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Japanese Stock Market Reacted Badly To Nintendo’s Wii U E3 Presentation

Nintendo’s shares have fallen sharply this morning following the Wii U presentation at Nintendo’s E3 press conference yesterday. The Japanese stock market reacted badly to the presentation – which saw share prices drop 2.68 per cent since trading opened today. Investors were more interested with Sony, as the company’s shares rose 2.14 per cent overnight. Sony shares performed even better in New York as they rose 3.21 per cent.

123 thoughts on “Japanese Stock Market Reacted Badly To Nintendo’s Wii U E3 Presentation”

  1. Maybe they’ll reveal that the WiiU was all one big joke and we’re actually getting a proper Gamecube successor

    I wish

      1. I’m a Nintendo Fan all the way. Love Nintendo franchises the most and really believed in the Wii U. I still believe in it. But they really don’t have any good Launch games. Forget launch games, if they only teased us with a proper AAA title it would be enough for e to get it on launch. The poor fact is they Had nothing to show except for Pikmin 3 (wich looks awesome).
        The thing is: The wii was a console with the best games i’ve played this generation. But there where SOO few of them. After seeing their E3 conference i get nothing but Deja Vu.
        I’m not buying a Wii U untill they show some really good stuff!!!

        BTW: if the Wii U is going do do like the 3DS, then that’s even more reason to carefully consider a purchase!!

        1. You’re all right, I’m also a Nintendo fan but their conference failed so much in showing WiiU potential to the world.
          However it’s more anguished than that! Normal people will look at the WiiU the same way they see Wii now; if Nintendo want to attract hardcore gamers and from the very beginning the WiiU it’s perceived like another Wii iteration with another controller, it will fail this objective…

          Naming it almost the same way as it’s predecessor and giving so much importance to it’s Miis, it’s a BAD MOVE. More titles like ZombiU are NEEDED to help normal people forget the relation between Nintendo, the Wii and “kid titles” and “casual gamers”…………….

          About 3DS I own one and I enjoy it every minute, but it was a bad move to sell it at first too expensive with so many few good titles. I’m an Ambassador, but I surely would have rather pay less for the console than to receive old (marvelous) titles that I can play with much more better emulators than 3DS’s one.

          In other words: if they don’t release WiiU with MUCH better titles like ZombiU, for example, at release, “harcore gamers” (other console users) won’t be attracted at all by Miis.

      2. Um, I DON’T want to look at the 3DS as an example of how the Wii U will do. I already waited long enough for the 3DS to be king of the mountain; I don’t want to wait THAT LONG again for the Wii U to be like that as well.

      3. I am a strong Nintendo fanboy, but lets get real here. Nintendo had a chance to nail a grandslam with Wii U. However, they royally failed. Aside from Pikmin, Assassins Creed and a few otherness, the games shown looked like they could have easily been done on a Wii. There wasn’t anything shown to show off Wii U’s true power. In my opinion, this was the biggest Nintendo flop E3 of all time, and sales are definitely gonna show it.

      1. that’s because it’s their WEBSITE.
        They’re not going to show a bunch of people talking about what they don’t like about it.

    1. “the investor is even dumber than the customer”
      Not necessarily. In this case, both investor and customer feedback from Nintendo’s E3 conference has generally been negative. You can call both the investors AND the customers idiots if you want though, I guess. That’s what you seem to be feeling.

      1. Yeah that’s accurate. Considering how much money Call of Duty makes for being a dime-a-dozen military shooter that does jack all that other shooters haven’t done before, I’d be accurate in calling most modern day customers shallow idiots.

        1. I’m no Call of Duty fan, but to my understanding all people want from it is a super smooth online shooting game with great graphics. And that’s what they get. It doesn’t really push the bar, but people are getting what they expect from it. The CoD series honestly is just as super-conservative in design as the 2D Mario platformers have been for the past 5-10 years.

          On a slightly related note…I’d love a fighting game with CoD-level online stability. Don’t care what console it’s on, just make it happen. Why Capcom, NRS, Namco, and so on have so much trouble with the online in their fighting games is beyond me.

          1. Call of duty is a peer to peer connection AKA the worst Internet set up ever for gaming.

            Lol call of duty has stable online.. LOL.

            1. It’s fine for me and everyone else I know.

              @Anonymous: Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Mortal Kombat, and King of Fighters 13 have crappy online. Soul Calibur V’s online is good though, so fighting games are possible of having good online.

    1. I do blame Nintendo. Seriously, what was that crap presentation? They knew we had to be amazed by the Wii U, but now all what they did was make me wait for a price drop on their console.

      What the fuck was NintendoLand? Its ok, it seems fun, but ITS NOT WHAT WE WERE EXPECTING.
      We wanted 3rd parties, new IPs, F-Zero, Metroid, Star Fox, GOOD EXCLUSIVES.

  2. 3-5 hrs is fucking fail my ipad and iphone last 10 hrs hell my laptop lst longer than this junk. It cant even support 2 controllers smh unacceptale

    1. nintendo said during the press conference that it will eventually support two gamepads, maybe not at launch but later on

      1. It supports 2 gamepads, but the game drops to 30fps if you use 2. So that pretty much rules out playing fighting games and multiplayer action games with 2 gamepads.

              1. That’s the most stupid answer one can give to Lui’s comment. SNES was two decades ago. So where is the sense in comparing a 20 years old console to another one which is supposed to be next gen ? Today, it is the least to expect from next gen consoles to run at high fps. And don’t tell me something like you still enjoy the old games and find them great even though they have bad graphics. Everyone does. For two simple reasons: nostalgia and memories of the childhood. It doesn’t really have anything to do with gameplay.
                It indeed is kind of disappointing to have games on a next gen to run at 30fps. I’m almost sure that today’s technology could be able to make it possible for the WiiU to run at 60fps the whole time, even when using 2 GamePads.

                1. It’s just silly to believe you can’t play a game whatsoever at 30fps. And again, that’s just when using two GamePads, which doesn’t seem to be a frequent scenario so far.

      2. Yeah, they said and I paraphrase, It will support two WiiU gamepads at launch, but most games that use 2 gamepads will not be out at launch.

        1. So what if i said this yesterday? It just means you dickheads, need do stop devoting your life into video games.

      1. I game after work from 9 pm to 2 am…. Not to mention days I have off…..

        My ps3 controller charges in an hour and lasts a week.

        1. Really my brand new ps3 controller lasts maybe 3 days and takes 2 nice try. Also it doesn’t have a screen or gyro and accelorameter I does have that 6 axis crap I grant u that

          1. That’s exactly what I was going to say. We were fortunate that the Gamepad even lasts as long as 5 hours, given what it does.

  3. I can’t blame them this time. Nintendo dropped the ball yesterday. I was still impressed with Wii U but, I can understand if the general public is still not sold on it. Looking forward to the 3DS presantion today. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Definitely was. I hope Nintendo is saving their big guns for the upcoming game conferences in the months leading up to the Wii U launch. They need a core Nintendo game to get people excited about the U. A Metroid or Star Fox. Whatever Retro is working on better be big.

        Maybe the games are taking longer to develop because this is Nintendo’s first time making HD games.

        1. That is bullshit. There is no way Nintendo could not know how to make HD games by this point. All that casual fanfare they’ve been doing over the last six years had to have given them ample time on the side to research how HD games were being made, not to mention they most likely have been developing some during all that time as well. If they are real developers, then they’d know how to do it by this point.

          1. You’re right. I’m just trying to understand what happened yesterday. I’ve never seen Nintendo come across as so unprepared.

            Maybe because E3 is televised, they decided to show the casual what the Wii U can do. They know the “hardcore” fans will follow them through the untelevised shows (Gamerscon, TGS) and get more info there.

            Anyway dude, check this out

      2. I agree with you on that Nintendo talked half of the time talking to the casual market.Not to me they show Batman and Zombie U that was mostly it. The games looked great on the show floor don’t get me wrong but presentation was casual based

        1. Half time to casual means half to core … sounds fair to me. I thought the presentation was fine, catered to both IMO. Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Tekken, Lego, ZombieU, Darkstalkers, plus more that looked hardcore to me. I’m excited enough to get one on launch, but then I’m happy with Mario 2D titles lol.

    1. I understand Nintendo’s stock falling, but Sony’s? Their presentation wasn’t that much better.

      1. Remember the stock fell after they revealed Wii U too. Nintendo has other tricks up their sleeves, so I’m not worried. They need to step it up with their first party offerings for Wii U in the coming months though.

        1. They have to make some other large presentation down the line. Or else, if they come up with one of their own titles, they had better have some sort of interview about it.
          And finally, they need to convince more developers to just release their games on the Wii U. It’s going to have the best graphics for at least a year, an they don’t need the extra controls. Get Call of Duty, the Wii even had those.

          1. True. All that’s left now is the 3DS presentation today and then it’s on to Gamerscom and TGS. Looking back at that conference and all that we learned about the Wii U since then, it seems like Nintendo is holding back a lot of stuff.

            I can’t understand why, but it must be because it wasn’t ready yet or they’re waiting to reveal them at a strategic time. We know Retro and Monolith are working on something. I also want to know where the other 3rd party devs? Where was EA?

      2. Sony had the last of us and premiered a new game by the creators of Heavy Rain. Nintendo brought out only one big gun that being Pikmin 3. I love Nintendo a lot but I’m worried that this will be their last console generation, I just hope they’ll be able to keep the 3DS afloat if the WII U falls through the floor.

        1. The Last of Us looked incredible, and Beyond looks like it’s going to be quite engaging, but other than that, it was an incredibly dull and uninteresting conference. I guess it’s just a difference of an opinion between me and investors or whatever. I’m getting a PS3 in two days, so I’m definetly not biased against Sony. And the ACIII: Liberation bundle is so going to be mine.

      3. Sony presented two very awesome first party games, which is more than what Nintendo had shown. Get technical all you want, but Mario’s stay has gotten exhausted, and Pikmin 3 was a given, so they weren’t going to be as mindblowing as what Sony had shown.

  4. Thanks sick this news cheered my up guess im going to have a great day ^_^ btw microsoft stocks after e3 skyrocketed lol eat it bitches um num num yummy karma gotta luv it. Die nintendo go out of busness u boring bumbling idiots u always fail

    1. Honestly, I’m pretty optimistic about the WiiU. It appears that Xbox, upon learning that Nintendo was doing a whole “dual screen ” thing through the gamepad, made an app that would allow their tablets and phones and whatever to do some of the same things that nintendo was doing…..until any of those devices are compromised like every other windows product. If history doesn’t repeat itself and somehow microsoft has created a flawless connection system ( between the app and the xbox) then it could be a pretty impressive feat…but I’m willing to bet on nintendo…mainly because they seemed to have figure out all those issues already, and thus made the gamepad.

      I have a 3ds, so I’m interested in seeing the connectivity with wiiU…possibly using the 3ds as a gamepad? That would be interesting. Nintendo still has to convince me a bit more.

      Sony? Remember playstation vita? no? yeah no one does.

  5. Fuck nintendo i hope they fail today too. Iwata kill yourself idiot take also take notes from microsoft they had user rapping for the fanbase now thats a show u lame little dick ladyboys

    1. The Usher part sucked, and if that was your highlight of Microsoft’s conference then you need to re-evaluate your interests and understanding in what a game conference is about.

      1. It was an entertainment conference, actually.

        Remember? Electronic Entertainment Expo? It doesn’t have to specifically be games, despite its origins as a game show.

    2. ok, besides Halo 4 and GoW what else ? oooh black ops 2, wich its not even a exclusive…

      sorry but nintendo e3 was bad, but M$ was even worse… and you know that when your special guest jokes about half of your presentation… thats just plain sad

  6. Seriously? How can Sony’s stock have risen? They practically gave up on the vita. Most of the vita games they showed will be on ps3 as well. Sorry but Sony failed that.

      1. I agree I didn’t like uncharted personally but it was a very well made game if lost of us follows in its foot steps it’s going to be amazing.

      2. Last of Us looks great. But I’m so tired of these scripted events where even killing enemies is all out of your hands. And I’ll never believe the whole “good vs. evil” ideology within video games- It used to be about you being a hero, and not by shotgun blasting people in the face. It’s unnerving, it’s now unoriginal, and I found Playstation’s presentation very pretentious.

    1. It doesn’t hurt to care, the state of Nintendo’s stocks heavily dictates what the company decides to do in the future. Knowing that, if you choose to still ignore them, that’s up to you I guess.

      1. Good point- I hope this at least prompts them to rely on huge franchises. They have Mass Effect 3 and Arkham, why aren’t they looking forward to the next biggest games? Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs… all of these NEED to come to Wii U, especially with a graphics “boost”.

  7. ^ yeah boy user was off the chain yo. Microsoft sure gives its fans what they ask they atleast spend money on their investments which our us :’) microsoft we love ya keep beeing innovated and real. Also usher dancing was of the chain im buying an xbox

  8. lets be honest, everybody got disappointed a bit. Because we heard for more than a year about the controller and lots of 3rd party support, and when the time came, we heard again NOTHING about wii U, but the controller instead and no many 3rd party support. My fingers are still crossed and I give it some time, when companies will start announcing games and hopefully, detailed specs of Wii U… what cpu (Exact model and modifications), what equivalent GPU (model and modifications)..

  9. ^what usher was rapping for the microsoft *throws money at tv * microsoft take me money NOW shit dwag im buying 20 xbox since they 99 dollars. User raised the roof. What did nintendo have….white guys lol lame

    1. Someone ban this trolling Xbot, please? What idiot goes to a goddamned game convention for a rap concert?! Usher was a waste of time and you know it jackass.

    2. 20 Xboxs? Even if they were $99 (Which they’re not. They’re $459) You’d still be spending $1980. As they are ($459) you’d be spending $9180. Looking at your grammar, you don’t have that money to waste.

    1. Why don’t you shut the f**k up and go get yourself a life? We can see that you’re a fucking sadcase purely by the amount of times you attempt to troll this site in the comments. You have waaay too much free time, you little fucking rat.

      1. No, no, don’t try to make yourself feel better by devaluing the rest. Some conferences were definitely above the rest and you know it.

  10. I’m still fans get a Wii u Danny the system isn’t even out yet and people are talkin shit and Japan is only mad cause they didnt get any jrpg. They have enough of them on 3ds besides u guys forget Nintendo will have zelda metroid Mario galaxy sequal not to mention what retro studios is cooking up so fuck u haters

  11. The Nintendo conference with the exception of Pikmin 3 had nothing amazing to offer.
    The system itself (at least graphics wise) isn’t even on par with current gen, at least not when it comes to ports like Arkham City. It will have 3rd party support for one MAYBE 2 years but once the new systems come out and unreal engine 4 is released a lot of 3rd party support will be lost and Nintendo will be behind in the gaming race again.

    I just hope that if the company does go really bad that they cut ties with the WiiU quick and just focus on the 3DS until the next console cycle than try to enter again with something that’s on par with that gens systems. I’m not trying to troll or anything, I was honestly excited for this system last year when they first announced it. But now I’m genuinely scared for Nintendo I don’t want them to go out of business.

    And those of you complaining saying that Sony sucked, They closed with amazing footage of the Last of Us. They showed that new game by the creators of Heavy Rain. Yes they had hiccups and weren’t nearly as good as say Ubisoft was they were still the strongest of the 3 big companies their. Microsoft was clearly the weakest with one of the most boring conferences ever, if anyones stocks should be dropping more it’s Microsoft.

  12. People are idiots. Nintendo had the best E3 presentation of the three as they actually takes about games and good ones at that. Microsoft had the worst, I meant come on, IE on xbox?!?!?!? Have they not learned yet from Firefox? Idiots! And most important of all No New Games for xbox, and don’t tell me those previews count cause they only cater to a small percentage of the total gaming market. I am not going to pick up a 360 just for Halo 4 or some other shoot ’em up.

    As for Sony, they had some nice games, but they are putting in a half-baked effort to get Vita and Move properly off the ground. The systems have so much potential that is yet untaped and they are flat out ignoring it. That being said, if they want to copy Nintendo, they can start by allowing PSP users to bring their UMD based games to Vita for FREE! And I don’t mean just the ones that they want to put up on PSN for people to download, but all of them… every single damn one, as long as it sold one copy. And while I won’t pay to transfer the games, I would pay for a Vita Accessory that allows the Vita to read/copy UMDs. Hardware I will pay for, software I rather not and software I already own legal copies of I should not have to.

    As for Nintendo, I am super excited for Pikimin 3 and think it is a very good choice for a 1st party Launch IP. Having played Pikmin one I can truly say Pikmin is a gamers game for all demographics as it is a beautifully done puzzle game that anyone can have fun with. Software can be developed, but you really only get one chance to get the hardware right, and the ability for two WiiU Gamepads at launch is a must and they delivered on that. I still think there will be WiiU to 3DS interconnect; however, my guess is that, since there are not any games to show off that make good use of that feature, they did not reveal it… or the hardware for that feature is not ready. Also, what is a Nintendo Console without Mario? The release of Mario for the WiiU at launch proves they learned from their mistakes with 3DS, as sales of the 3DS shot up when Super Mario 3D came out.

    Finally, for those of you unhappy that there was no Smash Bros announcement for WiiU, what planet have you been on for the past year? If you had been paying attention to the news concerning Kid Icarus Uprising, you would know that it was created by Project Sora, the same team behind Smash Bros. Moreover, you would know that they only started on the next Smash Bros a few months before the release of Kid Icarus. As such, it makes sense that nothing was said or shown for the next Smash Bros as they only have been working on it for a few months now, not a year. If we are lucky we might see something at the Tokyo Game Show later this year, but I would not hold my breath. That being said, it is more likely that the first glimpse of the next Smash Bros will be next year. That being said, the best idea I saw out their conference was Nintendo Land. While not what we might have expected, it shows two things: 1) They still care about many (though not all) of their other 1st party IPs and that there is still hope that they will breath new life into them with the Wii U with new Games. I saw both Metroid and Star Fox represented. 2) They have taken a cue from Microsoft and Sony and created a social application for the WiiU that does it better, and this is extremely good news.

    Finally, yeah some of the 3rd party releases are re releases, but any developer wanting to make money with these new WiiU releases is not stupid. If they want to make money and make a good game, they will rebuild it from the ground up for Re-Release on WiiU. Also, from what we saw there, and have been hearing, there is an amazing line up of 3rd party games for all types of games. I know I am going to pick up some of Assassins Creed for PSP and PS3 if I can before Assassins Creed 3 comes out and I pick it up for both PS3 and WiiU. Also, one more good game for Vita is all I need to go with Wipeout and Assassins Creed 3 on Vita and I am willing to get a Vita.

    Oh, and we finally… FINALLY got concrete release dates on Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion 2. That being said I look forward to seeing what other 3DS titles they announce later today.

    In the end, while not as good as last year’s presentation, Nintendo still stole the show and proved they are in it, to win it. I know as soon as my fiancé and I have the money, we will be picking up a Wii U and 4 games (Pikimin 3, Wii Fit U, New Super Mario Bros for the WiiU and Assassins Creed 3).

    1. Thank you, You have brightened my day. I thought I was the only one who thought Nintendo’s E3 was the best. I watched sony’s and Microsoft’s and I nearly died or boredom. Only one or two good games from both of them but Nintendo had a ton of new features and games to show. But like always it isn’t enough because expects hardcore the best everything at launch

      1. I agree, it’s nice to hear some positive comments on the presentation. I was really happy with the game announcements. Yes, I would like to know the price and release date, but we’ll know soon enough, and it wasn’t going to be released until close to Christmas anyway, so what does it matter?

        3DS looks to be getting some solid titles too :D

    1. Since when was it a requirement to have support for this engine to succeed? Your fact is an opinion and thus you are wrong. I know a ton of people where were convinced by yesterdays Nintendo Keynote to get a WiiU.

      1. Yes, but each of them had their own different reasons to get one. You can’t fault him for not getting it because it allegedly has no UE4. Not everyone will get it because the Wii U will inevitably not speak to everyone. You can’t fault people for that.

  13. I find it amazing how Nintendo’s new console comes out and everyone expects super beast hardcore games right off the bat. There’s already over 20 titles, even hardcore titles from third parties and it’s still not enough for everybody, smh

      1. No they did not, or were you not listening. Just because a game is being re-released does not mean it is the same as the original… no game manufacture is that stupid (well maybe EA is). They are new games with new features and content specifically designed for the WiiU.

        1. I take it you haven’t played Arkham City yet. If you did, you’d realize how little difference there is.

          1. I will admit Batman Arkham City is not my thing, and I have no intent on picking up a copy now or ever. That being said, you still can’t judge a book by its cover.

    1. Your bar over the years must have been set really low if you think any of those games are a strong indication of Nintendo success.

      1. If your talking about me, I never indicated anything that those games would be Nintendo’s success. I merely stated there’s tons of hardcore titles from third parties, some rehashes and some new but all ppl want is a first party hardcore. But then you wonder why Third parties are so hesitant to develop for Wii U besides the tech specs. Ppl were all complaining there was no third party support. Now there is and ppl and crying for first party. Am I right or wrong?

  14. Nintendo fans today are just like Sony Fans they are STUPID
    Why the fuck will Nintendo show off the Big GUNS for Wii U now. When they can show
    Super Smash Bros
    Star Fox
    Wave Race
    More New IP

    NEXT E3 2013 when Microsoft announce the 720.
    Reggie said himself that Nintendo has lots of First Parties in work and that the big one will be shown at the right time like Super Smash Bros that Geoff ask for.

    You don’t LIKE what Wii U have for Launch Window don’t frisking get it. I am getting Wii U for Launch Window with
    Pikmin 3
    New Super Mario Bros U
    Lego City Undercover
    Rayman Legend
    Project P-100
    Nintendo Land

    Have fun waiting when games
    Pikmin, Mario, and Rayman is at launch better that what Nintendo 3DS offers.

    Look at 3DS in 2010.
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Metal Gear
    Mario Kart
    Animal Crossing
    bunch of games that launch in late 2011-2012.

    They build hype for 3DS with First Parties Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, 2 Mario games, and more.

    What we got Pilot Wings Resorts and Nintendogs

    Nintendo doesn’t want to the same thing WITH Wii U PEOPLE!!!
    3DS E3 2010 was an insight on 3DS from 2011 early to late 2012.

    Wii U E3 2012 was an insight on Wii U from Holiday 2012 to Spring 2013.

    Nintendo Fans are becoming blind and spoiled these days they don’t get what the expected they go cry when they been given Pikmin 3 which the prequel was in 2004-2005 that 8 and 7 years FOLKS.
    Zelda just release
    Metroid is probably at HARD WORK along with Smash Bros and Star Fox.

    F-Zero probably started development.

    GIVE Wii U TIME TO BUILD IT LAUNCH then next year E3 2013 they will announce the big guns when Microsoft or possibly Sony announce their NEXT GEN CONSOLE!!!!

    Nintendo WILL WIN E3 2013 IT WILL BE E3 2010 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!


    1. Amen! Speak the truth you do. Besides, as you said, they are saving the big guns. We all know that Sony is working on a copy of Smash Bros, so do we really want Nintendo to let them see what they are working on for the Next Smash Bros just so they can copy it before Nintendo releases it? You all are spoiled and not thinking. Nintendo has learned and learned well. They keep their cards close to their chest only showing what they can afford to show and not have Sony or Microsoft beat them to it, hence why neither Sony and particularly Microsoft, have successfully copied the asymmetrical gaming concept central to the WiiU, because what they copied was the prototype, and the release is so much more than that.

      Nintendo has learned very well, and as such they remind me of another company that uses the same tactic… Apple!

    2. To me it wasn’t about the 3rd party games it was the same thing Nintendo talked about sunday and csaual games for 48mins then about 12 mins of 3rd party games. Zombie U gameplay looked sick i can wait to pick that up on day1.We were looking for new games like Zombie U.We knew the other 3rd party games were coming to the Wiiu. I said it before that Nintendo fans wasn’t going to get hype over current gen ports and that’s the bottom line. Porting is a bad thing for new systems

  15. Doesn’t surprise me. I think EVERYBODY reacted badly to their presentation. It wasn’t exactly stellar.

  16. With the hollow feeling I had after the end of the conference, I would have thrown all my Nintendo stock out the window, if I were an investor. So I waited for the roundtable. Nope, nothing there either. All that’s left is today.

  17. This is not true at all – look at the volatility of their share price, theres literally nothing to show that it was related to the press conference. A 2% decrease is nothing – it is still UP 3% from Friday. Meanwhile, Sony is DOWN from where their stock was last week. GIve me a break with this fear-mongering article – if they had declined 10%, now THAT would have been something to write home about. Otherwise, they rise and fall by 2% on literally a daily basis.

  18. The conference was really bad. They gave stage time to the wrong games. Why not show Darksiders 2 or ZombiU instead of Batman? Batman is an old game, but the other two are new and one is exclusive. The games themselves, however, are looking good. I like ZombiU a lot. Project P-100, by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo, looks amazing, but it wasn’t shown at their conference. I love Wii U and what it can do, but the conference was laughable.

  19. I came to the conclusion that I can’t be disappointed about Nintendo’s Conference. Thought about it last night as I was laying in bed. Here’s why I’m not disappointed:

    1) I knew there would be at least 1 new Mario game shown, because how can there not be a new Mario game shown? There were 2 shown (New Super Mario Bros U for Wii U and New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS in that small time they allowed for 3DS news).
    2) I went in to watch the conference online knowing that they definitely would NOT have anything related to Zelda, Kirby, or Smash Bros, because Skyward Sword and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland were both recently released and Smash Bros 4 has JUST STARTED development. It’d be foolish to think they were going to show something new for any of those franchises at this time.
    3) Pikmin 3 looks very fun and interesting, now I just need to play the first 2…
    4) I will admit that I was hoping to see something new from Metroid or Starfox though (I’m still in love with the idea of a sequel to Starfox Adventures, even though it’ll probably never happen since Rare isn’t a Nintendo 3rd party anymore…)
    5) Nintendo Land is pretty much the obligatory Wii U tutorial it seems, but it doesn’t look like a bad tutorial from what they’ve shown. I’m just hoping they package it with the console, ’cause I’m not so sure people will buy it separately. As for Wii Fit U, it doesn’t matter to me ’cause I’ve never cared about the Wii Fit series. I’d rather just get in a pool and swim laps or go to the gym and lift weights for my exercise.
    6) That just leaves the 3rd party games, and a lot of them they showed look great, especially the new Batman Arkham City, Project P-100, Ninja Gaiden 3 (finally what looks to be a mature title on a Nintendo console), Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Scribblenauts Unlimited all look cool.
    7) So all in all, while there may not have been a whole lot of first party game news (that was to be expected, given recent releases of games) in my opinion they definitely did deliver on the 3rd party support.
    8) With all this in mind I don’t really understand why Nintendo shares have dropped. While I agree it wouldn’t have made sense for them to have increased dramatically after that conference, I think they should have stayed the same. Oh well, I’m still convinced that the Wii U will be awesome.

  20. How horrible. That conference just sucked. They did demonstrate the impressive capabilities of the Wii U, but in a time like this, great software is crucial to its success. I mean, what the hell? Their 1st-party showings were just bad. The only good 1st-party games I saw were Pikmin 3 and maybe New Super Mario Bros. U. I say maybe because it really just looks like a rehash of the previous NSMBs. The rest of the 1st-party was just damn horrible. They are only targeted toward families, such as Nintendo Land. Way too casual for their own good. And I thought they wanted to bring back the “hardcore audience.” Don’t tell me they’re just relying on their 3rd-party offerings to clear that front. Some of the 3rd party games are games that were already released for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Those are great, but they need to have more 3rd party games that weren’t already released yet, such as Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, BioShock Infinite, and the amazing looking Watch Dogs. They need great 1st party launch games as well, such as Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and F-Zero. I didn’t mention Zelda because I hardly doubt they can make a Zelda game within a year. I sure hope Nintendo learns from the horrible 3DS launch.

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