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Eurogamer: WWE 2K14 Will Skip Wii U


Based on a rumor that surfaced last week, publisher 2K Sports isn’t planning to bring any WWE game to the Wii U. And, according to Eurogamer, the next title in the series, WWE 2K14, will indeed skip Nintendo’s latest console. The last game in the WWE series to hit a Nintendo console was WWE ‘13 for Wii in 2012. WWE 2K14 is scheduled to launch later this year on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

88 thoughts on “Eurogamer: WWE 2K14 Will Skip Wii U”

          1. :( i hope they do survive. Sony is absolutely fantastic, but your right, if PS4 is like Vita in sales its most likely bye-bye to them.

            1. If they do go I hope their gaming division somehow merges with Nintendo. Sony console power + Nintendo first party = Best, console, EVER. Microsoft wouldn’t stand a chance.

              1. I foresee past reputations and higher price tags making a powerful system for Nintendo the same as digging their own grave.
                People expect quality for low prices with Nintendo, at this point.[for most of their games, anyways]
                Having a system with a ginormous price tag and development costs just as high to match, would have killed the Wii U, and would likely kill off any future consoles by them as well.

                1. If the only other choice is an equally priced console from Microsoft I think we all know which console people would choose.

                2. Considering PS3 was a whopping $600 when it came out? $350 sounds good to me, but I’d tremble at what the PS4’s price range may well be.


        1. Your right, there wont be a Gen 9 for Nintendo… Because there next system will be considered Gen 10!!! it’s so advanced it skips a Generation :P

    1. Your loss. I mean. Oh no. A game that I wouldn’t buy in the first place that’s not being released. oh. no.

      1. Ignoring that the Nintendo games were taking longer than expected because they are focused on high quality games, innovation and fun. That’s why 96% of Nintendo games reach top 25. That’s why Wii U is not selling, developers are working. And I don’t want my gamepad to just show what’s on TV (AC4 cough). That’s easy do. Using the Gamepad to it’s full potential is way more time and effort. That’s what I want.

    1. Anything negative towards the Wii U will ALWAYS be taken as credible. It shows just how spiteful the gaming community can be these days.

    1. That question could be asked about WWE in general. Nevermind a WWE game. Yukes is still making it so it’ll be the same crapfest it has been for the past 8 years or so. As long as I got No Mercy on the N64, I don’t need another wrestling game.

      1. The last ones I truly enjoyed was Here Comes the Pain on the PS2 and Day of Reckoning on Gamecube. After that I just stuck with Fire Pro or Total Extreme Wrestling if I want a booking sim.

        I might play a MDickie game every once in awhile if I need an utterly awful wrestling game.

        1. Yep. HCTP is consider by many the last “great” wrestling game. Smackdown vs RAW 2009 wasn’t bad, and the WWE All Stars was kinda fun, but for the most part wrestling games have been terrible. If 2K Sports was actually developing this game then I would kinda feel little annoyed, but since Yukes is still the development until the previous contract runs out they can keep it.

          1. Yeah All Stars was fun in a “different from the SvR series” way.The only thing good I could see from 2K handling the development would be an actual career mode instead of just the story mode in the game. Similar to how you played your career in the first two SmackDown games or HCTP (where the title history should’ve stayed in all future games, but also included actual histories).

            Other than that, the THQ/AKI WWF and WCW/nWo games are where its at. I really enjoyed No Mercy, but would’ve LOVED it with WCW’s roster (always been bigger on WCW/NWA than WWF/E).

    2. “Do people even care?”

      Well, I would assume the kind people that like watching half naked,oiled men grabbing on to each other and rolling around on a floor will care.

  1. thekidnintendowiiman

    They have an opportunity to make some revenue with this, but they won’t take that opportunity, I wish Vince McMahon is Nintendo fan or at least forced a contract on 2K to release all WWE games on all systems.

      1. thekidnintendowiiman

        I sure hope so, for me, not having a WWE game on a Nintendo console is like not having Crysis on PC

  2. I really don’t understand the appeal of these kinds of games. Why play a sports or driving simulater when you can go outside and do the real thing? I don’t know about other people but when I play games it’s so I can do something reality doesn’t already offer.

      1. Ignoring that you can play WWE all year round. Also ignoring that even though MLB players don’t play in December doesn’t mean they are playing a video game. They are practicing fornext season.

        1. The best way to play wrestling is to just get a bunch of your friends and go wrestlemania in your living room.

    1. As a wrestling fan, let me answer that question for you. With games such as WWE, it’s about playing as popular WWE characters more than the actual sport itself. With other sports such as football, soccer, or basketball I don’t know the appeal behind those games, I myself like some of the baseball games, “a game I can’t play in real life due to disability,” and I enjoy it because as a kid I played baseball, it’s the virtual reality aspect of playing a sport that appeals to me, but with wrestling it’s playing as my favorite wrestlers, and the general storyline that I like. Let it be known, RPGs, action adventure games, and even platformers usually have much more depth than any sports game out there, I’m sure any sane person will agree with me on that, I guess at the end of the day people play a sports video game for the same reason they play any other video game – because they like it, they can, they want to, and it’s a nice way to kill time, or like me, it’s an obsession and I have to play everything all day every day :P

    2. It’s usually not a good idea for ADULTS to go out and play “wrestling.” And racing is not really available. It’s not like I can go hop in a Sprint Cup, F1, or Indy car and race my friends. You know?

      Also, why does it have to be one or the other? A lot of people do both. As far as something being able to do yourself, I cannot play professional sports at a professional level because I am not a professional. The appeal is being able to play as the professionals.

    3. And I will say, “Thank You, sir! For you have touched upon something that I believe is held sacred within an almost extinct breed.” I would rather go outside to play my sports, than push buttons to watch some cluster of pixels do it for me. ALthough I do like the Fifa Games… either way I’m not white trash enough to ever want to play a fake wrestling game where you fake wrestle with bad actors turned into fake characters. You know that the people that actually are in WWE go to a college for acting, that teaches them how to play along in the wrestling matches? It’s a joke, that’s why you can’t bet on the matches, because the producers already always know who is going to win. Fake wrestling For The FAIL!

  3. Fuck you people, wrestling is awesome, yeah it’s fake, but I still love to watch it. It sucks this title may be skipping Wii U though. :(

      1. Because he Macarony64 keeps saying the game is coming to Nintendo, haters are going to pretend he didn’t say that five times.

        1. Hahaha . Ign may be a crapy biased and digusting site but at least they put the whole picture( some times)but at least there is hope.

    1. I have to agree with you, Watching WWE is entertaining! I will admit this… it took awhile for me to get used to the way it is now. Some are probably comparing it to the WWF era. Most people stopped watching it after they learned it was scripted. So what if it’s “fake?” What matters is that the acting is spot on where it counts, so that the people who do enjoy watching it can be entertained properly.

      1. Good! Usally if it was rumor there would be question mark at the end but not for this one so I thought it was true.

  4. I also like wrestling. But I don’t watch as much as I used to. It’s gone downhill a long time ago.

    1. 2000-2001 to be exact. Once he competition (WCW and ECW) were gone, WWF/E didn’t even have to try anymore. It’s like Madden. Why bother with new features when you could just update the roster every year and slap some new paint on it? With pro wrestling it’s why pull out the stops when you have no actual competition? TNA and ROH aren’t making WWE sweat.

      When 1999 rolled around I had already started watching Japanese pro wrestling and lucha libre. That’s what kept me interested in pro wrestling: something different that is treated better in Japan and Mexico than in the US where it’s “lol fake” (despite the mounting number of injures from match styles outside of where pro wrestling started with and young deaths).

      Pro wrestling is just anything that falls out of favor really. When a TV show goes bad, there’s usually one that will catch your attention. A game series gets salty, find a new one or revisit an older, reimagined one. Metallica put out St. Anger and Megadeth kept it consistently metal.

  5. What they did with 2k13 nba game is totally unacceptable.. Wii U dont need punks like 2k… They sold about 100.000 copies on wii U and because they didnt satisfied much, they stop responding to wii U customers!!! So no, we dont want their games.. lets see how much they will sell after ps4 and 720 pops out, these 2 machines will kill the old ones and they will also have tiny small fanbase…

    If you check their sales charts, only USA buys there games, all the rest of the world dont even care or know their existence…

  6. Who cares?Every wwe game is gimmick.But anyway,the wiiU will have great games before and after the e3 presentation…i hope reggie won’t destroy it with Nintendo land and other nonesense

  7. Last WWE game i enjoyed was Day of Reckoning 1 and 2 on Gamecube they looked and played better than those Smackdown vs Raw games

    No Mercy and WCW vs NWO were beast on N6

    1. I agree. Day Of Reckoning 1 & 2 is still fun to play even today. The play control is so smooth and flawless. And the wrestler creation modes have such great options.

  8. What the hell?! Well I have to tell my brother that we are going to skip this game then. Would’ve been an instant purchase if on Wii U

  9. If I still cared about the WWE (and wrestling games in general), this news would have really pissed me off. Makes me glad that I started hating wrestling in every way. Once upon a time, WWE games was my favorite multi-player games. Hard to believe how things have changed.

  10. do they still make those games if i wonted to watch hot sweaty men hug each other, there are interesting out lets and just as homoerotic. they are terrible game that should never be made and half of them are clunky to play as well. so no big loss there

  11. I’m pretty sure I was right when I said that the rumor from 4Chan made sense because it’s just simple logic. It’s not like you have to be involved with the game companies to figure it out. A lot of companies just lack enthusiasm to put games on Wii U. I for one don’t really care about this title anyways so no huge loss for me. I’d rather spend my money on Wii U games for Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins, Deus Ex: Human Revolution-Director’s Cut, Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Zelda U, SSB4, X, Wonderful 101, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 2. But oh wait the Wii U is getting no games on it.

  12. Gay games should stay on gay consoles anyway. Sony and MS fans get all hot and bothered about muscle bound guys running around in their underwear is fine…….just not for me!!

    1. People like you are dumbasses i mean seriously we don’t buy wrestling because of guys fighting in underwears. We buy it because we love playing wrestling game (althought i don’t like WWE these days.) I mean i agree about the sport stuff but who wod wrestle besides kids anyway? Anyway don’t be a dick about the games you don’t like and let the people who like it play it without calling them gay. You wouldn’t like it if someone called you inmature for playing mario (i don’t hate mario games just making an example.)

  13. WWE 14 not coming to Wii U. Wow what a big loss. NOT. I want my electricity bill lower so I will buy Wii U when the prices go down. F X1 and PS4.

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