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Mega Man Creator Wants To Make A Wii U Game

Keiji Inafune, the acclaimed creator behind Mega Man, has expressed his interest in developing a brand new game for Wii U. Inafune admitted that while he hasn’t yet received a Wii U development kit, he would absolutely love to have the opportunity to make a game for the forthcoming platform.

“I can’t comment too much about it because I haven’t touched it yet, but whenever Nintendo comes out with something new, it’s always good. So I’m confident it must be impressive. If I get a chance, I always want to try out creating for a new platform. So I’m looking forward to that chance.”

46 thoughts on “Mega Man Creator Wants To Make A Wii U Game”


    1. I could see that being a really cool concept. Battle Network 3 White consumed several hours of my own childhood.

    2. First of all, he doesn’t own Megaman.

      Second of all, wouldn’t you rather see a new real megaman game than Battle Network? I would LOVE a new Megaman franchise. Sidescrolling fast paced battle action. Or legends gameplay if it has to be 3D

      1. well battle network and starforce are my 2 favorite series they are defienatly the best series i have ever seen

  1. Keiji inafune has in own company, he doesnt own megaman anymore capcom does but he made a penguin character that has the features of megaman. Look up kiao king of pirates 3ds


  2. Kinda wish they’d sell Mega Man to him. I mean at the end of the day they ain’t doing shit with him. If anything they seem content to let him die or worse release him as Dorky Box Art Mega Man in Street Fightet X Tekken.

        1. Lol this video is full of dislikes.

          14 dislikes and 1 like… the one like is you.

          The 14 dislikes are NORMAL people who know what a fake video is.

    1. And yes the PS Vita as a PS3 controller is a Wii U rip-off.

      That proves that Sony are copycats sometimes. and the PS1 controller was what Sony created first… compare that with the XBOX conroller… That proves Microsoft rips off.

      However Microsoft runs of unorigional ideas while sony try and modify and idea… the PSV as a controller is a fail however for many reasons, Sony is going to fail with that again (They failed two things in 3 years now; PSV sales and PSP Go was a major fail).

      Sony PS3 and Wii U are the best… I can’t say if Xbox 720 will fail because i havn’t seen it.

      Also that video is fake, 14 dislikes and one like… the like was from you, the 14 dislikes are from people who can tell the diffrence to a FAKE and a REAL video.

      1. peteriuss evil clone

        You guys might be retarded for answering this troll and the video is bullshit who would pay 250 dlls for a screen controller for there ps3? its not worth it but hmm there are strange ppl in da world..

  3. Yea he also said he’d gladly make a megaman game if capcom woul let him.

    But right now he’s busy making a new game for ps vita :D

  4. whoa! so many third party developers are joining nintendo.i must to say that the wiiu will be a real succeful console plus with legend of zelda.ah gyes! about zelda hd,that demo had the ps3’s graphics (the 25% power of the console),when wiiu is ready zelda will be more better than the current demo

  5. Yes! We keep getting great news about this system. In the words of The Beatles, “It’s getting better all the time.”

  6. He probably already is making one as we speak, despite not having a Wii U dev kit yet. It’s probably in pre-prod stage.

  7. If he could, I would love to see what Inafune would do if added to the Metroid production team, or Smash Bros U

  8. What is with all these devs? … “oh yeah I’d like to” “it seems neat” :i know it will be a success..” ..
    So make a freaking game for it already… get a dev kit and start development … don’t sit there and talk about how awesome the console is… and how successful it’s going to be and then turn around and say “we have no plans currently” … if it’s that awesome,… make a freaking game… you too EPIC “i praise the Wii U and our engine” GAMES…

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  10. I hope Nintendo heard this and decided to give him a dev kit, to see what his brilliant mind can come up with.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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