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Assassin’s Creed 4 European Release Date, Plus Exciting New Details


As well as releasing the official Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag trailer, Ubisoft has revealed that European gamers will be getting the game on November 1st. More details have emerged regarding Black Flag online. The game is currently being developed by eight internal studios at Ubisoft and work on the game originally started in Summer 2011. Here’s some additional details.

  • Kenway is a member of the assassins, but holds most allegiance to himself.
  • He’s fighting a band of rival pirates.
  • Giving “the HBO treatment” to pirates.
  • No Desmond Miles. You control an employee of Abstergo Entertainment, a subsidiary of Aspergo. They’re researching the life of Edward Kenway to make…a video game.
  • Big focus on Kenway’s ship. Can upgrade/customise.
  • Spyglass to spot ships and distant islands.
  • Open world ship exploration. Metroidvania style world design that requires ship upgrades to better access certain areas.
  • Calling it “true open world” and “systemic gameplay”. Don’t want players to be burdened with loading screens and an abundance of cutscenes as they explore the world.
  • Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, and Ben Hornigold make an appearance.
  • Bartholomew Roberts’ assault on 42 Portuguese ships, and the Spanish Armada wreck, to be shown.
  • Open ended assassinations to return.
  • Random events in the game world. Example: accidentally stumbling upon a giant enemy ship, then luring that ship into a tropical storm. Boarding the weakened ship to conquer.
  • Underwater swimming confirmed.
  • Whale hunting
  • Cuba, Nassau, tip of Florida, and The Bahamas. Jungles, temples, villages, Mayan ruins, underwater shipwrecks, etc.

40 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 4 European Release Date, Plus Exciting New Details”

        1. I don’t buy their half-@$$ed efforts to “make up for it” with their stupid wii u exclusive rayman demos. If they truly want to make amends, they should have released that game in Feb.

          No thanks to all Ubi games. I don’t let people walk all over me, and I am not making an exception for Ubi…even if they get Stick of Truth

          1. The Rayman thing sucks, there’s no getting around that, but they’re still showing better support for the Wii U then most other 3rd party publishers. Compared to some of the stuff EA has done (No Mass Effect Trilogy, Madden missing fancy new physics engine, Crysis 3 for Wii U getting canceled, ect.) Ubisoft isn’t the publisher to boycott, when another publisher almost seems to be making active attempts to make the system fail.

            I can forgive Ubisoft, but I’m still annoyed with them just like everyone else. But not buying their games so they don’t support the system? That’s foolish.

  1. If you the Cap’n Crunch skin, with the moustache and everything, I’ll buy it. Otherwise its a no go.

  2. Count me out I’d father pay wind waker hd, they both have the same concepts but ones less gritty and is also a better game, people if u really want a pirate\oceanic voyage get wwhd, it won’t disapoint, ps the final boss is epic

    1. windwaker puts very little focus on the actual sea travels… so no they don’t have the same concepts

      they have some similarities but that’s about it

      1. Yes u do have a point , tho I’m just saying Wii u owner should get eh d waker hd oh it gonna be awsome I hope they include more dungeons ans sidequests with a Sid order of new islands and enemies

      1. Skyward sword was the best Zelda since wenever, way better than twilight princess, I call that game with alot flaws, also wind waker has flaws but it will still beat assassins creeds ass anyday anytime.

        1. Twilight Princess was the best Zelda… definitely not Skyward Sword!! Orcarina of Time is second then maybe S.S and then Majora’s Mask or Wind Waker and so on and so forth…

          1. My order is something similar

            1.Twilight Princess
            2. Wind Waker/ Ocarina of Time/ A Link to the Past (It’s REALLY hard to break that tie)
            3. Skyward Sword
            4. Minish Cap
            5. Either Majora’s Mask or Four Sword Adventures, but not both

          2. Twilight Princess had a ton of flaws.
            The overworld areas felt barren and stretched on pointlessly and many of the special items within the dungeons didn’t see much, if any, use outside of the dungeon they were found in.[particularly the spinner and ball&chain]
            There was also a remarkable lack of interesting side quests.
            Majora’s Mask beat out Twilight Princess by miles in every area except graphical quality, which wasn’t a big deal anyways since the gameplay made up for it in spades.

      2. How did this break out into a Zelda ranking contest? lol. That wasn’t my intention.

        Either way, I’d rather play any console Zelda game over AC. No thank you Ubi. You keep your games after this whole Rayman incident.

  3. Huh, ok these are the types of changes i’m interested in seeing, theyre all new to the series. Maybe Ubisoft, just maybe.

  4. whatever the “HBO treatment” is

    i suppose it means “making pirates cool again” but then again pirates always have been cool

    1. Perhaps Ubisoft is in reality Abstergo Entertainment. And they just made this video game based on their research of edward Haytham :O

  5. Pirates, Spanish Armada, Black Beard, Mayas, Caribbean….. This franchise has got my interest once more.
    I like the historical settings they are using, that was one of the thing that brought me back to the franchise with ACIII.

  6. “Calling it “true open world” and “systemic gameplay”. Don’t want players to be burdened with loading screens and an abundance of cutscenes as they explore the world.”

    THANK GOD. ACIII was literally like “cut scene. find 3 feathers. cut scene. walk home. cut scene.”

  7. Assassins Creed 4 with pirates… Why not name it Pirate’s Creed? I wish they made AC games about actual assassins, it’s missing the point.

  8. OK no Captain Kidd or Landing in the Dominican Republic when it was attacked by pirates. dang they had more chances to really go all over the caribbean

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