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GameStop: Wii U Sales Will Improve When Nintendo Releases More First-Party Titles On It

GamestopWithTextureAndTagGameStop CEO J. Paul Raines told Games Industry International that he thinks the Wii U is a real console, though, for a couple months, it’s been disappointing in terms of sales. Raines said he thinks the Wii U will eventually pick up steam, especially when Nintendo releases its first-party titles, including Wii Fit U, Pikmin 3, a new Mario Kart, 3D Mario platformer and the next Super Smash Bros. game.

“This industry has a lot of cynicism and people love to say stuff isn’t going to work, but we think the Wii U is a real console that’s been disappointing for a couple months, but we think there’s more there when the first-party titles come out. Nintendo’s got a few up their sleeve.”

-GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines

111 thoughts on “GameStop: Wii U Sales Will Improve When Nintendo Releases More First-Party Titles On It”

    1. Nintendo just give me my damn My little ponies so my mother and I can play My Little Ponies with miiverse and wii u gamepad support!! I play games with mother because I love her. Add me on miiverse too TheBenSanders !! Thanks my friends!


      1. MyNintendoNews is even slower, considering Gamestop didn’t really try to make it seem like news. Alba is the one thinking readers will find this interesting/relevant. Obviously nobody finds it so.

  1. Now that Capcom, TT games, Next level games and Criterion have caused the Wii U to move off the shelves, everyone has an opinion on how well the Wii U shall do. Gamestop has been good to nintendo in the last two years. One reason is that nintendo of the big three stood up for consumers and resisted the Sony and Microsoft all digital release nonsense for next gen. So we should all thank the company from Kyoto for looking out for all of us gamers.

      1. Sony already said PS4 won’t block used games. So, since the Wii U doesn’t block them, the only company left to find out about is Microsoft and their next-gen machine.

      1. I thought it was ” when the sun goes down, on my part of town ” like the country song. Hahaha!

      1. You’d be horrifically wrong JB . If you include every franchise ever by Nintendo and every franchise ever by Sony , I wouldn’t be suprised if Nintendo had about 4 times as much maybe more. It’s hard to grasp how many different franchises they’ve made.

  2. Yup. As a lifelong Nintendo fanboy whose only non-Nintendo console ever was a PlayStation, I can honestly say that the Wii U sucks so far, because it doesn’t have any games I’m interested in yet. But I can’t wait for more first-party Nintendo games.

  3. Yes, but by making the Wii U so underpowered, the software comunity including all the third party publishers have abandoned the Wii U and will not be swayed once the PS4 and next Xbox arrive this Christmas. All Nintendo will have is first party titles. Nintendo promised us they would make hardware that would attract third party software developers. Nintendo lied.

    1. They did promised that, but here is the thing, 3rd parties will do anything to NOT make games for Nintendo, even if wii u is (lets just say) more powerful than the other consoles.
      Is one thing that nintendo promised this but 3rd parties ALSO have to promise the gamers as well… so far only ubisoft are keeping there words.

      1. Nintendo made the Wii U underpowered. Nintendo made hardware that the software community is not interested in. It is Nintendo’s fault that the CPU is weaker than the 8 year old Xbox 360, and the GPU is only marginally equal or slightly better than the Xbox 360. The Software community can make or break a video game console. Nintendo didn’t make a console that the gaming software community is going to be attracted to. That is Nintendo’s fault.

        1. CPU – erm, go look at the PS4 CPU. Its barely faster than the WiiU. Wonder why, oh i know why, because it doesnt need to be.

          GPU – Marginally better than the 360’s? No, again, i have no idea where you’re pulling these imaginary specs from. The 360’s GPU is based on a chip from 2005, the WiiU based on a 2010-2011 one.

          1. The Wii U CPU has three cores and is 1.24 clock speed, the PS4 has an AMD bulldozer x86 with 8 cores, it’s way better and the PS4 is an APU meaning the GPU is attached to the CPU.

              1. You need to attract the software development community by making hardware they want to make games for.

                1. The same software development community which really doesn’t need any more than 4 cores for the next 6 years-ish.

        2. You’re only spouting shit you read on the internet the cpu is not weaker it’s different architecture if you don’t understand that you better stop talking cause you don’t know what you’re saying

          1. The software comunity doesn’t like it for a reason, there is a reason no one is porting their games to the Wii U.The Wii U CPU has three cores and is 1.24 clock speed, the PS4 has an AMD bulldozer x86 with 8 cores, it’s way better and the PS4 is an APU meaning the GPU is attached to the CPU.

    2. Go nothing to do with power actually.
      First of all, people tell me where these next gen games are that are out right now?
      Wouldnt mind picking them up. Oh, theyre not out? But i thought you said WiiU didnt have 3rd party support?

      Second, the main reason Wii didnt get ports wasn’t actually to do with it being weak, it had to do with the controller and other hardware choices like disk storage size. As we’ve seen, even the 3DS can run the Resident Evil engine that was used this generation, it just has to be scaled down.
      And now we’re moving into a generation where practically every engine is scalable even to mobile phones.
      WiiU getting 3rd party support is all about how many units it sells, and whether or not a company wants to release the game on the WiiU.

      1. I wish I could believe that but the Wii outsold both the 360 and the PS3 and third party software community abandoned the Wii because it was too underpowered versus the PS3 and 360.

  4. “GameStop: Wii U Sales Will Improve When Nintendo Releases More First-Party Titles On It”

    You don’t say? Anyone with a brain knows this already. Exclusives sell systems (First party and Third party).

    1. Then why when Lego City for Wii U came out sells for the console increased? And why Need For speed only sell 7000 units?

        1. No GameStop conflicted with them self. Apparently you didn’t research but Game stop predicted that Wii U would have a hard time selling but LS4 would fly off the shelves. Now GameStop thinks Wii U will sell well once Nintendo IPS release.

  5. Obviously the Wii U is going to start selling tons of units once the first party games come out. Of course, once the lazy third party developers get off their asses and start developing games for the Wii U, that will help the sales, as well. But yeah… it’s kind of like what happened with the 3DS.

    And it’s Nintendo… Nintendo has been in tighter spots than this. They’re able to beat out the odds every single time. They even came back from the Virtual Boy! They were the ones who saved gaming after E.T. nearly destroyed it. So, yeah… I’m sure Nintendo’s going to be around for a long time, even when they’re struggling.

  6. Nintendo needs the software community to be successful. It is ridiculous for Nintendo to make a console with a CPU that is clocked at 1.24 and only has three cores with a GPU clocked at 590, the same as Xbox 360 and expect software comunity to embrace the Wii U. The PS4 has a Bulldozer AMD x86 with over 3.0 clockspeed and 8 cores and a APU with the GPU attached on a single chip and it clocks 1.8 teraflops with 8 Gigs. Why the hell didn’t Nintendo give us this kind of hardware or something closer. You next Xbox is going to match the PS4. Wii U is already a joke to the software community. We didn’t even get Bioshock Infinite, no GTA 5 either.

    1. PS4 uses 2 GB same as Wii u. Also Ps4’s CPU is no faster than Wii U. As for Ram, I still have my old SD card from Wii 4 years ago. Only game on that SD card is some Dr. Mario online. So that 12gb card is now on my Wii U. Though I don’t believe I will need that much space but if I do I have big fucking deal!!! Also the AMD chip in the PS4 has quality issues. It is not bad but isn’t great. The IMB chip in Wii U is also used for NASA.

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            1. I dont give a rats ass if you think Im on drugs or not! You dont pay my bills, God judges me and at the end of the day I will enter the kingdom of God. After all jellybean you are a sinner like me… or did you think you were special?

              1. Oh no, I’m a sinner, life is over! /s

                You keep on thinking god will judge you or whatever. Us normal people will get on with their life.

  7. Nintendo got so many thing right about the Wii U but its CPU and GPU and only 2 Gigs of RAM memory is too weak, and that may be fatal when trying to attract software community. Not enough damn storage space either. The only way this is saved is if they buy third party developers and publishers. Nintendo should buy Square Enix, buy Namco, buy Tecmo, buy Mystwalker, buy Platinum Games, or buy exclusive games, buy Konami, buy Capcom. Nintendo is going to have to create the software itself, Nintendo needs to grow its development staff.

    1. Power has nothing to do with it! What this is about is Nintendo doesn’t kiss ass for no developer. Either play by Nintendo’s rulz or get our. Nintendo does not need 3RD party support to be successful. As a result, Nintendo does not cater their consoles toward deveoplers but to people who enjoy quality of games. Also just because PS4 is more powerful, Wii U still has amazing graphics too. Duses Ex thinks so. EA is salty for getting declined about not getting online through Nintendo, so EA is refusing to continue making Wii U games.

      1. True, Nintendo doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s ass but its loyal fan base. But Nintendo would beat its competitors if it works with the software community and makes hardware everyone is begging for. I am happy with Wii U generally itself but I am unhappy I can not play Bioshock Infinite, DMC, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, Metal Gear Rising Revengance, Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2, Lost Planet 3, Dragons Dogma Dark Decent, Tomb Raider, GTA 5, etc., on my Wii U. What is going to happened when PS4 and next Xbox arrive to market. Will the Wii U get any big games. Nintendo stopped making Wii Sports games too. Nintendo should have improved their Wiimote and Nunchuck with more buttons and another control stick and improve the sensor bar with cameras and microphones and make Wii U sports. What happened to motion controls, no innovations?

        1. Dont let those journalist convince you into thinking Wii U is weak. I read something new about 720 it will only work online. So that means you cant take it to Hotel 9 unless you want to pay an internet rate. Also, if your internet is down put the power is off you cant play. Also many internet services are charging consumers if they go up above their caps. How much usage will that powerful console use up? Its almost as if you get charged to play something you own.

          1. Cable companies are already bitching about the traffic on the internet. The Xbox 720 could make your internet bill higher. If you are in poverty and bought a 720 you have to get the high speed internet in order to play.

                1. I wish Nintendoland had online so I could whip your ass. I will have to wait for SSB. And when I select Olimar or Diddy Kong, dont jellybean out on me neither.

                    1. Don’t forget you owe me a battle on SSBB. I bet you are real good in Smash bros! Who are your best characters?

      1. Also did you see Pikmin 3’s graphics? I mean seriously. They are really good. Who thinks and knows 3D Mario will have wayyyyy more graphics than Mario Galaxy? Who knows the next ZeldA will look even better than that Demo! Remember all Wii U got was ported games. We don’t know what Wii U’s capacity will look like. It never reached its limits. Also if a deveopler makes a game for all three consoles you would probably have a difficult time telling the difference. Yet Wii U will have the standard Gamepad.

        1. So we have Wii U specs showing less powerful than PS4. But no one knows what those specs looks like on your TV at full capacity. Reading specs and expericing them are two different things.

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