Nintendomination has uploaded four minutes of New Super Mario Bros U footage from the E3 show floor. The video shows how you can manipulate the level using the Wii U GamePad and the stylus. New Super Mario Bros U should launch alongside Wii U sometime this holiday season.



  1. Controllers last 3-5 hrs and 2 controlers will lag console smh epic s
    disgraceful fail jesus guess multiplayer is a foreign concept


  2. I know this is off topic but did anyone else notice that Nintendo was taking credit for a few games like Ninja Gaiden 3? I thought Tecmo was making that or something like that? I know Nintendo might be the publisher or whatever but last year, they were giving credit to the maker of the game and now they’re not. Is it a typo?


  3. ^this they want to attract hardcorw gamers but keep showing nothing but casual games ugh. Wheres 3rd party supplrt enough of mario casual shovelware hardcore gamers dont play gay caca


  4. Nintendo e3 was garbage smh my computer can do way more and offer more especially in the app department. Ill just buy smart glass and pirate the wii u. U can go to atariage for easy modding and coming soon modding a tablet to pc. Dont buy shitendo it shit


  5. Pikmin is hardcore lol fail ppl just buy xbox it offers more social apps. And it comes with smart glass and epic 3rd party support


  6. tHEY SHOULD HAVE showed a 2 or 3-minute mario trailer during the FUCKING conference!!! INSTEAD OF the fucking japanese guy who talked about that shitty luigi’s game for more than 9 MINUTES non-stop………………. I wish the situation were very different, but Nintendo fucked everything UP.


  7. I want this game on day one. Just Dace 4, sing, Wiii Fit U, and Nintendoland, were all bad titles. I just hope Nintendo has more appealing games n the future.


  8. Too me a Hardcore Gamer would play any genre of games not just bloody shoot-em-ups and gory hack-in-slashers. (Excepted for Dora and Hello Kitty, that shit can stay at the store… well mabey Hello Kitty if your in the right mood.)


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