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Capcom Hints They Will Reveal More Wii U Games At A Later Date

Capcom’s Consumer Software Senior VP, Christian Svensson has hinted on the Capcom Unity message boards that there could be more Wii U games to come from the company. Svensson said that the company’s current focus is understandably on Monster Hunter Ultimate for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

“For now, that’s what we’ve announced (for Wii U). Yes. And there are many thousands of people who are thrilled with the announcement of what is our currently largest brand (Monster Hunter) coming to Nintendo’s existing portable and new console platform. The significance of that should not be underestimated.”

107 thoughts on “Capcom Hints They Will Reveal More Wii U Games At A Later Date”

    1. the importance of Monsgter hunter Ultimate on 3ds and wiiu should not be underestimated. For me that’s a HUGE announcement , up there with the best of them. I cannot wait to get Both version’s hooked up and take my profile everywhere i go , fucking awesome!!!! Monster hunter tri is personally my favorite one , I know the content isn’t the best , but it’s still the best monster hunter.

      Famitu’s 40/40 speaks for its self .

        1. I like Bethesda (besides their lack of ability to program), but i didnt like Skyrim at all. Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games ever though :3

  1. At least im second XD (or third)

    so i think i should stop playing Monster Hunter Tri from the Wii, if i have to start again ill better wait =)

  2. “The significance of that should not be underestimated”

    Sounds to me like Monster Hunter 4 is making it to the West too.

      1. If you’ve played stuff like Dragons Dogma or even Dark/Demon Souls, its similar. Its a real time RPG, amd basically you fo what the title suggest, hunt Monsters, from human sized to just enormous, tons of quest from NCP’s serve as the “drive”, and when you kill and monster, you can use materials to make new armour ect. It takes quite a bit of skill and planning and thinking, as alot of the enemies are like bosses themselves. It doesnt have the epic, climb on your enemies back like in Dragons Dogma, but its still fun.

      1. I also hope for the return of the blue bomber, but Megaman is probably rotting somewhere inside capcom’s moolah vault alongside god hand.

      1. Either way I’m gonna play it being a resi fan and would rather play it on my shiny black wii u. Fingers crossed it will be better than 5, more elements from older games maybe..

        1. Im a Resi fan though an it just looks bad to me :/ i even enjoyed 5, until the last couple of levels, although Wesker was cool.

  3. Mega Man.

    ANY kind of Mega Man would be nice compared to the iOs abomination they’re planning for the 25th anniversary.

    1. Megaman xover is a brainless conglomeration of nearly all megaman series.
      (except for legends, it doesn’t exist,svenson face)

  4. I’m very glad to see Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to Wii U. I was hoping for RE6 and DmC but getting a MH game on both Nintendo platforms more than makes up for us not getting those 2 games. Thank you Capcom. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. *Nintendo Hints They Will Reveal More Wii U Preorders At A Later Date

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m crazy excited for Monster Hunter, but I’ll need a Wii U first!

  6. I’d love a new mega man game and now would be the perfect time because it would sell since its on a new console but mega man isn’t important anymore to them. Sven says he is but they don’t do anything about it especially since he isn’t even getting a game for his 25th. Nintendo did an amazing job for Kirby fans for his 20th. Yeah there games we played but adding new challenges for his abilities, that museum with the box arts, footage of all the Kirby games, the main songs of each game playing when you view there content, 3 episodes and some more. I know capcom did something for mega man but that was years ago and I don’t recall it being like Kirby’s.

    1. I Wholeheartedly agree with you on the kirby anniversary, let’s just hope europe can get in on the action aswell.

        1. 1. What pre-schooler do you know knows what it even means to be a nerd?

          2. You’re 28 and comment 10x more than the average user on a website dedicated to something you hate.

          Take your own advice.

          1. I’m not 28, so I can tell you have absolutely no clue who you’re even talking to.

            I bet you wouldn’t be able to say this in real life either, seeing as I’d already have your face caved in.

            1. What a bad ass, throwing around threats on the other side of a screen. Real tough! Plus, you already admitted you’re 28. Don’t try to take it back because it make you looks like even more of a loser. You know nothing about me, and everyone on this website knows you’re a nerd. You’ve probably never even been in a fight, I’d call it bullying.

              1. When did I admit I was 28? Should I perhaps copy your name and avatar and go around talking other shit and presenting myself as you?

                You’re a really gullible idiot. Nobody and I mean NOBODY on this site even knows me off of it. So frankly I couldn’t give a shit what you assume.

                1. Your username fitsyou perfectly, you’ve got multiplepersonalitiesand tryall blow. It’seasy to distinguish a clone from the “real”you, thoughyou’re fake to beginwith.

          1. And, I’m waiting for the point to be made here again.

            How does this really matter in terms of performance over 7 year old machines and up against new ones a year from now. That’s what matters.

      1. And no, it’s not “4 times in total” where it matters. Games only use 1GB, so it’s only twice as much as a console that’s nearly 7 years old. Comical.

        1. but it has 2GB of RAM right ??? and you dont know how much is available to graphics ??? the ps3 borrows RAM of its OS ……

          Suck it fool . Does the 360 and ps3 have a gamepad that allows you to play multiplayer with a screen each ??? No ???

          Stop kidding yourself my 360 is a piece of shit dust collector….

            1. Morons like you call anything you don’t like, understand, or welcome a gimmick. The word you are looking for is convenient.

                1. I don’t know what your point is.You still have to give me a source where nintendo said specifically that “wii u is a over clocked 360”.

          1. You were implying performance, which in no way is a substantial difference from a 512mb 360. The added 1GB is just extra OS multitasking fluff and little else.

                  1. So, you’ve confirmed you’re illiterate.

                    Good, now I no longer feel the need to reply to you. You’re just a basement dweller mexican fatass. (I know who you are anyway)

  7. I REALLY hope they’re talking about “Remember Me” That game looks like it was made almost exclusively with the Wii U Gamepad in mind.

  8. Ahhh… So many hours will be used up again with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Maybe I should stop playing Tri for the time being. Nah, it’s still the shit. Damn great series, but still a niche game in the US.

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