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Amusing New LEGO City Undercover Trailer For Wii U

Nintendo and TT Games have released another amusing LEGO City: Undercover trailer for the forthcoming game. In LEGO City Undercover the unique properties of the Wii U GamePad controller come into play throughout the hunt for Rex Fury. The GamePad functions as a Communicator to talk to others, is used to scan the surroundings for clues or criminals, or to view the handy map and GPS route when driving around the city. The game is due to be released on the 18th of March in North America, and the 28th of March in Europe.

59 thoughts on “Amusing New LEGO City Undercover Trailer For Wii U”

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    1. So is this the game all those $60 handfuls that were going to be throw at Rayman are going next?

      I’m probably going to get Monster Hunter 3 to kill as much time before Pikmin 3 comes out.

    1. Lmao same here I couldn’t help to laugh at that one. If this game has jokes like this all around I might just buy it for the comedy and gameplay regardless of story

  1. Yup, looks like I’ll be getting this one. Each trailer encourages that premis. I have always loved the lego games, the writers for travelers tales are quite good at what they do, especially when they could convey a whole story from just sounds like they used to. Glad they went for voice for this one though. I thought lego lotr lost a bit with direct voice from the movies, batman 2 on the other hand was awesome!

  2. thenintendoreviewer

    Sweet! This game looks like it has a lot of fun with itself and I like games like that. Still picking this up on launch day! Hopefully before my long night class -.- But hey. I’ll have an awesome new game to play after the class =D

    1. thenintendoreviewer

      And a jet powered snow plow?! Oh LEGO. That’s too f**king funny! I can tell I’ll have a lot of fun knocking cars out of my way like that haha.

  3. I’ve just been looking into pre-ordering this game. For some reason I can’t find a standard edition of the game listed on any UK website, they’ve all only got the limited edition (which comes with some Lego figurine) available for about £42, which is ridiculous.

    Meanwhile, it’s $49 on for the standard edition… When the $ price almost matches the £ price, we’re getting ripped off in the UK.

    1. You act like its normally different, we always get “ripped off”, thats just our economy, it’s not Nintendo, or any other conpany think, “oh we can make more money”, stuff is always more expensive than the exchange rate, our money is shit.

  4. thekidnintendowiiman

    If GTA V doesn’t come out for Wii U, I’m getting this.
    If GTA V does come out for Wii U, I’m still getting this.
    This trailer convinced me that I should get this game.

    1. hahaha another hater here. dude, just buy all the freaking consoles, and play all the games! (real gamers don’t hate other videogame companies btw)

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