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Reggie Claims That Third-Party Games Such As Call Of Duty Look “Dramatically Better” On Wii U

During an interview which is sure to cause some controversy Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that third-party games actually look dramatically better on Wii U. Despite numerous publication saying that third-party games have noticeable frame-rate issues and don’t appear to be any better visually on Wii U, Reggie’s comments come off as a little strange.

“Well first off, I have to correct you. The specs are quite different from the competitor systems. Much more graphically intensive. If you do a side-by-side comparison, you would actually see that third-party games like Call of Duty look dramatically better on our system. And then in terms of what competition’s going to do in the future, we’ll see. We know that based on our own development, this two-screen gaming experience really is the next innovation that consumers are gravitating to. It’s selling extremely well here in the Americas. Already stocks are quite low in the marketplace, we’re rapidly replenishing. And so for us, certainly consumers are deciding that the innovation is well worth their investment.”

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145 thoughts on “Reggie Claims That Third-Party Games Such As Call Of Duty Look “Dramatically Better” On Wii U”

    1. You are lying and you know it. The wiiu is a much more powerful console. you can tell that call of duty looks leaps and bounds better on the wiiu than on the 360. Just because your butthurt that you 7 year old console cant do better than a “kiddie console” doesent mean you have to lie.

      1. Wow. LOL

        The only person looking “butthurt” right now, is you. All the guy said was that they look the same.

        Do YOU even have a 360, PS3, or Wii U? Have you compared all of the systems side by side while playing CoD?

        Calm down and put your crusade for your Nintendo gods on hold for a moment. Sheesh.

          1. Well, it’s going to take time before we see the full potential out of the Wii U. I mean, look at the 360 and PS3. 6 and 7 years into their lives but we are still seeing improvements in games even now.

            But just think, if this is how their launch games look, some years from now they’ll look and perform (or at least they should) quite a bit better.

        1. I rented blops2 on ps3 to hold me over until I got my copy on Wii-u, and it does look better and smoother on Wii-u. However, I only played multiplayer so campaign might be a different story.

          1. I’m In story (campaign) mode now. (paused to chech out mnn.) Looks and plays amazing.

            no slowdown or dropped frames on my WiiU console. Back to the game, Cya.

            – Jaded_Drybones

        2. While it doesn’t look dramatically better, after playing the Wii U version at my house, I could tell the difference while playing the PS3 version with my brother. The PC version however, would easily be the best version as per usual.

            1. Well some people disagree after seeing the previous post on here saying the Wii U version had the worst frame-rate etc.

        3. Wow …. I work on them and here is the truth…i have played 360 and gaystation side by side..the whopping frame rate 60fps blows playstation away and the detailed graphics are no comparison..360 wins that hands the wii u has a better chip, better specs and quicker frame rate…u can bet your asses the games that are out now play better on the wii u, and the games to come when third party comp. Get use to the machine are going to play great…oh by the way tards… Third partys were saying the wii was 50 percent more powerfull before its release….It just blows my mind to even hear an argument about graphics or specs with the ps3 included…at a whopping 30 frames per second…..well i will leave u withthis going to get a wii u…..sincerely,, someone evidently smarter than 90 percent of the gaytards gaming these days..

          1. I wasn’t arguing anything. I own a Wii U, a PS3, and an Xbox 360. So I have seen the differences between them. As of right now, the differences in the multiplatform games are are minor overall. I don’t doubt they will improve over time though as these are just launch games.

            You work on them? I somehow doubt that. (GameStop, and warehouses do not count)

            Your grammar and speech makes me very skeptical of that claim. Reading your comment – abysmal to say the least.

      2. I won’t say there are games that blow 7th gen out of the water yet but I can say that BO2 does look a bit better on Wii U. I do hear it also has some frame drops and other issues but that is understandable. The system is newer hardware so the developers need to work with it and understand it better. Plus can’t updates fix these issues anyway?
        I’m loving the console and can’t wait to get more games for it.

                1. Reggies lying, their just some poorly made ports too wii u. They have no right to talk about how strong the wii u is, if they didnt release any specs to it.

      3. Wii U may be more powerful, but todays games look the same. I love Nintendo, but what Reggie is claiming is not true.

      4. please stop…your embarrassing yourself as well as the rest of us here. the wiiu is definitely a more powerful system…but COD is not leaps and bounds better…there is some debate as to whether it is better at all

      5. Seriously. I own Call of Duty on WiiU and I’m playing the 360 version right now. There is no noticeable difference. Reggie is just trying to make the WiiU look good, but this time he fell flat. No doubt in the future WiiU games will look much better, but right now they look the same as the last gen consoles.

      1. The Wii U version is 880×720, same as the 360 and has been proven to have the lowest average framerate of all versions.

        So what you just said is pretty much CSB.

          1. “Who said it”

            Have they also proven it with direct feed information and presented that data to you? No right? Then, yes, they’re blind.

              1. Yeah, and you’re a fucking dumbass.

                Yeah, I’m just going to outright insult you. Show me your magical eyes at work that can tell you every resolution of every game and accurately come up with the average FPS it runs at.

                Good luck.

                1. You confirmed what i was telling you need xtra hardware to see the differences while the problems on ps3 can be seen by the naked eye well i have a microscope who can tell if you are a girl or boy

      1. all companies lie…your a sony fan are you not? how many times have we been misled by sony’s claims regarding their system? did they not claim the system render scenes from the star wars episode 3 in realtime… we know that just isnt the case….and werent there similar claims when the ps2 was coming out?
        and those are much bolder claims than what nintendo is claiming right now….by your should be far more disgusted in fans of that company (sony)

          1. then lets hear you say the same thing about sony about those comments i referred to then. if you can bother to come in here to comment on what nintendo just said. Lets hear what you have to say about sony’s remarks regarding the power of its systems

          1. did i say that?….my post before that post clearly shows where i stand on this issue…its an outright lie..and i dont agree with it…but here is what i think is stupid…hypocrisy…to judge one company for one thing…and to not point the finger at another when it has done the same thing with claims far more outlandish than the ones certain individuals bother to come here to comment on. thats just….stupid

        1. If you’re talking about my wiiu backpack idea ”The U-pack” then it’s nto similar , that’s just a wiiu hooked up on a train lol.

    1. you wanna do this right troll? try to stop nintendo from flaming ps3 and x360 until ps4 and x720 comes out so you can flame back however you fail because in this year right now the wii u is the same if not more powerful that if you would have released ps4 this same year.

      1. Simply G makes a valid point, so why are you referring to him as a troll you idiot. Seems like you’re in need of an education. You need to stop skipping school kid.

  1. guy guys we also have to remember wii u is still new to developers so they havent had time to fully understand the systems op system like 360 and ps3 so graphics may or may not be better on the system compared to others

      1. yes anonymous i have to agree th etextures are better but most people think that graphics are mor needed than actual gameplay in reference if nintendo would of took and made legend of zelda super graphically advanced and lacked the gameplay then it wouldnt be as good of a game franchise as it is today but nintendo being the way they are focus solely on gameplay and not graphics and made games that are just amazing im not trying to troll sony or microsoft but they focused on the graphics and not their gameplay that is why nintendo is doing so well and sony is losing money and microsoft isnt losing or gaining money and if the wii u is the first console nintendo sells at a loss then they will make up for it when they release their next handheld or home console but wht im tryin to say is if wii u has such bad graphics to some then why did u even buy the console in the first place you should saved yourself money and not of bought it if you wanted it for the graphics and not gameplay becuase nintendo is one to try and enhance the experince of gaming for the player look at the controller it has a touchscreen if you cant be happy with what nintendo has done with the way we play games then you yourself are to blame not the company that made the system and to anyone who reads this and is offended im sorry and im srry for my rant as well and being a troll if u take it that way

  2. I personally can’t tell much difference between the 360 version and the Wii U version, except the Wii U looks a little better at certain points. It’s not by leaps and bounds, but still impressive that a rushed port would look just as good on the Wii U as it does on the system it was most likely developed for: the 360. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. i have xbox and wii u and i would say it does look sharper on the wii u and does look better but the way he said that is not true wii u is better but dont blow the xbox away. but better :D WII ULTRA FOR THE WIN.

  4. Okay, that’s nice Reggie. But not true. I’m all for the Wii U and everything but it isn’t there yet. They have a fair few graphical issues and lazy devs mean that the graphics aren’t that much better than the PS3 and 360 ones. Still, in a few years time…

    1. do you have the game? if not you should know that article was bullshit, i have this game and i seen it go 60fps.
      i can’t believe you fools don’t believe on the truth but believe on something negative you guys automatic believe it without any proof.

      1. Mr Tennant is my lover

        “I seen it go 60fps” Yes, I have too. And then it went to 20fps to 40fps to 30fps and back to 60 again. The frame rate is prett much as choppy as it gets. Still, the graphics on general are pretty good. Once they have the frame rate niggles sorted then we can hopefully recognise the Wii U as the powerhouse it is!

  5. I wouldnt say dramitcally, but a lot of people have said it does look better, it jus has rare framerate drops, but thats expected, the systems just come out, and its running games the 7 year old system have only just been able to do.
    Everyone acts like we got games that look like they do now, 7 years ago at launch. Did we fuck, they looked like crap.
    Just compare Halo 3 to Halo 4, massive difference.

  6. I agree and disagree with the Reg here. From the comparisons I’ve seen, yes Wii U BO2 looks better than others, but its not a drastic difference. I mainly see more detail and color in Wii U’s version rather than others. I was watching a comparison on it the other day and in BO2 on Wii U you could see much more detailed shadows and color as well as.birds in the sky that the other versions lack.

  7. This couldn’t be more true. Despite what Sony’s and Microsoft’s hired cronies will try to spam at you. I dare you to tell me one way, ONE WAY, how Xbox 360 or PS3 is better.

  8. Who claimed that CPU is fast or appropriate or even at least so fast like in Xbox/PS3 ???

    You have very little knowledge about IT not mention about developing. GPU mostly is calculating graphic but if you want game with nice A.I., big multiplayer, living world, good physics (which won’t happen on Wii U) you need to wait on new gen.

    Wii U has 3 core CPU based on super duper slow technology which can’t be so fast like his super old brothers from normal consoles.

    Even current Tegra3 or Cortex A9 (quad core 1.5GHz) from mobile phones bitting s*** out of Power 7 (made in 45nm ).

    Evidence check power usage it is closer to Atom or even slower.

    CPU made in 45nm with that kind of power usage (32W for whole console, so probably 15W for GPU and 15W for CPU) which would be similar in power to at least mobile CPU’s like Cortex A9 doesn’t exist.

    Why ? If it would be one, then would be used in Samsung Galaxy S3 or other phones, that’s why CPU from your mobile has better performance than Wii U, that’s simple physics CPU in such a old technology would take a lot of energy to calculate everything fast enough.

    Live with it, Wii U CPU is bitten by Cortex A9 in some tests by over 6 TIMES !!!

    That’s huge rotfl. And graphic in Batman or COD isn’t better. Check shadows (lowest possible setting, which always costs a lot of power to render it), Wii U is a huge joke for real gamers.

    Of course for copy of Mario Bros (with almost same graphic like on Wii) it will be fine :>

    But don’t compare CPU to normal CPU’s like Xbox or Cell You just making jokers from yourself…


    1. You are the most patetic person to ever grace this forum by your logic game that where single core did not have physics or ai ? So farcry 1 and fear necer were develope

    2. Dude u are a complete freaking idiot….i have an xbox myself and their older games are not shit to the new ones…what i am saying is that gaming companies are just getting better at making the games….wii u is a new system …it took 360 years to come this far..what will wii u do in a year or two? Oh that was ratoricle…now i agree that ps3 is a joke…i wouldnt give one to a friend…it is a glorified blu ray player…

    3. Game this gen can have all those things. People are just too stupid to try and have a realistic looking visual at the same time, along with all of that. Developers are trying to push close to realistic visuals, when the technology is just waaay to behind to do that.

      Have a game that looks polished, and has all those things, and it’ll stay incredible foreverr

    4. although it would have been nice for the wiiu’s cpu to be faster than the ps3/360 ones. But regardless, it doesnt need to be. The wiiu has a gpu to offload calculations to. Its a modern architecture. Things just need to be approach differently on the development side.

      the newer standards in game development are straying further and further from heavy reliance on the cpu and instead offloading tasks to the gpu. So despite the wiiu’s weakness in that category. It can handle things more efficiently.

      im willing to bet that overall…when its all said and done…the wiiu will prove itself to be better hardware than the ps3/360… much better…who knows…probably not too much

    5. But this article was never about the power or CPU, it’s about the graphics and how he overrated them. Cool story though.

  9. common fuuuking sense

    How can stating a fact be described as claimed to a sane person black ops 2 wiiu clearly looks way better even with minor improvements the wiiu version next to ps3 makes ps3 blops2 look like the wii version better textures better colour better filtering smoother play 3 seconds of youtube proves that to a honest person

  10. How can stating a fact be described as claimed to a sane person black ops 2 wiiu clearly looks way better even with minor improvements the wiiu version next to ps3 makes ps3 blops2 look like the wii version better textures better colour better filtering smoother play 3 seconds of youtube proves that to a honest person

  11. If I can play Mario and zelda games in ps3 quality then I don’t really give a turd about which console has better graphics.

      1. Except he did spell correctly, every single word in his sentence was for that matter. That was a grammar mistake; not a spelling one.

        So if you’re going to correct people, then correct them properly.

        1. I often agree with what you say but you more often than not act like a complete asshole for no reason. Chill the fuck out and have fun. Stop destroying your own credibility with your bad attitude.

  12. Developers have to stop asking for what kind of hardware they want and start developing whit what is giveng to them,i have not see houses build based on how the furniture looks, furniture is build based on the houses.epic make a mistake this gen by making a engine they did not knew if console will be able to run them and maybe there investment on unreal 4 may go to waste on consoles

    1. Wii U runs unreal engine 4. Don’t tell Sony or Microsoft lovers that. Nintendo having an HD console already has them cranky lol.

      1. Yeah, an HD console that’s 7 years late to the game. Actually more than that, because even the original Xbox of all things can output HD graphics.

        1. Actually it took about 2 years for the Xbox to even include and HDMI output jack. The first year or so in the Xbox’s life only supported component cables. Not true HD.

          Look, I agree with you that the Wii U in late to the game and that we’re not likely to see anything ground breaking in terms of true next gen gaming until we see a new Playstation and Xbox but with that said, who cares. The Wii U offers us a new way to play current HD games and I’m just happy Nintendo’s mascots are finally in HD.

  13. There’s nothing wrong with the way Black Ops 2 looks and performs on the Wii U. Those Digital Floundry people are trolls.

  14. Kind of annoying how COD BOII of all games, is being compared to for Wii U. The devs did not do a perfect job of BOII for PS3 and Wii U. Plus the graphics on COD aren’t even all that impressive in the first place. :L
    Until a fresh, original Wii U title comes out we cant really see the real potential of the machine. We shall hopefully see games that are stunning like the HD Zelda demo later along the line ^_^.

  15. I never understood the whole bashing about a game which has a lower framerate in certain consoles. But maybe it’s because I don’t have that many FPS games to notice the difference on that aspect. To me, if the framerate doesn’t drop to the levels of, let’s say, Sonic 06, then it’s fine by me.

    Seriously, that game makes Sonic “run” in less than 50fps!! o_o

  16. IMO, the Wii U does look slightly better but that is because I believe the system has better specs than 6-7 year old consoles. It’s not a dramatic difference like Reggie said but I believe in time we will see a dramatic difference between PS360 graphics and Wii U graphics. Just wait until Zelda Wii U. That is all folks!

  17. And if Reggie says it, it must clearly be true.

    Unless it’s PRspeak. Which, it actually is, so that’s one blow to its credibility right there.

  18. Wouldn’t say ‘dramatically’, but yes, they do look better. Still nothing to brag about. The third-party titles that come out on the next Xbox and Playstation will be the ones that I care about.

  19. not “dramatically” but yes, it does look better in some aspects. watching the comparisons carefully on HD, you will see the difference. some parts the Wii U looks better (i’d say realistically better — like how light and/or reflections appear “shinier” on 360; unrealistically though coz the machine gun was reflecting too much light), and some the 360 look better. so for me it’s more relatively similar.

    and admittingly, there are some framerate issues with the Wii U version. but all in all the performance is at par with the other consoles. the report also mentioned that in multiplayer, they are in fact the same.

    but given this is a port of a 360 game to the Wii U, i can understand the framerate issues. also given the notable CPU difference of the Wii U compared to the other consoles; we’ll see more better looking games on in future games. hopefully devs give the time to learn how to work around the CPU issue, coz I also believe that is something the devs can do much like how devs work around a similar issue with PS3.

  20. Wow. Reggie – I love ya man, but you’re way off the mark here. However, COD BLOPS 2 still runs quite well on the Wii U. It could have been a lot worse, considering it was a quick port. Instead of whining about the shortcomings of the Wii U version, people need to view the glass as half-full – and appreciate how well the game turned out in the first place.

    Also, two players can have a screen each. How friggin’ great is that?

    That being said, all this fussin’ and feudin’ over the Wii U’s architecture is beyond embarrassing.

    Whilst miserable trolls will spout the ‘lol 7 year old hardware’ line, I’ll be busy enjoying Bayonetta 2.

  21. Reggie with the spin. Can’t help but like that guy, he is a good face man for Nintendo of America. Iwata and Miyamoto are great face men for Nintendo of Japan. Sony and Microsoft need to learn from this and get good personalities to represent their companies, people that can be taken seriously.

    Jack Trenton is okay for Sony, but him and Ken Kutaragi don’t really compare to Reggie, Iwata, and Miyamoto. Microsoft really don’t have anyone now. Strong personalities are particularly needed to connect to the mass market and the hardcore gamer.

    1. Also, He wasn’t really lying since the Wii U Version does look a little better than the other versions. He was Stretching the truth by using the word “Dramatically”, Companies do that ALL THE TIME. Though what he said may be a bit misleading to some, I still don’t believe he deserves all the exzaggerated Hate he’s getting. /: Besides, they’re just Graphics, CALM The F*CK DOWN!!! >.>

  22. i have seen the other versions black ops 2 and there some difference but it looks smoother, textures are a bit better. but in the end it is how the game designers make the game i think people are getting to het up about this. when the PS3 came out the first games did not look as good as the later games look at resistance the texture in the first one aint as good as the later games graphically. i would say that over the next year there will be big differences over the graphic out put, but i prefer games play over graphics a game can look real nice but if it plays bad it not fun

  23. Wii-u games may be way ahead of 360 and ps3 in future but it was reggie’s wording that got him in trouble. Firstly comparing to COD which everyone has seen we know its clearly not DRASTICALLY better, which is clearly not the case. Better, not drastically better. So well see what is has to offer post march 2013.

  24. The Wii-U is in a tough spot at the moment because it’s bigger launch titles are either ports or versions of games out on the PS3/360. At the end of the day, it has taken developers six years to create games like this on the 360/PS3, so the fact that the Wii-U is havng them on launch with only one or two issues with frame rate etc and it’s not like any of the games are completely broken, I can’t see there being a problem for other titles in the future. It was always going to be difficult to sell these games on the Wii-U initially when they are franchises already established on other consoles.
    Next year i’m sure we will see some great looking titles on the console and we already know that The Wonderful 101, Lego City undercover, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and Bayonetta 2 are on the way.
    Once the console has settled in, the Wii-U will be fine if it receives other games released on the 360/PS3.

  25. When a new game console comes out, we don’t expect some games to look graphically impressive like it’s predecessor. Some early 1st generation Sega Genesis games look slightly better than an NES game.

  26. “And so for us, certainly consumers are deciding that the innovation is well worth their investment.”
    AHEM. Sorry, Reggie, but I’m PRETTY sure it’s more that consumers are decided HD Nintendo games with maybe some kind of actual internet connectivity are worth the investment. ^_^;

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