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New Pikmin 3 Information Promised In Official Nintendo Magazine

The next edition of the official Nintendo magazine promises to contain plenty of exciting new Pikmin 3 information that we haven’t heard before. What Pikmin 3 revelations would like to see revealed in the next issue?

“Great Things come in small packages! Join us as we reveal a ton of secrets from Nintendo’s sumptuous strategy game!”

Thanks Pip.

72 thoughts on “New Pikmin 3 Information Promised In Official Nintendo Magazine”

          1. I will!One of the cool little feturaes of Miiverse is that if you have played a game and you visit a community for that game a type of marker appears on your Mii to show you have actually played it. So if people show up and start slagging off the game you can see if they’ve actually played the game or if they are purely trolling ;) nice touch!!

    1. Sharing lives…id never play this on co-op, i always ended up with 24 lives while everyone else had 3

  1. definitely looking forward to this new information. maybe it’ll be revealed to be a launch title rather than just being in the launch window

          1. Its not, its a stereotype. Its like saying british people drink tea 24/7, its not true but its not offensive

      1. Pikmin don’t jump. You throw them. And yellow already have that ability. If they make black, they should be safe to stay overnight on the planet by hiding in the dark.

      1. He hasn’t died yet the pikmin are trying to find a cure so he can get better. Then back to his old trick he was flying threw space for

    1. Probably ate all that fruit you collect, now hes a fat fuck. Nah i duno, probably captured like other games….seeing as its has local multiplayer

        1. Maybe he just fixed his ship and flew back home no giving a fuck, and the pikmin were like, ” hey arent you gona take us? :/”
          “Ha fuck no, screw you bitches!”
          The hard lessons of life, never trust a physically challanged man in a space helmet.

        1. Im guessing they’ll be used for long gaps, like say theres parts to part a bridge, but theyre on the other side, pink pikmin.

  2. I’m skeptical about this. As someone who subscribes to the magazine for whatever reason (probably because I started back when they were called NOM), they’ve tended not to reveal anything too interesting despite all the things they boast about. I still recall how their ‘big reveals’ included Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and New Super Mario Bros 2, and didn’t say anything the online media didn’t say already.

    But we’ll have to see.

  3. Mario and luigi as playable characters? …why not? Mario seems to be the only real project nintendo is working on these days

    1. Apart from Pikmin, Zelda, Star Fox, maybe Metroid, maybe F-Zero and stuff we dont know about. Sigh -__-

    2. So true. Hey, nintendo, less mario, more zelda/metroid/pikmin games. And ninty isn’t working on star fox (necissarily, who knows what retro’s doing?)

      1. Its still licensed by Nintendo. If Paper Mario was being made by Intelligent Systems, which it is, would you still count that as another Mario?

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  5. I bet they’ll reveal the Pink Pikmins, the returns of Purples and Whites, and probably some story elements, like why Olimar is missing and who you play as.

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  7. I wanna know what more Pikmin there are, who the current playable characters are, and what happened to Olimar and Louie (mostly Olimar).

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