Nintendo has announced that there’s a new update available for the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Once players perform the latest update, they’ll be able to play the entire game on the Wii U GamePad, via off-TV play. Furthermore, the update allows multiplayer between Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate players in Europe and North America.



  1. I love this game! Just resent i killed the sand whale ( havent learn the name by memory) and is a blast i envy so much those who got it for wiiu.


    • Good morning and good night my fellow gamer. As we play this game continuously, taking breaks for Pikmin, Batman Akham city origins, AC4, and other marvels such as X from monolith; what weapon do you suggest I use on Brach? Need to kill him in under 10 minutes for his slime weapons.

      Pal region players lets hunt hunt hunt. Billy is already on multiplayer cross region with neutron talking smack but enjoying nintendo and Capcom’s marvel.


      • I Prefer lance. If you upgrade it, it does ridiculous amounts of damage, plus charge is currently overpowered which makes fights quicker.

        By that, I mean that from certain angles on each monster (you’ll have to memorize them) you can get locked into getting at the very least 15 hits before the monster moves. Since my weapon is sharp and poisoned, I do lots more over all. I’ve destroyed monsters in minutes doing that.

        Brachydios isn’t too difficult if you know how to dodge when he charges or when he unleashes the forward blast wave. I try to keep underneath and a little on one side at all times. Really any weapon should do if you know how to block or evade. Personally, I’d prefer hammer, switch axe, long sword or lance for a quick run.

        Would love to help you sometime though may be difficult given time zones. I did play with a guy from UK last night, so it’s possible.


    • In nintendo world the stars keep on being added on. Nintendo and Capcom’s greatness is that they existed before entertainment became stale. They still know how to be creative without being swayed by the modern day ‘pop’ music equivalent garbage known as FPS “Crysis 3” gaming.


      • I mean like there are 1 – 5 star quest ratings…..each has about 8-9 quests. I’m wondering where all the extra content comes from that people are getting 100 hours out of this game since I’m on the last 3 star quest and I’ve only played 13 hours.


        • Don’t judge it on how far you’ve gotten.
          Because there are 6 – 9 star quests. And the 4 and 5 star have about 10 quests, and there’s only more. 6 – 9 star quest ratings have tons more quests. There’s also all of the arena, online/Port Tanzia and DLC quests.


  2. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U, shall go down in history as legendary, such as golden eye on the N64. Donkey Kong country on the SNES. Games that live on even with coming generations. A less powerful machine with brilliant minds working on it always outlives and out shines powerful machines that always bare monotonus gaming. Yeah! Capcom you upped your game again. MONSTER HUNTER 4 ULTIMATE you are next :).


  3. i guess im the only one that doesn’t enjoy this game at all. control sensitivity is too terrible, the whole game seems very sluggish and just plain SLOW and pointless. I played demo’s on 3ds and wii u and couldn’t like it at all. Especially Wii U graphics on monster hunter is just 3ds scalled graphics to HD


    • Control sensitivity is too terible ? Nope , the controls are 100% fine , you’ve just got to learn how to use them. They are deliberately difficult to use as that is the skill of the game. Learning how and when to dodge , attack , and heal is the skill and MH3U in that regard , is perfect.
      And agaian , why do people care about the graphics of the game so much ? It is just a retextured native 1080p 3DS game. But you don’t buy this game for graphics , you buy it for 100’s of hours of gameplay.


    • The demo is completely different from the real, full game. I hated the demo. The controls were hard to pick up, there was too little time to complete each hunt, and really didn’t show you what the game was really like.

      Quests vary and aren’t always hunts which breaks things up and allows for gathering and exploration. Controls and GUI are customizable and are easier to pick up since the early quests serve as tutorials.

      You get to customize your appearance, gear, apartment, companions and upgrade your village for all sorts of benefits. Trust me, the real game is worth the look even if you rent it for a few days.

      If you enjoy a real challenge (think bosses from MMOs level of difficulty, but by yourself), prefer skill over numbers of players, gear customization and exploration, this game is for you.


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