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SoulCalibur V Heading To The Nintendo 3DS?

A retail insider has apparently tipped off online gaming publication NintendoLife that a pre-order listing for SoulCalibur V his appeared on tills at a major store in the UK. Who knows, maybe we will eventually see SoulCalibur V on Nintendo 3DS, but as usual Namco Bandai won’t confirm anything.

59 thoughts on “SoulCalibur V Heading To The Nintendo 3DS?”

        1. The wiiU isnt even out yet, the 3DS is, we know the WiiU will appeal to Hardcore gamers, but besides a few 3ds games that arent for the casual market we need more games.

  1. Sounds interesting, but Nintendo should hurry along with the Smash Bros. game. It will be 1000000 times better than anything this game would have to offer.

  2. Wow, if this is indeed true almost every fighting franchise will hit the 3DS! All that’s left is Smash Bros. and those crossovers (Marvel vs. Capcom, etc.) and the 3DS practically has it all!

    1. I know! The 3DS has lots of genres already; racing, fishing, fighting, puzzle, adventure, action, horror, war, sports, you name it.

    2. MK is being ported to the vita, maybe itll end up on the 3ds aswell (smash is s given) and all we need is Darkstalkers, dissidia & the nanco tales of cross overs and we’ll be in fighter heaven.

      1. Not family friendly they did Mortal Kombat Vs Dc Universe without the fatality. Also there are Mk games for gamecube gameboy and ds I think.

  3. It’d be nice if it could be on Wii U as well.

    A popular 3rd-party series like Soul Calibur could be what Nintendo needs.

    Besides, maybe we’ll get to play as Link again.

  4. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    it would the second game to feature a Assassins Creed character on a nintendo system even though Nintendo doesnt have any AC games. (unless u count the terribly ported Iphone to DS game that was released a few years ago)

  5. WazSupChad
    2234-7848-9682 add me plz
    Ps3 and Xbox 360 got Ezlio from Assassin Creed this would be cool if they make one for the 3ds I like playing Darth Vader in 4 but right now namco just finish doing tekken for 3ds.

  6. The only thing about this is isit the guest character Ezio from assassins creed? and I dont know any assassins creed games on nintendo. beside maby DS im not 100% sure though

    1. There is that cancelled Assassin’s Creed 3DS game, also it’s already confirmed that the series will come to Wii U. So, it seems plausible.

  7. WazSupChad
    2234-7848-9682 add me plz
    Soul Calibur Demensions 3D would most likely have Pitt as a guest character or someone from Fire Emblem.

        1. I could be wrong but I dont think namco would use the same guest character twice Link was in 2 or 3 for gamecube.

  8. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I’d rather see this game on the Wii U at launch, but I wouldn’t be opposed if it came to the 3DS as well. Between the two, not sure which copy I’d choose. I love the portability of the 3DS, and yet at the same time I’d love to be able to play Soul Calibur V on a big screen tv.

  9. does anyone know that game that you often see at arcades. The one with all the anime songs and you have to touch this touchpad corrisponding to the beat?

    That would be awesome for the wii U.

  10. A major retailer. So that’s Game. In which means it’ll never happen considering their books.

    Still saying Layton 3DS was released at launch.

  11. that’s great, the more fighting games on the go the merrier. though ssb3d is my most anticipated fighter on 3ds and wiiu.

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  13. So, let me get this straight:

    Sonic Generations: PS3, X360, and 3DS
    Soul Calibur V: PS3, X360, and possibly 3DS?

    Sounds like nobody really cares about the Wii anymore.

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  18. if it comes for 3ds i will buy it for sure because ps3 and xbox nah prefer on console which i can local with my friends because we play when are hanging around on different places which is worse to get it on ps3 until u get to ur damm house and play it online which is sucky
    bandai plz get it confirmed on the 3ds give us faith in this because capcom failed on their i hope u don’t do the same

  19. I am going to kill myself and die a virgin if this does not come out for 3ds. then again, there’s always a possibility of a PC version…..POOTIS

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