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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U Patch Incoming


Activision has announced that it’s preparing a patch for the immensely popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that should be available before the end of the month. The publisher has submitted the patch to Nintendo where it is currently being tested. Details of the patch haven’t been announced, but we should hear exactly what has been fixed fairly soon.

“Once Nintendo supplies us with a date that we can expect the patch to go live, I will publish another update. Sometimes they give us a few days warning, sometimes they give us a few hours warning.”

Thanks, Jake

52 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U Patch Incoming”

        1. Thank god Call of Duty is on the toy u too so all those annoying ten year olds play it on their babysitters aka toy U’s instead of the superior PS360/PC’s.

          1. Technically it is the other way around. All the kids play on the inferior 360/PS3 and kids know nothing about PC gaming. That leaves Wii U/PC to us mature players who don’t get mad everytime we die or some guy doesn’t die.

            1. ^This^. True fact the kids at my school are complaining that they can’t beat someone on Cod or get a goal in fifa and they make a big fit about it.

        1. Hahaha true bill has several usernames
          He claims he don’t like nintendo but yet his always riding on nintendos dick by being in this web site

      1. But why dobpeople play them on consoles if the PC versions is better in all aspects. Games like shooters and open worlds are unplayable on Playstation, XBOX or Wii U because they are UNDERPOWERED. I want to see a console that can run Skyrim perfectly.

        1. Yes we all know PC gaming has better graphics. We don’t need a lecture from you. PC Elitists can get out, you’re all a bunch of douche bags who think you rule the gaming industry.

          1. Who talked about graphics ? I said shooters and open worlds are much better on PC. Did you ever try out the WASD+mouse combo ? Play Skyrim on Max settings with texture mods at 60 fps and you’ll see what I’m talking about. OR PLAY SOME WII GAMES ON THE PC… much “nintendo games are only on nintendo systems” ……

            1. All games benefit from the PC hardware. You can admit that you would have loved Skyward Sword in Dolphin quality. (2550*1440+AA+AF)

              1. To be fair, you mentioned graphics.

                “.. because they are underpowered. I want to see a console that can run Skyrim perfectly.”

                “All games benefit from PC hardware. [..] 2550*1440+AA+AF.”

                Those quotes are related to graphics cards as they are hardware which determines how a game will perform given other hardware. At least admit to Wooferz that you were incorrect about that. As for the second part of his response, yeah he’s rude.

                The reasons why one would exclude PC hardware from a console is cost and 1st party titles. It’d be a different story if we could get 1st party games on a PC or on another console. I’d love to play games like Skyrim not only because I’ve yet to play it, but because I appreciate graphics, fast processors and loads of RAM.

                Yes, unfortunately consoles can only offer us dated hardware, but I’d rather pay 300 for a console that will last me twice as long as a PC than 1200+ for a homemade PC that I must upgrade continuously to stay with the times. One of these days when I get a raise I might set aside more money for a PC like that, but for now I can be satisfied with a console like many others.

          2. wiiu ultra fast MCM design

            ithink you will find if you got the worlds pcs then took a gaming and grphics average of systems out there graphically there way below xbox 360

            lie 1% of the pcs out there are top gaming rigs and thees no pc game wiiu couldnt handle at like ultra graphic settings LOL PC fanboys

            funny early alpha of monalith xeno wiiu game UTTERLY SHIT ON THE VISUALS OF HIGH END PC RPGS BY A COUNTRY MILE and two screens

            its a fact a cpu and gpu are pushed 5 x harder in a console than a pc

            a pc of wiiu speed wouldnt even run psvita level games IEFFICENT SHITE

            1. A PC at Wii U speed ran Crysis you idiot and ” its a fact a cpu and gpu are pushed 5 x harder in a console than a pc” where is the source? I want to see how the low detail sand, low poly Monolith game “shits over” games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3 and many others. Also the last of us and Beyond “shit all over” the Monoltih game.
              ” lie 1% of the pcs out there are top gaming rigs and thees no pc game wiiu couldnt handle at like ultra graphic settings LOL PC fanboys” Source? And why did all the third parties not just use the PC game and lock the graphics to ultra?

              1. Do you even know what an MCM is? Do you think Nintendo has some sort of magic tech inside of it? To make sure you understand what I tell you now. The Wii U uses a E6760, three shrinked and overclocked Broadways with more L2 (if you even know what that is) and 2Gb of Ram. A so called 1200$ PC has 20*the power of a Wii U. The stuff you can put into that rig can last you several years. No more Ultra and 120fps does not mean “you need to upgrade”. You need to upgrade if the game runs at 30fps without AA and below 1080p. G

  1. Ugh, I think all those 10 year olds that your referring to are half of the Xbox community. Anyway, would be nice if the patch added extra features and nuketown… :-)

  2. I think they might be adding DLC support. Assassins Creed III and other Ubisoft titles needed a patch to get the DLC support, so it would be safe to assume that the ther launch titles would need a patch to support it.

  3. It’s unbelievable that Nintendo has already been ripped off. They invented the tech the Wii U uses to stream to the second screen and now android rips the off with something they call “miracast”.

    1. Just googled it and saw it. It is a lot like the gamepad I suppose, but as long as they put their own ideas into it I think it would be fine. They merely took the idea of it, like how Sony borrowed ideas from the Super Smash Bros games.

      1. It’s exactly the opposite. The Wii U uses miracast to stream the imahe to the gamepad. Nintendo invented nothing of that tech. How can they be ripped of if they use the tech that “copied” them? Miracast is wifi direct aka uses the Wifi “antenna” to send and receive data without a router.

  4. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I hope it’s something that allows for 4 players locally in zombies mode instead of 2. It doesn’t make sense to me that local multiplayer allows up to 4 players plus 9 bots and yet zombies allows up to 2 players locally.

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  6. wiiu ultra fast MCM design



  7. Can I have your opinions guys? I might think about picking this game up do you think it is worth it? Thanks in advance!

      1. Yes is good betterthan ps3 i just had a fiend who had it for ps3 but it lacks a lot and have so many glitches but add me for some cod bo2 when you have it my id is: jayfireflower

  8. Its the double XP weekend right now … just got prestige 6, lvl 36… I do 30-35 kills in almost every Team deathmatch … but we lose all the time lol… I’m surounded by total retards. I’m not an expert because its my first CoD game I play online but … I think a master prestige is supaused to be better then me right ?

  9. The black ops 2 patch for wii u that activision jus released made it so i can’t change my player limit to 1. plz fix this problem.

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