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SpotPass To Be A Wii U Feature?

The Nintendo 3DS’s SpotPass feature is similar to the underused WiiConnect24; both make it possible for Nintendo’s latest platforms to remain connected to the internet while in sleep mode. According to an alleged photo of a Wii U development kit, Nintendo’s upcoming console will have the SpotPass feature. This seems probable because, after all, the Nintendo eShop is the online market for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Would you rather Wii U’s feature be named WiiUConnect24?

78 thoughts on “SpotPass To Be A Wii U Feature?”

    1. No, the spotpass and the eShop are two different things. Spotpass is a feature to stay connected while the system sleeps, the eShop is where you download stuff and buy different applications and such.

    1. Yes, now I can finally save $10 per year on calendars! That means an extra 3DS game every 4 years or Wii U game every 5 or 6 years.

      1. No, it should be called SpotPass. WiiConnect24 only made sence for the Wii. We Connect 24 hours a day. Yeah, so I think Spot Pass would be best. Either that or SpotPass U. :)

  1. “Would you rather Wii U’s feature be named WiiUConnect24?”

    Okay, now you’re outright trying to start a flame war. I actually don’t know how people got the idea of Wii U carrying in names like Wii Shop Channel and WiiConnect24 in the first place.

      1. You do know that SpotPass for Wii U was already confirmed when Iwata announced that you would be able to buy games from the eShop through the computer and mobile devices, right? Then when you purchase the games, they will automatically download via on your Wii U and 3DS.

    1. I highly doubt the name is going to start a flame war, so far there is a universal consensus on this site that WiiUConnect24 sounds stupid. Besides, Nintendo already have the Spotpass name, why wouldn’t use it on the Wii U?

      1. Hilarious. Maybe i wanted a concrete answer from someone who actually uses it on here, if thats what it does rather than scanning through websites to get a partial or convoluting answer.

    1. Maybe if you held down the power button on your Wii until it turned red, you wouldn’t have that problem. And what is the point of you keeping it on sleep mode? It’s not like you are going to get any friend messages any time soon…

        1. I didn’t get hacked ! They are clones ..their are 2 clones of me and I know who they are .. Should I reveal who they are ??

  2. frankly i don’t give a damn what it’s called.. and why should i? Oo

    not sure if i’ll even use it
    didn’t use it at all on the wii
    it does make the console use more power while not in use after all

    1. And again, the U shouldn’t have too many difficulties (using too much power); it doesn’t have a hardrive. :)
      Put bottle caps under the Wii U… idk

      1. oh i’m not concerned about the heat
        but why should i enable a feature that consumes 15-20 watts of power on a 24 hour basis when i don’t use it? for now i don’t see what kind of benefit i’d have from it

      1. Well theres the Miiverse app coming out not long after the WiiU comes out, it’ll probably be downloadable for the 3DS too

  3. Old news is old.

    The Wii U has already been confirmed to be using something similar to SpotPass; however, there is a very good possibility that Nintendo will change the service’s name due to the fact that the Wii U IS NOT mobile like the Nintendo 3DS. It doesn’t make sense to make a service have the two words “spot” and “pass” when you can’t take it with you. I would say something along the lines of WiiConnectU would better suit the system itself; hopefully, we can keep the system itself in sleep mode though. The Wii never went into sleep mode, which was a major pain in the you know what.

    1. enemigo de los hipsters

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  4. I think wiiuconnect24 makes more sense seeing as to how you won’t be “passing” anything. Its called spotpass on the 3ds because if you’re out with it and you pass a compatible internet connection it’ll automatically connect and send you updates and other stuff. Since you can’t actually just walk around with your Wii U in sleep mode (due to the fact that you’ll have no power as well as look rather silly) wiiuconnect24 or any other name would be a better fit

  5. Nintendo doesnt need our advice, they know what they are doing, they are smart, they dont need my opinion. They will make the wii u great, so they can make the spotpass feature if they want.

  6. Ok guys, im seriously confused. Im tired of posting this. Please help a fan out here please!

    3ds XL or wiiu. Which should i get first?

    1. “Which should I get first”
      Ya know, since you’re getting both, there really shouldn’t be any question for that. It’s all on your choice.

    2. I would go with Wii U, and be sure to either A) preorder it so you can avoid the huge holiday season out-of-stock dilemma or B) get it later on during the 2013 part of the launch window.

  7. Im still waiting for the spot pass feature that allows users to buy games through an internet browser and the 3ds tied to that account would automatically start downloading that title while in sleep mode. Give me this and my excitement for spot pass would significantly increase.

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