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Check Out This Sweet Kingdom Hearts Nintendo 3DS Console, Plus Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Date

Square Enix has announced that it’s releasing a special limited edition Kingdom Hearts Nintendo 3DS which will coincide with the launch of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on March 29th in Japan. The limited edition console will retail for ¥6 090 and will come bundled with a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D along with an AR card which can be used to unlock a rare Dream Eater. Square Enix has yet to announce when we’re getting Kingdom Hearts 3D here in the West but they have stated that it’s coming this year.

51 thoughts on “Check Out This Sweet Kingdom Hearts Nintendo 3DS Console, Plus Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Date”

  1. That console is so sweet, I wish they’d release designer cases for the 3DS instead of designed consoles because this may just be a better one than the LoZ 3DS :P

  2. Wait, the retail will be ¥6090? Is that a typo or a mistake or something cause that’s not even $80. I mean that would be awesome if that whole bundle was only $80 cause that’s a steal, but it doesnt seem correct.

    1. Yup, need some explanations too! for the game alone it’s too expensive, for the console it’s too cheap… maybe a 1 is missing? ¥16090 makes it around $200 (CAN).

      1. seems Sickr has misinterpreted the information. The source link says the game retails for ¥6090, and consumers may ALSO purchase the limited edition bundle…The game retailing alone for ¥6090 seems much more understandable. They probably haven’t released the pricing for the bundle yet.

    1. The Zelda one is more wroth it imo. Come on it’s 25th anniversary and it was THE hardest 3DS to find. So let’s be happy that we managed to get one. :3

  3. Would be cool if they sold the design an a decal as well for existing 3DS consoles, then they would get some money from people that already own a 3DS.

    1. I doubt they would do that, considering they never have before. However,
      You could probably offer such with the right materials on etsy or something. Then that post would be,
      “I sell the design as a decal as well for existing 3DS consoles!”

  4. They are releasing so many different customs 3DS’s. Would anybody have enough money to buy all of them? The people with the normal 3DS must feel left out.


    1. No, even though I’m a KH fan the Zelda one is better. All things considered KH only existed for 10 years where at Zelda has 25 years worth of awesome.

      Either way I KNOW Squeenix wouldn’t release this anywhere else.

  6. I think that THAT 3DS is sick! If we are fortunate enough to get a special bundle, I’d gladly trade in my 3DS for it. Maybe we will all luck out and the game will come out around the time the 3DS Lite comes out, and they bundle it with that! I would be more upset if they did the bit where they give a pre-order bonus of lame ass decal stickers. I still ha ve my Re:Coded stickers and BbS stickers… #weakBIT

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  11. ugh i wish i could some how get a cheap upgrade to this or something it looks so cool. And its not too decorative where i mihgt get tired of looking at it.

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    1. I fucking agree!!!! being a teen with no money, having to search for this in FUCkING JAPAN! GAHH!! its so irratating! i want this so bad! ;0;

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