Dragon Quest X Should Come To Wii U Spring 2013

Yuuji Horii, the creator of the Dragon Quest series told attendees at the Tokyo Game Show that they’re aiming to get Dragon Quest X Wii U released sometime during Spring next year. Horii said that this isn’t a firm date, but rather a target for the development team. Dragon Quest producer Yousuke Saitou also hinted that you may be able to use your Wii version characters in the Wii U Dragon Quest X open beta.



      1. Yet you are on a nintendo site complaining about the Wii U. Its seriously getting to your head and trolling the shit out of you. Its sad really.


    1. If you can give me a source that said that and was after nintendo confirmed specs,games,price ,and release date,then I might believe you.


    2. “…and this time I am not trolling”
      So if by your own statement, your previous posts saying that the Wii U is weak were ‘trolling’, why is this one any different? :D
      Also, you forgot to hit the caps lock button to show how macho you are…


  1. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    Even if this is a rough date, at least we have a rough indication as when we could get the game. Even though the Wii U will have a lot of third-aprty games released over the 6 month launch window, I believe if Dragon Quest X did come out around the same time as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate then that would be frigging awesome and it would also give Wii U owners some more to play one their new console. While I think March 2013 may be a little to early, I’d hope that er could possibly see a April or May release date. The reason I would like to see this game come out sooner rather than later is because it would be new and unique material on the Wii U and the online capabilities for gameplay would be insane.


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