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Nintendo Reacts To Microsoft’s Claim That ‘Wii U Is Effectively A 360’

Microsoft recently claimed that the Wii U platform is “effectively a 360.” Microsoft believes that the Wii U Pro Controller’s design is based on the design of an Xbox 360 controller but, according to Reggie Fils-Aime, the Wii U Pro Controller is designed for comfort. Nintendo responded to Microsoft’s recent comments by saying that they “do not compare themselves to the other consoles.” According to Nintendo, “The Wii U Pro Controller is an enhanced version of the Classic Controller Pro.”

“The Wii U Pro Controller is an enhanced version of the Classic Controller Pro that has been designed specially to work with the Wii U console. It simply offers another way to play and more options for developers use. We do not compare ourselves to the other consoles.”

219 thoughts on “Nintendo Reacts To Microsoft’s Claim That ‘Wii U Is Effectively A 360’”

  1. Who the fuck cares? They’re just stupid controllers. Jesus. Gaming companies are getting worse than the certain idiots buying their games.

    1. It’s not really the companies, it’s the media. The media asks the questions that the companies are courteous enough to respond to. Then the media puts a spin on it for sensationalism.

      It’s not like companies put out press releases: “Oh, they copied us. Hurr hurr.”

      Anyway, there’s no denying that there are similarities. Whether or not they borrowed the idea from the other, it really doesn’t matter. Every company borrows and compares. That’s one way that businesses make progress.

      1. We could even argue that all the DualShocks, the Xbox and the Xbox 360 controller are based on the SNES controller. Borrowing is, indeed, what makes progress.

              1. Very true, the pro didn’t show up until 2009 I believe. Besides that, although I haven’t tried it, the comfort and style of the 360 is really good, now I’m not a microsoft fan, but their controller is very comfortable. Besides that, when designing the controller, someone must have at least noticed it was similar in design. But again it’s just typical company rivalry. The Wii U’s main control scheme is the Wii U gamepad, what it is advertised and sold for, the Pro is just to please the devs who might not want to work with the U gamepad, and players who don’t want to use it either. So I don’t see why it’s a big issue to some people.

      2. woah well said Nintendo, they really dont compare they’re consoles to others. They are not hungry for sales they have Japan. Microsoft is fucking with them. Just try to remember Sega mocking Nintendo. Nintendo didn’t give a fuck. Where is Sega now ? they’re fucked up. Lesson learned dont fuck with your fellow corporates cause your going to be fucked up sooner.

        1. btw just to add that.

          Sony didn’t even care. The ProController is much closer to Playstations controller. wth is Microsoft doing.

          1. Yeah, people tend to forget PlayStation came out with the dual analog and triggers first (although that changed with the dualshock controllers).

            Yes, Atari 7800 and Master System had gamepads with a joystick first, etc.

            Technology progresses. C’est la vie.

                  1. Nintendo World Wide… Really Sony and Microsoft have nowhere near the fan-base or casual users that Nintendo has…

                1. Actually Playstation is the result of Nintendo and Sony Partnership breaking up as quickly as it was made.
                  Sony wanted rights for all the games that came out in the Nintendo Playstation, and Nintendo didn’t consider CDs such a priority.

                  It could be said it was both sides fault, but I think Sony was asking for too much.

                  1. no ..nintendo wanted to make the CD atachment with sony ..they said they will make a gaming system in the future and will use all of the SNES and Genisis info to make the system …nintendo didnt like the idea …and at CES sony said they will make the CD atachment …next day at CES nintendo said they will make the CD atachment with PHILLIPS ..nintendo never told sony about that .. they got pissed and they used ALL of the SNES info to make the PS1 ..thats why sony hates nintendo :) never wanted the rights to nintendo games …

                    1. You are wrong. SONY wanted the rights for the Nintendo games that appeared in the console. There actually was a “Nintendo Playstation” it was an add on to the SNES, I think, or some sort of new model. The thing is that it even used the the SNES controllers. What you are saying happened later.

          2. I’d say the Pro is closer to the Xbox due to the chunkier “wings” and right stick being placed towards the side.

        2. they failed cuz they made poor choices and sony technically was the one to beat them cuz of the PS2 if sony didnt arrive then sega could still have been a console making company and judging from the dreamcast id say theyd have made interesting consoles.

      3. Bingo – it’s the media, like MyNintendoNews, that’s making this a bigger issue than it is.

        If Nintendo wanted, they could issue a press release naming the dozen or so things Microsoft has added to their two consoles that Nintendo added first.

        To get started; force feedback, analog stick, d-pad, memory card, a & b buttons, l & r buttons, start button, … the list can go on, but it’s petty and not needed – which is why Nintendo doesn’t do this.

        Moreover – the Xbox 360 controller is very similar in form to the Gamecube controller and not the original Xbox controller – do you think that’s a coincidence? Not at all, Microsoft recognized the preferred shape and “borrowed it”. No big deal and Nintendo didn’t call them out for it.

      4. You can’t say a company is borrowing ideas from another when the ideas themselves are fundamental in design. No one can ever copy the D-pad from another, because the D-pad is an application of the fundamental compass direction rule. And nobody’s going to use an analog stick that operates in a cubic fashion; they’ll be operated in 360 degrees. A button will always provide the fastest means of feedback to the game, so of course every controller will have buttons. The point I’m trying to make is that anything that is natural and inevitable cannot possibly be considered as “copied” when multiple people are using it more out of necessity and not out of vanity. Nobody can say that Chevron and Shell are copying the products they’re selling because if you want to be a fuel company, you’re going to inevitably sell fuel. You can’t borrow a fundamental fact of reality.

          1. Sony and Microsoft attacks are similar to what pepsi does to coke. Have you ever seen a coke commercial that attacks Pepsi? In the end, who is the cola king?

    1. True, but they’re basically saying it wasnt supposed to, it just turned out to be. Tbh, i looks exactly like the classic pro, but with sticks above, and a rounder shape.

      1. Stupid gaming companies, Sony made an ad mocking 3DS (maybe not) then this controller. Wow just wow. They’re so desperate to get sales and stuff.

    2. Go look at the Wii U Gamepad and then look at Wii U Pro Controller.
      The different is the screen. Take off the screen on the Gamepad and create a traditional controller out of it you get the Pro Controller.

    3. Bah. Every controller is the same and has been for a decade. 2 analogue sticks, 4 face buttons, a d-pad, and 2-4 triggers some of which are analogue. Obviously with the exception of the Wii.
      But really, the Dreamcast had the current configuration minus one analogue stick and everyone’s been ripping off that.
      Companies change one element (usually for the worse) and that’s it. Playstation has it’s retarded d pad in the primary position and the left stick down the bottom, and now the Wii U has the face buttons down the bottom, which is fucking spastic.
      They need to admit that the height of controller design has been reached and just use the same one, forgo the pointless changes for the sake of change and just use GC controllers for everything. That used the current layout but in the most comforatble way.

      1. Joystick on controllers. Disc-based gaming. Dual analog sticks. Centralized/organized online gaming networks. 3D gaming. Screen on controller. HD systems.

        Just a few of the things that other companies set the standard for and Nintendo took up after. Seriously. Everyone does it. Sony. Microsoft. Nintendo. Everyone.

        If you are going to sit there and say that Nintendo has never borrowed ideas or standards that other companies have set to keep up with the evolving trends in the industry and technology, then you are in essence blind.

        History has shown that innovation comes from all directions.

        1. Nintendo was using floppy disc before anyone was using CD’s… So just building off that, and everyone knows sony and Nintendo had a partnership before it collapsed… I was in 6th or 7th grade when that was going on…. It was big news for gamers looking for the next big system after SNES…

            1. @ Simply: I would agree with your statement of the PC stuff coming before the NES, if it weren’t for the fact that PC gaming waaaaayyyyy back then was much more niche and not nearly as user-friendly.

        2. Disc based gaming was thought up by Sony and Nintendo, but Sony was the first to release a console using the idea.

  2. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Just like I said. Nintendo designs their controllers for comfort and their modern controllers are based on the SNES button layout. And this Wii U pro controller as I though is meant to be a more advanced version of the Wii classic controller pro. Looking forward to getting especially if it is rechargeable.

  3. When we think about it they all develop or borrow an idea from one another. Who was the first to create a home-console-controller with an analog and rumble feature Nintendo. A screen on the controller (Dreamcast’s VMU), later to be a feature on Nintendo’s Wii U Tablet.

    1. Haha That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time :p. Yeah, I did really like the VMU on the Dreamcast, even if it didn’t do much

  4. Meh, whatever, comfort is important, so im not bothered, be it stolen or not.

    Shh…….i hear….fanboys…oh god

    1. If you’re worried about the left and right triggers
      Nintendo has curled them up slightly at the ends.

          1. Looks good, seems to fix all the problems i had with the 360 controller, the sticks, triggers, bumpers and that fucking “dpad”)

      1. I dont, I wasnt planing to buy the pro controller any time soon, thoug it would be nice to have the option.

        1. In the pre-E3 show that Nintendo had on the Wii U, this was the thing that made me the most excited, believe it or not.

          I’m really glad they have this controller AND that it’s finally completely wireless. I’ll be getting one for sure, bundled or not.

  5. It’s strange to hear this about a controller when in the Atari days you could actually use another systems controller to play your games the C.D.I could use Saturn or mega drive controllers (I think) and lots of consoles could use the Atari 2600 controller

  6. Of course Nintendo doesn’t compare its consoles to the competition! Otherwise Nintendo’s console might be more capable!
    This controller may not be a straight rip-off, but the resemblance is uncanny for something supposedly not inspired by the XBox 360.

    1. And the X-Box controller bears uncanny resemblances to the Game Cube controller, so even if the new Pro WAS inspired by it[ which it isn’t, according to the article], those roots trace back to their own controller to start with anyways.XD

  7. Nintendo fans when talking about WiiU pro: Meh I don’t care if they copied, as long as its comfortable

    Nintendo fans when talking about move: OH MY GOD ITS A COPY. BURNN BURNN

    1. Yeah but the move didnt ever work properly, i bought one because i wanted to play killzone with it. Its balls.

      1. Probably didn’t configure it right. I platinumed Killzone 3 with the Move only in addition to scoring high in MP every round using the Move online. So far, I think it’s one of the best implementations the Move has had.

        It’s not a perfect device, but it does work great if developers apply it correctly. Thus the reason it has won several awards from tech experts.

        1. Fair enough, all i know is it didnt work for me, but can i just ask

          HOW DID YOU GET THAT TROPHY WHERE YOU DESTROY EVERYRHING ON THE MAULER?!!???! Ive tried it like 10 times….and yes both the ground and air segments

            1. Its literally the only one i need, ive looked at guides and everything, still didnt get it, and i dont know if restarting a checkpoint goes towards it…
              I guess it would be easier with move

  8. And the 360 controller is a clone of the Dualshock line. So was the Xbox S controller and the Gamecube controller. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

    1. Weeeelll I’d say the original fat Xbox controller is more of a clone of the Dreamcast controller :p

    2. Snes first with shoulder buttons 64 first with analog,rumble and standard four players gamecube had mini disc and cushion shoulder buttons wii game changing motion controller sound from the controller and the u has tv free gaming the n has been game changing since 85 the comp just has the third parties and copy skills

      ggy. Gy6uyutuv

  9. I like Xbox 360 controllers. After owning a 360 for nearly 3 years, the feel of the controller is just right, so I do not mind if the Wii U Gamepad Pro is similar. It will be good to use.

    I am glad Nintendo is not comparing themselves to others, it is better to think “solo”, even if you do have something resembling. As long as you are not trying to imitate others intentionally, you will be fine.

    1. Ditto. My housemate has one, andy brother so i got used to it, and evem though i dont like MS, the controller is great to hold but has flaws with the sticks triggers and the doad, hate that dpad so much, i press left, “nah bro you pressed up, i jus used your last health pack, lololol”…


    @scandeez oh youd be suprise @ the things innocent nintendo gets away with cuz of fans will full ingnorance. Hmm odyssey tech,ataris tech like lestick,segas tech,commadore,turbo graix and more. Oh yes jimmy sametendo be borrowing the most. Smh pedophiles

    1. Wow, your either a Sony drone or a Microsoft fanboy. You created an account on a website that’s about Nintendo news just to bash Nintendo?
      That’s just sad.


    @flint yeah except when iwata compared his online to xbox? Oh and whenwii u was being compared to ps360. Oh but you cant recall things when ninty lies but when developers lie oh yeah thats when your brain recalls every post read. Lol lying pedophile -_-

    1. other then being an obvious troll you lost all credibility when you said “ps360″…wow..just wow.

    1. Instead of Ocorina Of Time, it sould be NSMB2. Playing a short level is better than picking up where somebody left off not knowing what to do (plus that game is like a year old). Even Star Fox 64 3D would have been better.

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  14. Everything is designed for comfort. Technological advancements crave the public need of ergonomics. So what if the controllers look similar? Almost every pillow I’ve seen are shaped the same way. Are furniture companies copying each other? Probably not.

  15. I never thought Nintendo copied Xbox. It aint their style, Nintendo is the most inovative gaming company out there so it was unlikely that they would just go and copy the Xbox’s stupid controler….gosh.

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  17. Well hey, at least they’re focusing on how the controller feels. It’s just a controller, and it’s better than the Wiimote and nunchuck combo. I can’t wait to try the new Smash Bros. with this controller.

      1. ^ This.

        If people use the WiiU gamepad’s gyro to aim, it’ll be even more superior. 3 analog controls, say whaaaat?!

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    1. I Know that not all of Nintendo’s ideas are original I’m just wondering why you are picking fights on the Internet over somting as small as gaming don’t you have anything better to do .

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  21. Nintendo is basically saying that the Pro controller is intended to smoothly transition Xbox 360 users to the Wii U. I don’t mind the 360 comparison at all — like the 360, the Wii U apparently has been very easy to program for. You want the Wii U to be compared to something, then it should be compared to the one console that the American public in general identifies with the most, which is the 360. And it works very strongly in Nintendo’s favor — the NES, for example, was intended as an American device in contrast to the Famicom, despite the fact that both devices were almost identical. Nintendo has always seen America as a viable market for video games in the past, so it’s natural that they would piggyback onto the 360’s success in America’s eyes.

    1. Exactly. Alot 360 and ps3 owners are retarded, and think WiiU pad is dumb, but if they get one for a certain few exclusives, with the pro, they’ll naturally end up using the gamepad, and gain some actually brain cells.

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    1. lol overrated? he created zelda mario etc. Def deserves the success if they are going 25 years strong :P Sales do the talking troll.

    2. who cares if an idea is not new it just matters if it fun and improves upon the original. that’s why the highest scoring games in reviews are not all ways the innovators but the ones that refine and add to the games original formula: case in point Half-life 2 its stripped to its bare essentials its the same mechanics as doom witch made the FPS genre popular but it also adds to it with new features that’s why games are so good you don’t need to innovate and develop a new genre with new game mechanics when you can focus on perfecting an old one

  23. All I have to say is, who cares if it is a copy. All you should care about is having fun with the product.

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    1. xenoblade was actually begged for in USA and that is a JRPG :P try again. Also final fantasy is begged for… guess what… that is japanese… and mario and zelda and starfox… all japanese :P Try again

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    1. ^ there it is again u only argue about graphics and only graphics, man a video game is not about the pretty picture is all ALL about the game play.

      content is king~sataru iwata

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    2. You obviously don’t know shit. You say your barley learning grammer but your probably just a 30 year old no life. Also, the most games we play at America are Japanese.

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    1. back then Nintendo was focusing on competition because how much Sony is a threat to everyone, what Nintendo do to WII is going back to the gameplay rather than power/demographic, is shows that Nintendo is not scared of Sony or M$, because what there good at is what others are fear of.

  33. Rise above the hate

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    1. Sega is JP dumbass, angry birds is free and only free, those games u mention dont outsell games like mario, pokemon, wii sports, wii fit, see all those games i mention are JP games that sold double of what west games do in there entire lifespan, oh and by the way most west games last 1 year so next year nobody will cared about U buying this game came out in 2006 people in the west will think U crazy, unlike these.

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    1. U don’t even know history till u see it, if U where alive during the 16-bit war( i know u don’t) u would have know that Sony has blueprints of both genesis and Snes and plan to make there own, using the information they stole, they broken the deal because Sony wants to get license deals that CD more than Nintendo hope ( like payment royalty) so that put Nintendo out of the pictured.
      so in conclusion Nintendo created there most powerful rival, and wii created U drones.

  36. Rise above the hate

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    1. So what if they are. It doesn’t matter as long as the games are being played. And its only America, Japanese games are all over the world. While American games are just being sold here.

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    1. ^^fail, u just proven my point again, U drone just can handle Nintendo ips so U only relies on COD even if COD is garbage and it also come to Nintendo platforms so whats your point, whatever happens Nintendo still wins with software.

      why has your 2 dads put U to sleep yet?

      1. We should just stop. Were not going anywhere with this fool.He’ll keep disagreeing even after we proved him wrong.

  38. @all ya wrong nintendo back out of the deal because they relize they made a mistake yet again. Um western games are all over the world counting european games and

  39. And microsoft in japan :D.
    Also my point is that sales is not an indicator of a great game as proveb by cod sales JESUS YA NEED TO LEARN HOW TO READ.

    1. X-box failed in Japan mind you… The Wii did not fail anywhere. Western games are horrible if you compare with Japanese ones, but they don’t send the best ones here (especially ‘Muhrica) because of ignorant fools like you who want games to be like Hollywood movies. It is because of people like you we can never have nice things :/

  40. @marcos what happen big boy? I was just getting warmed up. Oh daddys calling you for some milk and sandwhich.

  41. Nintendo still wins with softwares…not quite and you just proved my point that nintys full of mediocre shovekware that even though they sell they suck and are garbage like cod series

    I pity the fools

  42. OMG WTF happened to the discussion about the controller? Some people here need to grow the fuck up. They are just fuckin’ games, not a culture nor a lifestyle. We play to entertain ourselves, not to argue with enraging fanboyism. Arguments like this never end cause everyone thinks they’re right. Well guess what; internet trolls here are so damn dumb they’ve completely went WAY off topic. They continue to rant about how (insert game here) is better than (insert other game here) and cause way too many fucking problems when Video Games as an industry was invented to entertain the players when they have nothing better to do. So quit the shit and play a game or something. Unless, of course, you’re the immature little bitch that likes to argue about images on a screen and jerks off to superviolent games because they need to get a life and a fucking girlfriend. Speaking of which, I’ think I’ll get off the Web and enjoy my summer with my friends.

    1. Bro, that’s a +1, right there.
      If you’re ever around Gaia Online, look me up by the name Smashbrolink.
      When the Wii U comes out, maybe we’ll get some chat going while playing Zombie U.^_-

  43. @wisewario I im not mad bro were just discussing things like gentlemen. Clam down youre going to get a heart attack chico

  44. WHOA THERE. I’m not trying to put anyone on the spot. Just please for the love of God stop arguing. You’d make this world a better place. ;) (btw my comment wasn’t directed towards you. if you feel offended, i apologize.)

  45. Microsoft seems to quickly forget that they copied the Wii’s motion gaming platform. An since it is not selling games well, they are mad and trying to use it as a media hub to go after Apple. Since their Zune is getting its face stomped in after copying Apples iPod touch design. Hell, even windows wasn’t developed by Bill Gates. He stole it from his room mate, founded the company, and THEN hired the guy. Or how about the iphone. YouTube Steve ballmer laughs at the iphone, touting that it had no keyboard. Now, it has the Lumia 900. Based on these issues, Microsoft shouldn’t make comments about people they rip from ripping off their consoles. I don’t care to listen to hypocrisy.

    1. I personally believe that every company has copied SOMETHING at one point in their existence. Or they just tried but made it worse.

  46. Once it’s comfortable to hold and play games with, I don’t care. Iwata specifically said they designed the Wii U Pro controller for 3rd parties who want a more traditional controller for their action/fps games. Looks like Nintendo took what worked with their previous controllers (CCP and GC controller) and adapted it to the needs of the current market.

    All traditional controllers basically follow the SNES template. It was the best, and only needs to be modified as gamers and developers’ needs change. Nintendo set the standard that we are still using today. Leave luck to heaven.

  47. just as long as i can play games with i don’t care if it looked like a potato just as it works and does not make my hand cramp up

  48. @doonzaloog Oh shut up tool. Odyessey set the standards heck shitendo lamentainment systens still stealing there light gun. Ninty standards are constantly ‘moding’ the lestick,dual analogs,clickables,gyros,iphones,ipads smh you name it

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  50. To people complaining about Jap games:
    Call me back when your CoD bullshit can be re-released in 25 year and still sell GOOD.

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