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EA Wins A Golden Poo And Is Named Worst Company In America, Reacts To News

EA managed to beat the Bank of America to be crowned the worst company in America. Readers of The Consumerist were told to vote earlier this week for the worst company and the finalists were Bank of America and EA. EA won. Here’s what John Reseburg, EA’s senior director of corporate communications had to say about the matter:

“We’re sure that bank presidents, oil, tobacco and weapons companies are all relieved they weren’t on the list this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.”

78 thoughts on “EA Wins A Golden Poo And Is Named Worst Company In America, Reacts To News”

    1. “EA” used to actually fulfill their full title: Electronic Arts. Now they’re just a sports game company that has occasional success in other fields. Ever since they cancelled Bard’s Tale IV I have hated this company and they have given me no reason at all to stop.

    1. Looking at it from their perspective I can see why.

      I think EA misses the point; it’s not the product, it’s the business practices that gave them their reputation. People like EA’s games but they don’t like EA.

            1. I can’t play it because of the new updtae. I don’t have enough space, so i can’t download it. :(

  1. Golden Poo award? that name made me lol.

    Also, Microsoft should have won it so it can make Micro fanboys rage ;)

    1. Microsoft should have won, and not because of their console. The new dashboard, windows 8, a history of making broken operating systems and charging an arm and a leg for it, and most of all offering the absolute LOUSIEST customer service. Ever had to reinstall a computer only to have windows tell you the product key was already registered? Call microsoft and see how much they actually help. Wrongly banned from xbox live? Try to convince them they made a mistake. Wanna run linux, hackintosh, or an older version of windows on the up and coming windows 8 PCs? Too bad, they are adding a hardware lockout for “security”. Ok that last ones not confirmed yet, but microsoft did say they want to add that feature. Give the poo to microsoft and keep Bank of America as runner up lol

      1. True, Xbox live has worst costumer service ever of what I heard, people keep saying they got banned for no reason and quite a lot of people get hacked because Xbox live is easly hackable.

        For a fact you get a lot more hacks in XBL then on SEN. SEN had the large hack back in April but XBL hacks peoples accounts quite often.

        Also Windows 8 looks like a massive error.

        For a fact I’ve got a Macbook and I’ve had it for 2 1/2 years now, I’ve never been hacked, and you don’t get those horrible popup’s all the time.

        I hated it when I used Windows… I had a game on their I loved to death and it won’t load up oneday because the computer kept saying it has a virus. I uninstalled it and I didn’t play it for a very long time because it won’t install… but I tried very hard and long to get it installed then It installed eventually. Hate windows.

  2. Are they saying cant possibly be the worst if they have a lot of people buying games??? products and companies are separate things

  3. Quoting someone from Reddit on their win over Bank of America because it sums up my reaction:

    “How the hell did EA win over Bank of America? A company whose policies ruin video games I enjoy? Or company whose policies deprive massive amounts of people of their livelihood? Seriously, ruining the ending of the Mass Effect series, or ruining a country’s economy?”

    1. Afaik everyone from around the world could have voted for this.

      As someone from Europe, I don’t really care about the US banks or other companies. I care only about companies that affect me.

      I didn’t vote, I’m just saying how people think.

    2. It’s not the scope of the effect people are looking at, otherwise the only companies on the list would be banking companies, insurance agencies, and so on. Its the policies as a whole, how good (or rather bad) are they compared to other companies.

      1. No,

        EA makes games for all consoles including NINTENDO.

        Also EA shows support for Wii U, and this site is getting starved by big news recently.

        1. That is exactly what he said.

          “some of the games for nintendo is made by EA”

          The word “some” demands attention.

    1. I think it is more that the tournament started while the whole Mass Effect 3 ending rage was still fresh in people’s minds. I think that quote is more “WTF, how did we win when there are other companies out there that are doing WORSE for the economy?”

  4. I don’t think EA deserves this much negativity. In terms of games alone, there are other companies that are as bad, if not, worse than EA. I do admit they’re pretty bad.

  5. It is a real shame when dumbasses believe that not getting a good game is much more important that being cheated out of your check by your bank. Or being cheated out of your check by your gas station. Or being cheated out of your check by your government. I could go on. This is why kids should not have the right to vote at all.

  6. In terms of business practices; they’re still bad with it. I can see why they won the Golden Poo award – even though the award sounds really awkward to even say or type. But, I don’t care. If they make games I like to play, then I’ll still buy them.

  7. I read that quote as “We think we’re doing a good job, so we don’t give a fuck if our customers don’t like what we’re doing. In the end we’re still going to keep on doing what we’re doing”

    Seriously, EA don’t give a fuck if people hate them, all they care for is money. They’ll continue to ruin as much shit as they can so long as it gets them more money.

  8. He does have a point. How is it that companies buying of elected officials, stealing our money, finding loop-holes and taking advantage of unfair regulations to cheat people are not in the spot light?

  9. “We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.”

    And yet I am not one their 300 million customers.

    Now how did that happen?

  10. É a ganhadora mesmo.
    Fez lixos no Wii, como os games Fifa 10, 11 e 12…
    games com qualidade gráfica e de jogabilidade ridícula, não passando nem perto do que foi 2009 pra trás. Sem falar dos games mais recentes para todas as plataformas.

    1. I completely loved Dune 2000!!!

      And also command and concur!

      I hate the way EA closed it down, I loved the way Westwood also made live action cut scenes for the game. command and conqor is not the same without Westwood. SCREW EA.

  11. Don’t you guys realise that it isn’t all about the Mass Effect 3 ending but that they are the cancer that’s killing gaming. It is mainly their way with DLC and customer service. Like fucking on disk DLC which you have to pay 15 bucks for to have something that unlocks a key. If you have the pc version of Mass Effect 3 you can change a few codes in the .bin files and unlock your fucking rip-off dlc! They took Bioware and showed them the way pure greed is done and now you can see the result with Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3. Those greedy basterds are trying to get every last cent out of the gamer. That’s why you shouldn’t support them but rather bend them over and spank them!

    1. I havnt playeed ME:3 but Youtube comments is flooded with it even with videos unrelated the comments are like, in the video someone say NOOOOO, the comment said “This is my reaction to Mass effect 3 ending”. Wow I can see how much hate there is even though I don’t look at ME:3 videos and play it.

      EA is getting down hill, I hated it when they closed down Westwood studios back in 2003. Westwood made Dune 2000 and the proper CaC.

  12. thats what happens when you make a game and then decide to remove some of its content so you can sell it back to the consumer at a later date

    although Microsofts recent Super fuck up with the easily hackable Credit card details from preowned 360 Hard drives should have won them number 1 spot
    they just narrowley escaped this time lol

  13. I agree 100%. I’ve hated them ever since they took over Westwood Studios and started making shitty Command & Conquer games, such as Commend & Conquer 4 – Tiberium Twilight & Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Also, I hated how they cancelled Tiberium – It was shaping up to be a great looking game.

    Also they’re greedy bastards…releasing a new sports game every year thats almost identical to the last.

  14. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    Golden Poo? So EA is epic because they have a Golden Poo award? (EarthBound thing, if you thought I was fucking stupid. Poo is epic, and Golden Poo is better.)

  15. This is stupid – truly saddening. The fact that actual corrupt companies who do illegal things that cause detrimental harm to people have been beaten by EA is just stupid. It makes all gamers look childish and self important. Say what you want about EA as a company (it really does have some bad business practices) but there is no way it is worse than some other companies like the Bank of America (also on the contenders list).
    It is just videogaming people – making bad products or being money-grubbing isn’t worse than kicking people out of their homes for no reason and blackmailing people. Seriously.

  16. Well deserved. EA is the shittiest company ever, they don’t give a fuck about us, they just care about the cash, well, I hope they go bankrupt soon…

  17. I guess everyone forgot that Sony let hackers compromise their credit account info… that alone should have pushed Sony to the Final Four at least. Were they even on the list?

    EA obviously doesn’t care. They’re making money. These silly non-awards mean nothing to them.

  18. EA sports is a shocking company..for a company to be so big and to have such terrible’s a disgrace in this day and age. They need to concentrate on keeping us FIFA 12 gamers happy and release a proper patch to STOP all the cheating online!!!!!

  19. First of all, EA doesn’t make that many games, most of the good games with the EA title are published by them not made (Crysis, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, just to name a few brand names). so no, the idea of “making successful games for over 300 million people” is garbage.

    Second, its their policies, not the games that are crap. I find it funny they didn’t even realize that from the Golden poo awards to begin with.

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