Capcom Community Specialist Yuri Araujo has told members of the Capcom Unity forums that the team has no plans to incorporate Miiverse support for Monster Hunter Ultimate for Wii U. Araujo wouldn’t completely rule it out, but simply stated that there’s currently no plans to bring Miiverse integration into the game. Would you like to see Monster Hunter Ultimate feature Miiverse support?

You guessed it: no plans at this time. But I got it – I will “bring it up around the office. Pester some folks. Call in a favor” for ya.





  1. Lazy fucking Capcom. Bullshitting themselves as usual. Can’t these lazy pricks don anything right? Oh wait, they did, not developing for the PS Vita. (^o^)


  2. Does anyone think Miiverse should have other communities of different subjects rather than just individual game communities. Like General Community, Q&A community, Suggestion Community, etc


    • I’ve actually had a long conversation with somebody last night about that. We were thinking that Nintendo should include a General Community and Adults-Only Community. Also, an refresh button is much needed.


  3. Miiverse is a system-wide feature. Not including support would just mean it won’t have Miiverse features like those found in Nintendo Land and Mario U, and you won’t be able to include a little tag saying where you are in the game but you can probably still attach a screenshot.


  4. They should really consider it… like REALLY! I spend SOO much time on Miiverse it is crazy! I love Miiverse it is a HUGE success!!! Miiverse is one of the Wii U’s best features.


  5. Capcpom once of these days Ono and the Monster Hunter team is gonna leave you and you’ll be left with zero talent. I hope you’ll be proud of yourselves when that day comes.


  6. Aww this is so uncool Crapcom! The first games I thought of when Miiverse was announced were Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, and Super Smash Bros. Miiverse is perfect for the Monster Hunter franchise. They really should consider utilizing the feature. IMO, Miiverse is the best feature of Wii U.


  7. I believe Miiverse is inherently supported by all games. So you can still pause the game, post a screen cap to miiverse bout it, or something. what he means by not supporting miiverse though may mean you won’t see miiverse comments in-game like Mario U, or ask you to post something on Miiverse mid-game.

    but still, that would be awesome, and Capcom should look into closely integrating this. if not for this Monster Hunter, probably for a future update or something.


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