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Western Monster Hunter News Coming This Year

Although Capcom claimed that a Western release for Monster Hunter Tri G is unlikely, it hasn’t been ruled that Monster Hunter 4 will not be released in regions outside Japan. According to Capcom’s Christian Svensson, “Western Monster Hunter fans should have some sort of information before the end of this calendar year.” Since there is an upcoming Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, perhaps this information will be about that title.

36 thoughts on “Western Monster Hunter News Coming This Year”

    1. It’s not that good, maybe it’s the one for the Vita. Hopefully it’s Tri G, since 4 isn’t coming out till next year, but again the Vita one was at least talked about, Tri G wasn’t. So if anything I’d say it’s about an 80% chance it’s the one for Vita, which is disappointing, and not good… at least for people without a Vita.

            1. Yeah, but the problem is is that Monster Hunter sells insanely well in Japan but only fairly in Western regions.

              In Japan, when you mention gaming, people think DS, 3DS, PSP or Vita. That’s why they’re making Monster Hunter 4 to portable console rather than a home console.

              As you probably know, Vita sales didn’t increase in Japan since Persona 4 Golden, a really good RPG, and you can credit the initial high sales to Disgaea 3: Abscense of Detention, games that I would both get if I didn’t have the original console versions. RPGs in Japan is like FPSs in the US – they’re like the big thing here (I’m not sure about Europe and other PAL regions).

              Yes, Capcom can develop a new Monster Hunter for Vita, but currently their fans having the 3DS. Tri G persuaded their fans to get the system, and 4 is going to have strong day-one sales since a large portion of the fans already have the system. If they make a Monster Hunter game for Vita, they can’t expect the same sale numbers due to the lack of system popularity in the region where Monster Hunter sales are at its peak.

              Of course, this is all arguably so argue away.

    1. I haven’t trusted Capcom since the day they decided to leave Dash stuck on the moon, as his sister and the girl crushing on him argue about how to go and rescue him.
      The day they rescue Mega from the Moon, I’ll forgive them.
      Till then, they’ve lost my trust.

  1. I just blood claat hope them westernize this fucking game. Look how rass long me a wait……….. cho bombo claat!!!!!!!

      1. I just fucking hope that they “westernize” this fucking game. Look how long we’ve been waiting……those mother fuckers.

        Im from Trinidad, Port of Spain xD

    1. Capcom neglects localise their games in “other regions” because “other regions” neglect to buy them.

        1. No, he’s right, but there has to be a compromise to get monster hunter to other regions. Because just because they aren’t getting as much money isn’t a good enough region to completely flip the finger to other countries.

    1. I really enjoyed it! It got me hooked for 3 years with tri -.-,and that had the least content of them all think, tri was a great introduction in the series for me, now I am playing mhfu and monster 3rd portable!

  2. Hmm that “unlikely” comment by Gibson was dissed by capcom themselves so I woulnd’t be so sure about mh 3g…besides there were so many rummors of a western release and the game sold so well in japan that it would be weird if it didnt come to the west…Localisation can take AGES though…remember xenoblade chronicles/last story?The “mh news before the end of the calendar year” could very well refer to mh3g news…We still have gamescon at august and many other chances for announcements ahead…we’ll see if they will be about mh3g or mh4…personaly i want both of them x].Being patient and spamming “I wanna buy this damn game,bring it out!” is all we can do,damn the area restrictions…

  3. 2 years, no monster hunter for the states. And they announce that we’ll at least get information about something monster hunter related by the end of the year.
    …yay? I guess its something… not even that, actually. A promise for something. So there’s a chance we don’t get jack shit, and all because they based america’s support on Monster Hunter Tri. A wii game. …Is that even a chance? its like they threw us moldy, charred meat, and wont give us food because we didn’t eat it. Not saying tri was a bad game, it was great, and even then so low on scale compared to other japan releases.

    So… fuck everywhere but japan, right?

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