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Monster Hunter 4 News Coming Next Month

Capcom has announced that it plans to share some Monster Hunter 4 news at its Summer Jam event which takes place in Japan next month. Capcom will have a Monster Hunter stage where fans will be able to learn more about the elusive Monster Hunter 4. Hopefully Capcom will grant us a new trailer for the highly anticipated game. Summer Jam takes place in Tokyo between June 30th and July 1st.

25 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 News Coming Next Month”

    1. ”Monster Hunter 4 News Coming Next Month”
      Learn to read and be patient. :) Sorry for being a bitch =(

  1. Please please please let it come to the west… I had to order the japanese import of Portable 3rd the other day and translation is a huge pain in the arse, I’m just glad I know a lot of the things by default.

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  3. i’m feeling, that at E3, they’re gonna mention the circle pad pro and how it only has like 3 games. (RE: Revelations, MGS 3D, Kid Icarus) they’re gonna reveal a shitton of games via logo and Monster Hunter 4 will be one.

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    1. At this point I’d also rather we atleast get the game in the west on a home console, whatever console it ends up on doesn’t really bother me anymore. This series could be huge in the West if they bothered to push anywhere near as much as they do in the East.

        1. Do any of you fuckers know how ignorant you all are?
          Monster hunter is fine as it is. Capcom’s lucrative market in the East is proof of that.

          You need to remember Capcom don’t need to do fuck all for you. They make what they need and more in Japan. you should be glad that they would even consider localising 3g on a portable console. It’s a social game! and if your incapable of playing it like it was intended, then your not really a fan of the series and should keep your whiney bitch mouth shut before your rudeness makes us actual fans miss out.

          1. “You need to remember Capcom don’t need to do fuck all for you.”

            Woah, calm down. I’m not demanding they do anything, dipshit. When you start paying for my games, then you can order me on what and what not I *hope* for companies to make. Wanting Capcom to push the series further in the West is completely reasonable, especially since MH Tri did pretty well.

            “makes us actual fans miss out.”
            You’re implying you know anything about me and what games I import. I think it’s probably that I do more to support the series than many MH fans (whether it’s because they’re unable ti import or choose not to)

  5. I bet we will get the shitty first edition of this game, and miss out on the extended G edition that has more content. Like tri g got all the extra wepons and monsters while the west had barely anything in the standard tri release.

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