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Shovel Knight Confirmed For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

shovel_knight_screenshotShovel Knight is coming to Steam, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, based on a photo posted to Twitter by the game’s developer, Yacht Club Games. Shovel Knight is an action-adventure game in which players control a small knight who wields a multipurpose weapon and help him defeat evil to find his loved one. The upcoming game is inspired by Mega Man, Castlevania and Dark Souls.

48 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Confirmed For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

  1. This looks like it will be fun to play on my 3DS, but I’m so apprehensive when it comes to buying anything from Nintendo’s networks these days. :/

    I got royally screwed twice (Wii and 3DS) after spending a butt load of money on downloadable titles.

      1. When one system broke and the other was “misplaced” – I called Nintendo, pleaded my case – lost everything. They said they couldn’t do anything for me. So even though I replaced my systems, I couldn’t redownload anything – Even though everything was linked to my Club Nintendo account (so you know you can see what I purchased and what not).

        The only time Nintendo helped me out was with the hardware itself when my circle pad for my 3DS stopped working, they fixed it for free. I know they’re good in that regard.

        When it comes to downloads though….. Eh….. I stick to my physical copies of Nintendo games now. Just bad experiences I don’t want to go through again.

        1. That’s strange that they would be so hit and miss in the customer service department… I’ve never had one problem with them fixing or replacing anything that I have had broken or otherwise a.

          1. Overall, when a system is under warranty, they’ll have no problem replacing or fixing that. My Wii wasn’t under warranty when it went under and well, their warranty doesn’t cover theft, obviously. So, I guess that was their reasoning for not letting me redownload my digital stuff.

            Oh well, it’s in the past, I just don’t pay for any downloads from them these days.

  2. This is a true tribal weaponry, forget the tribe associated with the Sony Dominion with it’s “F.E.Z Sword”…

    1. Well stated Nintendo Commander. Lead the troops in the European PAL regions. Teach them what games like Okami Wii taught us, innovation and a beautiful game stay fresh daily.

  3. These little indie titles are trying to cut into my res revelations Money lol. Wait! Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Need for speed most wanted; Lego city undercover already downloaded what! Games are here. I was in the forefront demanding games on the Wii U, now that they have started arriving I see my wallet complaining :). It’s all good though.

    1. Gamer, you make your Empire filled with joy giving us your support and aiding our troops on the frontline…

      Keep going!

      Soon our heavy artillery will assist you all!

      1. Nintendo commander, with the e-shop release of Lego city under cover, it’s though high command knew a part of the artillery would be delayed. Though the one already unleashed is potent enough. Thanks, we shall await you our PAL generals in the online realm 22nd to be exact for monster hunting in it’s 3Rd Ultimate form. This allows for more people actually to buy this wonderfully TT games re-imagining of the Lego universe. We have entered the Konami code, xbots have been left stunned; we are the contra platoon.

    2. lmao ikr. Last month we were like “WTF I WANT NEW GAMES! Where the F*** is my zen pinball!” Now its like “uhh bro, calim it a little with the games” :D

      1. Jake you are correct :), gamestop oh! gamestop is beginning to fill with Blue wonderful cases. Cases with games of diverse genres and complexities. Here is some advice to all, pre-order and pay-off games in a three month period. It’s way cheaper to buy games on layaway and it gives you a chance to buy some gamecube gems and DS jewels like Golden sun Dark dawn.

      1. Mike S, buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and play it attentively. Offline and online are two very different games, that share resources like cousins. There are 12 different weapon classes. Each with their own combos. Ask the vets. Everytime you change a weapon it’s a brand new game. Like the first time a melee weapon user chooses to use a bowgun. You shall freak in delight and amazement. Then you meet CHACHA!

    1. Not a “shovel ware”. It is a cool indie “shovel game” with Knights and all that medieval stuff. This game have good reviews from IGN. And it looks just perfect for all kinds of gamers.

  4. Nintendo said is wasn’t worried about the advance of mobile phone & tablet games encroaching in on the market of hand-held consoles, it seems Nintendo has got around this by having loads of mobile phone games released on the 3DS.

    I got a 3DS on release because i wanted a console that plays 3D games, i most certainly didn’t buy it to play crummy mobile phone games, it might not be so bad if it was a 3D game but it isn’t.

    For some reason many Nintendo fans cannot get enough of games like this, or old re-releases of Nintendo games on either the 3DS or now WiiU, i don’t want or need the original Mario platform game for example on my 3DS or WiiU, the eShop is full of these games & because Nintendo allow publishers & developers to charge what they want in the eShop everything is exorbitantly expensive.

    The only games that would be considered worth buying would be true classics like OutRun, After Burner things like that, something fast & fun, the only game i am considering buying is 90’s Arcade Racer, because it is something different, i mean why would i want to play the original Mario game when i can play New Super Mario Bros 2, i know it is basically the same as the original, but it is now in HD after all !

  5. This looks like a fun game that I probably will get on Wii U. I will probably own 80% or more of all Wii U eshop game in it’s lifetime now at this rate. Amazing step up from the Wii. Though I have just over 10 Wiiware titles too actually.

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