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Wii U “Is Not As Capable” As PlayStation 3 Claim Developers

‘Key’ developers have told online gaming publication CVG that Wii U games look as good as their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts, but the console struggles to compete against the platforms in other areas. The sources claim that graphical quality won’t be a problem, but key areas such as the CPU power could see the console having difficulty managing complicated physics and AI.

“Assumptions that Wii U games will look like ‘up rezzed’ current-gen titles with better textures aren’t quite right. They’ll look just as good, but not better,” one developer told CVG. “You shouldn’t expect anything special from a graphics point of view,”

“We’re still working on dev machines but there have definitely been some issues [in porting PS3/360 games],” our source said. “It’s not actually a problem getting things up and running because the architecture is pretty conventional, but there are constraints with stuff like physics and AI processing because the hardware isn’t quite as capable.”

The same source concluded, bluntly: “I suppose you don’t need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game.”

115 thoughts on “Wii U “Is Not As Capable” As PlayStation 3 Claim Developers”

    1. Also, Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming to Wii U and that’s supposed to have great AI for the Aliens. So there, you stupid nameless developer trolls. It seems to me that even though it’s multiplatform, Aliens can always be pointed at to prove how good the Wii U will be. Great job Gearbox!!!!!! :)


        Gearbox knows the console because their porting a game for it.

        These Anonymous don’t know anything because they are saying false facts about it and their not developing or porting for it.

        Who will you beleve more? Someone who is working with the Wii U? or someone who is not developing anything at all for the Wii U?

        I made my chooise of who I will beleve, someone who is working with the Wii U.

        1. I think Aliens on Wii U will be more than just a port. It might even be the lead platform for the game, which is what it sounds like from what Gearbox is saying.

          1. Gearbox said it’s a lot more then a port.

            It’s not an entire new game but it will have lots of unique features.

            I predict they will use the Wii U screen as a motion detector primarily, and how cool will that be ;)

        2. You don’t actually believe that a person who’s part of making the Wii U wouldn’t LIE for the Wii U? Is that what you’re naively saying here? You don’t know they’re saying false facts other than that you just simply want them to be false, and the fact that they’re anonymous has nothing to do with whether or not their statements are false.

          1. if you lie about a product you can get sued you know?

            besides if a “liar” has the balls to put their name AND reputation upfront for a console, why not these anonymous “developers” who are saying the “truth”? if what are you saying are proven facts, then why dont you put your name? so in the end it can be 2 things, 1 they dont have reliable reputation or 2 they are lying.

    1. It’s just some schizophrenic dev -one minute we get Less powerful, next its More powerful. Fucking taking the piss just ignore em.

  1. il be happy even if it was slightly less powerful than a 360. even with that amount of power, Nintendo franchises would be so much more immersive

    1. Not that it’s difficult to be stronger than the PS3 and Xbox360.
      My friggin’ cell phone has more power than them!

  2. I’m only believing this kind of stuff when it comes directly from Nintendo. There are way too many contradicting opinions.

  3. Sounds a bit trollish to me.

    Rumours are rumours, but I just can’t believe an anonymous developer.
    Strange enough, all the named ones are praisinf the Wii U, but anonymous are saying it’s not as good as current HD consoles

  4. I know you think this is news, but if they have no real source to rely on and actual “real” developers are stating otherwise (such as devs of Colonial Marines) then i think its better not to trust or repost this nonsense until a reliable and traceable source says its so.

    Just sayin’….

    1. True, It could be Pachter (Anonymous) claiming he’s an developer saying the Wii U is not as capable.

      1. Do you really believe Pachter is actually going to make a claim and be anonymous? He’s known for his statements and will say them proudly that he said them. There’s a difference between speculating and just spouting nonsense.

        1. I don’t beleve it’s pachter.

          It’s because anonymous could be anyone, It could even be me, but It’s not me because im not a game developer and i don’t troll.

    1. Almost everything, in regards to media and even in general, aren’t objective. We all have a sort of bias to anything.

  5. Yeah I’ll just wait, because It’s hard to make sense of what they’re talking about specifically and obv they can’t go into details until Nintendo are ready to reveal everything

  6. I give up. I f***in’ give up.
    WiiU is either the best console ever, or a little more powerful Wii… Those stupid developers just can’t decide.
    I’ll just wait to see it, myself. E3 is coming, and I’m not wasting my time reading any more of those “developers” words. Dogammit.

  7. I’m getting sick of these stories. The complete opposite was said in a story not even 1 hour ago! I’m just going to wait until E3. I will be happy with whatever Nintendo give us, as long as gameplay is as good as ever!

  8. SHUT UP ANONYMOUS DEVELOPERS! Everyone knows you fail and that you are jeleous of the Wii U.

    Even everyone knows more then you.

    Gearbox said that the Wii U is more capable then any console with it’s features.



    1. ^^ This. Refreshing to see fans have their bullshit filters on with troll posts. Well done Nintendo fans ;)

  9. I have a hard time believing these when the ‘key’ developers remain anonymous. If this was the case, why would all the developers who have said where they are from praise the machine. The Aliens developers have said the Wii U version will be the best. It seems stupid for the developers who have not used anonymity as a shield to risk their reputations on this. If there games turn out to be crap, no one will purchase anything else they put out because the consumers will know that they lied. It just sounds like someone trying to step on Nintendo’s toes so that gamers will be disenchanted with Nintendo and purchase a less expensive PS3 or XBox or this is a media ploy to make people’s reaction to the Wii U better. The second scenario sounds dumb, though.

    I like Nintendo, but I would not call myself a fanboy. I will say this. I’d be surprised if Nintendo rushed to put out a machine that was substandard. That would kill them.

  10. 3DSocks and PSPants

    Superman 64 is the greatest game of all time.
    The PS1 is the most powerful console of all time.
    Mario sucks.

    You don’t what I say? Well I’m so nameless person, so it’s OBVIOUSLY true.

    That site sounds rubbish. Why would you NOT name your source/the developers.
    And that comment at the end, sounds like they’re jealous they have wonderful physics but Mario’s more popular then them.

  11. It’s really just a matter of waiting for the release. Still, I don’t understand the big deal, considering they comparing the WiiU with 6 year old consoles. The next generation Sony and Microsoft Consoles will more-than-likely blow WiiU out of the water, the success of Nintendos next-generation system depends on software, as it always has. Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft Fanboys need to STFU.

    1. Thanks to you my faith in human intelligence isn’t completely destroyed yet.
      I just want to thank you, thank you so much.

  12. The question is why? And don’t come with that price bullshit! I whant to pay for an excelent Nintendo platform!

  13. LOL it is confirmed that wii U will have an IBM power7 cpu quad (the smallest in the family).. 4 cores 12 threads.. The same generation of cpu, xbox 720 will get …. that means xbox will not be capable for great physics and AI???


    Also this cpu is capable of true performance at 96 GFLOPS at stock ghz.. 3.0, while the ps3 can give true performance at 33 gflops!!

    1. The CPU thing your talking about is a RUMOR!

      It was said by a developer and we don’t know if that is true, so it could be way better for all you know.

      1. the info I give, are not rumors! Is what IBM have told to us till to date.. That wii U will have a power 7 cpu (of that family) quad at 3.0 ghz..

        and gflops I give are real, not rumors… So basically wii U wii have twice powerfull true performance cpu than xbox and tripple perfomance than ps3. Ps3 in theory is stronger cpu 216 gflops, but not in true performance 33 gflops! Search it.

        1. Just an extra tip.. The wii U cpu, is almost equal with an INTEL 980X 6 core cpu.. in gflops… The 980x is 98-99 gflops and the wii U is 95-96 gflops!

            1. Is going to be at 3.0 its a certain thing.. the speculation come after that, if nintendo decides to OC it a bit, to 3.1 or 3.3 ghz..

              1. Wrong, they don’t clearly state anything. When they said similar technology it could mean anything to something as small as a gate transistor technology, it does not mean same CPU. I believe when they said similar, they were talking about IBM 45nm process, which was the main focus of the article.

                And beside 2-3x power does NOT equal 2-3x better looking game. We are facing diminishing returns.
                Notice the slight step up in image quality vs the huge boost of polygons on each model.

  14. Ok… who will i trust?

    A) A developer who is developing a game for the Wii U

    B) A developer who is not developing for the Wii U.

    Answer I will pick is… obviously A because B will be the only one telling bull stories like this.

  15. “Nameless Devs say…” I really don’t care what the nameless ones say as the ones who are already making games on the system and have names such as Gearbox have SHOWN. Big difference if you ask me.

  16. Another day, another tabloid BS! Sickr, no more bad news PLEASE!!!!!! I still support Nintendo including Gearbox, Epic Games, Crytek, EA, Ubisoft, and Capcom.

    1. And yet all the companies said that the Wii U is more powerful and better.

      And the companies you said are the biggest game developers/Publishers in the world.

      Oh! Also Sega said good things about the Wii U ;)

      1. Oops… you’re right, Soap. My bad forgetting about Sega. I hope they bring the Sonic franchise into the Big N’s new console soon.

    2. The only good news are legit news. Not news that are supposed to make you feel better about your life.

  17. I think these people are just scared that Wii U will be the best system out there, so they are just trying to discourage it as much as possible.

  18. i know its bullcrap but its makin me mad. stupid idiots. ive heard sorces say the wiiu is 3x as powerfull as 360 and other say its about 50% more powerfull and these assholes say its worse….. idiots….

  19. How is Mario got anything to do with this?

    You know the big releases? Aliens, Ghost Recon, Killer Freaks, Dirt.

    They need sophisticated to be better then the PS3/360 versions. Also this news shows complete embarrassment to these anonymous people.

  20. So the machine is as powerful, not as powerful and just as powerful as the PS3 and 360? Rather than listen to these idiots, “sources” and so called “key” developers I’ll just wait for E3 when we see it for ourselves. I somehow get the feeling these industry “experts” are just attention seekers.

  21. Regardless of what’s true or false, I have a hard time believing a “developer” who goes on record saying stuff like:

    “I suppose you don’t need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game”

    Modern “journalism” never ceases to amuse me.

    1. Thank you George!!

      “The new memory technology, a key element of the new Power microprocessor that IBM is building for the Nintendo Wii U console, can triple the amount of memory contained on a single chip, making for extreme game play.”

      A little more emphasis on this:
      “can TRIPLE THE AMOUNT OF MEMORY contained on a single chip, making for EXTREME game play.”


  22. Sickr, is there any sort of research you can do about why EVERY ONE of these developers is “anonymous”, why none of them are from Nintendo or confirmed by Nintendo, and why Gearbox has the opposite claim?

  23. This nut can say what they want’s in my opinion… and still not get what the Japanese have understood for a long time. It is not realisim, graphics and physics that make a great game, but a truly immersing and detailed storyline.

    You don’t need a powerful system to make a great game, just one that can immerse the user in a beautifully told story, thus providing the escape every gamer really, truly craves. This is why, in my opinion (granted it is not a Wii or DS Game) Valkyria Chronicles is hands down one of the best games to ever come out on current generation systems, because it is truly immersive.

  24. Huh… Well, whatever this developer says, I will wait until I can get the Wii U or wait for the actual specs of the console to see the comparison between it and the Playstation 3.

  25. Why is this site posting this horse crap… GearBox just said it is more powerful than PS3/Xbox360…. That the CPU is a generation ahead of the current HD consoles. Yet this crap from CVG (April 1st… Hello) is still making its rounds. Guys the sooner we stop commenting on nonsense is the sooner nonsense will stop being post.

    More memory and faster CPU > PS3/Xbox360 (which also means great AI and Physics). Guys relax and just use common sense. These trolls are just trying to get hits on their gaming site.

    1. Can’t wait to see Nintendo’s games in HQ with a touchscreen in my hands, it doesn’t matter more or less powerfull than a PS3. Seriously, who cares? If the Wii U is capable to run an HQ Zelda like the Zelda HQ Experience demo from E3 2011 i’ll be happy.

  26. “I suppose you don’t need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game.”

    I mean… seriously? Who else but a troll.

  27. i think people don’t know, AI is reliant on software (Coding/ programming) and not hardware. there isn’t a special box in the WiiU that houses a brain, for the purpose of AI, or its hardware limitations, wich by in fact it is a very powerful machine. are these guy morons???

  28. So what there saying is any hardware above PS360 can perform less efectivly than its predicessor?

    4 cores will run less effectively than 3 cores 360 has?

    Any and Every GPU chip built After 360s GPU chip is less effictive?

    From 1megabyte to 10gigabites and beyond of extra memory will produce less effectiveness?

    3.21 and above Ghtz will be less efective than 3.2 Ghtz 360 has?

    What I’m saying is if Nintendo copies every single spec and chip the 360 has, ignoring the controller factor all together. That nintendos specs will perform weaker?

    A chip is a chip. And an upgrade is an upgrade. Do they have programs that work better on DX9 than they do on DX11?

    1. Well on my old computer DX9 runs faster lol. Seriously I just come here out of boredom, I don’t believe anything until I see it at E3. Until then all we are gonna hear is either “annonymous says it sucks” or “X developer says its awesome” and I’m not inclined to listen to either. I don’t care anyway, just give me some good games with unique controls and don’t f*** up your best franchises by shifting the focus from the tight gameplay that keeps me buying your products. Id rather play a good 8-bit game than a lousy hi-def game just because it looks good.

      1. Nice try troll. The Zelda demo shows in-game graphics running in REAL-TIME! Get your head out of your ass!!!!!!

  29. Wow, that’s kind of mean to say we don’t need physics for a Mario. There are other games we like. Actually, I’m no N-Fanboy, so I don’t really care about Mario. But even…let’s say…Zelda. It’d be awesome if there were some epic physics for that. Like a fully destructible environment, etc.

    I’m one of those who prefer physics over graphics, so this is a big disappointment for me :(

    1. man, they are anon devs
      are you gonna heard them or hear Sega, Ubisoft, Gearbox, EA, and others
      Thos had said that Wii U will have graphics and performance that ps3 or xbox 360 wont have unless they make a new console

  30. ok, big companies say that Wii U will do things PS3 cant do
    then anonymous noobs say that it is worst than even the normal Wii
    who to believe, Anon noobs or real devs that are working on the console right now

  31. ‘Key’ developers? Never heard of ’em. They need to shut the fuck up. Unless you’re a developer known to be working on content for Wii U, and have the balls to say your name, I don’t want to hear shit from you.


    I know that we shouldn’t trust a unnamed developer. But if for some reason this turns out to be true(which for some reason I have a huge feeling right now that it will probably turn out to be true knowing what Nintendo has done with there recent systems), I won’t be buying a Wii U and possibly think of switching from a Nintendo fan to a Sony or Microsoft fan. I am dead serious. Its about freaking time for Nintendo to make a perfect console with great games, controls, graphics, power, and LOTS OF THIRD PARTY SUPPORT!. The last 3 is what I think Nintendo lacks upon. Now, I know many of you are probably saying right now that gameplay+games are more important than graphics+power, which I agree. But, I bet that I am not the only one who has heard people only talk about the Xbox 360 or PS3 when it comes to gaming conversations. Why leave out the Wii? Because its not that powerful graphic and hardware wise? I don’t want the Wii U to be in the same position the Wii is right now. WHO AGREES?!

    1. in fact, i dont care
      but the bases you state are wrong
      why a company like Ubisoft and Gearbox will say that WiiU performance is way better if it is a lie?

      1. ???
        Most of what I stated were my opinions, a opinion can never be right or wrong.:P
        2nd, what I want is for the Wii U to be powerful enough to compete against consoles like the PS4 and Xbox 720.
        Its kind of scary that many people are comparing it to current consoles than came out 6 years ago.
        And I am also aware that its too early to compare all 3 since we don’t know much about them, but still.

        1. i know t is an opinion
          and I share the fealing of comparison
          but i dont get why stupid anon devs lie. We all know big companies are working on games on WiiU and THEY SAY that WiiU is capable of more then ps3 and xbox360
          Not to mention, this stupid anons say WiiU will be like the normal Wii

        2. also, forgot to say
          the term upgrade is that you make a something better than the past version
          you really think they took 6 years since Wii release to make a new console exactly the same?????
          excuse me but, you really dont know what you are saying

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  34. I’m a key developer who is doing a game for the Wii U and let me tell you now. That thing is going to be able to turn into a Robot, shoot lasers, play blu-rays and toast bread all in one.

    Look. I’m posting anon. Start reposting this everywhere as fact. Since that’s what everyone else seems to be doing for other anonnymous developers.

  35. Well, now the they are not even trying to hide the trolling. The physics, seriously? Nintendo had demos just to show that off at E3. This “key” developers are the only ones complaining about the WiiU. It seriously makes me wonder how the hell did they get a Dev kit. They seem to really hate the WiiU.

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