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UK Retailer Lists Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS Bundle


UK online retailer ShopTo has listed the Animal Crossing XL Nintendo 3DS bundle ahead of the Nintendo Direct presentation, which is to take place tomorrow. The bundle is available for pre-order for £189.85 and is due for release on June 14th. That’s the same day that Animal Crossing: New Leaf launches in the United Kingdom. It sounds reasonably likely that we will get confirmation on the bundle tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “UK Retailer Lists Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS Bundle”

  1. I love animal crossing, but this 3DS mode is kinda for girls, whatever, it’s not for me. I will wait untill Zelda 3DS get announced to upgrade my 3DS, if it comes with a special edition then I will get one, if not I’ll stick with the black or blue, even the red is cool to me. :)

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