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Pachter Says Wii U Only Sold 55,000 In US During April, Less Than Wii


Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told CNET that he believes that Wii U sales estimates in the United States during April were only 55,000. Pachter says that the sales figures for the console are down 19 percent from March. He also revealed that sales of the original Wii console outperformed the Wii U, selling 75,000 units during April. The Xbox 360 apparently sold 205,000 units and the PlayStation 3 sold 165,000 units in the period. We should get the exact figures from the NPD Group in a couple of days.

68 thoughts on “Pachter Says Wii U Only Sold 55,000 In US During April, Less Than Wii”

    1. It’s been selling a steady 50k units very month since January… That’s 200k units in 4months… Not including Rosales of older systems to people who jump ship already, that’s better than the 30k units a month ps3 sold when it was first released and better than Vita is currently doing, but nobody even talks about Vita anymore, does it still exist.

    1. thats wudnt happen cuz the greedy shitards that run nintendon’t wanna sell more stupid plastic tennis rackets to stupid kids and their moms

      1. do u wonder why theres only 1 crappy headset of wii u? cuz no one wants to pay stupid license fees to shitendo’s greedy ass

  1. They will sky rocket soon same as 3DS…. Big N has been doomed by people since N64 and I’m still trying to find the Reaper.

    1. You don’t find the Reaper, the Reaper will find you. Remember that and don’t waste your time looking for him. :P

      1. Ignoring that the reaper ain’t found Nintendo since it was “DOOM” since N64 And four generations later comes the Wii U.

      1. didn’t the gamecube start out decently enough in sales and then just kind of fell off a cliff later on? comparing the gamecube’s good start to the Wii U’s crawl before good games isn’t really accomplishing anything. things will pick up when the games arrive. and then there’ll be the holiday spike soon after. the system will be successful in the end

      2. Remember that this happened to the 3DS. Look at it now. It’s the fastest selling system of all time.

        1. really? I see people being done with this gen and craving next one, PC are light years ahead of PS3 and 360 right now
          I’ve had PS3 since 2007 and Im more than ready for next one

          1. That’s good for you, but I just saying what I see, and people are more satisfied with what they have now, not to mention the prices which both consoles will have. PC, of course, it’s light years because it’s more powerful.

      3. The Gamecube had a better launch line-up and a more familiar controller, so your argument doesn’t hold water.
        For a system that doesn’t yet have its heavy hitters, the Wii U is doing FANTASTIC.

    1. PS4/720 to do better? Ignoring what Nintendo said last week explaing game delays and their plan. Also ignoring that you are judging Wii U before it’s exclusives are debuted. After all anyone want to tell me what Pikmin and next Zelda is about and if 3D MARIO will work on 2 gamepads?

  2. Ok?
    And can we all just realise something for a second? The “target” sales for WiiU are different, and will be different to the PS4 and next Xbox.
    Hypothetically, if WiiU sold 5 million in a year, the PS4/Xbox selling 5 million in a year is WAY worse, because the those systems not only cost more, but have a larger fanbase. Come the end of the generation, the WiiU selling less than the other systems isn’t a failure. Because as i’ve said about a billion times, THEY AREN’T FUCKING COMPETING!

  3. TheTrruth4thaHaters

    Pachter is a dumb fuck lol. Of course cheaper systems with more games in the library are going to sell more for now. He acts like people only buy 1 console and call it quits lol! I bought a WIIU and a WII for my young son lol. This proves only one thing, that he is sucking plenty of sony/360 shaft. He has always doomed Nintendo and has always been proven wrong. He just wants to be noticed. I hope the fucker loses his hearing and goes mute the asshole lol.

      1. Ignoring that although Microsoft does not sell handhelds, it still counts. If Nintendo did not sell hand helda and Microsoft did and Microsoft was the lead in sales you wouldnt be complaing!

  4. Now that Pachter has brought this to my attention… I have no choice. I can’t support Nintendo any longer. He was spot on about the 3DS, I should’ve seen this coming…

    1. Ignoring that he was wring about the Wii though. Also ignoring that Nintendo said they have good quality games in the future. Also ignoring Mario Kart for Wii U

    1. I am not surprised as well. I just wish Analyst in generally should not be biased. Same thing for engineers and scientists.

    1. You can pick up some really cheap games for the Wii and it has a huge game library. And the Wii is cheaper.

  5. These low sales figures will continue until Nintendo brings some GOOD games to the console. And that starts with Pikmin 3. I bet that even that game will make sales go up more. It will be interesting to see.

  6. i predict Wii U sales will reach about 60 million. Wii U is maybe doing bad now… but anyone remember 3DS? that thing popped right out of its grave and instantly started dominating lol.

  7. The fact is that 55,000 units is still 55,000 units. Is Wii U having an impressive launch? No. Do people want it? Yes.

    People see an Xbox 360 that comes with a 250GB HDD and two games for $300 alongside a huge selection of games that can be purchased. Then they see a Wii U with a 8GB flash storage capacity with no game prepackaged alongside a small selection of games. We tell them that they can get any USB external hard drive up-to 2TB to use with it, but they don’t want to spend the extra money. You tell them about the Deluxe Set that comes with a game and 32GB of flash storage, and they wonder why the storage capacity isn’t larger. They find out it’s backwards compatible with Wii games, and that adds a bit of value, but they figure they have a Wii for that, or they think buying a new Wii would be cheaper than spending money on a new console with a small selection of games. We could convince them based on hardware specifications, if we had any official specs, but we don’t. So, they buy the Xbox 360.

    Much of this will come down to what Nintendo announces this year about games. I can definitely see Wii U rebounding like 3DS, if they get some heavy hitting games out by the holidays. They may even be able to do it without a price drop.

    I have an idea for something else they could do to avoid a price drop. Package both sets with NintendoLand, but put 32GB in the Basic Set and no less than 100GB in the Deluxe Set. They would also do well, if they would release more limited edition Deluxe Sets in North America. Imagine a special edition Deluxe Set with Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, LEGO City Undercover, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut. One special edition for Nintendo fans, one for children, and one for the more hardcore audience.

    If the game announcements aren’t enough. I’d say a $50 price drop on each model of the unit would be sufficient. I also think that incorporating the changes that I mentioned to each set would be a good idea.

    With all of that said, I don’t really think they need to do any of this. I think that they’ll pull things out with first party game releases. However, it’s always good to voice your opinion about what they could do. Just in case they actually want to heed some of the advice.

    1. the u should surpass ps360 in visuals and win side by side comparisons against psfinity when u add the price difference the wii also has better graphics than ps360 when u count the launch price but the industry nor gamers ever talk about that it must be a cover up

      1. I don’t disagree. I think Wii U does have superior visuals. However, as I said, we have no official specifications to go on, and the rumored specifications say the CPU is roughly the same as what you would find in a 360 or PS3, and the GPU is only marginally more powerful.

        Personally, I won’t believe anything until Nintendo releases official specifications. Although, I do find it hard to believe that they have a piece of hardware that vastly surpasses 360 and PS3 while only taking a small loss on a $300 price point.

        With all of the noise about graphics and processing aside, I really think that Wii U will rebound. I believe I said it in my previous post. I don’t even think they need a price drop, if they can get some awesome software out the door. I just wanted to tell you what I’ve seen and experienced in selling these units.

        Just be patient. Wii U will sell, and it will sell well. We just need the content.

  8. Nintendo, announcing that games are coming is nice, but until i see a physical copy its a no buy for me. I dont want to buy a console and let it collect dust while waiting for games.

  9. I would like Pachter to make an article on Wii U sales after E3. Actually I wouldn’t cuz he’s a moron… 💋

    1. you’re right, and the wii is the best selling console of all time you think the wii u is gonna be the same or just a little less. point is the wii u will do fine :I

  10. 55K is still a pretty good number. At least the sales are still up there and it’ll definitely skyrocket once Super Smash comes out. I’d say that this isn’t so much bad news for Wii U, as it’s just good news for the Wii. I’m glad that people are still buying it

  11. Funny how Nintendo is making money. good Wii sales(still), slowly but still 3mill+ since launch sales WiiU, and the famous 3DS selling like hot cakes. Still, people think Nintendo is doomed. Yeah…brains…

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