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Sony Attacks Nintendo’s Mario To Promote PlayStation Meeting?

playstation_meeting_mario_adSony is holding a meeting this Wednesday, February 20th, to discuss the future of PlayStation. The company is expected to reveal a new console, also known as the successor to the PlayStation 3, which was released in 2006. To promote the upcoming meeting, Sony is supposedly attacking its rival Nintendo via placing ads around the web. In one particular ad, spotted by a NeoGAF member, which can be viewed above, Sony seems to be mocking Nintendo’s number one mascot, Mario.

317 thoughts on “Sony Attacks Nintendo’s Mario To Promote PlayStation Meeting?”

    1. Lol!

      Sony is so poor, they cannot even properly troll Nintendo with a full page ad in a newspaper and have resort to this.

      1. Exactly! Not like we can say oh yay another Sony game because they own near enough fuck all XD. Least Nintendo have crap load more exclusives and that is why people still like Nintendo because if Nintendo has no exclusives then they would of been having more trouble because then it would be about best console and graphics.

          1. I think you’re thinking of the Xbox controller, which is a very blatant copy of both the Dramcast controller and some other obscure NES controller.
            Though, the PS3 controller is nothing short of copying others, button shape, layout and configuration are all pathetically taken from older controllers.

    2. wow Sony stay classy…, just wow… I respect PS fans ans stuff, but cmon! now you are trolling trying to get more attention? you dont need to do that! this is a bad move for sony… this a d*ck move…

      1. Yet that is actually cheap for the Wii U… so you’d rather pay $600 for a console?… you are either Richy Rich or you are just plain dumb

                1. yea i actually want to play a brand new 3d mario game, there actually really fun, at he time i thought galaxy 2 was one of the best games ever, but i didnt like the first one very much, i just thought the levels wernt nearly as good and i love 3d platformers

      2. Take a look at the fithteen Zelda games for example, they all keept the same formula and it is allways a new and fresh experience; now compare the Uncharted Trilogy… Did you got my point?

    1. Yes am with you
      I think they should know with who they
      Dealing its nintendo Sony don’t for get that
      Nintendo is a game console not only loading
      Everyone know that Sony copy nintendo

    2. Very much agreed. Some trolling isn’t bad, but attacking like that, no matter if it’s meant as a joke, is very immature. I would not like to see the console wars turn into something like the USA presidential campaigns, with both sides digging dirt on each other as much as possible. Maybe it’s more commonly done in America (?), but in Europe at least something like this isn’t acceptable. I would say the same thing if either Nintendo or Microsoft did something like that.

      However, for now we don’t know if it’s actually real. It could be just some silly idea from Sony marketing personnel, or more likely it’s made up by a stupid NeoGaf user, who wanted to cause a flame war there. This article should’ve mentioned that.

    3. Not so sure, Sega did it and they got a shit ton of respect from Fans and outsiders of the company.

      To me its just hurmorus seeing a company’s poor attempt to actually be funny

        1. People here aren’t quite “crying” about it — they’re mocking it. That’s a pretty big distinction.

          PS and PS 2 are still among my favorite consoles, mainly for the RPG exclusives they offered (Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story are two of my favorite games). I didn’t have enough money to afford a second console last gen, so I only ended up getting a Wii. I’m interested to see what Sony presents on the 20th, but hope they can avoid snarky commentary like this in their marketing. It adds nothing helpful to the discussion. Unless it’s fake, of course.

        2. Your comment is so childish. In fact, you kind of sound like you belong on some play ground bullying kids smaller than you. Maturity is an uncommon thing now a days. :(

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s fake. Nobody has confirmed this ad and nobody has seen it apart from the supposed poster on NeoGAF. Easy Photoshop. This would be a legal mess if Sony actually did it.

    1. Wouldn’t be the first time though :/
      Sony are pretty well known for trashing companies left and right.
      Kaz Hirai’s twitter is like…the worst thing ever.

        1. Oh come on, Sony have always been immature, most recently with Jack Tretton talked shit about the 3DS.
          They do it all the time, their Kevin Bulter ad campaigns often had them blatently doing the whole “we are the best” things, ripping the piss out of other companies, its the one thing about Sony that pisses me off.

          And fair enough if im wrong about the Kaz twitter, but doesnt really change a thing.

          1. Every company pokes fun here and there, even Nintendo does it. So there’s no reason to go on like OH SONY YOU’RE SO JUVENILE YOU ARE THE WORST DOING THIS STUFF THAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES!

            It’s naive.

            1. Nintendo don’t though, maybe back when Sega was around, but Sega were basically asking for it.
              I remember rightly, when Sony came out with the Move, Iwata just said, “It’s flattering”.
              Whenever they get asked about other companies, they either say, “we’re not interested in what our competitors are doing”, or they actually praise them.

              I’m not being a fanboy or anything, i’ve been a Playstation fan since the PS1 came out, but Sony just take it way too far and people know it, its a pretty solid fact that Sony is very cocky and a bit childish.

                  1. Considering I can have an article like this circulating the internet within a short time, yeah, it is extremely hard to believe.

                    1. Why? It’s not like we have anything other than speculation one way or another, and Sony hasn’t exactly been on the best of terms with Nintendo. A lot of scoffing and snide dismissals have been passed along in the past, which are basically one step short of a blatant gut shot like this.
                      Now, I’m not saying that the Nintendo fan-base doesn’t have its embarrassments as well, but if the attitude of Sony’s fan-base is affected in any way by the company itself…..
                      All I’m saying is, for a company that tries so hard to sell itself as an experience for mature gamers, they’ve got a lot of work to do to convince me that they’re above this sort of slander.
                      I just wouldn’t put it past them if their company is in any way reflected in the attitude of their fan-base.

                    1. I’ve no experience in photobucket, so call me ignorant if you wish.
                      I still say that I wouldn’t put it past them, but now I’m more than a little skeptical about this article’s legitimacy. Pat yourself on the back for that, I suppose.

            2. the thing is though, i’ve never seen a wii or xbox 360 ad that makes fun of sony…in any way. while the only ads i can even remeber of sony’s (which are few and far between) are alomst always about bashing the kinect or halo or nintendis ‘kiddie games’. sony is like the team that no one wants to win because they just go around being dicks to everyone else even they’re all better off than sony is.

                1. Coming from someone who ownsthevwii, and the 360 and owned ps1, still ownsps2, and would buy ps3 if I wasn’t broke. I knowthe market fairly well and Nintendo has not “attack” othercompaniessincethe Sega war. They will mskecomments, but not even closeto tge amount Microsoft does,and realistically they are fairly quiet themselves. Sony definitely has a hatred for both other manufacturers and regularly attacks them,espespecially Nintendo. Sony is the most egotisticalof them all and finds it necessaryto put others downto maketheir console shine. I do not think this is one of their attacks but Sony does mocknot only Nintendo but its customers,which is why we are having this discussion. If Sony would just stop calling customers of Nintendo five year olds.

              1. Stratisfire , do you have a Wiiu ? if so , what is your NNID ?

                on topic – Let sony resort to childish behaviour. It reflects the desperation of the company that they are today.

                Nintendo could easily rip Sony to shreds. They’re fucking smucks who bought a few studios and think they’re a big shot. Ass holes will never mean as much to gaming as Nintendo do….

                1. Yeah! There such assholes! Just because a photo appeared on an internet forum that even I can generate that has not been proven real what so ever, they’re such assholes!

                  1. Asshole in general like they always been douchebags(IMO not very much as the other competitors) before the supposed “ad”.

          2. Wow, you’re kidding right? The Kevin Butler advertisements were all about poking fun and playing off stereotypes, that was the whole joke. If you really took them that seriously I think you might be a bit too emotionally invested in the whole console competition thing.

      1. Nintendo probably wouldn’t do that. They don’t even allow you to draw a picture of Zelda on the Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Mii-Verse page. They try so hard to protect the peace. So why would they throw it all away and attack Sony?

  2. That’s not even creative, it’s basically saying “Mario sucks” with a few extra words. If you’re gonna advertise this way at least make it humorous or compare him to one of your characters, get off your asses and work for support.

  3. Sony…i’ve bought all 3 of your home consoles, loved them all, loved the games, some of which will stay in my mind and heart as my favourite…..

    But you guys really are sack of shit. Grow up.

      1. Pretty much. People are so quick to believe if it supports their cause and crusade in the console wars.

        The person who posted this succeeded at their goal – add fire to the wars even more.

      2. Doesn’t really stop the fact that i wasn’t one bit surprised by it.

        Fucking hate console war bullshit, i went on that NeoGaf thread and theres people who actually WANT another online console war to start.
        I mean for fuck sake.
        Fucking arseholes, like Sega’s bullshit advertising back in the day started this shit, i’m fucking sick of it, and now we have people who are inheritantly immature gamers, and fanboys, its a fucking joke.
        I’m not saying it’s just Sony fanboys, Nintendo fanboys are just as bad, but it’s fucking taking the piss, i want both companies to be successful, because i dont want either one to die out, yet we have bullshit wars, and then on top that, we have 360 fanboys, and frankly, the worst, PC elitists. The whole gaming community is just a volatile cesspool of immature pricks and bullshit opinions, pisses me off.

        1. Nice rant. I agree that sometimes fans can go too far, but then there are other times where it’s all in good fun. I’m never serious when I talk about console wars.

          1. The problem is we cant have good fun with it anymore. Maybe on here, with…10 of the commenters, or just with other people we know, but the internet is so full of shit, and the most extreme fanboys, we cant do it anymore, because it just start shit all over again. It’s particularly annoying when i’m a Nintendo fan and Sony fan, because i’m in between the fanboy on those, the 360 and PC fanboys. So many times i’ve tried to simple defend Sony on here, and i’ve either had my words twisted around, or just been talked to like shit, or, the other way around, and i’ve been reasonable, and defended Nintendo, and either cause people say “yeah, not like Sony! LOL” or be called a fanboy but morons, it’s fucking annoying, and i’m sick to death with it.

            I just want to play games on both systems, and talk about them, i want to watch the Sony conference next week and talk about it, and get a WiiU, and discuss that, and its future, but not get all the inevitable bullshit that’ll come attached to it :|

            1. I completely understand where you’re coming from but this is the internet. Since every moron with a connection now has a voice, you have to expect to be bashed regardless of what you’re saying. Polite conversation is impossible on the internet. It seems like you’re just having a bad day and this enhanced it. Your comments don’t usually get this bent out of shape.

        2. the most interesting pinkie pie in the world

          Console wars are one of the things that make me despise the “gamer” word. That and COD kids… and PC elitists.

          1. well it could be a comment simply stating that Mario is not the only game that comes out every year. There are a lot of popular games that come out every single year maybe even more so than Mario..(wait lol what an I saying XD)

    1. Apparently it isn’t real. I don’t think it’s real either. They have mainly been doing those youtube advertisements. I’d honestly be really surprised if that were in fact Sony’s doing.

      Heck, even I could put an ad out like that if I want to.

      1. I hope it is fake, seems like a cheap thing to do in my opinio, and would just restart another “console war” that I absolutely hated with the current gen systems.. But yeah probably fake, lol.

        In related news, 3 days until PS4 gets unveiled (Hopefully) and im pretty excited :)

        1. Yeah, ads like these are extremely easy to create (See SImplyG’s comment above), either way, meh the companies can fight it out for all I care, I just want my products x3

          Can’t wait for the PS4 either! :) Seen the prototype controller? Looks awesome!

          1. Yeah I have seen the controller, I thought it looked awesome but a little bit chunky, I know a lot of people complained about the PS3 controller being to small but I loved it. But it is just the prototype, I can’t wait to see it when its finished :) Are you buying a PS4 on day 1?

            1. I don’t understand how people think the prototype PS4 controller looks in a any way very attractive. I am not trying to troll, but I think it looks rather ugly and chunky. Yes it is a prototype so it is most likely going to change come PS4 launch.

              1. I like it more so for it’s features. Chances are it will look much better, that’s why people are excited, prototypes are normally the final product.

                  1. it has a touch pad and with that move light on top of it, it will most likely have motion controls, it has a speaker and headphone jack as well.

              2. I admit its chunky, we all know its the prototype though, not the actual finish, so we are keeping an opened mind. I can picture alot of awesome final designs based on the prototype.

                And with the rumours that the controller is going to have 2 of those Move ball things on it, I was extremely relieved when I seen that the actual controller won’t have it.

          2. I duno, i think its good they added a move thingy, if they add that for shooters, bye bye analog aiming, that’ll be great, and the analogs stick look decent now, and the dpad is better, button look more curved….but what is the point of the touch pad? :/ its like…what am i supposed to use this for? I imagine there’s LED’s under it or something that display different things but i still dont get its practicality…

            1. Have you seen the latest prototype? (To avoid all the hoaxes and speculation, it’s the one that kinda looks like a boomerang) It has no screen on it. And I actually despise motion controls in shooters. I find analog sticks give me much more control (kinda ironic actually).

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s fake. Especially since only one person has seen it. People have been trying to start the console wars all over again since the Wii U launched. It’s ridiculous. Sony is promoting it their own way with a history of PlayStation videos and YouTube teasers which have millions of hits.

      No reasons they would need to put a text ad like this out there.

          1. It was apparently some contract thing with Universal where the characters never belonged to Sony in the first place. I may be a Nintendo fan, but Crash Bandicoot was my introduction to 3D platformers and kart racers. Spyro is a lost cause due to the popularity of Skylanders, but I hope Crash eventually finds his way back home.

            1. It was because Naughty Dog seems to change series with the release of each console. On PS1, they had Crash, PS2 had Jak and Daxter, PS3 has Uncharted. Spyro began it’s fall after Insomniac Games stopped developing them. The two game series’ that made me choose to get a PlayStation as well as my N64. Crash Bandicoot 3 and Spyro: Year of the Dragon easily sit in my top 25 games, possibly even my top 10.

            2. Although Universal Studios published the games and was bought out by Vivendi, which probably had some effect on it.

  4. well obviously if theyre attacking Nintendo, they see them as a threat. nintendo sees them as harmless and ignores them ;)

    1. have you seen the the quote from the Sega vs Nintendo days? don’t remember what nintendo’s quote was but it was awesome! while Sega said Sega does what nintendon’t. Ironically, and people say Sony are the mature ones

  5. Ugh… I really am looking forward to Sony’s event, and I love both Sony and Nintendo… but seriously. This is just juvenile. (If it’s real.)

    1. Actually that’s not 100% true. There’s usually a new franchise/single IP made once every 1-2 years like Golden Sun, Xenoblade, Dillon’s Rolling Western, and so forth. The thing is that some of these games are just average (Rhytm Heaven), appeals to a specific region (Nazo no Muresame-jo), or fades into obscurity (Mole Mania.). The only IP’s that are as big or is milked as Mario (not counting side series like Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi) is the Legend of Zelda and Pokemon.

    2. what does it matter if they dont have many new franchises…at the very leasts they bring something fresh in terms of mechanics or design in general, to these mario games with every system release. Same could be said about its other franchises…just look at how different most of the kirby games are from each other. How many successful franchises does Sony have? like 3? god of war, uncharted, and killzone.

      1. The thing about Sony exclusives is their so varied that none of them really stand out because none of them are played by a vast majority of people who own a playstation. Other good franchises include: Infamous, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Little Big Planet Twisted Metal, and Heavenly Sword. And that’s not counting franchises like Ape Escape and Jak and Daxter which haven’t had a new rendition for a while.

    3. Except you know anything about Nintendo if you think they have NO NEW FANCHISES! Seriously!? Nintendo has more franchises then Microsoft and Sony COMBINED! lol…stupid comment is stupid…

  6. Eh, kind of agree, to be honest. I feel Sony’s done a much better job of utilizing their series compared to Nintendo, where as Nintendo seems to stick Mario on anything, thinking that’s the only way to push console sales. I’ve noticed they seem to be more and more out of touch, Shigeru Miyamoto especially. And I REALLY don’t like saying that, but for every Fire Emblem: Awakening, we get a Paper Mario: Sticker Star (and that’s NOT a good thing).

    1. I think thats kinda stupid to say. because they are making more games for mario, its bad? I love my mario, never really been ultimately disapointed with it. And its not like they are ONLY doing Mario. Its just for the people who love our favourite plumber, such as Myself. Dont forget, they have tons of other games coming out, such as Pikmin 3, and Pokemon X/Y, not to mention smash bros. The reason there is so much is because..well its mario. He’s the reason gaming EXISTS right now.

      1. teenchampionsam, you stole the words right out of my mouth. Mario is NOT the only thing Nintendo sells. They sell a greater variety of 1st party games than any other company… so why do people think it is only Mario??? Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Yoshi, Animal Crossing… do I need to make a list? No you should get the point…

      2. Look at the trend of the Wii. Where was Star Fox, F-Zero, and Pikmin? It’s not “kinda stupid to say”. Look at the first party racing line up for Wii in comparison to Gamecube. Wii had Mario Kart Wii. Gamecube has F-Zero GX, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Kirby Air Ride, and Wave Race: Blue Ocean.

        The problem is that they aren’t utilizing their OTHER franchises. When asked about a new F-Zero game, Shigeru Miyamoto was SURPRISED people want another one. They are out of touch. The problem is they think people ONLY want Mario, and put the other franchises (bar Pokemon and Zelda) to the wayside. The only thing that’s not Mario (that we have gameplay of) in terms of Wii U is Pikmin 3 (on the first party side). Unless you count Yoshi, a spin off of the Mario franchise as sepreate. I love Mario too. Super Mario Galaxy is one of my all time favorite games. I love Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash, and I still buy Mario games. I don’t “HATE” Mario by any means. I’m just sickingly annoyed with how they stick Mario on everything and ignore their other franchises. And I’m sorry, but I found Super Mario Land 3D dull, and hated Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Mario Kart Wii.

    2. Not really, Sony wishes they had a game that’s comparable to Mario in both recognition and sales. The reason Sony churns out new IP’s after another is because they have only 2-3 strong IPs. Look at the highest selling games for this gen, 360 has kinect adventures and Halo 3 that has cracked 10 million sales whilst the highest selling exclusive for ps is GT5 at 8 million. And I don’t have to tell you about vitas dilemma with pretty much all the strongest 1st party (and 3rd party) titles already out, Sony just can’t find a hit with most of their titles. Sony really need the money, don’t you think they’ll start to stick a valuable face to everything they have once they find it?

      And I think you need to layoff Miyamoto, the guy is getting old, he’s done more good for Nintendo and gaming then anyone else has, he’s created the most memorable and recognisable games and characters, he has a dedicated Mario school/class. He’s created, at the bare minimum 3 of the highest rated games of all time, 2 of them just recently in the last few years. People get old and tired, nothing lasts forever, he’s done a good job and rarely ever disappoints over the past 25 years.

      1. He has, and he IS a legend, but he’s the one that also said Super Mario Galaxy has too much story, and was the one that made it so Bowser couldn’t speak in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as well as the story elements, because he didn’t want another Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. No one is there to filter out the amazing ideas he has with the bad ideas he has.

        He originally planned for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to be entirely in first person, and people told him no. We now have one of the greatest games in video game history.

    3. I kinda agree and disagree with you. Mario is on a variety of genres, having too many games to count, but think this, can you imagine Paper Kirby? Link and Navi: Superstar Saga? Your view on that may be different than mine but I think that those games wouldn’t work out, simply due to the characters. Mario seems to be on a lot of genres due to his design, simple, iconic.
      At least that’s my thoughts on it.

  7. Even if its real, you Nintendo fanboys need to calm down lol. Its just a simple joke, why get so offended? And this is from someone who only bought Nintendo published games in the year 2012, lol.

    1. Ok, thing is, if it was real, it’s not the fact that it’s the joke, and that their intentions were only meant to be a joke…it’s the inevitable flame war, and re-enforced fanboyism that was made because of it, that’s what pisses me off. Yeah, (if it’s real), it is Sony being immature, but regardless, we should be behind the whole bullshit fanboy generation, and simply have people buy a console due to their personal choice, and leave it at that.

      1. This! But I don’t see it becoming a masive flame war yet. Most nintendo fanboys are taking it as a joke. Which means there is at least some sense in them.

        1. They’re really not. You should see all of the Nintendo fanboys trashing the YouTube channel and raising hell on NeoGAF.

          In fact, you don’t have to go there, look at the comments here. Most of them are not taking it as a joke. lol

    2. Well, think of it this way….
      Which fan-base had to put up with the most flak from the fan-bases of its two competitor’s fan-bases in recent years?
      Certainly not Sony.
      There comes a point where some people just get fed up with all the unjustified BS being slung at them, and at that point, yeah, some people are gonna get offended and lash out in kind.
      It’s a justified reaction.
      Not a mature one, but justified.

        1. Perhaps a bit, yeah. But I’ve come across my fair share of unjustified flack for liking anything Nintendo in the past, despite also owning and loving a PS2 and PS3, with plenty of games between each.
          It’s like trying to blame a dog that was beaten for years when it finally bites someone who reaches out to it, in my mind, but you can just ignore me on this one if you feel I’m being biased and unfair about it.[not saying that that’s what you said, it’s just the feeling I’m getting from your post, so I do apologize if I’m wrong]

  8. I could make this shit on my browser alone,even Sickr could have done this.Because he apparently likes watching wars,XD.

    1. I don’t really think they have one. Makes sense since none of their series are really played by everyone who has a Playstation. They have Toro who does well in Japan, and they can pull different popular characters if they need to in the west. Seen any Playstation All Stars comercials?

  9. Sony I just bought a new (not used, NEW!) PS3 because I wanted to support you as a company, don’t make me angry or so help me I will buy all my PS3 games used!

    1. Maybe to person who made it, (or Sony).

      It’s the people who read it that concern me :|
      Flame wars and fanboys can fuck off, had enough of them.

  10. lol my response to the user tryin to start up another console war

    “Oh yay, Another console without backwards compatibility”

  11. I think they accidentally miswrote ‘Oh, Yay, another Playstation’. Its sad that they are doing this. Especially since Playstation’s main mascot is now seeming to be Sackboy, which…is..terrible. XD Go Home Sony, your drunk.

    1. Thats what I think. Microsoft and Sony need to bash Nintendo because it is the only thing they can really do. It is hard standing up to Nintendo’s leviathan of a videogame company.

  12. No worries, the next Playstation won’t be released for another 3 – 4 years at least. Sony “and Microsoft” know how horribly bad of a business move it would be to release new systems right now. Unreal engine 4 is just now being showcased, Crytek Engine is just now at the top of it’s game running perfectly on the ps3, xbox 360, and pc, and once more as we observed with the Wii U’s launch and Nintendo’s brutal truthfulness, “the systems don’t make money, the games do.” And right now, a LOT of consumers have either a ps3, or a 360. I’ll let you piece this together yourself and you’ll begin to see what I’m saying.

    Bottom line__
    The #Playstation2013 meeting will not have anything of meaning, other than maybe some business jargon, or at the very most, a few new PS3/PSVita games/services/system updates.

      1. Look it up, I bet you don’t even know what a game engine is. But, yeah LOLOLLLOOLOLOL I believe what I am saying, 3 days, and you’ll see.

        1. the crytek engine runs like shit, bad graphics and bad framerates on 360 and PS3, to believe that the new PS and Xbox will release in 3 years its just being in denial !

    1. I guarantee the PS4 will be announced at the meeting. Have you seen their recent adds and the history videos on YouTube? The system will be launched by the end of the year, mark my words.

  13. And once again, people just believe anything posted on the net. you can all whinge if you want, I’ll enjoy what Nintendo and Sony both have to offer.

            1. I’m not going to be “defending” anyone in the article. It will be about the dumb console wars and people being quick to believe any rumor that appears on the net.

              On that note, we have published positive Nintendo articles on the site several times.

  14. Sony are the last company who should be mocking ANYBODY.

    Constantly stealing Nintendo’s ideas.

    The farcial PSN hack.

    Being downgraded to ‘junk’ status.

    Losing billions.

    The Vita bombing.


  15. Sony are the last company who should be mocking ANYBODY.

    Constantly stealing Nintendo’s ideas.

    The farcial PSN hack.

    Being downgraded to ‘junk’ status.

    Losing billions.

    The Vita bombing.


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  17. I agree with Sony on the Mario thing, there’s just too many coming out, but I hate how douchey of a company they are. Some of their fans are complete a**holes as well, not all. I used to like them a lot, it’s just that they’re being complete a**holes is pretentious.

    1. Can’t have too much of a good thing. No one said you have to buy all the Mario games that come out. Personally I buy one here and there and let others go bye. I am thinking others do the same so people just get a good variety of Mario. It isn’t really a bad thing. There isn’t anything “negative” about it other than trolls bashing Nintendo for it…

  18. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Sony is the modern day Sega in my eyes. It’s not only that they always trash the competition either, Sony is taking all the same tactics that Sega took in the early 90’s to become the top dog in the gaming market. They use the cool gimmick, they trash their competition, and identify quality hardware with power. Sony pretty much has Sega written all over them, and honestly, Sony has proven themselves to be a very high quality game company because of it.

    They work hard to beat the competition. They’ve put out a ton of fantastic games, and even came out with some interesting ideas that are now standard. Sure, Nintendo made the analog stick industry standard, but Sony took the idea and literally doubled the standard. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a controller without two sticks. It’s all because of the competitor Sony has proven themselves to be, and we get great games out of it. After all, no competition, no care from the companies. This is why Sega was such a great game developer. I doubt they would’ve been anything to remember if they didn’t have Nintendo to try and bring down.

    However, as we’ve seen, with such a thrive to become the best comes at a price. Sony literally is “the next Sega”, and I think anyone reading this knows where I am going with this. Sega fled from the console market because they were in such bad shape, it was the only way to save the company. Sega found themselves facing not just Nintendo, but the new guys down the block, Sony. Sega basically got weakened by Nintendo, but it was ultimately the success of the Playstation that pounded the final nail in the Sega console coffin. Their last stance was the Dreamcast, and the only way Sega could’ve stayed in the game was for it to be a massive success. Obviously it wasn’t, it was crushed by the PS2 and Gamecube, but most especially the PS2. Sega bailed the console market to avoid bankruptcy.

    I bring this all up because Sony has put themselves in the exact same position Sega was in all those years ago after all the trash talking, and use of the cool gimmick with the bragging of powerful hardware. Sega broke their wallets trying to make sure they had the best hardware around, and Sony did the same thing. As a result, Sony hasn’t seen a dime in over 4 years, and alot of it has to do with the new kid on the block, smartphones and tablets. It’s ironic that Sony, the rookie that knocked Sega out, is now getting knocked out the same way by the new competition while still facing both Nintendo and Microsoft, both of which are doing extremely well while Sony is now in line for bankruptcy.

    In my eyes, the PS4 literally is the next Dreamcast, as this will be the make it or break it system for Sony. That’s not to say it’ll fail, it could end up being as successful as the PS2. However, when one calls a console “the next Dreamcast” it’s really referring to the fact that it’s make or break. So Sony had better have some really good tricks up their sleeve with this new console, because if this one flops like the Vita did, I’m pretty sure we will never see another Playstation console, nor do I think the PS4 will be around for more than a year or two. Sony will need to give it their all this time, and I wish them luck. They make great games, and I’d hate to see them go.

    1. Sony aren’t in a bad position. What people forget is they make more than games. If one branch is having trouble, they can help balance it with sales of other products (eg. Sony cameras).

  19. While there are a lot of Mario games, I do not see that as a bad thing. At least we are getting variety within the Mario games. I am really looking forward to Mario and Luigi Dream Team and maybe Mario Golf World Tour for 3DS. Those games needed to happen. The NSMB series might be making Mario a little repetitive, though, but I do see NSMB U the best of the series. I am also looking forward to Mario Kart Wii U.

    1. IKR ? 4 NSMB GAMES!!!! 4!!! yeah….. they’re all on entirely different platforms :/ . 2 MARIO GALAXY GAMES 2 !!!!!! Yeah , they were THE best games of gen 7. ANOTHER MARIO KART GAME!!! Never been more than 1 MK per console and people like to race and see that franchise evolve with each hardware iteration every 6 years….

      All the other Mario games are Sports games , spin offs and ignorable none important games albeit occasionaly great.

      People need to lay off Mario. He is the best character in Gaming. My best is Link , but THE best is Mario. He’s the superstar of gaming and he shall remain that way.

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  21. Do you guys thing that if Sega was selling like crazy and made a lot of money they would jump back in making consoles?I know that there is no place now with 3 companies already out but I would like to thing that they would.At the same time why doesn’t Nintendo just buy them,I think that would secure even more Ninty’s future.

    1. The answer from me is, I don’t know. I am not a world renounced videogame analyst like Michael Pachter(..that was a joke..)

    2. I think a lot of people are blinded by nostalgia when it comes to Sega. Their games are rarely critical let alone commercial successes. For every Sonic Generations you have 10 Sonic Unleashed caliber games. The only reason Sega gets the mediocre sales it does now is because their games are available on all three systems and pc. To have Nintendo buy Sega would be dooming both to bankruptcy. This isn’t the Sega we knew and loved as children.

  22. I like it when a company attacks another company, in a very creative way, and not obvious.. that is what I call cool advertising..

    but this? this is immature.. but yet again, I haven’t seen it, as well as a lot of other ppl..

  23. Based upon the incorrect formatting of the commas, I highly doubt this was the work of Sony. Possibly some games website promoting their coverage of the event. Who knows.

    1. Well Japanese companies are known for spelling and gramatic errors when translating into English… just look at Capcom. Remember “Revelaitons” or “Merchenaries” and I am sure there are others.

  24. This is good. It’s makes nintendo to be noticed even more. Bringing the Wii U into the lime light. Also now Sony has to deliver, because the have shown that nintendo is their true competition. This is console wars as should be, not non knowing drones and spec chasers on the Internet with limited knowledge like THQ.

  25. I enjoyed reading all these angry nintendo kids raging at sony.
    I don’t even think sony made this ad.

    Anyway, have a good one from a company that hasn’t made a good console since 1990 and has Dominated by sony since then. Have a good day.

    Oh and feel free to spam me with Angry messages i wont see a single one.

    1. You don’t hVe to read the message, but others will scroll down and feed how stupid you are -__- Sony is the worst of the big 3. It is going down the drain financially. Research… do some.

  26. Sony is retarded. They bash the 3ds cuz it had a ‘crappy start’ but nintendo didnt let the 3ds die. The vita had a good start, but Sony killed it. Sony always tries to copy nintendo. I mean just look at the playstation move (or rather the playstation pleasure yourself as i call it. Cuz thats what it looks like) total wii mote copy. Only way lamer. And sony’s newest addition to the move crap looks like boobs. Total ew? What kid wants to play with boob n weewee controllers. I say let Sony bash all they want. The only ones who support Sony all the way is their die-hard lover fans. I love nintendo. My 6 yr old loves nintendo. Sony cant change the fact that they arent appealing to the real next generation of game players. All Sony wants is 5 minuts of glory. Notice how xbox aint bashed yet?(that ive seen but then again i dont follow crapbox news lol i just play the games i like. On my systems) xbox knows its screwed later on. So they arent even trying lmao. Lame.

  27. It’s funny how everyone always says how childish Nintendo and their fans are and yet the rest behaves like children with idiotic minds.

    1. So true!

      It’s like some fanboys think that owning an Xbox or Playstation makes you a man. They think that playing Nintendo systems make you childish or ‘gay’.
      When actually, it’s having the confidence to play whatever game you like (eg.Animal Crossing) which makes you more of a man!

  28. I find it ironic that Sony would trash talk Nintendo, when Kaz (I believe), or some higher up at Sony, was reported about a month ago to have purchased a Wii U. Plus, this person gave out their Miiverse info. Does anyone remember that story? I believe I read it on this blog. Anyhow, I understand why Sony’s doing it, but I also think it’s in poor taste!

    1. Thats what I was thinking would happen. Wii U would get the best version, we’ll just have to wait and see when it launches!

  29. Sony is a sad fuck!!! X,D they can’t even think of better ways to promote shit besides attacking Mario sound fimiliar? *cough cough* sega *cough cough* XD I’m gong to laugh my ass off if they use Sony does what nintendont XD I will crack the fuck up!!!!

  30. But, it is kind of true. It seems lately, the only games Nintendo has been releasing and announcing have been Mario games.

    1. Really? Because I heard Luigi’s Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Yoshi’s Epic Yarn, a Fire Emblem Crossover and TWO Legend of Zelda games are coming out relatively soon. Not to mention a Super Smash Bros. Game is on the horizon… Just because they release a bunch of Mario games DOES NOT mean that it is the ONLY thing they release! LOL!

    1. They really don’t though. Nintendo doesn’t “rely” on Mario at all.. The 3DS’ most popular games are Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing will be coming out and will be system sellers. Also they announced TWO Legend of Zelda games for Wii U along with a Yoshi game and they are funding Bayonetta 2. How is <THIS relying on Mario??? ITS NOT! They make a lot of Mario games, yes, their is no denying that, but they sure as hell don't "need" or rely on them….

  31. Really sad how people blindly believe every single thing they see or read about on the internet, eventhough it’s obviously a fake. Really, really sad.
    But what I find even sadder is that something like this is posted on a news site which is supposed to be taken seriously and is read by heaps of people.No offense, but this is not professional at all.
    But yea, even if it was real, I just fail to see the big deal people make out of it. I actually find it pretty funny to be honest, even though I’m a longtime fan of Nintendo myself. So why don’t you just calm down ?
    But anyway… I for one am really looking forward to the 20th, really excited about what Sony will show us. It’s always great to finally see the announcement of new consoles. I’m sure it’s going to be great.

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  33. When companies act like this it causes their fans to do the same. Hence why their are a large amount of Nintendo haters out there for really no apparent reason OTHER than to simply hate… prople are so naive. SONY is so naive….

  34. Seriously… Sony is just crap… Can’t get their products to be successful.. So they troll the others… Heights!!!!
    That’s the reason the vita sucks :-P

  35. Who remembers when Pikachu bashed Sony in that Pokemon game for N64 with microphone? i never played it though but just google it.

  36. Considering its the year of luigi… I’m sure there are some mario games coming out, and just cause mario is in the title or in the game means that he is being used to much. All the games coming out with mario are completely different genres and series. M&L DT (RPG), MG WT (Sports), M&D MotM (Strategy/Puzzel). Also I would be shocked if they revealed the PS4.

  37. That’s it, I’m not buying a Sony system this next generation. I may just stick with Nintendo and Microsoft. I swear, karma is going to come back to Sony and they are going to crash and burn like SEGA did and will just be making games for the other consoles.

  38. Microshit is even worse, surveilance camera in the next shitbox, only a complete moron would buy that, especially if you don’t live in usa.
    2015 they will decide whether or not to have drones flying all over US territory to spy on its own people.
    And the shitbox will have cameras too, coincidence?
    I don’t think so!

  39. Sony is only saying that Nintendo is its biggest threat, otherwise it would have said Halo rather than Mario (or something like that)

  40. Well, yoga sold a lot more than their so called “hardcore” gaming, not that i care about i own all consoles… but this is just stupid and childish

  41. Have any of you seen Project Shield?
    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it sold more in 3 months than the Vitanic has done so far? ;D

  42. if Sony’s new system flops they have nothing to lean on but there other hardware(tv’s stereo’s and such). their other hardware isnt what it used to be though lol if X box fails they got some 1st party titles to lean on but again lol. also microsoft seems to be falling as a whole too, again lol. All Nintendo needs to do is wait it out with its own 1st party legends. release them strategically, and canstantly improve them. in the chess game of the console wars Nintendo has no pawns, but is the only player with 2 queens, again lol

  43. Ummmm has anyone actually bothered to go to the website? It says the page can not be found, and thats a spam advertisement that Google always throws at people when you look something up. But I digress, people always give Neogaf users too much credibility all the time.

  44. After what happened with the whole PSN hacking, and the fact that Kevin Butler spent all of his E3 screen time apologizing for that, I really doubt that Sony is going all aggressive mode again.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is an official Sony ad? Looks like we’ll have to wait to 20/02 to check it out. I’m just worried about the whole “no borrowed games” policy: if that’s true, then I won’t spend my money on a console like that =_=

    1. But why on earth would game companies want to let you play used or borrowed games? You’re taking money not only from them, but from the developers. Just watch, soon there won’t be any console that allows used games.

  45. mario made more money than ps1 PS2 EVER DID NOT NINTENDO JUST MARIO





  46. Sorny will fail just like Sega, then one day Uncharted will be on Nintendos 9th gen or 10th gen console and the leftovers from Sornys fanbase will bever recover again seeing that hahahahahah!

  47. I such as the helpful info you give you into your articles.I’ll bookmark your blog site and investigate again here usually.I am pretty convinced I’ll realize a great deal of latest stuff suitable here! Beneficial luck for that following!

  48. well, it is obvious nintendo is going to fail, not a playstation fan boy, but with the Wii U struggling all is left is the 3ds which eventually will end too. Nintendo is out of ideas, and please feel free to come and attack me you nintendo fanboys… (sarcasm)

  49. I’m tired of mario too sony… but I won’t buy a ps4 at launch cuz its probably going to be expensive… And I’m too busy.

  50. when you resort to name calling of your competition you are on very loose ground, there seem to be a problem with Sony’s marketing in resent years. also the copying of other companies ideas and the big financials loss. instead of complaining about the competition they should be looking at what they are doing wrong. if they don’t they might as well not even bother with a next gen console, they are already selling off finical assets like buildings and down sizing.

  51. everyone point and giggle @ sackboy

    sackboy lost sony every penny ps 1/2 ever made and has simply been a disaster lol at sackboy and ps3 psvita

    mario has made more money than any thing else in gamings history lol sackboy

    ball sack boy more like

  52. Wow, that is PATHETIC.
    It’s like a hooker talking shit of the neighbor, it’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen, like, they’ve always tried to coarse developers to give Nintendo the short end of the stick, but this is just the next step, they’re so fucking scared.

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