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‘Wii U Will Most Likely Cost Under $400’

There is a previous report from an insider who is positive that the Wii U will be less than £249. According to a new report, from a credible source, the Wii U is “99% likely” to go on sale in the UK for less than £250, which is around $380. Nintendo will announce the pricing for Wii U, and release date, during the Autumn.

90 thoughts on “‘Wii U Will Most Likely Cost Under $400’”

  1. Honestly I’d have no problem paying $400 for the Wii U especially if I’m paying for a next gen console. I would have a problem paying less than $350 because it would make me feel like I’m not paying for a next gen experience. So.. Take my money Nintendo.

    1. I really think that $350 is the sweet-spot, where the price is at where people want to buy the product and where the company can sell it at a profit(for those who don’t know.)

    1. The problem with releasing it too early is that it allows the competition to take advantage of the information.

      1. plus these guys are smart. they saved their big guns, ie games they havent shown for when they have to drop the highish price of the console (probably a 400 hundred dollar console)

    1. Disagree, I think 300-350 is the sweet spot, it won’t fail if it goes for about 100$ more than the wii, since it’s much more powerful, plus the controller and whatnot

    2. Well they have to test the waters at the very least in the beginning. Even if it ends up like the 3DS where the price is lowered quite quickly (What? 4 months was it?), buuuutt that’s not gonna happen with it’s pretty nifty launch titles. (Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, etc.) And yes, I’m buying one. Launch or not.

    1. The Wii was 250.

      Nintendo is actually trying in the graphics department this time around, it’s going to be at least $300 (plus tablet controller).

    1. I have 300 dollars in my Amazon account plus another 800 or so from Chinese New Year and lunch money savings.

  2. 280 is too round of a number. I’m calling $299.99 with no games included, so you’d end up paying $50 extra for a game. That’s what N64 did.

  3. 280 and 400 are too round of numbers and not too attractive. I’m calling $299.99 USD without a game, so buying a launch title will be an extra $49.99. That’s what N64 did. Unless Nintendo wants Nintendoland to compete with Wii Sports as one of the best selling games ever, they’ll package it with the console and just sell the whole package for $349.99

    1. Or similar to what they did for Wii Sports, it could be bundled with the Wii U in America, but sold separatly in Japan.

  4. I will get the console regardless of price. I know i will love it and I know it will fulfill my gaming needs.!

  5. Just take my money and give me WiiU..on a serious note, hope its 350 since I’ll be buying 2-3 games at launch…

    1. they will announce in autumn. do you want the competitiors to know so they can cut their prices when U comes out?

          1. Lego city Undercover, Sing, Rayman Legends, Tekken TT2, Scribblenauts Unlimited HD. just because you may not play them, doesent mean they’re bad.

  6. 380 would be a bit out of my price range for a single month……..
    But give me three or four, and I could make it work, assuming I’m not hired by then.
    If I’m hired anytime soon, first big bulk sum paycheck is going to have 400 taken out specifically for the sake of the Wii U.

  7. Got 1350 dollars saved up is it enough to buy the console and all launch titles with extra controller or should i save up even more ( saving up since last month XD)

        1. Im getting Just Dance 4 and Sing. I like to act and perform so I have all the “Heros” and “DDRs” I also enjoy “Rythym” games. Shame some people are disliking them to THAT extent. (almost like its illegal)

    1. IBM has made cpu’s for nintendo for 3 generations now, according to the article. I don’t understand why it’s exactly news either, it’s from 2011.

      But the POWER7 chip still has me excited. :D

      1. then how comes tekken dude said the cpu is lower than ps3 and 360? I only posted it cos Aeolus said IBM are not making cpu for Nintendo :P and said power7 was never confirmed…

  8. I’ve made up my mind. I’m getting one at launch; been eager to get my hands on that controller damn it. Just a thought- If Wii U is not enough and you’re still craving for next gen console, what do you see fit for a secondary system? PS4 or XBox 720? PS4 is expensive at launch, Xbox is known for malfunctions and raping gamers with paid services. Just a thought.

    1. Well I’m more biased towards Sony than Microsoft. But that’s only cuz I grew up with it next to nintendo and sega. When Xbox first came out I never really got into it much, as it wasnt that appealin to me.

      In the end I’d have to say go with PS4 as I’m sure Sony has learned their lesson with pricing and probably wont go any higher than $400

  9. It hast to be 350€ or lower. taking preorders at that price, so they have to sell it for that (or lower)

  10. Enough of the price teases already! Just cut to the chase and give us a price tag. But don’t make it overpriced. If it’s $350-$400, it better come with a MAJOR bundle in which Nintendo knows how to resolve that. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a next-gen console.

    1. Then you may not be the consumer with the “slightly higher finances” that Reggie spoke of at E3 2011 I have $400 for the shstem and ive paid off 5 out of 10 titles (at a $65 price cap) so far. and im guessing Nov. 11th or 18th

  11. I will buy it at whatever price.

    Just hope Nintendo dont spread out all their releases over 2 years or something stupid.

    Dont forget that some games announced before 3DS launched are still not released after 18 months.

    i REALLY want a Wii U … but i also want games to play on it now, not waiting months between AAA game releases.

    1. No. It’s a next-gen system. What the hell kind of next-gen system, in this day and age, will retail for $250 or less at launch? I expect ALL of them to be at or above $350.

  12. it will be now problem all im askin for for christmas is a wii u its no problem i love having my mom and dad to take a burden off me every once in a while

  13. I hope is in the $300 – $400, because I want to buy a couple of stuffs like the games and the two controllers.

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