility to begin with :P
        he probably thinks Nintendo is not making any games for it aether because if it is not announced then it does not exist ;)

        1. Look the fact is he’s a stock market analyst. They all say that nothing is ever certain. Many of them make predictions and many of them end up being wrong reads. With the gaming market of today it’s very hard to tell what will sell and what won’t with the obvious exception of long established IP. And Pachter is right on this subject matter because the Wii U might not sell on just Batman and Ubisoft games. There will be those who buy it for first party games (including myself) but most of these third party games aren’t necessarily AAA titles.

  1. He is pretty stupid considering both EA and ubisoft said they were very interested to develop for the WiiU, also rockstar games recieved a dev kit very early

    and developers from darksiders 2 said it was really easy to make the controller work with their game so that looks good for other devs

    1. plus like what happened with the ds nintendo is gonna show everyone how to make good games with it (a lot of developers were oblivious as to what to do with the ds before nitnendo started showing em how its done) so its not really a problem, because nintendo make a lot of 1st party games, that wouldnt be true with mircosoft or sony imo

      1. Also steam and ea were apparently both trying to have the exclusivity for the wiiU online service, which is a good thing

        1. yea i agree with everything you say. the ds had great third party support but it took a while. the wii not so much but they seem to be excited about the wii u. I know i want one already. also the ea and steam story is a good sign that there will be third party support. rockstar is excited and so is thq(darksiders). I’m sure nintendo will get great third party support this time around

    1. None ha faith in him. He’s widely known as the most bogus analyst because his “analytical capacity” generally equates to him stating the blatantly obvious things that everyone already knew, which is not an Analysis btw

    1. ^This x1000

      This Pachter imbecile just needs to shut his mouth and keep it that way. Everything he says just makes him look dumber by the moment.

      1. ps3 And 360 fans need to look around more…


        Pachter is always sarcastic about nintendo anyway. He turns his Sarcasm button on as soon as he does a report about Nintendo.

  2. I thought Nintendo is looking outside in terms of Digital Downloads? Isn’t the Wii U going to use EA’s Origin system?

    1. They are he just wants it to look like he came up with the idea or something. What has it been like a month since it was posted on this site about the origin or steam involvment with WiiU’s online?

    2. Actually, EA and VALVe are competing to put thier online system on the WIIu

      Steam VS Origins

      Go Steam! playing the games I bought from steam on WIIu, complete epicness, Skyrim, HL2, Portals, and the best of all (yes, the best) TF2, many might not agree, but TF2 is better than Skyrim

      Oh and Gametrailers GOTY is a horrible choice
      Uncharted 3:DD is better than Skyrim,LoZ:SS, SM3DL, Witcher 2, AC:R, and many more epic games? How much does sony pay them for this crap?

      1. those games would have to be ported to Wii U if it did… and considering none of them have been ported to mac… i’m willing to guess the same thing will happen … only new games would be playable on the Wii U as they will have been developed for it.

      1. How do you figure it “harmed” them? In my world, less competition is *better* because it means I can sell *more* of my product.

        People have limited resources and they can only buy so many games in ‘x’ timespan, so having too much of a good thing can actually be detrimental–just ask companies that spend 10 million-plus on one 360 game only to see it bomb horrifically.

        1. That makes no sense. So as opposed to a steady stream of stellar games, you would prefer to see only 2-3to good games a year. So glad I have both a 360year and a Wii, otherwise i woild be bored 4 months out if the years.

              1. True.

                I bet he just put’s his control stick half way to walk in Twilight Princess instead of full to run so he can play the game longer.

  3. This coming from the guy who had to eat his words recently about the 3DS. As for the controller, I’m sure they’ve informed developers of how many controllers are supported and, as we’ve seen, mltiplayer can be supported using Wii controllers. Besides, isn’t most multiplayer online these days?

    1. True he does not know about the Wii U games like Ghost Recon Online and Killer Freaks which are both just an inch of 3rd party.

  4. This is one of the few times when Pachter is absolutely 100% correct. The problem is that Nintendo (at least in Japan) still really think that everything has to be different and “groundbreaking”, and they’re not putting in a sufficient amount of effort into luring the third parties and getting third parties to make top-tier games that are Nintendo exclusive.

    1. That’s precisely what makes Nintendo so much better than their competition. They don’t try to reinvent what everyone else is doing. They do amazing new, different and fresh things that serve as to inspire the rest of the community. If they didn’t do that then they’d be just like Sony and Microsoft. Let’s just be honest for a second. Without the Wii, do you think we’d have the Kinect or the Move? Not that either are great but the point is they exist because Nintendo brought the world motion control in a huge way. Same reason why Microsoft and Sony, who previously stated that they didn’t see the Wii U as a threat and didn’t see the need to release new consoles until around 2014 are now claiming to show both the Xbox 720 AND and PS4 at E3 2012! Because of Nintendo. A little off topic but those are just the cold hard facts.

      1. The Playstation and CD-i happened because of nintendo, too. They provided the technology and wanted to make a CD based game system before Sega (which they failed to do.) But, Sony wanted to have rights to Nintendo’s characters which Miyamoto was right to decline. However, by then it was too late and Sony had all it needed to make their console. Then, of course, we all know the story about CD-i… *facepalm*

      2. Nintendo is great at ground breaking content. but what about the long term? I’ll be honest and say that the only games I have for the wii are Nintendo titles. I had to buy a 360 to enjoy games like mass effect, elder scrolls, portal, bioshock, etc. if Nintendo went out of its way to provide a better third party support, I wouldn’t have to. I could care less about the kinect or the move, but Nintendo needs to get on the ball here. if I could play the next elder scrolls game on the wii u, I won’t have to buy the next xbox. THAT is how nintendo will hold it’s own. provide THE BEST first party titles and support THE BEST third party games.

        1. I agree 100% with this statement. At the present moment I only own a small handful of Wii games (Skyward Sword my most recent) and I rent the rest through GameFly. I’m confident Nintendo is ready to BOTH break ground while at the same time moving forward and getting with the times on a developmental scale. They’ve proven this by including third-party support even before an official announcement was made! RockStar, EA, UbiSoft, even Irrational’s Ken Levine got a hold of one. Nintendo finally has the ball in their hand, but it’s up to them to make the right toss.

          Which optimistically, they’re headed for the right track!

    2. Nintendo doesn’t have the pocketbook to compete with mainstream strategy. Fuck, Microsoft can keep xBox running at a loss for as long as they like.

      Patcher is 100% wrong. Nintendo cannot survive on the same playing field with it’s competitors. They have to innovate to stay alive… Which allows folks like me to take 3D Pics and Videos that I love! (one of the non-gaming perks of my 3DS) :)

  5. ”…they have complicated game design for developers, who can’t figure out if the Wii U will ultimately support only one or multiple controllers.”

    Are you, pachter, a developer or something? Cause I’ve heard Wii U already got it’s 5th or 6th development kit. So, developers is aware of what nintendo is doing cause they are working together. Every single game designer that talked about Wii U had no complains about the system.

    About ”living in the past” motion controllers says HI, pachter.

  6. Seriously, this Patched has to be the most retarded “analyst” in the history of the industry. So Nintendo needs to look outside itself for “leadership in the areas of digital downloads, a user-friendly online interface and multiplayer gaming.” Cuz that’s not EXACTLY what they’ve already been doing? They said this themselves! If this guy is a “leading analyst”, anyone who states the obvious is a leading analyst. And Yes, I could do a much better job of “analyzing the industry” than this joker ever could.

      1. Totally agree. I bet anyone in who is into gaming like yourself could do a good job. Even I probably could. :)

  7. Shouldnt we wait til we get a launch line up before assuming how weak their third party support is. Its just pachter talking out of his ass again I wish he would leave the video game scene altogether

  8. Well from what every developer who has a dev kit that i have heard from they have all said it has been extremely easy to develop for. This guy needs to figure out whether he is for or against nintendo you never hear them say he is a sucky analyst or anything of the sort he needs to stop being a prick

  9. Michael Pachter has a track record of being wrong. HE ADMITS TO BEING WRONG on several occasions. Never have I seen a man who is paid like Pachter is to be WRONG.

    How funny it is that I just read editorial about how catering to analysts and shareholders is the worst thing a business can do.

    The only thing that Pachter has any particular point on is that Nintendo needs to find a way to attract more third parties. That being said… they’ve already got an impressive-looking list of devs lined up for the Wii-U. So I suspect that Pachter hasn’t been paying one lick of attention to the actual progress of the Wii U, and is instead spouting the same rhetoric we’ve been hearing from him for years.

  10. Ok… If this patcher Fan-boy is talking about CoD then they can simply develop it to work w the wii-mote and Classic controller… I say this cause he probably thinks that they will treat the Wii-U with the same disrespect w support when it comes to CoD on Wii-U. Patcher Sucks HARD.

  11. Oh Pachter shut the hell up! You’re wrong on every aspect. The Wii U isn’t even out yet and you’re judging already, impossible! I think you’ll find Nintendo are the ones who come up with the ideas first, and the innovation is always there. How exactly is motion gaming the past exactly?
    You need to do your research and stop talking BS all the time because you’re doing my f*cking head in!
    Weak 3rd Party Support!?!!?!? HA!!! Ubisoft and EA have been strongly supporting the Wii U, ever since the first lot of information on it was revealed. You’re pathetic, and grow up you stupid man!.

    Apparently Wii U is easy to develop for, so that totally contradicts your statements about 3rd party support. All the main people like Activision will be making games and applications all the time.

  12. Weak third-party support? He obviously hasn’t heard from developers about how excited they are for the Wii U. Nintendo has a stance as to where they are in gaming, today, and that is what makes them different from both Sony and Microsoft. Each brand has their own motives to push in the competition, and Nintendo has been one to keep their faith and loyalty to both the modern and retro crowds. What Pachter is saying will only come back to bite him when the Wii U will actually turn out to be a success when the 3DS is already doing extremely well, right now. He has truly lost credibility in his words about Nintendo’s direction ever since he became an analyst.


    these kind of people need some teaching. We don’t want both an XBox360 & PS3, they are the same system with some minor differences (until kinect, that is.)
    Nintendo seems to be the only company that thinks of innovating gameplay, and start changes in major gameplay. PS3 never had this. In fact, they still have the same bloody controller.

  14. Oh well, the main reason i buy Nintendo hardware is because they are the only one capable of playing by Nintendo made software, don’t really need much else.

  15. OK I love nintendo but i agree with this. The controller looks amazing but even nintendo has admitted most third party games are just ports of other systems. And i seriously wish the power was a little bit more beefy. Because all these devolopers have said they ll make games IF the power is good enough. If Sony comes out with their PS4 then it ll probally again get multiple games for itself and the PC just because it has top notch power. So either their hardware needs to be as good or better than the PS4 or they need to pump out more 1st party exclusives. I’m tired of remakes and no new games. If you look the Wii only had one exclusive Zelda game that isnt good enough for me anymore and I think alot of older fans who the Wii U is aimed towards feel the same.

    1. About only the Wii only having 1 Zelda game… So did the GameCube. The Wii U isn’t out yet. It’s just getting started. It makes sense that 3rd-partieataris ones that we’ve heard from anyway, are porting games at this stage to get a feel for the system. And none of us have any real idea of how “powerful” it actually is. And most older fans, like myself, don’t have very much time for games now because of jobs, responsibilities, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could play as many games as I wanted to for as long as I wanted to, but your argument is a little weak if you’re be the mouthpiece for “older fans”. More than likely you’re really just stating your opinion as it relates to you.

      1. Actually the game cube had 2 almost had 3 but twilight princess was put to the Wii to boost the launch line up. And anyone can go right here which is nintendo’s official website and find out the specs. So we do know how powerful it is. And i know what your saying about not having much time to game but that is why i want quality games. I rather make sure I am gaming with quality games and not shovelware or remakes.

    2. The Wii-U runs 1080p with no lag. You call that a lack of power? It’s obviously better than ps3 in some terms. Even then, realistic graphics have never been a goal for nintendo. They use whatever style looks good, and that’s why I respect them. They don’t think black, white, grey, brown, and red make up the world. Also, you aren’t looking hard enough if that’s your only game example. I have a lot of 20 good wii games in my collection as of now. Most of them just aren’t Main Stream.

      1. realistic graphics were a primary goal for nintendo for all years until Wii… Nintendo 64 was developed BASED on this goal alone… in fact they promised to hollywood rival hollywood special effects… I agree with what you said but there seems to be this notion that nintendo never cared about power and graphics… All of nintendo’s consoles from NES to N64 were more powerful than their competitors, even the game cube was more powerful than the PS2… They Care… just not to the point of making it so expensive no one wants it like the PS3…

        1. It is obviously not a lack of power if its competing with this gen but its a next gen consol. If the PS4 is substantially more powerful which it probally will be then the Wii U wont get a strong third party support.

  16. Serious? He’s quite honestly telling Nintendo to give up everything that distinguishes them from the rest and to just follow where Sony and Microsoft have gone before. I can understand where he’s coming from but remember that Nintendo did that before with the Gamecube and it didn’t work so well. Just saying.

    1. ^Oh my God, THIS!!!!! These “analysts” all want every gaming company to be the same vanilla crap we’ve been feed from sony and microsoft for over 10 years. No thanks, Nintendo is all I need.

      1. Its really the safest bet. They dont really care what comes out of the gaming market. They help people decide what shares are the safest to buy and when to sell by analyzing sales patterns and company announcements.
        I dont think they really play video games either…

        1. Then they have no right to be commenting on the industry. I think you have to be a fan of the games to know what the consumers want. If you’re just some pencil pushing accountant who’s only concerned with making money, you need to shut up.

  17. Yo patcher, the day your “predictions” are right is the day people will give a shit of what you say which will probably be never.

    1. ^ THIS.

      I think Pachter was forced to talk about something so he just made something up, otherwise people start noticing he never does anything.

  18. If he had any interest in checking his facts he would know that Wii U’s online services are being developed by industry experts outside of Nintendo. And frankly, we don’t know how many developers there are supporting the Wii U launch, not until after E3.

    I think Pachter’s main problem is that he never really knows what he is talking about. This, or I’m beginning to think he’s just making up these theories to provoke and cause headlines. In other words, he’s a professional troll.

    1. No such thing as 4th party

      2nd party is company’s like Creators of Pokemon. Not many 2nd partys.

      1st Party is Nintendos companys and nitnendo games.

      3rd Party is people like Sega, Ubisoft and Team Ninja.

  19. At this point, I’m expecting an article soon from Pachter along the lines of:

    “Vita has very successful first month, Nintendo needs to step up their game with 3DS”

    Because Pachter is wrong on purpose. He is an attention whore, plain and simple. Either that, or he’s a massive Sony fanboy

  20. I’m kinda with Patcher on this one. Nintendo has been shunning thirs party support (compared to the competition) for its home consoles ever since the N64. This Wii U better be an ace in the hole, because continued lack of third party developers will ultimately kill Nintendo. I mean, 2011 was a great year if tou owned, say a PS3 or an XBox 360. It was a aweful, horrible year if you owned a Wii. Same could be said for 2010. Nintendo needs to perhaps stop with the gimmicky controllers and focus on game support.

    1. For the 3rd-party argument, let’s think for a second about 1st-party. How much 1st-party content do Sony or Microsoft have on their systems? … ……. ……….. Exactly. Nintendo is a Software Developer And a Hardware Developer. Much more so than their competition. That’s why there is no 25th celebration for Crash Bandicoot, which isn’t even 1st-party to begin with but was once Playstations mascot. Sony and Microsoft will Always have more 3rd-party content because they depend on it. Nintendo can release one Pokemon game at it sells millions easy. Having amazing 1st-party content automatically puts any 3rd-party at a disadvantage, but that’s not to say Nintendo can’t have great 3rd-party, just that it’s often overlooked by the general public when it competes with Mario and Zelda. For the record, as a 3DS owner and ambassador, I credit Way Forwars Tech for producing the first Great 3rd-party downloaded game on the eShop, Mighty Switch Force. Easily the best thing in the shop right now, including the 1st-party stuff

    2. Nintendo has not shunned the 3rd parties they have shunned nintendo. For example during the N64 the main reason was because they were using cartridges so it was hard to develop the same games because of storage limits, But the N64 was the most powerful of that generation, same can be said for Gamecube but instead of Cartridges they were mini discs it was also the most powerful.
      Now the Wii is a different story they had the least powerful system but it has been very successful, The main reason it has not gotten the same games was because it did not have HD graphics (which to me games like Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Other M, Mario Galaxy 1+2, Monster Hunter 3, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, and Super Smash Bros Brawl show that they are close enough its hard for me to see a difference).

      1. Maybe you can’t see the difference because you dont have an HDTV. When I played Skyward Sword after playong a couple hoirs of Battlefield 3, I immediately felt sorry for Nintendo because this game looked visually aweful compared to another game that took just as long to make and it was in deliciuos 1080p as opposed to 480p. As for the topic of thirs party support, it took Nintendo THIS LONG before finally making an HD capable console (well, its still not out) and THIS LONG before before they finally attempted to secure a cadre of thirs party support before releasing a console. Maybe they finally realizes that thia isn’t the Super Nintendo and dev teams will not “flock” to develope for a console with a strange control layout.

        1. This isn’t true for everyone. I played battlefield and Portal two at a friends house, and fot bored for my nintendo. (I cracked out my DS)

          I need gameplay, not HD.

        2. I play Xbox 360 (Cause I dont have a 360 or PS3) over my friends house all the time we play stuff like Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Gears Of War 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls and Resident Evil 5 and I truly dont see a difference between the two systems unless its a game like Wii Play, Dead Rising Chop Till Ya drop, etc we have it on the right HD settings. When I play RE 4 Wii Edition and RE 5 I see a minimum amount of difference the effects and stuff are better but thats to be expected since RE 4 came out in 05 and the Wii Edition came out in 07, But back to my argument they dont need to try to secure 3rd party support they had 3rd party support early on for wii, But the games that came out early for the system were not made good they were crappy. For example when Capcom ported Dead Rising they barely put any effort in it they stripped everything down to the bare minimum, they took out features and they tacked RE 4 controls on it. When other developers see games made like that they think thats the best the system could do. Another example is all those titles that were mainly mini games and the fact that most mature games early on for the system were either On-rail shooters or they were just crap they dont sell well because they were either not sold in most retail stores, they sucked, and because they were basically the same game, like the 2 Wii House of the Dead games. Developers and Publishers see that they didnt sell well so they dont risk making those type of games for Wii which in turn hurt its image even more. Im basically trying to say that if the developers took their time and try to make a good looking and playing game they can, just look at Resident Evil Chronicles series, Monster Hunter Tri, Goldeneye 007, any big Nintendo francise like Metroid and Zelda. Oh and you cant compare The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword to a game like Battlefield because for one they are different genres of games and two battlefield is suppose to look real and Skyward Sword is suppose to look like an artistic painting.

    3. I’d like to think that because of work going into the Wii U, Nintendo isn’t all that concerned with Wii’s third party anymore. It also may have only had like 2 first party games this year that were any good, but they were enough for Nintendo fans since they were great games, plus the fact that the 3DS started bringing out the big guns. Also, wasn’t it established just shortly after E3 that some third party developers were chomping at the bit to develop for the Wii U? I’d say that the Wii U is going to be just fine on all ends. Don’t buy into anything Pachter says. Remember, he also thought that the 3DS was weak and would be decimated by the Vita, and we all know how that went.

  21. So I Guess

    Darksiders 2
    Ghost Recon
    Ninja Gaiden
    (Possibly) Battlefield 3
    That GTA style Lego City Game

    Aren’t Good 3rd Party Titles?

    Ps3 and Xbox 360’s 3rd Party Titles Will Be Featured On Wii U.

    Nintendo Has ALWAYS Had Better 1st Party Titles!

    The Wii Survived Off 1st Party Games Alone.

    They Needed Better 3rd Party Titles But Couldnt Achieve That Do To (Slightly Bad Marketing) Lack Of Hardware.

    The WiiU Has Amazing Graphics With A Custom Built Graph. Card.
    So Now Developers Can Put Whatever They Want On Wii U.

    Not To Mention More Hardcore Games.

    1. If your saying not enough hardcore games?

      Have you played Star Fox or Metroid?

      Have you seen that most 3rd party is hardcore?

      If you said no to any of these questions you need to know Wii U and Nintendo more.

      If you said yes my reaction is WHAT ON EARTH!!!!!!!


    Have you seen Sega’s and Ubisoft’s support? And all the others!

    Ghost Recon Online.

    Killer Freaks.



    Ninja Gaiden.


      1. Killer Freaks is the only Exclusive.

        Aliens is not likely to be released the same time as Wii U as the game is due out Spring 2012.

          1. Fair enough. Still, looking forward to what Wii U titles they have to reveal at E3 2012, including first-party games.

              1. Forgot Lego City Adventures, another exlusive for the Wii U, destined to be an “open world GTA-style (gameplay, not rating-wise) game in a city made completely of Lego bricks, where you can take part in many, many different activities and adventures.”

  23. About the multiple tablet support, if it does or doesn’t, third party developers/publishers working on the system would be the first ones to know as opposed to telling everyone else who is not developing games for it. There are rumors that say the system supports multiple tables, but others say it doesn’t. There is no official word on it, and surely analysts would be the last people to know about it.

    The DS was different from the PSP, yet when the DS took off, developers wanted to get some of that. The problem was that the DS could not handle PSP games. The Wii had a similar issue. The difference was that instead of porting games to the DS, they simply made new games for it, which is the reason the DS became so popular.

    The problem with the Wii was that developers were working on HD engines and games, so they hardly had any games for anything. Once they got the games, they couldn’t port them to the Wii, so they moved to making games for the WIi. The drawback was that they only developed low budget games for it and their low teams at first after they had flat out ignored it for such a long time. Once they saw the sales, they tried to make better games, but people just ignored them because of past experiences, so they stuck with Nintendo games and companies like Capcom. That is the reason these companies want to support the Wii U from the start to get a good image of them on Nintendo’s new system.

    Here’s the thing though, I don’t think the likes of Ninja Gaiden3, Darksiders 2, etc, will sell more on the Wii U than the other versions simply because there will be a transition going on. Much like what’s happening in Japan with Monster Hunter 3G on a Nintendo portable, they need to introduce these games to the Nintendo fans/audience. They first need to establish themselves and get recognition on Nintendo systems before they can do anything.

    They need to drop the “only Nintendo games sell on their systems.” Think about it; they sell better on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Why? Because Sony’s and MS’s own games don’t sell much compared to third parties. If third parties can get a good reputation from the start on a Nintendo system, then gold will await them. Look at Monster Hunter 3G in Japan. It’s selling good numbers even though it’s a port of a current Wii game, and it’s competing against two high profile Nintendo games.

    1. The probelm is that Iwata said one thing at E3 (multiple support) and Miyamoto said another. This may have been sorted out overtime, but we haven’t heard yet if so.

  24. Etecoons and Dachoras

    Why do gaming sites post anything Pachter says as news? I don’t understand it. If I wanted to hear an asshole talk, I’d fart.

    1. I can’t believe he works as one of them…

      I bet he says bad things about all gaming company’s expect Microsocks.

      1. he admits the Wii U is way better than the Xbox dont judge him as a troll just because he said something about nintendo if people never complained or demanded to get anything then we would all still be playing on the NES
        which would be pretty fun actually but i still like the new stuff too lol

        1. Have you seen the news on THIS Site!?

          Pachter always says bad things about Nintendo like 3DS fails and that sort of thing. everyone said that hes a microsock’ser

          Do you remember?

    1. Etecoons and Dachoras

      Thanks very much for posting the link to this article. I whole heartedly agree with the writer, and it’s very nice to reread praise for the Wii U, especially when nothing is said about the Wii U lately.

      Like I said above, anything Pachter says shouldn’t be posted on gaming websites. The man is daft.

      1. There’s a lot of positivity surrounding the Wii U especially with developers… all I’ve ever heard is how easy it is to program for how great the controller is… and how nintendo has been reaching out to Developers more than ever before… they know what it’s going to take … and to hear someone who’s not from the industry talk like he knows what’s going on is Odd and awkward… … sure there were some hitches in console development… but he’s acting like it’s dividing the Developers because the specs aren’t finalized yet… makes no sense…

    2. How he can “predict” what a game is going to be like is beyond me. He talks so much crap. Nintendo changed the gaming world. He’s so biased about Nintendo, makes you wonder if he is ever biased about MS or Sony.
      I do my research and know what I’m on about, because unlike him, I read things properly.

  25. in some point yes,but if nintendo do consoles as sony their consoles will be too expensive i think the 50% f pacher is right and the other 50% wrong

    1. right because nintendo did a wrong thing at 2006,they didnt put hd on their console and wrong because nintendos third party dev and wiiu are good*

      1. i thing pacher is jelous of nintendo because they create something new and never do expensive consoles like the other companies do

  26. I think his wife needs better 3rd party support. LOL. Couldn’t help myself. Why is this guy such an asshole? Do he and the guys from X Play smoke from the same bong, or do they just like to kiss the ass of multi national corporations?

  27. To Patcher, I don’t believe developers are really that dumb or lazy as you may think. Even though some consoles may be a little more difficult to make games for than others, it wouldn’t stop them from creating one. They will follow wherever the money goes. It just takes some time to understand new ideas, but once grasped it will open a home base for other ideas. Don’t fix what’s not broken and I’m sure every developer’s keeping watch on this new idea from N, like it or not.

  28. *sigh*. And you were doing so well in your last statement, Pachter.

    1. He seems to have forgotten that Nintendo IS getting outside help for developing the Wii U’s online network.

    2. Sure they can’t wait for 3rd-parties to come. That’s why they’ve been consistently approaching them, and 3rd-parties have made this known. Still, the 3DS launch showed Nintendo shouldn’t rely on 3rd-parties to get thing started, so there’s a fine line for Nintendo to walk here. The best they could do is give us the one-two punch by offering strong 1st-Party content alongside strong 3rd-party content, both exclusives and cross-platform must-haves.

    1. Pachter is a “Soo” called analysis. thats his job.

      He always says bad things about nintendo and looks that he support’s Microsocks.

      I really think he needs to know more about Wii U because Wii U has massive 3rd party support from massive companys like Sega, Team Ninja and Ubisoft.

      If you think this list is not enough (The link below is the list)

      Just laugh at Pachter’s bulls**t

      ALSO! that was back in June E3 so it’s a bit out dated and more games were confirmed.

  29. He makes a point. Nintendo still hasn’t said how many tablet controllers the wii u will support so they can only make 1 player games with it.

    So games like mortal Kombat can’t make the game because they don’t know what type of controls player 2 can use.

    1. In E3 2011 with the Killer Freaks demo.

      They did a Co-op and one used the Tablet and the other used the classic controller for wii.

      the one used the classic as he was in FPS mode while the other was doing something different against P2.

      I still think it will support 2 tab controllers anyway.

      1. Look at Smash Bros. for Wii, some used Wiimote while others used GC controllers. WiiU button layouts are the same except it has a huge screen in the middle. You either watch your match on screen or on controller. If you think that is what Patcher is wondering, man he needs to use some imagination. Oh yeah forgot, he doesn’t understand N’s ideas.

        1. Sorry, in reply to Airbuz. Though I understand where he is coming from, without 3rd party help, it will be difficult regardless to how great or innovative the console is.

  30. “hey have complicated game design for developers, who can’t figure out if the Wii U will ultimately support only one or multiple controllers.” Will I agree with that too :/

  31. The more articles I read about mr. patcher the more i think he has no idea what he’s talking about. Seriously, some one is full of their self.

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  33. I agree and disagree. Some of their tactics are ancient and ass backwards, such as their approach to online support. Some traditional things should stay though. They put game play over all and it works for them. It sets them a apart from the others.

  34. A YEAR AND A HALF before the console even releases there was a great amount of third party titles revealed at E3. Since then there have been statements from developers saying how easy the Wii U is to develop for in addition to praise of the system’s features. There is going to be plenty more third party games revealed this year.

  35. wudnt it be hard for ppl the make games for wii u with that tablet controller anyway plus there are finding hard to get 4 tablet controllers to work on wii u but they can always use classic controller pro for game like cod (i geuss hes talking cod type games when he talks ablout online games)
    i dont get what he means by living in the past

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  37. Multiple things to say, so I’ll put them all in one comment.
    1. Look at the number of comments. EVERY TIME Sickr mentions Pachter, the comments SPIKE. May be why he posts Pachter’s shit.
    2. Nintendo never needed 3rd party support. Their best games are the first party ones, and that’s how it’ll stay. If developers don’t like the controller, fine. Nintendo will be fine.
    3. Notice that whatever Pachter says, the opposite happens. He repeatedly predicted the 3DS’s downfall, and it was at the top at the end of the year. He’s not ever right.
    God, someone should send all the Pachter pages to Pachter to see his reaction.

  38. So in other words, Pachter wants Nintendo to act just like Microsoft and Sony, and focus on the same things. And less innovation.

    Well, screw that. Nintendo being unique is what’s kept them successful for so long, to follow in the footsteps of others (as their only/main priority, improved online would be a nice extra) would just doom them.

  39. All of Patcher’s points here are invalid. The Wii U’s launch is going to be all about third party support. I think many of the games that are coming out at the WiiU’s launch date which are for the 360/PS3 will come to the Wii U as well (as well as the many games already confirmed such as Darksiders 2 and Arkham City). The developers of Darksiders 2 have said the console is as easy as the 360 to develop for, which is very simple in comparison to the PS3. And hasn’t he heard about the rumor that Origin or Steam are going to help Nintendo with the Wii U’s online? God, Patcher is an absolute idiot…

  40. I can not understand why people still write about the things Pachter says!!!!

    Seriously why does people still write about him???

  41. He’s right guys; everything he said needs to and must be done. Though the Wii was/is successful it’s only going to hurt them in the long run. Being different isn’t a good idea for a major console, you’re not going to get 3rd party games or get very few because the annoyance of said differences. If the console has a standard setup, then that’s a different story…. They can easily put a multiplat game on Wii U, but now with this controller I can already foresee disaster.

  42. The 3DS had poor third party support at first as well. I think that with a new system it’s tough just jump right on and support it. The controller could offer a lot with different types of games. I think developers just need to come up with creative ways to use the tablet controller. It could easily e used as a map for shooters. And a weapons selections screen. I mean, c’mon. Nintendo just needs to make sure developers know exactly what the system is capable of, what can and can’t be done, and what is possible. It sounds like there’s poor communication between Nintendo and developers. Even if it has a slow start, it’ll pick right up as soon as tons of games are developed for it.

  43. …………

    Wow. Just…… wow. That is all.

    You guys need to read the article to see how stupid this quote really is.
    3 things.

    1: Pachter, are you a game developer? No? Than shut your mouth. What the hell do you know about game development?

    2: Lets take a look at killer freaks from outer space… Jean Philippe seems to be playing with a classic controller during the RED, and playing into the controller, not using any special features such as a tactical map or an hud or stuff like that. Which means, whether developers want to use the controller in a special way or not is up to them. THEY DON’T HAVE TO IF THEY DON’T WANT TO.

    3: Dev’s have already said that the controller opens up a whole new world of ideas. If anything, it should make it EASIER, and make games BIGGER.

  44. Hasn’t the Wii U already been getting good 3rd-party support so far?

    Besides, who knows what the final look of the system will be when we see it at E3 2012.

    Right now, I’m just interested in finding out wheather the rumor that it’s 1.5 times stronger than the PS3 is true or not. Has that been figured out yet?

            1. It’s fine. They publish stupid games because it’ll turn in profits. Ubisoft makes money and pays licensing fees to Nintendo. Nintendo profits and pays dev teams to make great games. Then, we buy and play great Ninty games with grins on our faces.
              So, in the end it’s still a good thing.

              1. Ubisoft is releasing hardcore game’s Killer Freaks (Wii U exclusive) and Ghost Recon Online (PC and Wii U exclusive).

                They also have an unannounced Sport game.

                Wii U is more hardcore…. Kids play Kinect….. we need ubisoft to take these imagine games to go to Kinect.

      1. The “underpowered dev. kit” was 50% more powerful than the PS3.
        The console will be fully powered and shown off at E3 2012.

  45. Why do i even bother reading this?
    Maybe because i want to know if Patcher can say something that makes sense, sadly, the only thing i found logical is this:
    “I think their resolution should be to look to a user-friendly online interface and multiplayer gaming.”

    This makes sense, but Nintendo is looking forward to that.

    Everything else he said is just stupid, like this:
    “they have complicated game design for developers, who can’t figure out if the Wii U will ultimately support only one or multiple controllers.”

    Have you ever thought they can make the Wii U controller works like the Classic Controller and clear two problems in one shot?
    Or did you ever realise they can still use the normal Wii controllers to make the job easier?

    Better question, why people even bother to public on the internet what this guy have to said?

  46. nintendo has awesome games that throw you into worlds of total fantasy, sony has some of the best adventure games, and microsoft has the best first person shooters. im sure most people buy these systems for those reasons, if nintendo tries to emulate halo they probably aren’t going to sell many units because all the halo fans will jump at the next microsoft unit, same goes if microsoft tries to emulate a legend of zelda game, first party games pretty much help the consumer decide on which system is right for them, if the systems specs are up to date third party company will release there games on any or all of them, the wiis problem was that the systems gfx weren’t as advanced as ps3 or 360, and the motion control element made porting games more difficult. the wiiu’s updated gfx and the introduction of a more conservative controller setup should bring them up to speed with the current gens, so third partys will come. but the real danger is if the ps4 AND the new xbox boost there gfx to high above the wiiu’s. A lot of the third party companys want to wow the current graphics obsessed consumers.

    I have a wii and a ps3 at the moment, if skyward sword was released on wii and ps3/move then why wouldn’t you buy the ps3 version?

  47. Ok, so Nintendo is living in the past by trying to move forward? How the hell does that make any sense, Patcher?

  48. Is his work to troll Nintendo? I also want to work as a troll :D Can somebody hire me to troll Sony and Apple? :D

      1. He’s basically the most crappiest “analyst” in the gaming industry. He downs Nintendo all the time, saying they need to change, and once he said Nintendo should stop making hardware! Can you believe that.

        Pachter is only an “analyst”, therefore his comprehension of game development is beyond him. If he thinks Nintendo is all this then I’d like to see him try making something completely new and revolutionary, and better games than what Nintendo can. I can easily say that he most definitely cannot do that!

        He needs to start reading his facts right, or he will just be known as a complete idiotic asshole (wait a minute he passed that line ages ago, where does that leave him now?).

  49. Totally nonsense.
    EA, Ubisoft and Vigil Games (developers of Darksiders) said that is really easy to develop on WiiU, sorry dude, but you are totally wrong.
    Sorry for the bad english xD

  50. Once again, he’s talking out his ass. No longer working? The 3DS is selling tremendously well. Hard to develop? A lot of third party designers are saying it’s very easy. C’mon Pachter, just die….

  51. What an idiot. Developers were praising the WiiU at E3 and were excited for the possibilities with the controller. Patcher apparently forgot the video NIntendo showed with all the third party games that would eventually be on WiiU.
    As for Nintendo’s strategy, some facts: Wii is the highest selling console, DS the highest selling handheld and the 3DS is selling very well right now.

    1. Maybe you forgot, so I’ll remind you: None of those video shown were running on the Wii U’s hardware. Only the Zelda one was and you ot was a concept demo.
      As per facts: if both consoles are aelling so well, why did Nintendo report a 70 Billiion yen loss in their 3rdgroup quarter report. Maybe the xonsoles are aelling, but the games sure as hell aren’t.

  52. Fanboys, get over yourself. I love Nintendo as much as any of you, having owned every one of their consoles to date. Thing is, there’s a few things they just keep screwing up, usually in regards to their hardware. I would say Michael Pacher has a decent point this time. The Wii U controller just seems… wacky. Expensive. Downright stupid, even. Still, I’m more concerned with whether Nintendo will have a decent online network running this time around. We were supposed to have this waaaay back in the days of the Gamecube; never happened. The Wii sort of brought online multi-player to the table, but it was an amazingly weak experience overall. Lack of online capability was unacceptable 5 years ago and is true to an even greater extent today. How a gaming company that produces some of the industries’ most creative, intelligent software can manage to consistently ignore the advantages of an online community is beyond me. The Wii might have had enough gimmicky tricks up its sleave to draw in the casual gamer, but it completely abandoned its loyal hardcore fans by depriving them of a competetive atmosphere. While the single player outings were excellent, they just weren’t enough. For those who say “single player is all I need”, you’re certainly entitled to that opinion, but I think it’d be hard to come across someone who wouldn’t just kill to play games like Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart in an appropriate online environment. And no, that half-assed friend code bullshit doesn’t count.

    1. Oh thank goodness!!! You are now my new best friend. This comment makes the most sense on this board amd hardcore fanboys would extremely hard-pressed to argue with it. I welcome another member to the community with a strong head in his shoulders.

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    You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I really
    will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject which has
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