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Photo Of The Wii U GamePad And Wii U Controller Pro

Two new photos have appeared online of the revised Wii U GamePad in black and the Xbox 360 styled Wii U Pro Controller. Presumably these were snapped after Ubisoft’s E3 conference, during which the company announced that they have a staggering eight titles in the works for Wii U.

93 thoughts on “Photo Of The Wii U GamePad And Wii U Controller Pro”

        1. It says the pictures where taken after ubisofts demonstration during it they said the controllers where still older dev kits which is why they were still wired.

  1. Damn. They’re glossy. I love the black look, but I’m gonna go for white if they’re all glossy like that. Fingerprints do not look cool.

  2. …they moved my diamond, man…D’:
    but i guess i’ll get used to it like the Classic Controller movin the left analog :/

      1. So the PSVITA looks cheap to? Cause it has the same gloss……Stop reaching for lame complaints and just enjoy the “FUTURE” u’ll be ok!! Trust me u’ll live…….

  3. Dear bullshit shitendo fake innovators stop copying microsoft ya dumbass shit we know our controllers great but damn

    1. lol, faggot. Wii U got unveiled BEFORE fucking smart ass glass, get your facts straight. They are still making a non-touch screen controller SO DON’T BITCH. Thank you very much.

  4. Microsoft had the best games. 3rd party better than repetitive 1at party trash gaytendo releases. Srsly that new mario game has same layout of mario 1 like the other 3 2d games. Nintendo sucks

    1. mario is one of the best games in gaming history, if you even have a faction of a brain then………ooooooh nevermind..

    2. Why does master chief’s visor look like samus. Why do your enemies move and look like space pirates.

    3. I find it funny how it’s possible for some people to think that Microsoft Fanboys are in any way better than Nintendo Fanboys after seeing you.

  5. Nintendo has been plagerizing atari for a long time. Lestick was atari first motion control. Odyesseh has first light gun. Atari did 3d games first oh but ninendo popularize so i guess that gives them a free pass to steal faggot ass fanbase

  6. N64 didnt evwn have first analog since it was actually an inverted mouse …fail. Also donkey kong stole layout from popeye. Btw that glossy shit ugly to cheap to properly coat it idiots

    1. Although you are an inferior troll, but for Christ’s sake, work on your fucking spelling grammer. Go to school. You’re late!

  7. Nintendo blows me away lol more like nintendo blows but they fans blow me away shit even marios fucking stale they ran out of ideas now they resort to remixing retro levels like mario level 1 yet again fuck how many times must i see flagpole layout bitch

  8. Yes game and watch suck but iwata ya idiots iwata Personaly said he got ds idea from flip phones plus the touchscreen so guess what by his own admitance hes a theif. Now they steal ipad and appstore fucking lame idiots

      1. The display, for example. I can’t really tell by the picture, but is it the same kind of touch screen which was used for the 3DS as well? If yes, then it indeed is cheap. They should use the kind of touch screens that are used for smartphones and tablets.
        The casing looks like it’s made of cheap plastic, despite the fact that it’s so glossy. Of course I can’t really tell, since I didn’t touch it or saw it real life. I’m just judging by the pictures here. Anyway, I would prefer a more qualitative material.

        1. The screen is only a one point touch screen. Not multitouch. So no, they have no reason to use the same technology smartphones and tablets use.

    1. NEWS FLASH– Microsoft didn’t win E3. That was the most boring, pathetic, piece of crap!!!! The Xbox Smart Ass is nothing but a peripheral for tablets and cell phones. And they didn’t show all games except more of Kinect.

      1. no he’s right microsoft did win, nintendo totally fail without even presenting their conference..*im a blind trollfag*

    2. You cant “pwn” somebody who hasn’t shown anything yet –
      Why? Because you declare a winner at the end of a competition ;D

    3. The consensus is that Microsoft failed e3 big time, as they usually do because they’re too focused on TV and Kinect. They Did nothing to address being ridiculously behind Sony and Nintendo on quality 1st party games. Well they got Halo this year, but nothing else interesting. BTW Microsoft makes the cheapest equipment in gaming.

  9. Damn that looks sexy and shiny. Must have. Today is the day the bomb will drop. Hope you guys got plenty of sleep, because your bodies are not ready. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Tuesday, June 5, 2012… a date which will live in infamy. The A-Bomb have dropped on top of the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

      1. So many things to look forward to. I want to see the rumoured racing sim that’s supposedly Nintendo’s answer to Gran Turismo. Zombi U caught my eye too. 1st party games will steal the show but I want to see what intersting things EA can do with the Upad for the sports games.

    2. I thought my body was ready, then I saw the zombie and Raman trailers and I figured out it wasn’t.

      1. ZombiU and Rayman look immense. Two games I really want for the U. And we’ve not even seen the 1st party games yet.

  10. Does any body else think the Plus Pad looks too skiny, looks like it could be broken after a while. (I’m aware it’s the same one as on my wii but even it doesn’t work properly some times)

  11. I swear if that Anonymous trollfag shows up again I.m gonna fuckin’ flip. MICROSOFT WAS THE LAST OF THE 3 MAJOR COMPANIES IN GAMING TODAY! They pretty much copied everything that was there and slapped a Microsoft label on it. I don’t hate Xbox btw (pretty good) but DAMN.
    Also the controller is too glossy. I’m hoping that they release more colors like blue or red just because the Wii had them.

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