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LEGO City Undercover Could Take Over 40 Hours To Complete

LEGO_City_Undercover_chase_mccainLEGO City Undercover is supposedly a huge game, but how many hours does it take to finish it? According to its executive producer, Loz Doyle, it could take players 40-50 hours to complete the game. Granted, if players just wanted to finish the main story, by completing its 15 missions, it’ll take a shorter amount of time, but there are numerous unlockables and collectibles that players need to finish the game 100%, and the in-game world is expansive and could take several hours to explore. LEGO City Undercover launches for Wii U on March 18th in North America, and March 28th in Europe and Australia.

There are so many vehicles, characters and missions. There’s so much content in the game already – you’re talking 40-50 hours to get 100%, it’s difficult to imagine what we could put in. We wouldn’t rule it out, but it’d have to be the right thing to fit with the rest of the game.

…Initially in the San Francisco area at the start of the game you’re really focused on the story, but as you get more abilities you’ll see things that had locked icons before that you couldn’t use, and now you can. That’ll encourage you to explore and use those different game mechanics and abilities.

-LEGO City Undercover Executive Producer Loz Doyle

76 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Could Take Over 40 Hours To Complete”

    1. Yeah Lego is way too mature and abstract for the Nintendo fanbase. Haven’t you got some CoD to be playing , goofball ?

      1. LEGO games are some of your favorites? How old are you? Please, please tell me you’re a child. Because if an adult still likes games based off a child’s toy, they need some serious mental help.

    2. You know, I just looked something up. And, you know what? The Mario Franchise, made by ‘shitendo’, has sold more copies than the CoD, GTA and FIFA franchises combined.

      So you know what I say, you can stuff your shitty Sony and Microsoft. I own a 360, and I despise it nowadays because of the people (like you) that dominate it. People from the Microsoft and Sony fan-bases that come on here just to waste their own pathetic lives by getting kicks out of insulting a company that doesn’t leech money out of people by producing FPS’ like their going out of fashion (which they are).

      So you know what? Fuck off.

          1. I’m not being a fanboy? I’m making a valid point. Even pointing out that I own a 360. At least I don’t slag things off without trying them first (like some of these trolls.) -_-

      1. Your point is fantastic, I tend to look at all video game companies equally, so it annoys me when I see biased fanboys ranting about how ‘shitendo’ sucks and others don’t. It really pisses me off.

    3. Is this your hobby? To come on this site and be a shitty fanboy? Everybody knows that you are really wanting to play Mario and Zelda games, but don’t want to put out 250 bucks for the console, and i get that, but you don’t need to let your own issues out on us. Coming off as a seriously insecure person, when you have to sit online, behind a safe computer screen, and play rough. Pull out whatever is up your anus, and start being reasonable: why don’t you like Nintendo? As if they owe YOU anything, they are most likely the influence behind all your favourite games.

      1. There is too many freaks on this site now. Just ignore them and comment to the people who are actually at least on topic.

  1. Its nice to see devs making longer games these days. Dead Space 3 is about 15-20 on one playthrough if you do every side quest which was a pleasant surprise.

    1. You think LEGO City will be a challenge? If you do, you’re a delusional moron. if you want a challenge go play Dark Souls. I guarantee after 10 minutes you will give up and cry yourself to sleep.

  2. This game is absolutely pathetic. I can’t believe grown men & women would actually get excited over such an awful, worthless video game. It’s sad. It really is.

      1. No, Nintendo fanboy you are wrong. Very wrong. If an adult enjoys such a childish and pathetic game they need a mental examination.

        1. So liking something “childish” is a bad thing? If people like something lower than an M rated game then they are consider childish?

          Dude, I think Call of Duty have more people that need a mental examination and children that seriously need to look for new hobbies.

          Also, if the game is so “childish” ,as you say, and you don’t like it, then why are you here?

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  4. 40-50 hours is much?
    What about game like.. Persona 4 golden ? To finish 100% you would need around 200 hours.
    40-50 hours is decent for a console(not handheld), but really nothing to be too proud of.

  5. Wow, Definite buy for me then! I was on the fence of choosing either this or Game and Wario, but that games looking hell small and..kinda boringish? I think this actually looks better than that wario game, im not really a fan of the wario games though, so its probably just me. Im really excited for this game, Just kinda worried if the story will get to out of control. The Switching characters thing looks like it could be kinda a Hassel. If that happens, i’ll probably just drive around tons with my mates :D

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