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Mario Party 9 Won’t Be Available At GAME

Troubled UK retail outlet GAME has announced that it won’t be stocking Mario Party 9. The previously popular retail chain also revealed that it won’t be stocking Bioware’s forthcoming Mass Effect 3. GAME previously pulled The Last Story from sale at the very last-minute which resulted in an array of disgruntled customers.

44 thoughts on “Mario Party 9 Won’t Be Available At GAME”

  1. It’s the end of GAME as we know it :/

    I’m going to be forced to buy all my games online if this continues, even my HMV have downsized their games section :/

    1. Davin Ockerby (aka Platinum Lucario)

      Yep, the global financial crisis has pretty much resulted in alot of business closures in the UK, Europe and the United States. Probably some countries (including Australia) are the only ones that haven’t been effected and followed suit).

  2. Wow, this is really quite big.. I hope that this won’t effect Gamestation too, as I have the collector’s edition of Mass Effect 3 on pre-order with them. I have to wonder how it isn’t effecting them, Gamestation and Game are both owned by blockbusters..

    1. Yup, both are affected.

      Too bad :/

      But if you’re quick you have ShopTo, Zavvi, Play. I’d recommend ShopTo, due to the speed of their delivery for preorders, so if you want your game a few days in advance… XD

      1. Yup, I just rang Gamestation for confirmation and they said that yes, they’re NOT stocking it anymore. So I changed my pre-order to, I don’t have an account on shopto. Thanks for the warning!

    2. But GAME and Gamestation are both owned by The Game Group, as was Electronics Boutique and

      Blockbuster are a seperate company

  3. That’s bad, I can understand them not selling a Wii exclusive JPRG (which I loee by the way but it’s hardly going to be the biggest seller) but for it not to stock ME3 and Mario party 9 both from rather big selling franchises is a bit worrying.

  4. I have been to GAME in Birmingham & both branches of GAME in Wolverhampton.

    Managers at two of the stores told me that their branches are staying open for at least another 2 to 3 years at least.

    I think the media reports are taking the imminent GAME closure story a little too far.

    * I have store credit notes for GAME and keep checking to make sure they arent going-under before i use them … just incase anybody is wondering why im taking such an interest in GAME related news! XD

      1. The “flogging a dead parrot” sketch was better :D

        Maybe GAME should wheel a Trojan rabbit into the EA offices and spy on them?

        Brother Maynard,
        Bring forth the HOLY HAND GRENADE OF ANTIOCH!!!

        *sorry, i really like Monty Python XD

        1. We want ……… A SHRUBBERY!!!!

          Then, you must cut down the mightyest tree in the forest with ……… A HERRING!!!

          NI NI NI NI NI NI NI NI NI! :)

            1. Ugggh…….not that over-rated creepy Monty Python shit. It should stay in the 70’s with Godfather & all of that other dreary crap. It’s fucking 2012. Let that killer rabbit shit & Flesh wound crap die already.

                1. It’s the highest user rated movie on IMDB.

                  And the most critically acclaimed movie of all time.

                  It may not be your genre but most people love it… Like one of my favourite movies is Avatar but some people hate it.

  5. I have £16 worth of points on my card for GAME, I hope they don’t get wasted, do you think I should spend them soon? There’s no game I want at the moment other than Mario Party 9, and also the site is “down” at the moment.

  6. This put me off pre-ordering the Wii U at game :/

    Trying gamestation…. Wait… same company… NO! IM SCREWED GETTING THE WII U AT MIDNIGHT!

    1. Launch consoles always have faults….

      But you are prepared to freeze to death in a shopping mall, surrounded by homeless people at 12am?

      How fucking retarded is that?

      Ever heard of Amazon delivery? You fucking tool

      1. Do you know how much better going to a store is? Shopping online is so sad… it just makes the world look so bad.

  7. The Godfather is stupid italian shit.
    The fact that its highly-rated is not because its a good film…

    Its because of stupid fucking retards like you who will watch any old shit.

    1. Never watched it, just saying that highly acclaimed movies are usually better then lower ones. however its up to opinions.

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