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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Will Not Be Available For Wii U

Bioware has confirmed that the upcoming Omega downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 will not be available for Wii U. The developer declined to give a reason why the downloadable content would be absent from the Wii U version of the game. When asked whether any other additional DLC that’s not included on the disc would arrive on Wii U, the rely was “never say never.”

57 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Will Not Be Available For Wii U”

  1. That was a GRAVE mistake for Electronic Arts for letting Aussie game developer Straight Right for not adding the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3: Special Edition. Although I forgive them for FIFA Soccer 13 and Madden NFL 13, I strongly protest the U version of Mass Effect 3: (Not So…) Special Edition.

      1. Yea let nintendo make more angry a company every 1 hatge but still nakes great ganes -___-, but i think crytech is in love whit the wiiu but ea have them in a chock hold

  2. Wow EA…just…wow.
    You’d think being obsessed with money that you’d try to sell this game off as much as you can. Nope.
    Im not even buying this game, and i actually see no point in getting it anyway seeing as the games are better when you play them all, but still.
    Get fucked.

      1. Absoloutly. Stay away from EA! They will be exposed for a bunch of stupid cunts when Ubisoft post their sales for the wiiu next year, Shifting a Mill Plus on games such as Rayman Legends , ZombiU , AC3 etc.

        1. Their excuses for Madden and Fifa are piss poor and a lie. They’ve had the dev Kits since way before E3 2011 when they were talking about how powerfull the wiiu was and that they were bringing Battlefield to the wiiu.

          SSo they had the wiiu dev kits since before Ffia 12 and madden 12 even came out and yet they didn’t have enough time to fullfinnish thise games ? Sounds odd to me…

            1. I think EA need to seriously get fucked now. NFSMW comning out much later than the other version is a fucking joke. Who want’s to play games months after their intitial release ? Okay, Some cases are acceptable becuase the wiiu wasn’t out when say Batman arkhum city came out, But Releasing NFSMW on the Vita before you release it on the Wiiu ? Are you fucking serious EA ? Really ?

              1. You do have a point but I would wait for Hitman: Absolution, Bioshock Infinite, GTA V etc if they were announced for Wii U.

                1. I would too as long as they weren’t half assed pieces of shit like ME3 ”special needs edition”.

                  What happened to the day when EA had EA BIG and they released that awesome SSX blur exclusively to wiiu ? That was when EA were a really good company.

                  Now they are they are the proverbial Nutsack of Gaming.

                1. They only have themselves to blame for their stupidity anyway. I would of bought ME3 SE and Fifa 13 ASAP and so would many others, But their reputation on the Wiiu is almost dead if they can’t put 1 solid version of ME3 on the wiiu whilst other consoles get a trilogy for the same price.

                  Off screen play and touchscreen doesn’t make up for 2/3rd’s of the content lol.

  3. If anyone is loosing out here it’s EA. when all the other third party developers who truly support the Wii U get all this money from Nintendo fans in addition to what they already make from PS3/360/PC fans EA will be left behind.

  4. It just keeps getting worse and worse for this poor game. The people I feel sorry for the most are Straight Right. They worked hard on this port and their bosses fucked them HARD.

    1. So true but atleast other comapanies saw trough the smoke and they are giving them another chance at good games ikm talking about squareenix who would have though -__-

    2. I agree…StraightRight really got shafted in this deal, and the consensus will probably be something like, “Well, we are making this awesome game for(insert any non nintendo system here), but we wont be porting it to the WiiU after the dismal sales of ME3, as we dont think the audience is there for our games.”

      Very sad…

            1. Well my theory is , They only want to focus on Xbox,playstation,PC,IOS,Etc. They don’t want to waste their precious time trying to be innovative on Nintendo’s awesome new console, NO!!! They just want to keep rinseing the flannel of Generic games on large installed bases.

              They will come crawling back to to the wiiu once it is massively successfull this time next year.

              As you would say- Leave luck to heaven.

              1. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was just some random 3rd party dev, but this is EA, they came on stage at E3 last year and pledged their full support for Wii U. I don’t expect everything to be perfect at the launch of a new console, but I at least expect to get the same deal the competition is getting on weaker hardware.

                The same way Ubisoft scrapped Killer Freaks From Outer Space and made ZombiU, EA could’ve scrapped ME3 Special Edition and give us the trilogy. Delay it if you have to, just give us a fair shake.

          1. How is that so wrong or had to believe ? Are you aware that Fifa13 on vita is the EXACT same game as fifafootball on vita just with updated kits ? They’re a bunch of pricks , the absolout low of the industry right now. They make Activision look like Saints with professionalism.

  5. Bad move! I’ll get it on my PS3! Plus, the mass effect collection (mass effect 1,2,3) is coming to Xbox and PS3. Bad move for it not to come to the Wii U. If these developers want their titles to sell on the Wii U, they have to make it at least as good as the other versions!

  6. We get it EA, you want the Wii U to fail, even though you have absolutely nothing to gain from that happening. You’d waste less money if you just stopped pretending to support the console.

  7. This actually Nintendo’s doing if any of you paid attention.

    “Games: Wii U is launching with 29 packaged games, plus a handful of digital games, marking the largest launch lineup in Nintendo history… A number of these titles will also be available for purchase digitally in the Nintendo eShop alongside a strong launch-day lineup of downloadable digital-only games… Wii U owners can expand the storage capacity of their systems by adding their own USB external hard disc drives. Downloadable content for select games, such as additional levels or maps, will roll out in December following a system update. Wii U is backward compatible with almost all Wii™ games and Wii accessories.”

  8. Man I really wanted to try this game too. And I’m sure its fun and all.. But no developer support for it sucks. I’ll wait til some official reviews roll in before I make my decision. Hmm….

    871 minutes left!! Almost time to get in line!

  9. I was initially somewhat interested in the game…then barely and now I can just say…
    EA…get the fuck out from Nintendo, stick to your Microshit friends and leave us real gamers alone.

  10. Every bit of news of this game makes me laugh at how many people wasted their time waiting to play it on the Wii U when they could have played it on the 360. Even BEFORE the game came out too! (Via the demo) But NO, the 360 is a crap console and it isn’t Japanese and it’s not a “real” console and it’s not every other petty excuse you can think of just so you don’t have to admit that, yes, the 360 is often the best choice when playing third-party games. A lot of the 360’s demons have been laid to rest, so, no, you don’t have a real excuse anymore to not get one. Case rested.

    1. Every system has a rocky launch, only given proper time will we see great exclusives as well as great DLC. With Sony in a financial rut and their future uncertain this could potentially mean that Nintendo will be Microsofts only competition. (BTW If you don’t believe me about sony…)–finance.html

  11. Why are they even releasing this game on Wii U? Seems like every feature and add on available for the other systems won’t be included.

  12. Enormous Assholes…

    Trolls gonna trolls


    Hated you after you fucked up the Bond series now i hate you even more.

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