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Capcom Reconfirms Monster Hunter Western Information Will Be Shared This Year

Capcom’s Consumer Software Senior VP, Christian Svensson, has reconfirmed that the team will be sharing new information regarding Monster Hunter this year. Svensson doesn’t specify whether this is news relating to Monster Hunter Tri G, or the forthcoming Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo 3DS, but it’s good news regardless.

“A few weeks ago, I told MH fans on this forum that you’d hear something before the end of the year. Nothing has changed on that front. You’re also assuming that when it comes, it’ll be at some event you can see coming from a mile away. That’s not necessarily a correct assumption.”

“While I appreciate the passion, I can’t help you if every possible industry event leads to build up and crashes in anticipation. If we somehow get to Dec 31 and you do not have more visibility, then please be mad at me.  Until then, I’d request the benefit of the doubt and your continued patience.”

23 thoughts on “Capcom Reconfirms Monster Hunter Western Information Will Be Shared This Year”


      aw wheres megaman legends 3 capcom said itsour fat awwwwww how cuteaeforget shit awwwwwww derp herpa derp no wonder capcom gets away with treating people like shit cuz fans forget they were used like hooker tools sorta like when iwata hinted that fans were stupid as areason 3ds sales low

  1. Hey Nintendo Fans,

    Reggie here. We would like to tell you that Monster Hunter is not coming to the Americas because of lack of sales from past Monster Hunter titles. Instead, we would like to provide you with Nintendo Land Bundled with the WiiU console.

    I hope you enjoy these experiences as much as we at Nintendo enjoy sucking the money out of your wallets and your parent’s wallets.

    Yours truly,

    Reggie the Purple Pikmin

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad this came from his mouth instead of some internet loser who took the time to do all this. Now that would be pathetic am i right?

    2. Feeding the troll but what the hell.
      Lack of sales? Are you kidding me? Monster Hunter is the best selling handheld series of all time on a world wide setting. It remains the only reason that I still own a psp. No MH console game has sold well even in Japan. If you are going to troll do some damn research so you have some footing when you get called out by the rest of the internet.

        1. Hi Reggie,

          What did I tell you about harassing legitimate people on this website? Stop it, Aeolus.

          Yours, Shigeru Miyamoto.

  2. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Wow . How long is it gonna take so many games. In japan and no localization talks men (project x zone, ex trooper, devil summones, shin megami tensei iv, bravely default, guild one,) men nintendo do something cant you convince them

  3. HUURAH! Monster Hunter is a system seller! And it’s one more fantastic series like Kingdom Hearts and many others only the 3DS, in terms on handhelds, is getting.

    Who the hell would buy a Vita at this point?

  4. Monster Hunter is a really great series. Too bad horrible marketing in the West contributed to its obscure and niche identity. In Japan, however, Monster Hunter is like crack. You’ll most likely find several Japanese handheld gamers playing Monster Hunter. This a great series that rewards skill and patience greatly. And it’s fun to battle huge, majestic monsters for their horns and what not. I’m looking at you, Diablos.

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