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Pandora’s Tower Fails To Make An Impact In UK Charts

Pandora’s Tower, Nintendo’s latest JRPG offering, has failed to make a substantial impact in the UK sales charts. The game managed to enter the Wii charts at number six which means that it failed to enter the all-formats top twenty. The game has received mixed reviews with Edge magazine awarding the game a fairly mediocre six out of ten.

41 thoughts on “Pandora’s Tower Fails To Make An Impact In UK Charts”

  1. i bought it. Played it and gave it back. It is a button basher. Xenoblade is far better. This game always looked the worst of the rainfall trio

    1. Oh God, here we go again… I worship Xenoblade Chronicles, but sometimes I wish it was never released here. It seems that every other game has to be compared with that one, now. Even those that do not belong to the same genre, like Pandora’s Tower.
      I’m seriously disappointed that people did not understand the value of this game… I’m playing it right now and I love it. It’s fresh, different and fun how all games should be.

      1. I haven’t played it too much yet as I still need to finish the Last Story, but so far i like it.
        It may be called an RPG, but to me it feels more like a mixture between Zelda and Metroid with some RPG elements.
        I also love Xenoblade Chronicles and think of it as one of the best games ever made, but you’re totally right, people need to stop comparing other games that only have the “RPG” in common to it.

    1. I did not understand a word you have just said. Please use Word to check your spelling and grammar in the future. Thank you.

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    1. It really isn’t, Operation Rainfall wasn’t successful, TLS and XC are being Localized because of third party Company’s.

          1. Nintendo probably partnered with GameStop because they weren’t sure if people will truly buy the game (which is why they were hesitant on releasing it in the first place).

  6. Not too surprised, the game always seemed like one that wouldn’t have as much of a market over here in the UK. Seems just a bit too ‘Japanese’ to sell as well as the likes of Xenoblade.

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  8. That’s too bad, and means a lot of bad news for the US release (if there is gonna be one…). The one i want the most is The Last Story, but this one looks pretty good, I want it.

  9. that won’t stop me from playing and enjoying the game. and to those ignorant retarded troll fags above. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  10. I find the game fantastic.
    The character are nice, the tower design is good, the music is awesome, the Elena’s character development is PHENOMENAL (just watch closely when she eats the meat, so many subtle hints about here change).

    Boss fights are finally something different than just press buttons 20 times to kill. More of them are really funny to play against.

    The only problem I had with the game is that it was just to easy. As an experienced Zelda player, I had no problem going trough the tower even tho the design is good and not really linear. Same goes for boss fights. It could be that I’m just too good thanks to my Zelda experience and I figured right from the start how to fight which boss. I’ve seen some people on the net complain about them being hard. Who knows.
    I’m still sorry that it’s over (and easy).

    I’m on my second playtrough and only the last boss is left. I don’t feel like playing because I know it will be over once I finish. I would like it to last much longer. :(

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