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Nintendo Games Will Run At 1080p Soon After Wii U Launch?

Nintendo marketing executive Scott Moffitt was asked whether Nintendo first-party titles would run at 720p or 1080p. Moffitt answered by saying, “I think it’s 1080p.” While it has been confirmed that the first batch of Wii U games will run at 720p, most Nintendo games will probably run at 1080p soon after the upcoming console’s launch.

105 thoughts on “Nintendo Games Will Run At 1080p Soon After Wii U Launch?”

      1. I don’t think it’s a question of if it will be able to do it or not. I think it’s more like why the hell should it? xD
        I mean, how many percent of the population has a 100+ inch TV that can actually take advantage of such a high resolution?

          1. The only reason for 4K (not 2K) TV’s is for 3D autostereoscopy like the 3DS, because then we can get full 1080p at dozens of angles.

            1. what are you on about. 4k tv is 4320p nothing to do with 3d. 1080p was fine when tvs were 23-28″ now they are dbl that you can see the pixels. I have seen a Canon 4k tv showing 4K video and that truly is wow, I had to get my camera repaired so while I waited they showed of their tech. just after ces btw

              1. 1080p is still “fine”, considering a vast amount of the content we view in our 1080p TVs is still 720p (or even worse – 480p) and those lower resolutions are going to stay for a while.

                “Ultra HD” TVs are awesome, but it’s going to take a long time before producing mass content for them becomes financially viable.

      1. i bet ps4 and xbox 720 will do that but never use it at all; in other words, they can say “wii got better hd than wii u” but wii can say “but u cant afford a 2k or 4k tv”.

          1. “2K” is just a minor improvement over 1080p (2048 pixels wide versus 1920 pixels wide). 4K is where it’s at (4096 pixels wide).

    1. Assassin’s Creed III running at 60fps at 1080p… and its a launch title. Your reason is now invalid amego

      1. true, i think it’s awes,me that assassins creed will be running that well because frankly, the pc ports of assassins creed games kindof suck, so im glad that at least one console will actually be able to run it at a high frame-rate in 1080p

    2. Your [poor] writing skills should be one very important reason for studying English before posting crappy comments ;o)

    3. Por esa razón nunca compré un PS3 ni XBOX 360 …no comenzaron con 1080p =) Una razón más para no creer en ellos…

    1. The only game currently in the launch window reported to be running at 1080p at 60fps (which explains why it looks much better than the PS3 version) is Assassin Creed 3.

  1. It doesn’t sound like he is to sure about that but I hope so. I want to believe that iwata is telling the truth and nintendo hasn’t even used half of the wiiu’s power.

    1. Eh, even on a 1080p TV, 720 doesn’t look bad at all. Not even on my 50″ from just a few feet away.

  2. This is truly a great start for Nintendo. Most of the first titles’ resolutions are at 720p, but I’m positively sure that new first party titles’ resolution will be at 1080p. Now that the Wii U tltles will FINALLY be presented in 5.1 , I want to know which format will they be using– Dolby TruHD or DTS-HD Master Audio?

    1. I think perhaps more like Dolby Digital Plus or DTS but I might be wrong, it would be good if they did run to lossless audio

    1. Please refrain from being a fanboy, it makes you look so stupid. I

      I’m excited for this though…1080p Zelda games? YES!

  3. Well if the apparent leaks of the new xbox are true the wii is gonna get blown away on terms of graphics. It can apparently run 1440 and 1200 or something like that. And also apparently gonna be around 300 at launch in 2013. None of it confirmed though.

      1. Bro, 1080p has been around for long enough. I mean, computer screens have existed for over a year now that can be compared to small/midsize TVs that are way beyond 1080p (I point you to Apple’s 27″ iMac which is 1440p and has been out for over a year now).

    1. All of that is pure fanboy rumour. None of it is even close to confirmed.

      And also, it won’t run above 1080p. No point. TVs won’t be able to do above 1080p for at least a few years. And even then, most consumers won’t have them until several years after that.

      Maybe XBOX4, but definitely not the 720.

    2. Then Microsoft would be full of retards, because TVs with a higher resolution than 1080p aren’t commercially available. And even if they were, with the current prices on 1080p TVs, a 1200p TV would be waaaaay out of reach of almost every consumer. Look at the MacBook Pro w retina display. The display alone hiked prices up a lot. Imagine a 60′ retina display panel. Sure, it would be amazing, but you’d have to sell most of your organs to get close to having that kind of money. Microsoft would be wasting resources on something that might not come around for the next 10 years or so.

      1. Well to be fair, it makes sense if they are trying to future proof their console, seeing as 1080p has now been the standard for quite a while, and is due for an upgrade. We will definitely see hugh increases in high-res standards before 10 years passes. It isn’t going to be as hard as everybody thinks. With the new MacBook Pro w/ Retina display out, other manufacturers are already struggling to keep up, but they will pull through for fear of falling out of the competition. Congrats to Apple. the purveyor of change. :P

  4. Yes! I can’t wait to see Link in 1080p! On a side note, who would want to see games in an iPad 3 resolution?

      1. that was my first thought too xD although i must say, i like the idea of a true sequel to legend of the seven stars

      2. I think he refers to a sequel of Square ( wasn´t Square-Enix yet) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. And if that so yeah i´ve been waiting for a game like that, but more like “smash” type, a rpg of the nintendo universe, just think about it, mario, link, samus, and whoever you want battling against antagonist of their series, or even the antagonist like bowser and ridley could be in your party and you have to battle against a new enemy, that would be awesome

  5. God damnit can no one give a straight answer

    “Wii U games will be in 720” no actually “They will be 1080p”

    “Friend codes are gone” no wait a minute “They are still here”

    This damn thing is releasing at the end of the year and so far I feel we know barely anything more then we did this time LAST YEAR! WHAT THE FUCKJ IS GOING ON!

    Damnit Nintendo, just give me a stright fucking answer FOR ONCE!

    1. Launch Nintendo WiiU games will be in 720p. Future ones will be in 1080p.

      Friend codes are going to be a one-time thing, not in a game-by-game basis.

      Those are your anwers.

      1. I’m highly suspecting, based on what has been said by Reggie and others, that what is being called a “friend code” will be more like a Steam ID Number. It would be associated with one’s account, and its major usage would relate to that and not interaction. Maybe it would come into play with players outside your local area or in joining clans, but otherwise it would all come down to a normal profile system. I’d also imagine it would be used in a system transfer, the code being entered to approve the transfer.

        From this system on, the friend code as you knew it on Wii will be dead (although I wonder why they kept the name).

        1. Thinking about it, since players outside your local area include friends, I don’t think the number would be used for that. I still think groups may require it, though.

    2. Friend codes no longer require you to input the code, you can add people by sending a request now. Basically just imagine PSN/Xbox Live but you can change your display name for free at any time and it doesn’t matter if it’s a name that’s already in use. That’s how it works.

  6. they better run at 1080p before MS and Sony annaounce their new system because if they annaunce systems running 1080 p and the wii u still running 720p then that will indicate that they ahead of their game while nintendo still falling behine…

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  8. Question: Will current-gen Wii titles be able to take advantage of the updated hardware to run at higher resolutions like in emulators on a PC, or will it be the same lo-res renderings that I’m getting tired of seeing in games that would be truly stunning in HD such as Skyward Sword??? Just curious.

  9. Whats the mistery with the graphics…. We dont even know the price, so we cant especulate and Iwata just said the games al launch are not using even half the wii U can do… so… whats going on? what can we expect?

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