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UK Charts: Wii U Games Fail To Sell In The UK


This week sees another disappointing week for Wii U software, as only one Wii U title manages to stay in the top forty all-formats chart. The only Wii U game in the UK charts is Nintendo Land which only just managed to hang on to 39th position, just beating Sonic Generations. New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU were sadly nowhere to be seen. Here’s the entire top forty all-formats chart.

81 thoughts on “UK Charts: Wii U Games Fail To Sell In The UK”

          1. yes, it does. It’s fine to have a preference (I certainly do), but blindly starting to believe that that preference is the best as a matter of fact paves the way for arrogance and hypocrisy. From all sides ofc

    1. Tbh I only knew about wii u because I keep upto date with e3 etc. The UK has very poor advertisement for the system, I haven’t seen the ad on tv at all even though I seen it from here. Even companies like game are giving the system good enough advertisement.

      1. Oh ok….. so Nintendo of UK need to set out more advertisement………. I really want them to be successful….. better games for us.

    2. Mr Tennant is my lover

      What’s wrong? Easy. Awful advertising, stock shortages and, according to Nintendo, $1=£1. I’ve never seen a worse console launch to be honest. Some of my friends don’t even know that there is a Wii U, let alone what it is.

      1. As the pricing is crazy I love Nintendo and want to Support but can’t afford like lots of people in the UK at the moment.

    1. In a way. It really just comes down to Stock :/ . We already knew stock would be horrible in the UK for wiiu. Europe gets about the same amount as USA stock wise and it has to be shared between all the major Euro countries… So you have to compare the whole of Europe to USA or Japan to have any sort of Meaningfull comparison.

      The wiiu HAS been selling out in UK with People ordering the next wave. This time next year we will see if the wiiu has managed to sell a Million or more in UK…

      1. Let me tell you how much it has to do with the stock:
        It has literally NOTHING to do with the stock. People just don’t want to buy it, that’s the reason.

        1. are you fucking stupid ? its 100% to do with stock you ass hole. There is only about 100K WIIU’S in the uk. so a game can’t sell more than about 40k right now. and the wiiu is sold out in Uk everywhere , waiting for more stock. I have asked a few different retailers my self. of course millions of people want it all over the world. 100% STOCK RELATED.

          1. No, it does not.
            And that’s not what other people from the UK said.
            If millions of people wanted it, it would have sold better.

            1. Stop pretending that you know anything you retard lol. i am from Manchester England. Nintendo is Huge over here. game stores are dominated by DS , Wii and 3DS taking up about half of the store….

              Nintendo UK said themselves there is limited stock and the wiiu has SOLD OUT in the UK. That’s why there were fucking HUGE ques in London and Manchester…. The major stock gets replenished round about today. The second wave of UK wiiu’s.

              People are walking into store and asking for wiiu’s and being told to come back when the stock is in. This isn’t debatable , that’s the reality of whats happening.


              1. one of my frends are a manager at a blockbusters, she says they have a big turn over of nintendo titles but it is a hard company to work with for getting stock. i think also quite a lot did not know about it only people who read about gameing. give it a few months and the sales will just go up and up

            1. Not agreeing if it’s the stock or whatever, maybe people don’t like the Wii U style of games or aren’t willing to pay that price for it. But without the console how do you download the game???

            2. The “stock” problem they are talking about isn’t the games, it’s the actual Wii U, like someone said above, if there’s only 100K in the UK, then games won’t sell more than half that unless there were a serious killer app like Smash, 3D Mario or Zelda

  1. This is no surprise really. Firstly, the number of people in Europe with sufficient disposable income to invest in a pricey home console is tiny compared to in 2006 when the Wii launched. Secondly, the Wii’s success was largely based on sales to families, households with children, and these people, content enough with a Wii, are not likely to upgrade to a newer console, particularly when there’s so much confusion around whether it’s even anything new. A console that looks the same and whose name is so ambiguously similar to that which precedes it just won’t grab the interest of everyday people who aren’t already ‘in the know’.

  2. Noticed that it is always UK that never sells still everywhere like crazy. Japan is doing huge. Shows what stupid things people say put you off and I wonder why we don’t get as much stuff to get on club Nintendo. It will probaly do a 3DS and once some games are worth getting the console for like a Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart U or even Zelda then they will noticed a big change in sales, just UK don’t fancy having games we already played. when you just played super mario bros 2, why do you want mario bros U aswell? I think Nintendo are selling the wrong games to launch with

  3. Doesnt the UK have the most expensives prices on Nintendo products?…
    And I think it also has to have with shit life because many don’t have firm jobs and because PS3 has a better presence in Europe…

  4. Don’t you guys think that’s to be expected? For whatever reasons you choose to believe, the Wii U installed base in the UK is still very small. How can you expect Wii U software to sell hundreds of thousands when there aren’t even that many Wii Us there to begin with? Everyone who has a Wii U would have to buy the same one game for it to even show at that list, and there’s no way any Wii U game could be at the top.

  5. Lack of advertising is one and the big stores like GAME and HMV taking the piss. Saw NSMBU in Game for £49.99. Zombiu for £54.99. Compare that to the PS360 new titles at 39.99 or even Wii titles at 29.99 you already can see the price comparison. Some other stores like the Supermarkets and Grainger are doing them at a more reasonable £39.99.

    If I was a generic customer who didn’t know much about the product (like most who shop at Game and HMV) why would I want to pick up an overpriced version of a game on a new console I barely know about?

    I think once these stores get themselves kicked up the backside and price the games properly we’ll see an increase in sales.

  6. This is expected really. The installed base is tiny at the moment in UK and stock was severely limited for UK , it has to be sent to other european countries aswell. We have only had about 50K wiiu’s lol. Maybe it’s been replenished but I don’t know…

    It will sell more and more until there is a decent number this year. Don’t write it off just yet guys lol , it’s been out for about 2 weeks…..

  7. To say that “Wii U Games Fail To Sell In The UK” is incorrect as Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed 3 were also released on the Wii U and will have contributed to the number of those games. Yes i know the quantities will not be much but that will be the diference in percentage changes.

    The article should have said “Wii U exclusive games fail to sell in the UK” and that will not be a surprise due to the installation base compared to the other systems out there.

    The question is as a percentage of Wii U’s out there what is the ratio of consoles to games and that should serve as better indication of whether the games released on the Wii U are selling well or not.

  8. Nintendo doesn’t need the UK anyway….sure it’d be great to have them, but they simply don’t want Nintendo in their lives so why bother anymore??? They can stick to their Call of Duty and the rest of the world can keep on having a blast with Nintendo!

    1. Well thats not true at all, we love Nintendo, but unfortunately, a lot of people here are retarded and just play COD and FIFA, i literally know a guy who just plays those games, it’s fucking stupid.

      1. I know what you mean, that’s all I here people talk about at school and if you try to talk about a different game they just try to change the subject or literally just don’t listen to you.
        Plus the games are a little overpriced, £50.99 for ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III and Call of Duty: Black Ops II are the price of those games up my local Blockbuster though that place always seem’s expensive like Paper Mario: Sticker Star that was £40.99 up there.

        1. Meh, a game’s price doesnt bother me that much if the content is worth it.
          Gotta accept games are just going to be more expensive from now on with next generation.

      1. In the UK, it’s set to jump on board with the “vitanic” I think it’s looking that way in Australia too. US, I honestly don’t know because I’ve never been there x3 Japan it’s fine.

    2. that is a load of bull shit lol. we like nintendo as much as anywhere else. go look at wii and ds and now 3DS sales in UK. there is more wii’s in the uk than there is ps3’s or 360’S……

  9. Money is a big factor -.-
    I mean I’ve wanted one for years, but i still cant afford it yet, and wont till after christmas.
    Also its a case of word of mouth and games. So far not alot of the games are exclusive, which bring uo the next thing.
    Pretty much all of those games are multiplats. A £300 console, and 1-2 exclusives wont beat a £40-50 game that on 3-4 platforms

    1. dude…, it’s just the limited stock . everywhere i have been is sold out in Manchester…. there is only 50 – 100k wiius in the country. how can that compete with the ps3 , wii or 360? the real question is can it sell about 1million in uk by this time next year…

      1. Yeah, its a lot more than just limited stock. We do have limited stock, but there’s so many other factor to consider.

  10. well the reason it is not in the top charts is one it has only been out for 3 weeks and second there was very limited stock in the uk. i mean i am still waiting on pre orders for some of the games. i got mine on the 30th of november also trying to find a shop that had any good titles left was like trying to find gold in a silver mine

  11. I live in the UK. Had no idea the Wii U was off to such a slow start … tbh Im not seeing places selling out and it’s nearly Christmas…
    I wonder what it will take for UK to start picking up systems??

      1. to be honest, there’s a lot in that lineup to keep me busy
        but clearly, people are waiting for something different to me!
        people are probably just waiting for an FPS game that can stand above the competition…

  12. This article is very, very misleading. The system has just been launched and of course it doesn´t have an user base as big as other consoles, so it´s foolish to expect its software sell as much as the other platforms right now. Also, the Ukie list DOES NOT classify the games by systems, but just by overall title sales, regardless the system. On the top10 there are four games that have WiiU versions. On Vgchartz, 0n the week ending 8th december, NintendoLand was 25th, NSMBU was 37 and ZombiU was 48. Expect WiiU games to stay in that range (25th-50th ) for some months until the install base gets bigger. The most important number to consider right now is the tie-ratio, where it scores an average 2.0 games per system, that´s a normal number for a system that doesn´t have even a month around.

  13. 40 000 Wii U’s sold competing with millions of Wiis, PS3s and Xbox360s really, Nintendo and you gamers should be happy Nintendo land is even number 39. Question should be, how is Nintendo land number 39?

  14. The main issue here is the advertising. Yes stock plays in as well, but Nintendo has ultimately failed to show the audience this system is truly new. For example, when Wii came out, there was no confusion as to whether or not it was a new console. The same has happened to every other system. 3RD had this problem at first but only at first. It’s simply horrible when just yesterday I have these kids asking me if a Wii can play Wii U games. Nintendo really should have changed the name, but its too late for that now. So they really need to market the thing better and get down to business with advertising the thing so there’s no confusion. And I am not a Wii U hater. I have one and LOVE it.

  15. Most people always look at one side of the medall. That´s why they don´t understand how the world works. How many people in the uk own a Playstation 3,Xbox 360 and PC? And how many people own a Wii U? About 40000 People own a wii u as far as known. The other platforms have millions of owners.

    Therefore. If 40000 people own a system, you can´t sell more than maximum 40000 games.
    So tell me, how can this minority even if everybody buys a specific game defeat millions of others? Shell every Wii u owner buy 20 times the same title?

    This stat has absolutely nothing to do with the success of the Wii U games.

  16. Wow that chart is a mess. No numbers and it only shows jumps.

    Only 40k sold what are these guys expecting.

    Never seen nintendo do a true soft launch but. That is what happened it seems. Hopfully they can get the stock up and show so more games after wonderful 101, aliens, Rayman and bayonnetta.

    Pretty good platform but we play games. I got a lot of game already but need more! It’s not over yet.

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  18. I still blame it all on Nintendo’s lack of advertising the Wii U. They did NOTHING to advertise it, clear to the day it was released. At least, in North America that’s how it was. And I STILL have yet to see any playable Wii U in any stores. Though I haven’t been anywhere in a couple weeks.

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