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Kickstarter: Retro Inspired RPG Terra Incognita Should Be Coming To Wii U


Terra Incognita, which is a retro inspired turn based role-playing game for Windows should be coming to Wii U. The game is described as a homage to the early Final Fantasy games and Suikoden 2. Terra Incognita comes to Ouya and Wii U if it hits the £3500 stretch goal in the next fifteen hours. The retro inspired game which is being developed by Dan Steer is currently at £2632. You can back it here.

21 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Retro Inspired RPG Terra Incognita Should Be Coming To Wii U”

  1. Jens Bergsten one of the producers of minecraft has re-tracted statements. Now claims even the Wii U can get the game if some negotiating can be done. Those Nintendo stocks surging, Criterion, TT games, Capcoms monster hunter plus shigeru Miyamoto flexing his genius on Pikmin and other new IPs is changing these developers minds.

  2. The Wii U development kits they sent out last September must be beautiful. A lot of third parties are having a change of heart and beginning to make games for the Wii U. Did the unveiling of the PS4 also have a lot to do with it? The Wii U running eighth generation Engines has a lot to do with it that I know; plus Ubisoft finding out just how vastly numerous nintendo fans are. We are probably ten times the number of PC, xbox and Sony combined, due to the fact we have a user base established since 1889 :).

    1. You’re right, Nintendo does have 10 times more fans than all other gaming platforms combined. That’s why PC games like Diablo 3 sell better than a majority of Nintendo exclusives.

      1. lol hello wooferz I like the Sarcasm in your comment. Allow me to counter your statements. Mario games even after release continue selling to tunes of over 25 milion copies. It is because nintendo fans are patient, and vary in class. Their is mom and dad that raised their families on nintendo and thus get wind of the franchises by word of mouth or family visits due to bust schedules. Planet wide from Africa Israel to Asia, the mideast to Europe families have grown up with Mario. These places get Nintendo products at times late due to weaker economies. Trust me on this one, I have visited places were people think the Playstation and xbox are made by nintendo. This is in eastern Europe and south America. Now imagine what would happen if nintendo deliberately educated the masses that have important things like life to attend to about how family friendly and innovatively non time consuming a parent gauged console can be. Thus I smile my friend.

  3. My report suggests that this is not worthy of Nintendo in any way…

    More work is needed for improvements!

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