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Namco X Sega X Capcom’s Nintendo 3DS Game Site Is Counting Down The Hours

We first heard that Namco, Sega and Capcom were planning to team up on an exclusive Nintendo 3DS game at the Nintendo Direct conference, but we haven’t heard anything since. Now it appears as though the official website for the project has been updated providing those who visit it with a countdown timer, which is due to expire in a week. Any guesses as to what the mystery project could be?

31 thoughts on “Namco X Sega X Capcom’s Nintendo 3DS Game Site Is Counting Down The Hours”

  1. on a side note, some Nintendo games are getting Friday release dates instead of the usual Sunday. some examples are Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Spirit Camera, and Xenoblade.

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

      I think Star Fox was just because it was originally scheduled to released on September 11th…and that could have caused controversy with people like Bill O’Rielly and Fox News saying that Nintendo are terrorists or something.

    2. You would think that would make gamestop have midnight releases for Nintendo games, but they’d rather not and go for games that don’t have as many pre-orders. It feels like the whole world is against Nintendo for some reason.

      1. I think its this whole idea that Nintendo is for kids. The majority of older gamers probably started off on a nintendo console, but as they got older was pressured by society to get a more “Xtreme” and adult console. I have friends that wont even touch a Wii. They never played one, and they never will because “its for kids”. Oh well screw them, me and my son have a blast playing Wii games.

        1. It’s not really for kids, it’s just child friendly.
          Sure, a lot of games are for the younger kids mainly but there are games meant for all ages, meaning it’s child friendly.

          My example would be Smash Bros, child friendly, and older people play it as well.

      1. Calum Nicholson-Walker

        No, wait;
        Sonic the Resident Evil Pac-Mega Man: Ace Attorney Fighter in the House of the (Viewtiful) Dead Giant Egg 3D Land Turbo Edition.

  2. I thought Sega was downsizing on their IP’s? Is this game affected by that? If so, it might narrow down the possibilities of what the damn game is lol

  3. Banpresto logo makes me hope for something Super Robot Wars like, something NamcoxCapcom like.
    Go go strategy RPG with Sonic, Mario, and Pac Man.

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  5. Anthony FreeBird Bunetta

    I don’t know, from that weird preview with the guy screaming and stuff it seems kinda like a horror… Resident Evil X House of the Dead X Uhhh…. Splatterhouse?
    No but really this looks like a horror game so far.

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