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Latest Nintendo 3DS Update Is Live

The latest firmware update brings minor changes to Nintendo 3DS. According to Nintendo, the update improves the convenience and stability of the system. It also adds more character options for your password that is made when you store credit card information in the Nintendo eShop.

42 thoughts on “Latest Nintendo 3DS Update Is Live”

  1. If you ask me, it’s just another excuse to try to do something about R4 and other back-up cards.

        1. They won’t… or they shouldn’t. They’d have lots of angry early release 3ds owners if they did, since it goes back on what they said and promised. It was one of the limited to ambassador gba games.

    1. There’s no way they can actually block cards just like that. They run off the DSi emulator on the 3DS which in turn boots into it whenever the card is activated. The only thing they can do is block the specific game code that acekard, for example, uses to fool the 3DS firmware on the 3DS dashboard into thinking it is not a flashcart. Which is easily patchable especially in Acekard2i. Also, already tested and works on newest update. I have an Acekard2i with Akaio fw.

      1. You may think so but i’ve read the terms of agreement and they said that any use of unauthorised software or hardware will render your system unusable

        could be just to scare people but i wouldnt risk my 3ds, anyway i dont own one and dont plan to

      1. All the games I have on my flashcard all have never been released and are never going to be released in my country, I’d say it’s more of a grey area :p

        1. If the games cannot at all be played on your DS from any region then i say go for it. Myself if i want to play a game that wont be released in Australia, its likely going to be in the UK anyway which is the same region code.

  2. instead of nonsense like more characters how about they update the max amount of coins you can earn per day to like 100 and make 1000 the max you can have.

    1. I think they meant characters, as in letters and numbers and symbols and such. o.o There was no talk of New Super Mario Bros. 2 in this >.> Or if you were talking about Club Nintendo, there really isn’t any talk on that either…

      1. They’re referring to Streetpass Play Coins… :\
        But, yes, being able to get more Play Coins would be much appreciated…

          1. when you have your 3ds in sleep mode the console will count your steps if you walk with it, you get 1 coin per 100 steps until you reach 1000 steps, which makes for a maximum of 10 coins which can be used in some games and in the mii ploaza

  3. C’mon, Nintendo, give us Flash Player to can watch videos and the posibilty of use a photo or image to change the background of the menu… that’s all i want :/

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