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Sniper Elite V2 Developer Explains Why Wii U Version Is The Best


It was finally announced this week that Sniper Elite V2 is coming to Wii U, now developer Rebellion explains exactly why the Wii U version will be the definitive version of the multi-platform game. CEO Jason Kingsley says that the Wii U’s GamePad really dials up the tactical elements of the game, and makes them that much more satisfying. He uses a number of examples of how the Wii U GamePad can be used to improve the game. Read on to find out more.

“Sniper Elite has always been about letting players think carefully about how to execute their missions. Marking patrols, planning the perfect vantage point, setting traps to defend your position…but the Wii U’s GamePad really dials up the tactical elements of the game and makes them that much more satisfying.”

“Using the GamePad a player can now track the exact positions of any patrols they’ve ‘tagged’ in real-time, and locate any explosives they’ve set – in fact the map even tells you the diameter of their explosions, so you can work out exactly when to set them off for maximum carnage.”

“These are all things you can’t do on the current console and PC versions. The fact that it’s all at a glance too – rather than hidden away in a menu — means you can react quicker. That’ll come in handy because the game can get pretty tough if you’re spotted.”

115 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 Developer Explains Why Wii U Version Is The Best”

    1. The developer of Sniper Elite also said the Wiiu is very capable and more powerfull than current consoles.

      Suck it Sony and Microsoft fanboys. We have the super Gamepad and More power :)

  1. It is funny that the ONLY thing that sets the Wii U apart form the current gen are maps and different gimmiky things on a second screen. lol. Nintendo fans keep your Wii U. Sony and Microsoft will bring the power and more IMPORTANTLY GAMES!

      1. What does the gamepad bring bro?? Besides maps…and..uhhh…streaming the game you can actually play on the big ass tv in front of you. Help me out BRO :)

          1. Beto, LOOK what you just asked me? Have I played Nintendo Land? A fucking party game? Nah man, i was to busy playing borderlands 2 and dead space 3. How is the Wii U version of those games? OHHHH that is right, they do not exist. :). Seriously though, it is ok if you buy a ps4 and and Xbox 720, you KNOW that is where all the games are going to be.

            1. Yeah… If I buy a $400-450 XBOX and $500-800 PS4, I can’t play used games (and pay $60-100 in order to play games online). Thank you… but no thanks. The U is my system of choice. End of story.

            2. You’re asking us if there other uses of the gamepad, then dismissing one because it’s a party game? Go back to your repetitive crap, no one gives a damn about your immature opinion…

            3. You don’t make any since sir. Just because you have a troubled life and therefor can only play your little shooters don’t put down something you can’t wrap your little mind around. for the rest of of who enjoy ALL types of games, Nintendo did good. And I will be getting Ps4 and Durango as well.

            4. have fun spending $500+ for a console that will have outdated graphics right after launch anyway. i mean seriously, wtf is the point of them making such an overpriced “powerful”system, when they’ll just get insanely overshadowed in months time. seriously, look at the graphics on the 360 and ps3 and compare that to the pc, and tell me how worth it it was to spend 599 us dollars at launch. that’s why, when choosing a console, i stick with nintendo. because i know they’ll focus more on just having a system capable of unique and fun gaming experiences, unlike the xbox and ps3 who will try to look pretty for a little bit and just keep the same old controls and just flood their libraries with mindless shooters.

        1. Never stop playing the game even when you have to use the bathroom. Pretty convenient while playing online and you’re unable to pause.

          1. Or you can be a normal human fucking being and PAUSE the game and shit. THen with poise and patience go back to playing the game?? I do not get it, it does not bring ANYTHING revolutionary, just more convenient? I need more than convenience my friend to purchase a new console.

        2. Use the GamePad as your sniper scope… it’s that freaking simple! The CEO who is repsonsible for this game to be released for the Wii U confirms it’s the definitive version.

          1. Don’t bother explaining the U’s potential to these dim wits. We all know its by far the best controller ever made. The Wiiu gamepad is worth more than your average xbox 360.

              1. Yes, because if I was an asshurt Sonydrone, I wouldn’t be typing this on my Wii U gamepad right now… Oh, wait…

        3. I remember when thousands of people like you said “what does the stick bring bro??” upon N64 release. Just mark the day or write up your question in your diary/blog and feel free to feel ridiculous when you read it in ten years ;)

          Innovation is everything.

            1. It’s backwards compatible with all my Wii games and I have loads of Wiiu games.

              I have more than enough games to play!

          1. Exactly. If Nintendo and their fans could deal with the spiritual predecessors of naysayers like this guy generation after generation, we’ll be just fine once the Wii U picks up the steam it needs, which should be both before and during the summer.

            1. Yeah I am so stoked! I can not wait for Mario 3d something, Mario Kart TEN, MArio Olympics, Zelda re release and a trailer for smash bros. The diversity in those releases is astounding. Way better than what Sony and Microsoft are releasing in the first quarter. Who cares about gears, god of war, bioshock infinite, last of us, dead space 3. Seriously though…mario party.

              1. I agree, the nintendo stuff is much better then most of those offerings. Each one the same as the last lol. With Nintendoech time they make a new game in the contingency they add at least something new to the franchise.You for got the new zelda being developed as well.

        4. The extent of your vision and imagination is mind boggling, Guess what! There’s going to be a new Call of Duty game out next year.

        5. What?

          1. Project CARS = google, too many things.
          2. FIFA 13 and all that tactics real time without pausing the game
          3. COD BO2 and co-op (HDTV and Wii U gamepad at the same time)
          4. Maps and all that shit…
          5. Its a tablet, so, basically you can browse the web, watch videos/movies etc
          6. Off screen play aka no need for HDTV

          ITS NOT a gimmick acctually….. so, nice try.

    1. Same could be said about games where the only difference is graphics. Most people won’t even be able to tell the minimal difference. Hell, I can’t even tell the difference between the unreal engine 3 demo (Samaritan) and unreal 4, and unreal 4 is supposed to represent next gen lolololololololololololololol.

      1. Mike S, how old are you? Just a question. And no you idiot, GRAPHICS wont be the only thing separating these consoles from the shit that is the Wii U. GAMES bro, games will. Not only that, but there processing power and gb of RAM will allow for much larger worlds, vastly improved physics and better story telling. SO PLEASE just stop man, stop trying to convince yourself. What have you been doing with your WII U lately ;)? AND do not come at me with the argument of ITS ONLY CALL OF DUTY AND SHOOTERS. Because Sony has released more innovative games like Journey and the Unfinished Swan in the last year than whatever nintendo has done creatively in a very long time…as far as NEW IPS go.

        1. More processing power does not make for better story telling, nor does the expanse of the game’s world. That is a job for the writers and directors of the games… Consoles and power be damned! If the game is shit it doesn’t matter what console it’s on, it will still be shit. Graphics can only carry so much!

        2. Lol, story telling? Some of the best story telling was on the snes, dreamcast and the ps1. All of what you mentioned had nothing to do with story telling.

    2. I’m gonna feed you for a minute so get your fork and spoon; more power right? Ok that’s great and but guess what, there’s nothing unique about. Your essentially playing the same thing with what? Better visuals? And visuals in video games tend to fade within a moment because your focused on mashinh buttons, or aiming, or timing your jumps to make it to the next the platform safely and etc. More power can also mean more hardships for the developers and consoles alike; development costs rise higher than ever before and the demand for games creates time constraints as well as possible delays and even the game being canceled. What’s the point in having so much power when not only are the PCs so far ahead still but they won’t be fully utilized until the consoles’ end life with the game being the one thing that decides a development company’s continuing or being shut down? What’s worse is the fact that most of the games are probably gonna third party that’ll be released on PC and there’s nothing to really differentiate the 3 aside from one being the most powerful. I mean there’s barely any reason to get a playstation 4 and/or next xbox because not only will they be behind the PCs and most of their games will be available on them but the fact that there are few IPs that are unique to the system, company, and development teams.

      1. So really the only two systems worth getting this generation are the Wii U for uniqueness and differentiality and the PC because it’s the most powerful

        1. No one even knows what the PS4 and 720 will be. No one knows what there uniqueness will be. People on this site are so stupid. I’ll be going PS4, Wii U and PC though.

    3. Lol, well good luck playing on your 720 and PS4 when the Internet is down while we Wii U owners will still be able to play without an internet connect XD

      Fail troll is fail

        1. To be honest I didnt understand his statement nor did I understand yours … Can u tell me what rumour are u talking about

    4. Yup, because the next Xbox and PS blocking used games, requiring 2 year contracts, and requiring an internet connection to function is so badass. Also, Wii U GPU is a 4850/4870, aka RV770. RV770 = 4 times more powerful than the 7900 GT that is inside the PS3. 720 heavily rumored to use 6670, which, when compared to an RV770 chip (aka Wii U GPU) is outperformed by the RV770 by 10%. Have a seat.

      1. You really are an idiot. They only took out patents. PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE THEY SAID THEY’LL USE THEM. Jack Tretton even believes its a terrible idea. Companies take out patents ALL the time. 2 year contracts is only a different payment option for xbox (Which I don’t understand why people think its bad, it’s just another option) Constant internet connection? Once again show me proo– oh wait you’re just an idiot believing rumours.

      1. That’s opinionated. I always prefer my shooters on PC. Can’t stand any controller when shooting, mouse & keyboard for me :D

      1. “lol! No, believe me you will be disappointed…”

        Lol, so do you work for Sony? Do you know what the PS4 will be?

    1. Why should we be scared? Sony is just gonna copy Nintendo and fail just like they did with Jak and Dexter, Little Big Planet kart game, Move, Playstation All Stars, and just about everything they try to copy from the Big N.

      1. Plus it won’t even be PS4. Were it to be a PlayStation 4, the teaser would have used the digit 4 one way or another. The fact that they tease “The Future of PlayStation” is a big hint something’s gonna change from the usual race to power.

        A lot of Sony fanboys will fall off their chairs.

        1. I’m going to laugh so much if the next Playstation ends up being a WiiU clone, with a some type of gamepad, and a Sony version of Miiverse. If that happens only Sony fans will be surprise. hehehe

        2. “the teaser would have used the digit 4 one way or another. ”

          Square, Triangle, Circle, X.

          4 different shapes which is used on the controller. There, the number 4 was used one way or another.

    2. hahahaha scared explain please? Crytek have said today that crysis 3 on the ps360 is using the max power of the consoles, and he also siad that the next generation consoles will not have better grafix then this… why must someone be afriad???

    3. There is no confirmation that it is a PS4 announcement, a PS4 announcement is merely what people are hoping for. It could be anything.

  2. Tactical game … someone say Advance War on Wii U or Star Craft?

    It´s good to know that there are some developers that can actually see where the potential of the Wii U is and know who to exploit it.

  3. Actually the devs said they were able to ramp up the graphics more for the wii u according to the interview article on nintendolife so that is interesting. Plus it’s the little things that matter and make a difference to how a game plays, if the ideas that nintendo keep coming up with are so gimmicky, then why are the other companies copying them? Sony with their true motion or whatever it was called, kinect was a step farther with motion controls but following the same idea, sony with rumors of copying the tablet controller again. Of course the idea originally came from the DS. Yup, all crappy gimmicks eh. Lol

        1. “Lol! What won’t they rip off?”

          Every company borrows ideas you fucking idiot. Nintendo didn’t make the first platforming game, MARIO MUST BE A RIP OFF. NINTENDO HAS COPIED OTHER COMPANIES TOO. No, I like the fact companies borrow ideas and make them better. And don’t give me the move bullshit because it and the wii mote were both in development at the same time. Fuck, Android MUST be ripping off apple by your logic.

  4. What the hell is wrong with you guys?? I call myself defending you but you’re just as bad as that anonymous guy. sony and microsoft DO NOT suck. Neither does nintendo. gears of war is awesome. Castle crashers was amazing. Uncharted is one of my favs. Smash brothers is too good to be true. they all have goods and bads. Why don’t we quit to stupid arguing about which is better because they are F*ing games. Its ALL opinionated.

    1. I’m a multiplatform gamer too, but it still pisses me off that little shit-stains like that try to pass off the new controller as a mere gimmick that adds nothing to the games it works with, then proceeds to think of himself as an example of a “real” gamer.
      Real gamers have open minds and appreciate the possibilities of new tech, they don’t pass it off just because it’s a part of a company they don’t like.

      1. I’ll give you that. It is a pain in the butt when legit hardware and software come out and they dog it only because it’s labeled something they don’t like.

  5. The gameplay looks good and I’m considering purchasing this. I hope the killcam can be removed except for a specific target in each mission. Would be even better if turned off entirely.

    1. Power wise aka CPU and GPU…. yes, it will. Wii U is not much stronger than PS3, ofc the next PS is going to be more stronger than Wii U. The fact is, Sony always released a much more powerful console than its predecessor, and Nintendo didnt do that always. Nintendo didnt do that with Wii and thats why Nintendo is behind.

      SNES – N64 = BIG JUMP
      N64 – GC = BIG JUMP
      GC – Wii = NOT A JUMP AT ALL, same GPU without programmable shaders, only the CPU was overclocked
      WII – WII U = BIG JUMP

      Thats why….

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