The Pokémon Company is having a “Pokémon Power Bracket,” which is a tournament where anyone who visits its website can vote for his or her favorite legendary Pokémon. The tournament began on July 5th and is currently in the semi-finals phase, until August 15th. There are four legendary Pokémon remaining – Mew, Celebi, Mewtwo and Rayquaza.

Mew, who has 73% of the votes, is up against Celebi, while Mewtwo is losing to Rayquaza by 27%. If you want to see Mewtwo in the finals against either Celebi or Mew, make sure to vote for him. The winning Pokémon will be featured on for a week, and a “special downloadable prize pack” will be given to all participants of the tournament.

Go here to vote for your favorite legendary Pokémon.



      • They throw the best pokemon out? I dont play pokemon now, i know groudon was amazing. He had the best hp/atk. I miss pokemon now but…. ds lite broke :( better make a pokemon rpg with wii u gamepad. It has a touchscreen so i dont see any reason not to


      • THE FUCK! He can beat lots of pokemon. solarbeam works best with his ability, and his fireblast works amazingly with the ability, he has earthquake, etc. He is perfect, like dialga. Barely has weaknesses that he cant handle.


        • I prefer groudon, but I think kyogre is better. The stupid thing with groudon is that they made him have high attack and lower special attack, making solar beam and fire blast not as effective as it could be.


    • Anyone who actually played and watched Pokemon knows that Rayquaza can take out Groudon and Kyogre at the same time. And Mew can know any tm, so that makes him the auto victor of the tourney in my mind. He could use super effective moves on anyone.
      In Conclusion
      Mew>Rayquaza, but not by much. I would also be happy if Rayquaza won cuz hes badass.


  1. LOL trying to help a Pokemon that dosnt even fucking exist ! GENIUS !! Lol nintendfags would do anything for SHITENDO , and who the fuck still plays pokemon ? Fucking 5 yr olds …LMFAO MANCHILDS !! Nintendo will get crushed by the PS4 while the Wii U will just be an overclocked Xbox 360 ..STUPID NINTENFAGS


  2. If you’ve ever seen Darkrai’s Base Stats and compared them to those of Celebi, along with possible movesets and type advantages, he should’ve won.

    I don’t think the voters are entirely educated on the fine points of Pokemonography…


  3. First of all, this isn’t even news. Second, why would YOU be the one to dictate who we vote for? Third, Mewtwo is overrated as Hell. Fuck if I know where Sickr got this Alba guy from, but he’s sort of immature in the majority of his posts/articles he writes.


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