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E3 Hype “The Next-Generation Of Gaming Is Coming Exclusively To Spike”

Always one to hype up E3, Spike TV and GameTrailers Geoff Keighley has hinted on Twitter that we should be seeing the next generation of gaming revealed on Spike’s E3 coverage. Of course, he could be alluding to Wii U, or we could be given a tantalising glimpse at Sony or Microsoft’s next video game consoles.

“The next-generation of gaming is coming exclusively to Spike at E3. More details soon.”

53 thoughts on “E3 Hype “The Next-Generation Of Gaming Is Coming Exclusively To Spike””

  1. unless spike is covering nintendo, i’d bet micosoft. sony said no ps4 at e3. but then again microsoft might have said something simplifier about the next xbox too

    1. No if you look at the e3 2012 preview for gametrailers they say that On the last day of e3 week theyre gonna close it out by showing you the next generation of graphics from Epic: Unreal Engine 4. But if other than that if WiiU runs Unreal Engine 4…! congratulations Nintendo you have now won the Next generation :D!!!!

    1. Nah. If its anything like last year, live streams will be slow as balls and get overloaded and be down for 20-30 mins at a time. Besides, Spike = full HD (if you have an HD TV, which I do; 46″ LED Samsung). With Wii U games bein displayed and Halo 4, I’ll stick to live HD TV.

        1. Sorry, but I don’t like tv personalities and I’ve never had a live stream problem in the last three E3’s. To each his own :)

      1. Gametrailers stream was near perfect last year and before. Apparently they’re adding more servers this year to allocate the traffic. It was better than Nintendo’s own stream.

        1. I also have my computer hooked up to my TV (the first TV I’ve ever had that actually gives a monitor-quality display for a TV), so I can watch it on either platform. Only bad thing for TV for me is commercials. But then I just switch the input and look stuff up in the Internet, or use my iPhone lol. I’m well covered.

  2. Obviously wii u and possibly the unvealing of ue4 and ps4 . Sony said they want to come out with thier console before the xbox

    1. Unreal ENgine 4, yes.
      PS4, no.
      Sony currently has too many problems, and releasing a new console would only mean more expenses.

  3. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I highly doubt he is talking about Nintendo or anything relating to Wii U. I’d love to be proven wrong, but it’s Spike TV we’re talking about here.

      1. i think everyone is overthinking the “future” part of that too much. Most likely he just meant it to be simply future gaming, nothing about any consoles except wii u, and unreal engine 4’s details and spec requirements.

  4. People: expect Xbox 720
    Microsoft: Lolnope, just more Kinect stuff~

    I have a feeling thats how its going to turn out.

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      1. Thanks for that, Neal Tiles. XP. We used to have a quality channel before you restructured it in 2005.

  6. I get the feeling this announcement in particular is not WiiU related. If it was, they wouldn’t bother hiding it, the WiiU was revealed last year so it wouldn’t gather as much hype from this sorta thing.

    Might be wrong though.

  7. It remains to be seen if it’s the Wii U he’s talking about. It most likely is, because if Sony or MS were planning to reveal a console this year, we would have heard louder rumblings in the gaming community. All the rumblings have been directed at Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. Don’t forget Ubisoft’s in the 4th. There’s said to be some Wii U stuff there, so it can be the appetizer to the following day’s meal. The week of demo coverage is the dessert.

  8. I suppose Microsoft may push it’s next console. But I really don’t believe Sony is in the position. Anyway, they sure as hell better be talking about the Wii U, because it’s the only one that truly exists.

    1. Microsoft won’t do that. At most, at the very end, they’ll tease it. But this year is far too plush with new 360 games to begin shifting focus that way. Plus it’s far too early. Earliest that console is coming out is summer/fall of next year. That being said, I doubt there is anything to show for it yet. It would be even more stale than Nintendo’s Wii U reveal, which was fairly fumbled and bland when you look at what they’re likely doing THIS year.

  9. It’s going to be the reveal of the Durango and more Wii U stuff. Sony’s not going to be able to afford a PS4 for a long time. Durango was basically leaked from those leaked Bungie-Activision documents. It’s apparantly going to come out in 2013. We’ll get our announcement this year.

    1. I got $20 that says no NextBox this year. Why would they stifle all the new releases for 360 that are set to come out between now and next summer (when they’re more likely to reveal it)?

      Halo 4 is a huge deal, for one thing, and they don’t want people to not buy that because they heard about the next console and want to save cash. It’s basic marketing strategy.

    1. This is actually incredibly likely. While I do expect a surprising amount of Nintendo coverage given their past, this sounds like the “next gen” they’re primarily talking about. Of course they could also be referring to both.

    1. sorry about the “Pathetic” part. I don’t know what came over me. Anyhow, Right now, Nintendo is still Next-Gen in my eyes.

  10. Next gen huh guess it wont be the wii u since its catching up to current xbox tech. Guess microsoft will pave the way once again …durango ftw

    1. You’re completely wrong troll! The so-called next Xbox (720, Durango, Xbox8) isn’t the first next gen console. Sorry failure… you lose. The Wii U isn’t catching up to Xbox current tech. The truth to the matter is Nintendo is changing the system and innovating exclusive features that no other system can do. Epic Games have already pwned both Sony and Microsoft because they’re not having a quantum leap. You lose… good day sir.

  11. I hope its not microsoft I am terrified of their power. Im praying they release it next year or nintendo is doom! Myamoto must be scared stiff of microsoft possibly announcing durango. Hopefull iwata can have some peace of mind

  12. Wii U with Unreal Engine 4 reveal!!! Make it happen, and Nintendo will monopolize this generation!

  13. He’s not talking about the Wii U. Geoff is not a fan of that or Nintendo’s. He is talking about the Unreal Engine 4 demo on Thursday June 7th which I think is exclusive to them. Here is gametrailers/GTTV/Spike schedule

    There, they say that they will be showing the “Next Generation of Gaming” with the Unreal Engine 4 demo. This comment has nothing to do with Nintendo, and people familiar with Geoff know this.

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