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Namco Bandai Announces Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures For Wii U And 3DS

It’s about time Pac-Man dusted off his shoes and entered the gaming arena once more. Namco Bandai has officially announced a new spin on an old franchise, and it’s coming to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will be based on the animated series created by Marvel Studios founder Avi Arad, and will take place in the Pac-World universe that has been usurped by the evil Netherworld ghost leader, Betrayus.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will feature a revamped universe, but will still hold its origins dear to its heart by giving the player classic ghost encounters, harking back to the original and nostalgic game.  The title will be available on the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for North America, Europe and Australia, plus a side-scrolling version of the game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS – a release date is yet to be confirmed.

66 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Announces Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures For Wii U And 3DS”

  1. Aw yeah!! Pac Man will finally be getting its next big game. The series has needed this since it hasn’t had a big game since the World series a long time ago. This is one game I’ll definitely be purchasing

  2. This has me slightly worried, because as much as I like 3D Pac-Man, I don’t want him in the new Smash Bros. It’s very possible that they’re bringing him back for that purpose.

            1. It would be so cool if they had Ryu or Ken from Street Fighter into Super Smash Bros, lol Capcom would never let them I think or ask for to much.

    1. Namco said along time ago they arent going to put any characters in that Sakurai doesnt want. Besides Lloyd Irving no other Namco Character should be in SSB.

  3. It’s really sad to see a innovative (for the time) retro game be turned into some generic knock-off game. Betrayus? Really?

  4. A new PAC Man World? Fuck yeah! As long as he has some new abilities that are great as the PMW3 ones were.

  5. Looks ugly, terrible character models, ripped mechanics from Galaxy…I fear the wors, and I’m a huge Pacman fan, t’was the first videogame I ever played in the 80’s. I’d rather have a version of DX on either Wii U or 3DS, unfortunately Namco gave us some crappy standard version of CE bundled with some other Pacman crap on 3DS.

    1. The shoulda done a new Pac-Man racing game… Or maybe a 3D version of the origional Pac-Man where you run around on the big screen like a real 3D game and you get the top view of the whole field on the game pad so you can avoid the ghosts! 💋

  6. This looks awful.

    On a side note, i dont think Pac-Man is just a bad idea for Smash, i just think this game look terrible (i mean come on, Smash has Ice Climbers, Pac-Man is hardly a terrible idea)

    1. Honestly, DX was a great game, and it’s costs barely anything.
      That’s seems like a better place for Pac-Man to exist.

    2. Ice Climbers are awesome in Smash!! One of my fav top 5!!! 1. Zelda 2.Jigglypuff 3.Diddy Kong 4.Ice Climbers 5.Olimar. Kisses! 💋

  7. Ganonseviltwinbrother

    Him having his own game makes me think that he’s an even bigger candidate for smash

    1. Sorry but why the fuck do you spend your time posting on a nintendo based news website if you couldn’t give a flying shit about anything on here? Piss off.

  8. This generation of gamers logic (not all of them)
    A) “What the fuck is this!!! this is so kiddy… no blood or weapons !!! I want to shoot!!!! this game sucks!!!!

    B) “This game suck!! is too hard for me!! I die too much!!! I dont buy games just to die… i love to play in easy mode.

  9. Ahem :/…….Well, it seems to be a 3d platformer, which are very rare these days, thats good. But the art style is horrible, clean and seems to be created without love….the sound effects are bad, the characters look bad and it seems way too easy…I guess that pretty much covered it.

  10. The game feels……..empty.
    That’s the feeling I get from the video.
    It’s like, you can see all of this huge open space in the backgrounds and stuff, but there’s very little actually going on in them in terms of environmental elements. Just a huge, open city that you probably won’t be able to fully explore and platforms here and there.

    I’d like to see Namco make this game as interesting as Banjo-Kazooie once was.
    Add more collectibles, abilities, and some unlockables alongside an amusing storyline.

  11. Am I the only one he is excited about this?

    I’ve been wanting to see a new Pacman game since World :3

  12. Namco Bandai on board the Wii U is the most important aspect of this PAC man announcement. All major developers are on board, east and west, trolls recognize :).

  13. This is nonsense. Make it for PS3 give him a Harley, a cigar to chomp on, a grenade belt, handguns, machine guns and lasers. Throw in a couple of QTE sex scenes and voila. Mature PACMAN-Sony fanboy.

  14. Yes! This probably means he is in Smash Bros!!! On the other hand… This game looks kinda sucky. Well what do I know. The game is clearly for kids and I’m not a kid so I guess I can’t judge. 💋

  15. A lot of these modern Pac-Man games looks interesting, but I’ve never played any more than just a few minutes of some of them. Are any of them really good games from beginning to end? I always wondered. Even with some of them on the SNES, I’ve wondered about.

  16. This really does not look special at all. Pac Man has never been good outside the original arcade game.

  17. holy shit, this looks awful. i love how in the trailer they show so many shots of pacman with the chomping noise, but he misses his targets half the time. not really the best way to promo your game.

    i will not be soiling my 3ds with this game.

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