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Do You Want Skull Kid In Next Smash Bros? Let Sakurai Know

Numerous Smash Bros fans have taken to Twitter to let Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai know that they want Skull Kid to features in the next Smash Bros game. If you desperately want to see Skull Kid feature in the next Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS then please ReTweet this.

389 thoughts on “Do You Want Skull Kid In Next Smash Bros? Let Sakurai Know”

        1. Yes, that would be awesome.
          I have no clue why some people rather have Zant, Midna or Ghirahim in there, they’ve only made one appearance in a game – why would they deserve to be in? Skull Kid has been in several Zelda games and therefore has more meaning for the series.

          1. That’s because people want skull kid for his majora’s mask appearance, not because of skull kid himself. And Majora’s Mask skull kid only appeared in one game.

            1. Even so, the character has a much bigger impact on the series than a bad guy who’s only been in one game.
              MM version or not – doesn’t take away that that’s the only game that contained Skull Kid.

              1. I would actually like a version or maybe just THE only version of link to have a kind of transformation to his masks, i.e transform into Zora, Deku, or Goron Link. Kind of like Pokemon Trainer, nevertheless it might be a bit overpowered, but it can easily be countered by making his transformation take a few seconds and therefore he would be open to attack very easily while doing this. Oh well, it’s good to dream.

              2. Am I the only one who hated Ghirahim. Every time he showed up… The coolest part about him was his theme song.
                Knowing Smash Bros. they’ll go with the most current games. They make an effort to do that just as Marvel vs Capcom did. It helps sell what’s still available. If only MM would come to 3DS, we might have a chance.
                But I fully support Skull Kid as he was a great character from one of the best games in the series. I also support dropping Shiek to make Zelda a non-specific/timeless character, giving WW Link items from WW, and giving Ganondorf his OWN moves and maybe passing on what he has to Black Bull.

      1. Since Monolith Soft is a first-party developer for Nintendo, now, I think it’s a better idea if they add their characters, instead of Skull Kid, in the next SSB. Imagine Shulk from Xenoblade, KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, Kalas from Baten Kaitos, and some other characters from Monolith Soft games fighting the other Nintendo characters.

        1. Those are not technically Nintendo characters. Sakurai has gone on record to say he does not want too many non-Nintendo characters. It would make the game lose focus.

              1. Why skull kid? As far as I remember skull kid himself didn’t really use Any powers in majoras mask, how about having Majora itself in the game and it can turn into the different iterations,similar to Pkmn Trainers switch out

                1. I knew someone would start comparing other characters to the,. It’s just, they’ve been with Nintendo for a long time. Monolith Soft just joined Nintendo, in my opinion, it just doesn’t make much sense.

                1. OKAY. CONVERSATON OVER. I don’t want want to keep discussing this. Opinions are what someone thinks, IT’S NOT FACT. I don’t care if you guys think that all of the Street Fighter characters should be in SSB, it’s your opinion. I just stated mine and that’s that. Get over it. You guys keep replying to me, wanting to keep argue about it. I don’t want to.

              2. Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo, and Xenoblade was made after Nintendo bought it (They didn’t just “join” Nintendo). So Shulk would be a Nintendo character, and an original character to join Smash as well.

          1. I know I’m wishful thinking, but since Monolith Soft is now a first-party developer and 100% owned by Nintendo and NamcoBandai is working on the next SSB, the chances are not too bad. I don’t know about you, but I’ll get these over Skull Kid anyday.

        2. God, that would be awesome. His “B” attack would be that flute-gun-thing and “side b” grab-type-thing that Cptn Falcon had in Brawl. In Final Smash he would put the moon fall.

        3. Shulk is probably the best choice for a newcomer, hell I think he was the most requested character in a recent poll. I don’t imagine any of these other guys making it though.

          1. Amen, I couldn’t care less about Skull Kid, but added Shulk would be awesome. It would show that Nintendo has always made IPs, and has strong JRPG games (since it is considered the JRPG of this generation). Shulk is one of my most wanted characters and I’ve only watched a walkthrough of the game.

            1. Who the heck is Shulk?!This conversation is about skull kid if you want Shulk then start your own board! (ahem)-but either way I would love skull kid,however if he didn’t wear the mask while fighting then I couldn’t care less,he could still be mentioned from other games to.Like when you look at his trophy, and it would say–

              The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
              The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

              Honestly, if I had to choose between Skull Kid and Ghirahim, it would be Skull Kid. :-)

        1. In that case, wtf was snake’s power? Wow, he crawled around in a damn box and fired guns. Big deal. Wow, Sonic can run really fast. Who cares? Your point?

    1. whats wrong with you? it would be awesome! anyway, even if you dont like him, its another character to the roster, which extends the replay value.

      1. Yeah, because a dude who’s been in only one game really has the right to be in a game which is supposed to be for Nintendo ICONS.

    1. I think having Monolith
      Soft characters like Shulk from Xenoblade, KOS-
      MOS from
      Xenosaga, Kalas
      from Baten
      Kaitos, and
      some other characters from
      Monolith Soft
      games is a better idea than Skull Kid.

          1. Monolith is owned by Nintendo and Xenoblade Chronicles was published by Nintendo, which means Shulk is a first party character and thus, a Nintendo character. There’s no real reason why he should not be in the game; saying that ”Monolith only joined Nintendo recently” is a very shallow reason.
            Hell, he’s technically more of a Nintendo character than all pokemons, seeing that Gamefreak is actually only a second party developer.
            But anyways, he’d add more variety to the game. Much better than seeing a filler Mario character or a Zelda character who was only (slightly) important in one game.

            1. Zelda, Sheik, and Ganondorf were not “slightly” important. Sure Sheik has only made an appearance in one game, but she still played an important role. This whole argument is pointless, just say okay. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s all based on one’s opinion. If you think all of Monolith’s characters should be in SSB, so be it. That’s why it’s called an opinion. This is getting us no where.

              1. You do realize that when I said ”slightly important” I was only talking about Skull Kid…?
                And it’s not just a matter of opinion, Nintendo haven’t made any new IP in years, the last one being Pikmin. Seeing that Xenoblade is the first brand new IP in more or less a decade, it’s certainly normal to expect to see it being represented in SSB.

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        Too many similar abilities, maybe as an alternate costume, or assist trophy?

        1. Anyone whose actually played the Prime games and fought Dark Samus would know that she has plenty of moves that are different that could be used.

          1. This.

            Scattershot, Homing dive, sliding arourd everywhere, slide flips, big laser wall, doing that annoying pinball move, sheild, splitting into multiple copies, Dark Samus is boss.

            I think Samus should have a Shinespark as a move though, shes sooo damn slow, she needs a move to counter that downfall

            1. You realize those moves you listed aren’t going to play out that well in a Smash Bros game, right? They have to dumb down Dark Samus’ moves for her to be on equal grounds (and please, none of this 1st tier/2nd tier bullshit) with the others. The moves could be the same, but they won’t be that awesome.

                1. And the Boost Ball/Pinball move could be similar to Yoshi’s Egg Roll but faster.
                  Here’s how I envision her moveset
                  B: Phazon Beam (scattershot)
                  Up B: Phazon Dive-Bomb
                  Side B: Boost Ball
                  Down B: Phazon shield (reflects projectiles)
                  Final Smash: Corruption Beam (the beam that was used in Prime 3 to corrupt Samus and the other bounty hunters)
                  What do you guys think?

                  1. Sigh, why does Dark Samus NEED to be in? Her design is relatively similar to Samus, and she could easily be an alternate costume just as how Wario’s costume works. All the developers need to do is stop recolouring models as “alternate” costume and edit models out to make it feel like it’s a different character. Then again, it doesn’t really matter if both have different movesets, because then I can add other dark characters in with different moves as well. I made a similar post a couple of minutes ago, so yeah. :/

                    1. She needs to be in because shes a cool character and the most likely Metroid villain to make it in. The Metroid series needs more characters represented.

                    2. Then just add Ridley. His size doesn’t really matter anymore because his size could be comparable to Charizard’s. :/

                    3. Ridley is a perfect character they can just make some bigger characters that move slower so but would be strong but slow that would mix up the sizes that would make it better for other characters instead of shrinking them

          2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

            I’ve played all of them, and I’m even lucky enough to have the Trilogy version (Limited supply.), but she/he/it really has too many similarities. Just replay, let’s say MP3 (Since it’s the easiest, so the quickest to go through.), and you’ll see.

    1. That’s pretty much the reason why everyone wants him. They don’t want HIM, they just want Majora’s Mask itself…but in a form we’ve all come to recognize (which is ON skull kid’s face).

        1. Because we love clones. God… even with a different movepool – it’s just not cool to have so many similar characters. A choice needs to be made in this case.

          1. ^YES!…no more clones. Toon Link is too similar to normal link. What Sakurai should do is make Link have the ability to transform into Wolf Link and THEN add Toon Link so that they are vastly diferent.

            1. If young Link were to reappear, it would be another meaningless Zelda character. The only way he should appear is either as a costume change or like Zelda/Sheik, the same character in different phases. Toon Link is the same thing.

  1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    No, why? He’s such a minor character, why not Megaman instead?

        1. LOL! I think that is the point “DigDugDiglett” the username is about stuping down to Aeolus’ level of immaturity! :P

    1. Yes :D although Dark Samus still has alot of potential, she does fight like Samus. And Ridley. MOAR METROID CHARACTERS! Samus is all alone (which is quite fitting really)

          1. Bowser uses dark magic to adjust his size, so of course he can grow big or small whenever he wants. Mario has mushrooms.

            However, Ridley has always been the same size in pretty much every game he’s been in besides the original NES Metroid. He doesn’t have that size-changing luxury. The dragon’s friggin huge, man.

            And before you bring up Olimar, I’d like to point out that resizing him was inevitable since he’s the only main character that’s actually usable.

      1. they should cut zero suit samus and instead have normal and dark samus.
        and honestly, not many other metroid characters would work as characters, but they should had some good assist ones.

        1. The Zero Suit wasnt really a character though, it was more of a sacrifice to using arguably the best move in the game (although i still kicked ass as Zero Suit Samus). But yes, Dark Samus has loads of different moves, and its more agile than Samus is.

            1. In fact, Varia Suit Samus isnt even that great. The bombs and missiles are pointless, and Screw attack is good, if you can hit them, and charge beam is good, if you can actually charge. Then shes slow as shit…

          1. I don’t want to sound like a douche, but Zero Suit Samus IS a character, and her addition makes the character roster even more accessible due to her moves being different than Samus in a suit. :s

            It doesn’t really matter if Dark Samus has different moves with Samus because then you could add other dark characters from other games with different moves as well, such as Pit and Dark Pit. Now, I’ve played the Trilogy version, and honestly it would be a waste of character space to add such a similar character in terms of design, and both of their arm cannons would have to be entirely utilized for them to be a complete character, unless Dark Samus can like, explode phazon or something, hehe. It just doesn’t make any sense to add Dark Samus because you can easily have her as an alternate costume just as how Wario’s alternate costume works with Classic and Biker outfits. I just hope that the developers aren’t just recolouring them; I want them to make different models with each alternate costume and that way it feels like the players are playing a different character. :x

            1. Zero Suit Samus is just the same as Shiek, or Pokemon Trainer, its just only accessable at either the start of a match or by using a final smash. And Dark Samus isnt the same. Its part of the story that theres this evil Samus running around, and in Smash Bros it would be no different to the fact Luigi is in it, because while theyre overall body shape is the same, their design and movesets are much different, anyone who fought Dark Samus knows shes nothing like Samus

              1. They’re still separate characters, though.

                Yes, I know they’re not the same considering I have played the Trilogy, but we don’t need any more similar characters in design just like Mario and Luigi, even if they would have a different moveset. There could be more Metroid characters such as Ridley and one of the hunters from Corruption or Prime Hunters, which could be a great addition, but then again, I find Dark Samus to be an alternate costume and not a separate character in the roster. Just imagine if Dark Samus was added; the Metroid roster wouldn’t look too diverse if that’d happen. >.<

              2. lol Zero Suit Samus is not the same as Shiek or Pokemon Trainer!?!? :O Just because she is an alternate(transformed) version of a character doesnt mean they are the same. The movesets of those 3 characters arent even close to being the same. You want to talk about clones? Talk to me about Fox, Wolf and Falco –__– Also I have fought Dark Samus and she/he or whatever it is, is definitly a clone. Faught it in Metroid Prime Corruption….pretty similar.

    1. But honestly, i think the roster from Brawl needs a good do over, alot of those characters were pointless, or not really worth having like ROB, Falco, Toon Link, fucking Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer (although he/she could be re-done). Even characters like Ganondorf, if they go for SS Link and Zelda, Ganondorf would just look out of place and weird. I think all of the characters need re-doing, or new moves, and get the main characters set in stone, then add new ones.

        1. Think that would be too complicated. Thats like making double the characters, just for each skin. I do think the skins should be more dynamic rather than just a colour change. Like, Mario could have a tankooni suit, Samus could have the PED, Light, and Fusion suit, stuff like that.

      1. Hey, R.O.B. was cool, watch your damn mouth. And Falco is definitely coming into his own ever since he was introduced as “just a Fox clone”. Jigglypuff is going to be in every Smash game no matter what happens, so just deal with it. And Pokemon Trainer was a nice experiment. You want the real characters that didn’t belong? Only one: Metaknight. What an annoying little crap. As for Ganondorf, that’s no big deal: they can just use Demise. Either that, or whatever next-gen iteration of Ganondorf (and Zelda and Link) will emerge when Zelda Wii U debuts.

        1. ROB was cool, for that game, but hes novelty is the same as Snake and Sonic, it wont last in 4. Falco has slightly different moves, but Wolf was more “unique” than Falco, whether or not people like her, Krystal has a much larger opertunity to be a different fighter, and not feel like a clone.

          As for Ganon, we’d have to wait and see, Smash Bros is past the game engine development already, while Zelda was still in a gathering ideas stage last time we heard. I think thats why Skull Kid or Vaati would be better, give a new villian a chance to shine.

        2. i think what you all seem to be forgetting here is. this is the Wii U. HD graphics man. and DLC. so whatever character dosent make the cut can be added later along with stages, and updates. if they don’t do it like capcom and put it day one knowing damn well they could put it in the game, and make each DLC actually be necessary. Then Fuck yeah i wouldn’t mind paying! am i the only one excited for the Wii U . :P

          1. Im looking forward to the online, alot. Obviously DLC will keep increase its life span, but i want a big feature where people can share custom made stages and stuff, something similar to Trails Evo, or even Halo, respectively.

  2. Why dont people want him? He was only a minor characte to those who dont look t him the way hardcore fans of majra do. And come on… Who doesn’t want to ee how he would play when he as the mask

  3. Eh, the only reason he’d fit in the game is if there was going to be a Majora’s Mask remake or a sequel/prequel. I mean, Young Link was replaced by Toon Link as a more recent version, just like with Mewtwo replaced by Lucario.

      1. Yeah, I kind of disagree with remaking Majora’s Mask. I mean, it was a brilliant game, but Ocarina of Time was only remade because it’s the staple of the entire series’ 3D games. A sequel would be nice, and I think another game, but in a completely different location with the major things included in Majora’s Mask implemented.

        1. I have to disagree with you, my friend.

          they couldn’t have remake Ocarina of Time if they couldn’t, and despite being one of the best games of all time (in my opinion), that is not a exact excuse to no remake Majora’s Mask. Personally, I prefer the remake in the Wii U and the Sequel of A Link to the Past in the 3ds, but maybe that is too much to ask.

    1. I just want to say that Lucario was not replaced by Mewtwo because they have no similarities whatsoever except their standard B move. Ever heard of the Forbidden Seven? Mewtwo’s character files are still present in the Brawl disk along with edited sound files and some other unknown files left over, which means that Mewtwo was going to be in the game, but he was probably scrapped due to time consumption.

      1. He was a replacement though. Mewtwo was a very popular standing pokemon who could be very versatile in a game like Smash Bros. Lucario may be nothing alike in the game, but he is basically replacing Mewtwo.

        1. Pichu is awesome. his electricity is super bad ass and coo. Plus his taunt when you role around on the ground is the best taunt in the game. People get sooo pissed when you win with pichu, especilly when it’s boyscout pichu. Or fighter pilot pichu.

          :::picks up wavebird:::

          1. ….but its the exact same as Pikachu….clone characters are such a waste in a game like Smash Bros (3 Landmasters -___-), all the characters should feel different, not like how Ganondorf and Cpt Falcon are the same, and Fox, Wolf and Falco are the same, and Link and Toon Link are the same, and and Dr.Mario is the same.

            Those sort of characters should be either fixed and become their own unique character ( Falco, Wolf, Ganondorf), or become alternate “colour” options (Pichu, Dr.Mario, Toon Link)

            1. Whether he was a clone or not, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s cool. The two are not logically linked here.

              1. Its a fighter, i felt a little cheated when 3 landmasters showed up. Clone characters should exist, and Pichu was a novelty, but like i said, they should do the character model options rather than just a different colour

    1. Most likely. Other than the starter Pokemon, and Pikachu, the only Pokemon to really stand out above the rest were Mew, Mewtwo, Lucario, and now Zoraroark. I think his character would be really interesting, seeing as he can shape shift, he’d be similar to Kirby’s ability

  4. Well, He won the smash poll. I can’t help but feel that it was rigged. I don’t care if he is put in, mostly because I haven’t played Majora’s Mask. Is it really that popular?

  5. I cant imagine how skull kid will be used. He doesnt have any weapons, or any known skills except that dart blower and maybe the mask.

  6. Skull kid would be nice but what smash bros need is some
    Variety just like when they added snake and sonic.

  7. I would rather have young link with special move masks. Each direction is a different one.

    Up-B: Deku link shoots up and propellers to the ground.
    Left/Right-B: zora link shoots double boomerang fin’things (what were those?) in both directions.
    Down-B: Goron link rolls around the arena with a destructive force.

    If the smash ball is still there then his final smash should be the fierce deity mask.

    1. Rather than “instead of”, I would love to see both young link with masks and skull kid. Masks would be an excellent way to make young link his own character instead of just a clone.

  8. Those of us hackers known as “modders” have had skull kid and his own custom moveset for quite a while now. His final smash is the moon crashing down on the playing field. He’s pretty fun to play with. So if Sakurai and the gang can replicate that, go for it.

  9. I like Skull Kid… but what about Mother? I know we have Ness and Lucas, but maybe bring Flint or Kumatora to the battle? Or, going out on a limb and saying bring Giegue (final smash, Giygas.)

    1. We were lucky to get Lucas. I don’t think more characters from Mother 3 will be in the game. Maybe we get some Mother 2 characters if it happens to arrive on the VC by the launch of Smash 4.

      1. Peach had her own game
        Zelda she has minor scenes of helping link and well she was awesome in wind waker as tetra
        Olimar he has his own game with his pikmin
        ROB well I understand that.

        Skull kid was what a villian in one game and the rest he was in well he was in the forest thats not really a big deal

        1. Yeah but we never saw Zelda as Tetra, Olimar has no fighting moves what so ever in Pikmin, he just throws pikmin and whistles. His character is as obscure as having Game and Watch, ROB, Snake, Jigglypuff, Lucario, even Pit. Sakuri likes to please the fanbase and put in ideas and characters people wouldnt expect to see

  10. Lov how people are pulling the he’s not a fighter card. Yur all just mm haters or unimaginative morons. Look at phoenix wright in UMVC3 . He’s awesome. He’s a lawyer. And he has an mazing super. Skull kid has magic spells. … Not hard to imagine a set. Lol rob, olimar, game and watch, olimar, peach hav proven devs are creative. So just accept it. Variety is variety. What are you gonna do not buy te game if he is in it.

    1. This.

      The only characters i want to return are, all the mario ones, link, zelda and maybe ganondorf, all the kirby, samus, falcon, fox, pikachu, pit, wario, olimar, Donkey, Diddy, and Ness (fuck Yoshi, hes useless).

      Then just put entirely new characters in.
      The main ones i would like to see are Dark Samus, Ridley (if its possible), Ghiriham or Vaati or Skull Kid, King K Rool, Isaac, and thats probably it. Everyone else would be fine, but not just really obscure characters like Geno, from that game barely anyone played.

      1. Yoshi needs rep, though, and that’s like saying Wario, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are useless as well. If you’re talking about Yoshi’s moveset, however, then the developers never took time to buff his moves up, considering they sort of rushed through the game and not focus on the game’s main mechanics.

        1. lol Yoshi doesnt have another character in his game to be another rep!!?….this comment got me thinking about Birdo though and how awesome it would be to have her/him in the game! :D

        2. Yoshi’s moveset and overall movement is just balls. Normally when i play Smash Bros, with friends and family, i change characters ever game, so im not just using Kirby and destroying everyone, but i never ever picked Yoshi. Hes just terrible.

          1. I understand, but remember that there are people who know how to use Yoshi well. He even beats Meta Knight in terms of match-up.

      2. Dark Samus would be a clone…..Just Saying…just put Ridley in and that is all the representation Metroid needs.

        1. But she wouldnt, her moveset, and fighting style would be totally different. Just because it LOOKS like Samus, doesnt mean it is. Besides, if Sakuri wants to basically get rid of cloes and make each character unique, then he wouldnt be a clone anyway…

    2. Hey I agree with you 100% although what I’m saying is that Skull Kid is not as deserving as Gihrahim is. Gihrahim is more current being in Skyward Sword and all… also if the rumors are true than the Wii U version would have current characters(like Gihrahim) and the 3DS version would have retro characters. So Gihrahim is more likely. Plus I like him more :D

        1. Well with Gihrahim added to the game it would be highly pausible that the final smash would be Gihrahim turns into a sword and Demise appears! :D Also I am on the same boat as you! Ridley all the way!

  11. Absolutely not… It would put me one step closer to not buying this game. majora’s mask was terrible…

    1. LOL! I agree with you “falleninetales”! except for not buying the game. If Skull Kid is in or not I am STILL BUYING IT! Majora’s Mask was terrible. The time limit just made the game unbarable for me…

  12. I hate when people say that theres too many similar characters in Brawl. Honestly, the only similar characters are Fox and Falco and Lucas and Ness. Toon Link is atleast faster and a better jumper than Link. Ganondorf is slower but stronger. And Luigi had different move sets.

    1. While I do partially agree with you, you kinda need to revisit Ness, Lucas, Fox and Falco’s ground and aerial moves again and not their special moves, because they are not similar, at all.

    2. Fox, Falco and WOLF are all clones(that is 3 friggin clones -.-) Toon Link and Link, Lucas and Ness, Captn Falcon and Ganondorf. That is 9 characters that could have been origionals but are clones. I can understand Lucas and Ness, but what is the point of Toon Link and why cant Falco and Wolf have origional movesets? Ganondorf isn even related to Captn Falcon so that is a big NO NO. Of all the characters Gannondorf needs an origional moveset the most!

      1. Well actually theres a lot of differences in those charcacters. Like Wolf hes nothing like Fox and Falco in my opinion. And even though toon link is the same as link I like how hes faster and a better jumper.

        1. You think they are fine now, but think to yourself for a second. It would naturally be “Better” if they all had origional movesets. That is what I’m trying to say. It is frusturating to see characters that are similar to other characters when they could be their own. If you could chose clones or no clones, which would you honestly chose?

        2. Oh! and Marcos… Wolf, Fox and Falco all had the Landmaster as their final smash….that is the biggest smack in the face right there….I want to see Nintendo’s origionallity at it’s finest in the Smash games. *no clones*

          1. Yeah that kind off was annoying. Every charcter shouldve had its own Final Smash not same ones. Hopefully in the next one theyll fix it. And maybe add a second one. :b

    3. and even then, Ness and Lucas are extremely different if you actually played both of them enough.
      Fox, Falco and Wolf however are pretty much to SSB what Ryu, Ken and Akuma are to SF.


            1. Me:how dare u…
              Fi:Master i advice you to ask sickr to ban him
              Me:nah he didn’t say something horrible:)
              Fi: :)

        1. Yeah, but that isnt Gannondorf’s fault. He was made that way and he could be SOOO MUCH MORE!!! With an origional moveset and if he “lossed some weight” lol than he would be really good.

          1. I know, it does sound like Sakuri wants to basically re-vamp or refine the main 15-20 characters. For alot of them, this would be their 3rd or even 4th game, and if the move set was the same, it would be boring, and id end up just using Kirby again.

            1. I hope that rumor is true. All the characters should have origional and creative movesets. No more clones…for good this time ;)

  14. No. Ugh, God no. Skyward Sword is what will be repped in Smash 4. We have Toon Link, that’s more than enough to rep both sides of Zelda.

    Why waste a character slot for a one-shot antagonist?

    I understand that Smash is about diversity between the most and least well-known, but you’d be lucky to find ANYone out in public these days to even KNOW what or who Majora’s Mask even is. Sure there’s conventions, but that’s a fan thing so of course they’d know. Not to mention that I remember those who played it absolutely hating the 3-day time limit, which was the main gimmick, that was implemented into the game. Myself included.

    Besides, Majora’s Mask is doing all the magic work, not the Kid himself. There’s nothing significant about Majora’s Mask at all besides fan-mods [Ben Drowned, for example] and really bad fanfiction.

    (And yes, that poll WAS rigged. It got proxy-spammed by numerous Zelda fan sites, last I heard.)

    1. One shot villain. And ghirahim.. How many games was he in? Skull kid was in 3. Btw that is all your opinion an your opinion in stupid. Little do you know people like me that dont suck the tit of ocarina of time prefer majoras mask over it and we will neve go back on it. Lol the second you said one shot villain ou made your self look dumb. Oh and ok you just xplaied how he’ll be used. He will use the majoras mask. It makes sense. Magic powers. And he can use the 4 remains of the the bosses. Lol dde. Get an imagination

      1. I would rather Gihrahim over Skull Kid. Gihrahim would be a much more interesting character and he is more current. If the rumors are true than the Wii U version will be about current Nintendo characters while the 3DS will be retro. So maybe Skull Kid can appear in the 3DS one because he is an older character.

  15. Btw way. People dont want him becaus thy are ocarina of time fanboys who hated majras mask. Btw i think majoras mask is better then ocarina. Ganon is not an interesting fighter in smash. He’s a slwer stronger captain falconn… Btw… F-zero is a racing game. An you never see him out of the vehicle except for cutscenes… So… Creatiity is possible and it creates internet memes. I like to say again. Ocarina of time isn’t as good as mm in my opinion. Now please bring on the ass hurt comments

    1. lol you didnt get many ass hurt comments, but anyway…. Majora’s Mask is SOOOO not as good as Orcarina of Time. The time limit is way to annoying and the game gives terrible directions on how to get through the game. I can’t even find my way into the first temple before having to play a melody and turn back time….

      1. “Terrible directions”

        They aren’t trying to help the little baby gamers go through the game…

        They’re trying to CHALLENGE them! o:

      2. Awwwww poor little boy got used to video games holding his hand and telling him exactly what to do and how to play?

      1. Nope. master Chief it’s a pretty cool character. Him and Nathan Drake, Kratos, Samus Aran, Link, Mega Man, etc..

      2. I think that he’s a Microsoft character, and anyone that suggested his name in the poll needs a slap.
        Simon Belmont wasn’t even in the list…other than the Nintendo franchises, Mega Man and Castlevania were the 2 bighest games on the NES. Having Simon and Mega Man is perfect, and should be the only third party characters for SSB4, IMO

  16. I’m not sure why people want Skull Kid in the next Smash Bros.
    I mean, he doesn’t really attack in the games, besides shooting at you, that’s it. The only thing I can think of is his Final Smash being sending the moon to crash into the stage.

    I do agree he could at least be an Assist Trophy, using his mask powers to, I don’t know, turn fighters into other fighters for a short period of time?

    1. He’s more of a fighter than Phoenix Wright, a LAWYER, but everyone went absolutely nuts when he was added to that roster. I think the “not a fighter” thing is a very tired argument.

  17. Nah, all I want is King K Rool. He could throw his crown or shoot his blunderbuss. He could also use his boxing gloves from DK 64. And his final smash, a bunch of connon balls can fall down from the top of the stage.

  18. That’s just stupid. I want better characters than side characters only in one game.

    Give us something better.

  19. Why do people want skull kid so dang much. People just want filler for the fourth zelda character. I see link, zelda, and ganondorf doing just fine, and in case you guys haven’t noticed, they actually took away a mario character from melee to brawl with no replacement. No diddy kong isn’t a mario character. So why should skull kid be here?

    1. First, Dr. Mario doesnt count, he was a mere palette swap. Second, you say Diddy Kong doesnt count, well what about Wario? He belongs to the Mario series and first appeared in a Mario gam as a villain…So Mario franchise did not lose a spot. Thirdly, people dont just want filler. The Zelda games deserve a 4th spot being arguably the 2nd most popular Nintendo origional franchise! Honestly I would rather Gihrahim over Vaati though…

      1. Although that’s true, with Wario being in the parties and tennis games and such, Wario is mainly a WarioWare character.

  20. People only want Skull Kid because of his Majora’s Mask appearance. Maybe they should specify that, cuz just wishing for Skull Kid himself is going to bring major disappointment.

  21. Here’s my list of characters that I want in.
    Shulk from Xenoblade, KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, Kalas from Baten Kaitos, and some other characters from Monolith Soft games since it’s a first-party developer for Nintendo now.

  22. The only reason why they won’t have Megaman is because he isn’t Nintendo, he is Capcom. And from what I’m seeing in the Super Smash Bros. games, the characters are only Nintendo

        1. ….ROB was an accessory that sucked balls, and ended up being a character in Mario Kart DS.
          Next we’ll have Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Powerglove….. -_-…. ._. o_o O_O…mother of god…

  23. Why Skull Kid? There’s so many characters that deserve a place over him. Sure Majora’s mask was great, but it wasn’t enough on it’s own to warrant an appearance. Hell, I’d sooner see Midna get a spot.

    At least it would be interesting.

  24. I would love thaaat! Only…I would rather Midna, Tingle, Zant, Gihrahim, or Vaati. LOL! I would rather have any one of these guys than Skull Kid. Especially Midna or Gihrahim!

          1. Yeah, but that’s kind of the point of smash brothers. Introducing people to Nintendo’s history.

            I wonder how many people said “who is Ness, Marth, Roy, Ice Climbers, Pit, ROB, Game&Watch, etc, etc”

            1. Yeah but those characters are eiter referenced, or have had cameos, multiple appearences. Geno was in one game, and from all i know, he just like pinnochio with downs syndrome

              1. Doesn’t matter. Smash Brothers has always introduced people to Nintendo characters they’ve never heard of. Aside from being a great fighter, one of its strongest points has been its celebration of Nintendo’s history (some of which is really obscure). So I don’t how it’s a problem that lots of people have never heard of Geno.

                You’re just limiting the scope of the game by setting those silly, pointless boundaries.

  25. I am NOT expressing my opinion on Skull Kid but I do want a Augmented Reality trophy viewer for the 3DS version that come with a card with a trophy stand on it. Nintendo gave the hardware/software that can do this kind of thing. Why not use it?

  26. YES! – Majora’s Mask in the game, Skull Kid can be in there too I can see his final smash attack will be to summon Majora’s Mask to wipe the floor with everyone.

    He needs to atleast have one good signature move like Trick Attack, Instantaneously warps behind a character and deals massive damage.

  27. I don’t see why people are saying that skull kid is a minor character.. I could argue that navi is even more minor than him… Skull kid had appeared in Ocarina or time as the lost boy in the forest.. In Majora’s mask, he was the main villain.. In twilight princess, he lead link to the master sw

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  29. I can’t wait for Super Smash Bros. 4 to be completed. Not only so I can buy it and enjoy the poop out of it, it’s so Sakurai could maybe think about doing another Kirby Air Ride game. Hell, if not that, it needs to be some Kirby game! >.> Kirby needs more attention on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

  30. Seriously, if they can think of a movesets for Icharacters like the Ice Climbers and Mr Game & Watch, they can think of a moveset for Skull Kid.

  31. No.
    Despite Majora’s Mask being my favorite Zelda games, I’d rather see Ghirahim as he has more moveset potential and is more relevant at the moment.

  32. i can imagine fi holding the master sword and and her final smash will be:Master your batteries are running out LOL.
    I love fi anyway and i wish i could see her in next super smash even in thropy mode

      1. Rare’s franchises are 50% owned by microdick.Banjo and other CAN be on Nintendo’s super smash bros 3D,believe me

        1. And now which i said 50%,why Nintendo doesn’t improve wiiU a little bit more of proccesing power?Some analysts and people says that it’s weaker than ps3 and 360 which make it a half current generation console.I hope that’s 100% wrong

        2. Huh no. I don’t know where you got that, but you’re severely misinformed. When Nintendo sold Rare to Microsoft the agreement would be that they only keep Donkey Kong, as he was originally made by them, and everything else Rare ever did is now First Party property for Microsoft, including Banjo Kazooie. Their chances are just about as high as Master Chief.

  33. Skull kid, does not seem very good idea… but maybe cool to use in the retro smash bros version to 3Ds… imagine a character like, can have a goods moves by him cartoon style..

    I hope to see Girahim (skyward sword) in the wiiU version of the Next Smash bros *-*

    Sorry if I made any errors, I no speak a very very good english xDD

  34. Mewtwo and mew should be in it…but they need to tweek mewtwo he shouldn’t be goin flyin at 80% … also they should put shadow, silver, knuckles and spyro the dragon…come on now!

    1. Thats not a stupid question…who cares about adding another zelda character besides diehard zelda fans there’s still variety out there…

      1. I agree. I love The Legend of Zelda and Majora’s Mask is my personal favorite, but I want the next SSB to be a great crossover, and it would be redundant to have too many characters from the same franchise. Same reason why I’m completely opposed to people saying Toad, Waluigi or Bowser Jr should be added.
        This isn’t a Mario, or Zelda fighting game.
        It’s a Nintendo fighting game.

  35. guys shut up with this skull kid stuff they can just put in 2 more zelda characters instead of putting 1 more in duuuuuuuuuuu so please stop saying skull kid this and skull kid that its annoying there are other characters to put in the game

  36. Look guys, i know theres alot of “i want this guy” and “no, i want this guy” and “they wouldnt work, that would be a clone”, but i think we can all agree on one character we all want to see.


    1. I don’t see him being a character. I’m seeing him more likely become an Assist Trophy.

      I think it should appear as an Assist Trophy IF you have a Scribblenauts Unlimited in your memory card. Then, Maxwell will release the creatures you have in the game.

  37. I’m happy with the amount of Zelda chars in. Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Shiek and Ganondorf are enough for me.

    Maybe as an assist would be best.

    Personally I’d prefer the likes of Matthew/Isaac, Lyn, Mii and Little Mac to be the ones people are wanting. Or chars that appeared mainly on Nintendo systems. Like Shulk, Layton and Phoenix Wright.

  38. Why does everyone want Skull Kid? Yes he was in 3 games, but he’s only important in one of them. And in the game he’s important in, he doesn’t do any fighting. Majora’s Mask is doing all the work and is simply playing on his emotions!
    Ghirahim would be a better choice. He could be kinda like Lucario where when he gets hit, he gets stronger! And when he hits 100%, he becomes his strongest and all those black lines come all over his face and a second sword pops up in his hand!

    But we have to get these characters in: Custom Robo, Little Mac, Micaiah etc.

    1. When I was thinking about the benefits of skull kid couldned think of any moves
      Final smash: Moon fall or make a character into a mask or majoras mask with tentacles
      moving: floating creepy
      moves: now this is were it all fell apart any ideas

      1. No way, Ganon’s still in.
        Even if he wasn’t in the last LoZ, he’s still way too important to be left out. He’s the bearer of the triforce of Power for crying out loud!

  39. Eh…as much as I like Skull Kid…I don’t think he would be “Smash Bros.” material. I mean, what kind of powers does he exactly have? He certainly didn’t use any attacks in Majora’s Mask, if you don’t count the mask itself doing the fighting. Personally, I would rather have Demise, Midna or Ghirahim make an appearance.
    **Do Not Reply To This Comment, Please**

    1. Neither did zelda, peach, game and watch, star fox( never really saw him out side of the ship) Falco, Captian falcon, Marth ( only a few), Sheik, and lot more to u just have to have imagination to make it happen

  40. What about Teen Link? You know, from MM? With Bombchu’s and the ability to change forms with Down-B. That would be cool.

  41. 1.Banjo kazooie
    2.Crash bandicoot
    4.Silver. What do you guys think?
    6.Mumbo jumbo
    10.Another metroid character & Spyro the dragon.

        1. i cant believe you said none of them would fit…Anyone of those characters would be way better than snake and jigglypuff!

    1. Yeah, banjo characters wont happen, and i never associate crash and spyro with nintendo. The rest are just annoying Sonic characters, or Mewtwo (why!?). And you put more Metroid characters at the bottom!? Theres TONS of Nintendo characters still to choose from before we start adding lame 3rd party characters

      1. Yeah ok! And snake was a great character…all corny ones every single one of those characters would be beasty…don’t get me wrong its not gonna happen of course but I would put those characters in any day than some of these lame nintendo characters and my game would sell way more GUAREENTEED!!

  42. I think if Skull Kid does or doesn’t make it in, I have a good suggestion.

    How about…

    In story mode, some character from ANOTHER GAME UNIVERSE puts on Majora’s Mask and then becomes evil and stuff.

    How about Dark Pit? He’s completely neutral, and he doesn’t even have a leader. What if Majora’s Mask became his leader? It would make for the awesome Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus crossover that everyone wanted! But with the rest of the Nintendo characters of course.

    He curses Mario into becoming a baby, Baby Mario, like Skull Kid turned Kafei into a child. It would add a lot of hilarity to the story, with Luigi panicking.

    Also, on another note, Luigi could meet the Happy Mask Salesman and see the Mario mask and then get down to his knees and be all like “MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

    Well, I put my hopes too high on that. It probably won’t happen. I would like to see my idea come to life though. I wouldn’t shove the idea in Sakurai’s face though, I mean, it would be too much.

    Did I blow your mind with my ideas, though?

  43. Majora’s Mask Link to replace Toon Link, with the ability to transform between Hylian Link, Zora Link, Deku Link, and Goron Link.

  44. Sakurai here are some suggestions. Zant, Dixie Kong, Roy, Krystal, Magnus, Bowser Jr, and if you can, try and put more sonic charcters so sonic doesn’t have to be alone. Thank you very much Sakurai.

  45. And another thing, try some Earthbound characters. Lucas was the best Earthbound character Because his smash attacks dealt alot of damage.

  46. I almost forgot to tell you, try to make 6 players so that way players can do 3 on 3 matches when on teams. Skull kid seems okay for the new Smash Bros but we still need more girls in Smash Bros.

  47. heres the NINTENDO characters that need to be in sbb4

    Ridley (sorry if i spelled his name wrong)

    dark samus (comeon they don’t have the same weps and luigi and mario look the same but have different moves )


    Girahim or DEMISE

    MAJOR MASK for the fans(not skull kid its skull kid wearing major mask and major mask is doing all the work)

    skyward sword link

    skyward sword zelda


    baby bowser

    non NINTENDO characters



    sorry out of ideas D: u guys can think of more say

    1. would be good this team the legend of zelda
      1.Link( for wiiu skyward sword version/for 3DS ocarina of time version)
      2.Zelda/Sheik(for wiiu skyward sword version/for 3DS ocarina of time version)
      3.Ganondorf(wiiu twilight pricess version/3DS ocarina of time version)
      5.the Harbinger of death(wiiu)
      7.Skull kid(wiiu/3DS) 8.Young link with mask(3DS)
      9.Toonk link(3DS)
      10.Toon zelda/tetra(3DS)but that does not copy
      10.Toon Ganondorf(3DS)but that does not copy
      these characters would be good for the franchising of The Legend of Zelda

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  50. I honestly can’t think how he could be a good playable character, however, he would make a wonderful assist trophy. The Skull Kid screams, the ground shakes, and the moon falls onto them.

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  52. Assuming that Ganondorf and Zelda/Sheik will be in a playable character in the game, I think that four Zelda characters is really enough from a single game. (In addition to Toon Link and Link) If these four make it into the game, then I’d say that that’s all the Zelda characters that will make it in. Also, Sakarai said that he’ll be focusing on the quality of this game rather than the quantity, and that he can’t add in too many characters due to the short amount of time he has to put the game together. He can’t make everyone happy, so only the major characters in the whole series will be included. In conclusion, I don’t think Skull Kid will be in the game, as he isn’t seen as a major antagonist in the whole as much as Ganon.

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