Activision Confirms The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct For Wii U Will Not Release In Australia

the_walking_dead_survival_instinct_screenshotDeveloper Terminal Reality’s upcoming first-person shooter, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which is based on The Walking Dead television series, launches next month. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will be released in Australia, Europe and North America. However, the Wii U console’s version only hits North America and Europe, as the game’s publisher, Activision, today confirmed that, based on customer demand, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct for Wii U will skip Australia.

“As with every game release, publishers decide which platforms to release based on customer demand. Unfortunately it wasn’t there for the Wii U sku on The Walking Dead.”



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      2. More like stupid. I mean, come on! It’s like he’s TRYING to make a fool out of himself. Too easy to see that he’s a troll.

  1. Oh no, they won’t get an Activision game /s

    Maybe they’ll spend their money somewhere else like, i duno, a good game or The Walking Dead Tell Tale series

    1. Lol, I read that, and “Activision Confirms The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct For Wii U Will Not Release” scared the hell out of me. Nintendo is losing WAY to many exclusives, and even third party support right now. :(

      1. Is it really going to be that bad?
        Honestly, I can’t imagine many games being as bad as Dead Island was, so this has me mildly interested…

      2. The Walking Dead was the highest rated game of 2012, it’s sequel also looks ver good. Dragon is just being an obnoxious hipster as usual.

      3. yes but you can’t compare the game made by TellTale with this FPS*

        *I was going to say CRAP but, I have not played yet to prove otherwise.

      4. High ratings don’t mean much to me.
        If ratings indicated quality, DmC wouldn’t make me gag so badly.
        What do the sales numbers say about it?

      5. lol the fuck are you talking about? dead island was awesome. have you even played the game? if this game was anything close to dead island, i’d pick it up in a heart beat

    1. Australia has had an R18+ rating since January 1, 2013. It’s worth noting that this title was classified MA15+ by the Australian Classification Board.

  2. JELLY BEAN, your awkward comments have caused activation to skip Aussie. We shall stand with you and petition the game alá operation rainfall style for you :).

  3. Any good reason for that? I wouldn’t like it if it wasn’t released in the states but was released elsewere. I would be pissed.

  4. This is just a guess, but it might be because few people are familiar with the television series and thus there’s little demand for it down under. This is not unlike other anime series or Japanese franchises that don’t really reach the US or Europe.

    1. Apparently this game shows what happens with Merle and Daryl before they were with the Atlanta camp.

  5. This is the second Wii U game that Activision has chosen not to release in Australia, with the first being 007 Legends. Luckily Australian consumers can just import from other PAL countries.

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