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Official Nintendo Magazine Editor: ‘Loads Of Third-Party Stuff Coming To Wii U’

According to Official Nintendo Magazine editor Chandra Nair, there are loads of unannounced third-party content for Wii U. Nair says that his favorite part from last month’s E3 was finding out about all the third-party Wii U games that weren’t revealed to the public. Nair thinks that we will hear plenty of third-party announcements for Wii U at Gamescom or TGS.

“It’s actually a moment I cant talk about, because my favourite bit of E3 was finding out about all the cool third party stuff that’s coming for the Wii U, which they decided not to talk about, which was awesome. So I just want to say yeah, there’s loads of third party stuff coming which I reckon we might see at Gamescom, or we might see at TGS, but its coming. That was my favourite bit because everyone was saying ‘No one’s bringing out anything for Wii U,’ and I saw some cool things.”

86 thoughts on “Official Nintendo Magazine Editor: ‘Loads Of Third-Party Stuff Coming To Wii U’”

    1. Am I the only one who wants an official black ops 2 announcement? And no, I am not a CoDouche. Black Ops 2 would show the “mature, hardcore” gamer that the Wii U is the real deal

      1. Wow! Wii U got the same game as PS3 and X360! That’s amazing!
        People who play CoD are likely to have either a PS3 or 360, so until they see an exclusive THEY are interested in, they won’t get a new console for a game they can already play on their current system. And no, they won’t buy it just because of the gamepad, that’s a given really.

        1. Unless it cam with exclusive nintendo theme stages or weapons then yeah I cant think of why they would purchase it other than maybe exclusive usefulness that would come out of the controller

    1. With all the conflicting information its hard to tell hopefully it lasts until the next generation (after wii u) Nintendo wont make the same mistake twice

      1. well people seem to judge the next consoles base on there previous platform, like many people did not trust the dreamcast due to Saturn, and many dont trust Wii U do to Wii been casual casual they think this will be casual too, anther example many people think nextbox or ps4 will be super strong & 2160HD over PC because ps3 and xbox6360 are strong 1080p.

        1. uh not on the ps360 part.
          95% of PS360 game library are 720p not even 1080p only a hundred titles are probably 1080p and running at 60fps.

  1. Looking forward to Wii U even more now
    i heard the reason why Nintendo-land took up most of the presentation was because they were going to show retro’s game but it got pulled at the last minute

      1. Nintendo won’t attend TGS, the list of attendees was shown on this site some days ago. And I don’t think subsidiaries alone can show up.

          1. You mean the one that they held while the GameCube was still being produced? I thought they cancelled that. You mean the conference in which they are unveiling price, date, etc.? That’s not exactly a pre-TGS conference, technically it is, but it has no relation to TGS whatsoever, that’s what I heard.

  2. I haven’t placed a pre-order on any 3rd party game on PC, I’m holding out to see if it gets a WiiU release. Hoping for far cry 3, borderlands and or hitman. But definitely getting arkham city, didn’t get it for pc because I was waiting for the WiiU version. Looking forward to further release updates!

      1. Ubisoft said they want to be number 1 3rd party dev on WiiU so that’s why I think fc3 will be on it. It’s a major core title for them.

        1. I don’t know man, they are with 7 games in, so they are the Nr. 1 3rd party publisher. Maybe someone like EA (They are monsters, but they produce games that CoDouches dig.) could release 8 titles, to make Ubisoft trump them, LOL.

  3. The next Monster Hunter installment after MH4, and it’ll sell like hot cakes in Japan (like it wouldn’t anyway.)

      1. Yep.

        But with Dragon Quest X coming to Wii U, most RPG fans in Japan would already jump aboard the Wii U, so the Wii U would make a great console for the next Monster Hunter for, if not a portable console.

  4. Damn WiiU you got alot of fans, both in developers and on the console.

    This whole situation reminded me of a moment in Mirai Nikki

        1. look at the picture there is one big one and two small vents wii only had 1 small vent and the ps3 slim had 1 small vent (that i can remember)

          1. It’ll be fine, but if its got so many, could mean its a pretty powerful console, my housemate has about 3 fans in his gaming pc xD

  5. Yeah some of the shit they have been denying is probably coming Grand Theft. How would a magazine accidently type Wii U (GI) last month on Tomb Raider.

    But im hoping for MOH,DS3,NFS MW2,Nba and Mlb2k13,BO2,DMC,South Park, anything else new is a bonus

    1. I’m hoping for portal 2 and a re release of the orange box with Tf2 Updates and mods also Minecraft when the Xbox exclusivity runs out

      But the thing I can never figure out is if you are playing Metroid prime 3 on the wii u game-pad how do you aim?

      1. Gyroscope, similar to Skyward Sword, once you set a centre for it to judge from you’re all set, and can aim using slight movements, no need for analog aiming, which can be used a free camera, or as something else

        1. Though that’s a situation I could see analog aiming offered as an option. There really are people out there who are just that unwilling to move a controller/use a screen/etc., which is why the Pro controller would be perfect for them.

          1. I know. Since i used a wiimote for shooters, i hate playing them with an analog stick, its just so innaccurate and clumsey

    2. Tomb Raider would have been great. Maybe Crystal Dynamics will change their minds and release it on the Wii U as well.

  6. This sounds promising. I hope that the horrible shovelware developers don’t invade the Wii U.

    1. They’ll invade it eventually, sadly. Every system in history has had shovelware, the successful systems I mean, the Virtual Boy was probably clean.

  7. If Nintendo delivers this round, it’s up to us as consumers to go out and buy that ish. That will solidify 3rd parties. Money talks.

  8. Hopefully, THIRD PARTIES won’t make the same mistake twice. They need to KNOW that Nintendo is the only game company that has their head in the game, and not supporting Nintendo would be akin to financial suicide. I sure am not going to buy a console branded “It Only Does Identity Theft”, nor am I going to buy one from the Red Ring Kings and their “pay for our advertisements” online system.

    1. Come on, you’re acting as if the PS3/360 were god awful systems to develop for and that Sony/Microsoft were terrible partners. In many ways, Sony/Microsoft were/are more liberal partners and easier to get along with.

  9. I’m excited for Bioshock Infinite bein ported over to the WiiU. That and the new Metal Gear Rising. It looks really interestin and could be really unique on the WiiU. Either way, this is wonderful news for us Nintendo Consumers

    1. Some Bad news from the article

      Nintendo hasn’t announced Wii U specifications yet, but do you consider Wii U to be “next generation” in terms of graphics, as say the PS4 or next Xbox will be?

      A similar topic came up when we launched the Wii, some people were comparing it to other consoles and saying: “Well, is this an improvement on the specs offered by competitor consoles?” But that’s not our approach or what we define as “next generation”. We look at the user experience, the gaming experience, how we can improve that, change it, offer new kinds of gameplay. How we can get people to play more often, how we can allow people to connect from one living room to another living room and this is what we focus on and what, for us, makes a new generation.

  10. Hopeful news, just not a plethora of plastic add-ons, not exactly my preference.

    I now ponder though, Seemingly since the Gamecube(ironically), Nintendo has had it rough with third-party support compared to their competitors. How ironic? Well I still wonder, just why did the GCN had to suffer so, when arguably, it had the greatest lineup in the company’s history, and was built almost for third-party. It was one of the few times Nintendo had a power advantage as well. Not to mention a decent price.

    I’m sure most responses or conclusions will bring up it’s lack of DVD support, which is irrelevant for gaming purposes IMO. Despite that, I know DVD support was seen as huge for it’s time, and that’s another reason the Gamecube was snubbed by consumers(Which I loathed). Either that or the criticism of it’s optical disc(Which is silly).

    Besides DVD, I’m sure people bring up it’s launch date(Being later than the PS2), the fact that Sony tolerated losses unlike Nintendo, and finally, the small library of games in comparison( A shame that Nintendo’s versatile first party exclusive franchises wasn’t enough to save it. This also may be a reason why they now rely so much on their system sellers such as Mario/Zelda/Pokemon, and somewhat Metroid)

    In all truth, this is why Nintendo lacked major “core” gaming, and major support for third-party with the Wii, Just take a look at the Gamecube…….Hopeful news because I’m hoping the Wii-U doesn’t end up like the Cube due an attempt to appeal to the “core” and relying on third-party.

    The company is smart to rely on the Wii brand and series(games), just encase though. The fact that it’s being released ahead of it’s next-gen competition can also be an advantage in their corner…………..Yep, I’d say my first comment left quite the impression, even if it was slightly off topic. No need to worry, don’t expect too many of these lol.

    1. Actually Nintendo always had consoles up to par or more powerful than their competitors and Nintendo began to lose 3rd party support as soon as the PS came out and took the gaming market by storm. The reason why the N64 lacked 3rd party support was due to the limited amount of space on it’s cartridges and because Nintendo let Sony get a 2 year head start. For the GameCube it was, again, due to limited data storage on it’s mini-DVD’s and due to a lack of online. For the Wii, it’s due to a lack of online, HD, power, restrictions on it’s virtual shop, etc.

      1. Ah, forgot to mention the lack of online. I just really didn’t think the optical disc was so troublesome though….Yea, I understand this issue started with the N64, and why the N64 failed against the PS, but since the Gamecube was possibly their most “core” system to date when it came to library, it bothered me. The fact that it was driven to be supported and handled by third-parties, but was not. Nintendo, as it seems to me, realized they couldn’t rely on third-party or their core base. So, they expanded their appeal and games with the Wii, and nearly shunned third-party…in almost a spiteful way.

        I guess I feel for the Gamecube, somewhat like the Dreamcast. Great systems, but “failed” for unfortunate reasons.

        Hm, I always believed Sega to have the power advantage over Ninty for some reason.

        1. The GameCube was probably their most “core” system but it got ignored, in terms of 3rd party support, in favor of the DVD/Online-incorporated PS2 and the original Xbox. Tbh, I’m honestly surprised it didn’t get more 3rd party support than it actually seeing as it was, as you said, maid for 3rd party developers.

          Yeah, both the GameCube and the DreamCast were great systems. They both brought new things to consoles and took a while to actually get appreciated.

          As for SEGA, well they had a power advantage over Nintendo’s NES w/ their Genesis but that was a 16-bit system and, two years later, Nintendo released the SNES which was slightly more powerful than the Genesis.

    1. Do I have to remind you? A new Pikmin is at launch, as well as a new 2D Mario game, and we know that Smash is in works. I may have left out some things, but that sounds like they do care, 2 major franchises at launch (Again, I may have forgotten some games.), with possibly Retro’s game following.

  11. Hello! I just composed an e-mail to the folks at Club Nintendo. I don’t expect it to get very far. If you agree with anything I ramble about, please consider sending a similar message (or cut and paste this one) to their feedback department.

    It only takes a moment to stand up and say, “Hey, Nintendo. You seem to love Japan more.”
    And they do.

    My letter:

    The Elite Status Rewards were announced recently, and I’m sure you’ve already heard from a lot of fans who are disappointed by this year’s selection. True, Club Nintendo is a bonus service and on some level fans should be happy for anything they see here. Sadly, this is just not the case. Many members such as myself spend a lot of money on products we would not have otherwise considered had it not been for the Club Nintendo coins we would receive from completing surveys many of us feel aren’t even taken seriously. The reveal of the Elite rewards every year is a huge deal to a lot of dedicated Nintendo fans. And this year, after a lot of hard work and lots of spending in an uneven economy we get a deck of playing cards. Your diehard fans, the ones who support your systems and products and frequent Zelda news sites for even the chance at hearing of a new game are getting frustrated. Let’s not focus on E3. It was just bad. Let’s look at the deck of playing cards as a reward for spending hundreds of dollars on Nintendo products.

    A few years back Club Nintendo of Japan made available as a reward to its members a Super Famicom controller you could plug into your Wiimote. What a great idea! Surely Nintendo of America would see that retro gaming is a live and well in the USA and that a Super Nintendo controller attachment would be appreciated in America! And we get a button set. Or a deck of playing cards. Club Nintendo of America members have yet to see the golden nunchuk offered overseas as a compliment to the golden Zelda Wiimote. I assure you, Zelda fans and anal retentive folks live here, too.

    In comparison to the variety and quality of the items offered by overseas Club Nintendo sites is should be very easy to see why lifetime fans such as myself feel pretty let down by the low bar Club Nintendo continually sets for itself with its elite gifts. The idea should be to present your fans with something unique and creative that they just can’t get anywhere else. A button set? See Etsy. A deck of Nintendo playing cards? Hanfuda would have at least made more sense. It seems as if every year the decision makers at Club Nintendo of America have simply no idea what its fans want or just don’t care enough to make it happen.

    I don’t imagine my letter will get much past an auto-reply or a very kind person who really has no control over the things I’m talking about. And that’s too bad. Perhaps if I was a member of Club Nintendo Japan I would have more of a chance.


      1. Because we have dedicated fans here in US. Then again, maybe I’m wrong, and this website is being run by someone in Japan which explains why it’s all in English.

        1. What I’m getting at is that Nintendo fans are global and it sometimes feels like a slap in the face to see the different way Nintendo are treated globally.


            gamers these days! pfft

          2. Well, Nintendo has a good reason to not give their gems to people who scolded almost every 1st party GameCube game. But I’m guessing that this will change once the Wii U starts being grabbed of the shelves by determined consumers who are willing to fight over the last one.

    1. What, the Japanese company is loving Japan more than others? Pfft.

      Next you’re going to say that Americans love America.

  12. I know this. That’s why I laughed when people quickly talked shit about Nintendo in E3. Once Nintendo releases the date for the console, So many games will be revealed.

    1. Yes! I think that they will have been saving a load of good 3rd party games to reveal nearer to the U’s release to avoid overhyping and consumers forgetting about the console by release. So then the Wii U is all set for a decent launch.

      1. It was already shown at Microsoft’s conference, I’m guessing Activision has some agreement with Microsoft, since seemingly everybody who wants to do anything with MS has to have a agreement (For example, Minecraft on the 360.). And c’mon, it’s just Black Ops2, that’s like asking, why didn’t they show us a piece on shit on a stick.

  13. So his favorite part of E3 was something that didn’t occur? Wow, we really did have a crappy E3… But the fact that we have a ton of third party Wii U games coming our way is good news.

  14. I have no doubt the Wii U will have a lot of 3rd party support. There really is no excuse for 3rd party devs to not bring their games to the Wii U now. All the usual excuses are gone. The only one left is a pure bias against Nintendo, and that’s just pathetic. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Where did you read that? It just states that IBM is going to make the processor of the Wii U, which we know since how long now? A year?

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